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iPhone SE Screen Replacement in 4 minutes NEW

iPhone SE Screen Replacement in 4 minutes NEW

I had a few people ask where the iPhone SE’s
Home Button falls on Mohs scale of hardness; to let you know it does scratch at a level
8. If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, go ahead and hit that link in the upper
right hand corner. Today we’re going to replace the screen on the iPhone SE. It is
the exact same process as the iPhone 5s. There are two pentalobe screws down at the bottom;
remove those. Then I’m using a suction cup and a very thin pry tool; pry up on the edge
of the screen and the edge of the phone. Make sure not to put any pressure on the glass.
Only crack it open a tiny bit and I’ll show you why. First thing, there’s a little groove
here on the frame for your pry tool, makes it a little bit easier. And then there’s
a little silly ribbon cable attached to the Home Button that plugs into the board down
by the charging port. I’ll show you how to deal with that. There’s a little metal
flat down here at the bottom that you flip up. If you lose this little metal flap, I
will link replacement parts down in the video description. Same thing with the tools that
you’ll need. Then you can unsnap that little ribbon from the main board. There are six
screws that you’re going to remove from the phone. Two down here by the battery, we’re
going to disconnect that before we remove the screen just so there’s no power going
through it. Then we’re going to remove the top metal plate, and then there are three
ribbon cables that we’re going to unsnap from the main board. These are very similar
to Legos; we’re just going to pop those off with a plastic pry tool. This top ribbon
cable’s for the camera so you don’t need to worry about that. There are two screws
that hold down the ear piece. There’s a little side latch that also holds it in place.
Set those off to the side and make sure to keep your screws organized; they are different
sizes and you don’t want to put them in the wrong spot. Down here by the Home Button
there is a little metal doohickey. Make sure you don’t lose that. There are two more
screws by the metal plate, pull that away and set that next to the screws. I usually
press the Home Button out through the back side making sure not to tear any of the ribbon
cables. It is very fragile so be careful. Separate the glue from the back frame instead
of just pulling up on the wire itself. There are two screws here at the side; one at the
top, and then another two screws on the other side of the screen that’s going to remove
the back metal plate. Then there’s the front camera and sensors, I’m going to leave those
taped to the back metal plate because I’m going to transfer this over to my new replacement
screen, but if you need to pull it off, just be very careful. If the copper sticker rips
you can just stick it back together. Copper touching copper and everything will be fine.
So this is the screen component. We have the LCD and we have the glass and we have the
frame. It’s all sold as one unit. And this is the easiest way to replace the screen on
your iPhone. Now if you want to attempt a glass only repair, I strongly suggest you
do not, but it is possible. Go ahead and click the link in the upper corner to see how that
is done. Let’s reassemble the screen. We’re going to put the back metal plate into place,
set the front sensors and camera into place. Then you can see these little springs that
just touch the contact points on the ear piece. We’re going to rest those on top of each
other and then set the bracket over the ear piece and screw in into place with those two
screws. It should fit easily, there should be nothing sticking up. One more screw at
the top of the top plate and then we’re going to put the Home Button back in. It has
the back metal bracket, set that into place. Then this tiny screw screws into the back
plate. Make sure the little doohickey is facing up; you don’t want that pinched down underneath
the little ribbon cable. Get the back plate screwed in with the two screws on either side.
And then we’re going to plug in the screen. There are the three ribbon cables. Once those
three ribbon cables are in, we’re going to plug in the battery. And before putting
metal plates on we’re going to test and see if the screen works. It should function
as normal right now; if there are lines or if your screen is gray, there’s a good chance
that the ribbon cables do not have a good connection with the main board. So disconnect
the battery, pop off those cables, reseat them and try again. If it’s still not working,
there’s a chance you got a bad replacement screen. Mine is working fine so I’m going
to go ahead and set those metal plates back into place and screw them in. Now I’m going
to reseat the top of the phone into the frame, this will keep it stable while we’re working
on the silly little ribbon cable down here at the bottom. You’re going to hate this
thing. What I show here in just a few seconds is actually much more difficult in real life.
I’m going to seat the ribbon cable right above its connector on the charging port and
snap it down just like a little Lego. And then this is a bad angle but you can see the
little metal part, I put the top in first towards the top of the phone and then snap
in the bottom part after, after I line it up with the edge of the groove. Remember if
you lose these, I will put replacement parts, screens and itty bitty metal bits down in
the video description. Make sure the top of the screen is seated and then you can press
each side down into the frame body. Turn it on and everything works. Now I have heard
that the iPhone 5s screens are entirely compatible with the iPhone SE. It’s pretty much the
same phone just with a faster processor and better camera. If you have any questions leave
them down in the comments. Get those bottom two screws in. Thanks a ton for watching.
If I helped you out today with replacing your screen, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube
channel, it does help me out. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone SE Screen Replacement in 4 minutes NEW”

