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iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?

iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?

what’s up guys Lew here back with another video and this is one that I think you’ve been expecting it is time for my take on the new iPhone the new old iPhone the iPhone se I thought it was gonna be called the 5 se because essentially this thing is an iPhone 5s plus rose gold essentially of course the internals have changed here that are gonna get better performance out of this model and the camera is better and so on to your average buyer out there this thing looks a lot like a much older iPhone in fact as you’ll see that’s an iPhone 5s that thing is how many years old you know how you have dog years and cat years and then you have tech years and in tech years one year is a person’s lifetime here we have a device that many could could confuse for something a lot older and yet people are still motivated to get it and that is part of a bigger conversation about smartphones in general and what people are looking for maybe your phone is kind of more like a hat or a pair of socks or shoes or something where not everybody has the same size hands not everybody should have the same size phone I get that the whole R&D department that would have existed for a smaller iPhone in a similar kind of appearance package as the 6 and 6-plus they got to take it now they get to take an extended vacation on this one cuz they were like I got it take some iPhone 6 components cram them into the current case for the iPhone 5s money in the bank and I’m not hating I’m not saying that this this phone doesn’t serve a purpose and doesn’t have a perfect customer it certainly does and we move so quickly through technology anyways that there’s a case to be made for holding on to some of these iconic designs but you cannot deny that a group of people who would have been tasked with creating a smaller iPhone a new generation smaller iPhone they got to take a nap on this one that’s a bit of a rant to kick off this video let’s jump inside these boxes and check out the new old iPhone we’ve got the silver model okay course the gold this is definitely a nice design I do not deny that and hey in the world of say cars for example they don’t remodel them every year or even every two years when you’ve got an icon you stay true to that you stay consistent there’s your rose gold now why are there two space grey well that’s cuz one of them actually has a skin on it matte black stout black black out D Brent yeah actually hooked up all these phones so if you want a skin check them out link in the description and then of course the stock space gray and you can see how that baby looks right they’re having deja vu look at this thing look at the way that fits in my hand you see that this is really what Steve Jobs was all about he believed that the device should be able to be used in one hand people started using these things for multimedia watching a ton of video and they wanted bigger screens people wanted everything in one place and phones got better and phones got faster essentially sit down on the couch and stare at their phone all day and he wanted a big screen to do that there is something to be said for being able to completely operate every inch of your device with one hand I’m gonna pick the black one and set that baby up real quick man this feels small as seven just gobbles that up insert sim card to activate the only people out there that require that that’s one thing Apple knows how to do right there it’s so clinical so clean another thing that considers the fact that this is it’s gonna be an inexpensive phone it’s 399 bucks in the world of $300 phones $300 phones ain’t what they used to be you get a lot for $300 these days touch ID is still pretty good I gotta admit it’s quick you can restore from iCloud backup iTunes backup set up as a new iPhone or move data from Android there it is your iPhone se in all of its glory now the camera is one of these areas where you’re gonna see an improvement that’s one thing you’ve got to give to the iPhones they take great fast pictures no doubt about it everybody knows this so the camera on the SE is the same 12 megapixel shooter that you would get in the 6s but unfortunately the forward-facing camera the selfie camera in this case is actually gonna be a bit of a downgrade from the one that exists on the 6s so what you’re working with here in terms of battery is 1642 milliamp hours certainly not monstrous battery here’s the thing this isn’t really this is a tough product to digest look what I got going on yeah I got I got boxes and products scattered everywhere but it is a tough phone to digest instead of looking at what a small iPhone a modern small iPhone would be you just go back to the flagship from once upon a time I’m not calling it lazy it’s a bit unfortunate that we don’t get to see the execution of some new ideas from that very talented engineering team that I’m sure exists over in Cupertino no doubt they will sell a ton of these and no doubt there will be a bunch of happy users who were in love with their older smaller iPhone that are happy now to have updated specs and a better camera but for me I feel like maybe we missed out on an all-new freshly designed mini iPhone and to me that that might have been interesting to take a look at and what I know at this point is there is an exclusive device inside the new

100 thoughts on “iPhone SE – Snooze Edition?”

  1. Love the 4' screen size. Dumped my iPhone X to go back to the smaller size and couldn't be happier! Hope Apple decides to come out with a similar size SE2 in the future.

  2. Lol all the kids at my school of my space gray iPhone SE they either have a 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, heck, some people even have iPhone 4S’s!

  3. GOD i wish they made it with a better front facing camera. Can they PLEASE make an se2 with super good tech like an x but just SMALLER?

  4. I had the iPhone se and it suck when it Cold out its turn off 5-6 times.. and the batteri life is not long and i had it in 2 years now

  5. Make a full review on matte black i phone se which was applied skin…. Am from indian requsting u to… Make a video on it…..???🙏🙏🙏

  6. Still got it in 2019 and if I would buy a new one at the moment I would have to pay 30 bucks more. You still have to pay 170 bucks to buy a used iPhone SE

  7. I like this iPhone so much I rather have this then the new one so I'm buying another one even though there over priced now

  8. actually this is what a phone a is supposed to be. not a flat plastic bar playing with number games.
    24gb selfie
    6 gb ram
    1tb rom
    6” display
    4000 mah battery
    but still iphone se does it all in a decent way.
    i don’t want a brick in my pocket. a premium looking phone is enough and i still enjoy using iphone se.

  9. I’ve had mine for 2 years and counting and still haven’t seen a reason to upgrade. Yeah my battery level is 84% but it still functions for what I need it to do.

  10. I know this was an old vid, but to anyone who sees this, honestly the best phone apple has made. The iPhone 6 bends and has a terrible battery, iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, 8 is glass back, and x has no home button. Pretty soon there’s gonna be no screen

  11. Best phone I've ever owned! Sure I would love a bigger screen from time to time but the Chasis is solid and the insides were excellent for the time of release by apple standards 🙂

  12. I’ve had an iPhone SE for a year now, and it’s still working just as good as when I bought it. I love it and never plan on getting another phone.

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