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iPhone Screen Is Too Dark. Here’s The Fix!

iPhone Screen Is Too Dark. Here’s The Fix!

Hi guys, David and David here from
and, and in this video, we’re going to explain what to do when your iPhone
is too dark. First thing we want to do is turn up the brightness
on your iPhone. The easiest way to do this, and the way that
everybody should know about, is in Control Center. So if you have an iPhone X or newer, like
David does, swipe down from the upper right-hand corner of the screen with your finger. If you have an iPhone 8 or older model, it’s
going to be swiping up from the bottom of the screen with your finger. So I will swipe down. Yep. And this little sun with the vertical slider
— that is the brightness slider. You can just drag this slider all the way
down. Oh geez, man. It’s really dark. Yep. You could also check this in the Settings
app, but I just wanted to show you how to do it there. Yeah, Control Center is the easier way to
do it. Yeah. For sure. Up and down. So you checked the brightness. You already knew how to do that. Yeah, you did. So what’s our next step? Next, we’re going to check the White Point
Settings on your iPhone. Basically, the White Point Settings are related
to how intense the bright colors on your iPhone’s display are. Let’s show them how to do it. We’ll go to Settings, scroll down and tap
General, tap Accessibility, and tap Display Accommodations. As you can see, there’s this “Reduce White
Point”. First of all, when that switch is and you
drag it all the way to the right, it gets really dark. It gets really dark! When you drag it all the way to the left,
yep, it’s pretty bright. Very bright. And you know, the default is 50%, I believe. Yeah. Let’s just turn it off. Turn it off. Yeah, you can see… you should see a big
difference. I use Reduce White Point all the time on my
iPhone because I like to use my iPhone in bed at night. And even when I put the this all the way down
on my iPhone, it’s still way too bright for me to use, you know, in bed. So I turn on Reduce White Point. I have it about halfway between, and even
when I’m outside, you know, it’s still bright enough. These phones are super bright. I think they should make them darker. One other thing on an unrelated note that
I want to point out real quick is that Apple moved the auto-brightness feature. They stuck it in Display Accommodations in
Accessibility Settings. It used to be a lot easier to access, but
now it’s here if you ever, you know, you’re curious. They didn’t want people to turn it off is
what happened because auto-brightness, if you have it on, will save battery life, and
everybody, you know, surprise surprise… has bad iPhone batteries. So you can check out our video about iPhone
batteries. You sure can. Up in the card up above. Yep, and the comment section. So the next thing we recommend is going, you
know, back to the Accessibility Settings and checking if Zoom is turned on, because Zoom
is pretty complicated to set up, and there’s a lot of different things you can do with
it. But at the end of the day, if Zoom is turned
on and set up in the wrong way, it can actually seriously lower the brightness of your iPhone
screen. We’ll link to an article up above in the card
and in the description down below walking you through how Zoom is used and how it can
be misused. So let’s go all the way back to the main Settings
page and walk you through the whole process. Settings, General, Accessibility, and then
Zoom. So I’ll just turn zoom on for yeah, there
you go. So you don’t want that. Geez, how am I going to turn it off? Okay. So if Zoom is on and your screen is super
dark, turn zoom off. That might solve the problem right there. Hopefully it does. Hopefully it does. Next step: We’re going to just hit the software
with, you know, a hammer, and we’re going to Reset All Settings. Because at a certain point we’re like, okay,
we don’t know which setting it is that’s screwing up the iPhone screen. So let’s go back to Accessibility, and back
to General. General. Now that you’re in General, you can scroll
all the way to the bottom to reset — to reset, and then Reset All Settings. This doesn’t delete your personal data, but
it does wipe out things like Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth devices, So you do have to hook
a few things back up, but it’s a lot easier than doing a restore. Yeah, which is our next step, or going to
the Apple Store. It’ll save you a lot of time. Yep. So DFU restore. It’s the deepest type of iPhone restore. It takes all the code off, loads it back on. Yep, factory default settings. We will link to a DFU walkthrough video in
a card above and in the description section below. If the DFU restore doesn’t fix the problem,
then it’s probably a hardware issue. Right. And, you know, it could be your display — some
sort of backlight thing. Yeah. Yeah. Apple Store, yeah, it’s great choice. We also recommend a lot of third-party repair
companies. We’ll link to one of those and a card above
and in the description section below. Yeah. Can I get a word in, David? Yeah, sure. So the, uh… the display… I forgot what I was gonna say! The display has multiple parts. So there’s the part that controls the touch,
and there’s the part that is the backlight and the screen. So people would come into the Apple Store
with a screen that was super dark, but they could kind of see what was on it because their
backlight had been burned out or something. And the rest of the phone was working. They could touch it. So they were like, “Why? How do I turn up the brightness?” But they incidentally had also dropped it
in a pool or something. Yeah. Yeah, you know, water damage. Yeah, and we’re about to publish an awesome
article about what to do if your iPhone gets water damage. The best guide on the internet, hands down. Yeah. So let’s link to that. We’ll link to that as soon as it’s published,
for sure. Description down below. So that’s what to do when your iPhone screen
is dark. It’s too dark. You can’t use it. Thank you guys for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel,
and click the Notifications Bell to get an immediate update when we upload a new video.

39 thoughts on “iPhone Screen Is Too Dark. Here’s The Fix!”

  1. Guys, can you pls look at Tweakbox, i think it gives people viruses, but i want it as you can get whatever app you want for free!

  2. I was wondering my IPhone had to be all the way up on brightness just to be bright enough to see certain images

  3. I have iPhone XS and while watching some websites and using apps suddenly my screen goes darker even when all the settings are on Max. 🙁

  4. sometimes when is there light my brightness go up and sometimes in a dark room it decreases because pf the auto brightness

  5. Yes I have an iPhone 13 and this is a common problem. I am from the year 2023 and I thought I’d come back to when YouTube was a thing and this video was very useful.

  6. Thank u so much . I woke up to a dark screen today and it had me worried but you guys surely helped me out.

  7. Thanks guys the reduce white point did the trick! Now using navigation mid day and I can see better! I set reduce white point as an accessibility shortcut so day or night the right setting is 3 clicks away!

  8. hi Payette Forward! THANK YOU so much .. i was about to kill someone because i couldnt figure out WHY my colours were shot to shit on my icons .. it was the zoom!! Thanks for sharing on the vid!! its really appreciated

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! for some reason my phone was so dark for the past week is because “Reduce White Point” was maxes for some reason, but I turned it off

  10. when i'm playing games on my phone and i'm on a bright place where the sun hits my phone or sometimes when it's really is bright, my phone just suddenly goes dark like not gradually. its lcd will instantly turn dark as if i turned down the brightness to 0%. how do i fix this?

  11. Just disable reduce white point or if you don’t wana do that just smart invert the colors while watching videos on full screen

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