  1. i did this repair following the video and it worked flawlessly and when i took my case off to put on a new screen protector it turned gray with a red line down the middle so i took the screen off and replugged all of the connectors thinking that might be a solve and now the screen doesnt turn on at all but i know the phone still works because it vibrates and such

  2. Held my breath on every procedure. Took about 1 hour. Really need a size 000 flat head to pry and small needle nose like those show. Worked perfectly. My son is extremely happy with his fixed phone.

  3. Can you maybe take my iPhone SE and replace the screen and there is also some water damage so maybe you can fix that as well. Message me on twitter @arnordadi5 or Instagram @arnor.d

  4. Anyone here buy the screen he links to? I bought a different one on Amazon, and it fits great, but is a little blue, and not as crisp as the OEM. Love to hear if the recommended one is color-true and crisp!

  5. Thanx Jerry for good focus and excellent guide. 
    You saved me from buying a new phone and extra plus because i don t want anything bigger than my Iphone5SE.

  6. Uhh funny story. Some asshole kid slapped my phone out of my hand and broke it. I rather buy a new phone then this.

  7. Excellent tutorial! Showed every step. I'd suggest telling people to have a small electronics screwdriver kit. My replacement screen came with small tools but my kit has magnetic screwdriver which helps a ton as you set those tiny screws in place. Also, I have "mag-light" on my phone (magnifier with light) which helped a lot when fixing my son's phone.

  8. *Doc Brown voice
    It worked!!! HA Haaa! It worked!!!

    Omg the was stressful. I popped open the front and immediately questioned everything. BUT I DID IT!!!
    Thank you for the help!!!

  9. my iphone se screen was replaced but i was facing some issue like when sometime i click on no. 2 it will type 3 on screen nd same with other things also when i try to open apps it ll open some other apps …it has some touch issue i think so.. pls tell me how to solve this prblm 😐

  10. Recently used this video to replace a screen on my phone. Everything works but, it's not holding charge or charging properly at all. It will shutdown after only a few minutes, sometimes seconds, after starting up. Prior to the repair the phone worked perfectly besides the busted screen. Any idea what the issue could be?

  11. Thanks Zack, helped me out a lot to fix my old long time ago used SE. Great educational videos, now I can change these screens w/o hesitation 😀

  12. I have a Quick Question if possible my friend Excellent video could I used a iphone 5s screen on iphone se … i have to change the camera up …

  13. WARNING…Don't be fooled into thinking this is easy…it's not. The screw's are so tiny. Everything looks easy under magnification. It's not, even if you have magnification its bloody hard fiddling with these micro screw's. Your better off having someone who does this daily do it for you.

  14. I just finished replacing my iPhone se screen using your video.
    I think some important connection was shown to quick…but at the end, i made it through.

  15. Did anybody run into the issue of this iPhone 5SE not charging after replacing the screen? I recently went through so much frustration when a customer brought me his 5SE with a cracked screen for a repair when I replaced the screen the phone won’t longer charge it would show the battery percentage was 2% and it wouldn’t get past 2% I was going crazy as I didn’t know why I had replaced 5SE lcd/digitizers before and it had never happened to me at first I thought it would be a software issue as the phone had the new update installed but then I replaced the battery with a new one still did the same thing I was so pist I was about to replace the charging dock connector when I decided to google it and found out on iFixit it was a charging ic issue which required micro soldering and unfortunately I don’t know how to do that so I had to take it to a local shop near me that does micro soldering after replacing the charging ic chips it works 100% again as it should charges great all I know is I will be staying away from these damn 5SE’s for a while this one really complicated my life luckily my customer was a great understanding guy and had a backup phone to use in the mean time that I was trying my best to get this one to perfect working condition.

  16. im having battery issue after screen replacement ,its stuck at 1 % ,after an hour of charging it goes to around 5 ,it doesn't go beyond that ,phone keeps restarting when connectd to pc , im unable to back tooo

  17. Damn, messed up my touch id somehow. Also the first time i've done the swapping parts from the old screen….i usually just by a complete screen. the price difference is about $6/7. it's a little more money, but saves even more time. might have to open it back uup and see why my touch id is not working. ALSO, why are the aftermarket screens always dimmer than the oem!!!! sucks

  18. This is a shitty ass repair video my man. “6 screws. Little latch holding ear speaker in” like explain the shit idiot fuck off

  19. I recently bought an IPhone SE 128 GB secondhand, but there is a large crack in the glass in the bottom left hand corner, I am wondering if you do custom work, and wondering if I offered to send you the phone and paid for the work, would you do it? I live in Ontario, Canada and I would feel better to have you do it, than taking it to a mall kiosk, it is going to be a gift for my mother.

  20. Wow. This is a big level for me, to fix my iPhone SE screen myself, and yes I love fix stuff like phones and computer. I am going to order the supplies for my iPhone SE to fix them

  21. i once got scammed by a shop, they replaced my iphone screen with a aftermarket one (the color is noticeable) and charged more than apple replacing the screen. They didn't return my original apple screen i am so upset they probably sold it or put to their own use since the glass was a small crack only and the display works fine i hope someone reads this i would feel less frustrated

  22. This was the best video I found. It was the perfect length, and camera angles were perfect for all the tricky spots. The only issue I ran into was that if you have broken glass, the suction cup is not going to do anything. But you showed the "secret spot", so it just took a thin razor blade to pop up. I had one odd screw that the magnetic screwdriver wouldnt hold. Odd.

  23. This is the best video i have ever seen in my life thats alien technology fat earth shit. Really dig it thanks for sharing. How much would you charge me to swap iphone screens from iphone 5 se to iphone 5 se?

  24. No matter how hard I try, after removing the screws w/suction cup attached, I can't seem to pry the screen up!

  25. Just used a good screen off old iPhone 5s and put it on my SE to replace water damaged screen.
    Followed this video it helped me the whole way through.

  26. Damn, this makes me feel better about replacing my own screen instead of paying $60 to get my phone fixed at some random verizon in my town.

  27. i have followed your directions and my screen works but the the touch does not .do you need the small clip over the home button attachment for this to work

  28. I have just replaced my screen. It looks okay after battery is turned on but not reacting when i try to put in my passcode. Which step might i have missed?

  29. I have question I got a tooth pick stuck in the SIM card tray can you possibly help me or advice to remove it

  30. We had it working on the first attempt but when attatching home button it stopped working after, any ideas what happened and where we could have gone wrong?

  31. iam not a phone tech but after watching quite a few times nice job and thanks so much iam using it as a spare but i like the se

  32. Your tutorials are great, with no experience I’ve fixed the screen on an iphone 6Plus, iphone SE, iphone 5 and a pixel 2. Thanks.

  33. I'v just replaced my phone with a new screen but the connectors are not working so i had to take it apart and the screen literally feels like it's superglued on anyone know another way to take the screen off?

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