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iPhone SE Today – Should You Still Buy It?

iPhone SE Today – Should You Still Buy It?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the iPhone se has been out for quite some time it was released in March of
2016 over four years ago and in January of 2019 Apple started offering it
refurbished again and so in this video I wanted to help you decide whether or not
you should pick one up or maybe get something newer and a lot of people like
this smaller phone but if you want to jump around to any part of the video you
want to see specifically where I mentioned things like the battery the
specs gaming and things like that check the description for all of the time
codes where I’ve linked all of the times when I talk about those things now the
first thing is the iPhone se is no longer sold new by Apple but they
started selling them refurbished like I said but then they stopped so you can’t
buy these refurbished or new from Apple at the the website or at the Apple Store
however you can find them used or refurbished at many other places and I
did some research on this and was able to find it for about seventy to a
hundred and sixty dollars that’s everywhere from eBay to Amazon to
gazelle and if you look online you’ll probably find it for around that price
and you have options of 16 to 128 gigabytes for storage and if you want to
get one for under $100 you can pretty easily do that and get it with 64
gigabytes of storage so it’s really reasonable right now if you wanted to
pick one up and it still supports iOS 13 whether or not it supports iOS 14 well
I’ll talk about that at the end of the video now this was available in four
different colors this is the rose gold color and it was also available in space
grey silver and gold and it’s pretty easy to find any of those colors today
the design is pretty classic you’ve got your overall squared off design and this
was a replacement design basically for the iPhone 4 and 4s which was a really
loved design and a lot of people including myself would love to see this
design brought back with the iPhone 12 or even this sort of design but with the
iPhone 5 5 s and the se they all have this nice aluminum frame it’s squared
off at the edges with a nice bezel and on the back you have glass on the top
and bottom and this is to make room for not only the camera and flash but also
the antenna the now this phone actually gets a really
good reception and LTE is really good in it there’s no issues with that because
of the actual design of where the antennas are now the squared off design
makes it nice to hold in your hand and on this side you’ll see that they’ve
integrated the SIM card tray here and then on the bottom we still have the
headphone jack so if you’re still someone that wants to use the headphone
jack you’ll have it available here you also have a microphone and a speaker and
your lightning cable or a lightning connector on the bottom now on the left
hand side you have rounded volume buttons which I really like I think I’d
like to see Apple bring some of this back along with the silent or vibrate
switch so that works really well and then on the front of course it’s that
classic iPhone design so you’ve got your home button with touch ID on the bottom
you’ve got your forward facing camera at the top with your earpiece and your
display and this display it’s not a very big display but this is sort of a phone
that I think a lot of people really still like today because of its size now
it does look a little bit goofy in my hands but a lot of people really like it
especially if you have smaller hands you can easily reach across the display and
I don’t know that we’re going to see this size ever again because the rumored
iPhone se 2 or iPhone 9 whatever it’s called and by the time you’re watching
this video you may already know about it but the phone itself looks to be as
though it’s going to be the size of an iPhone 8 so the next iPhone se may be a
much larger phone and we won’t have this nice small size for those that want the
town back to option so we may only have this larger phone as an option and if
that’s the case this will be the last small phone that may be worth picking up
now this display is four inches it’s 640 by 11:36 with 326 pixels per inch so
it’s got the same pixel density as something such as the iPhone XR the
iPhone 8 the iPhone 11 so you’ve got the same amount of pixels per inch
it’s a Retina display but it is lacking a few things on the display itself so
for example if I go into the display settings will go into display and
brightness you’ll see there’s no option for true tone like we have on today’s
displays so on the iPhone 11 pro max I have on the
left you’ll see we have true tone but we do have night shift on the newer on the
iPhone se along with the newer displays as well so we don’t have a know that
option it’s LCD and it works well it is not HDR and it doesn’t have 3d touch
however it does have the equivalent of haptic touch so you can still press and
hold on icons but you won’t get the haptic feedback like you do on the newer
phones and the reason for that is this phone does not have the taptic engine
the actual components inside that make the phone shake or vibrate are different
in this phone than they are on new devices so you won’t get any of that
you also don’t get stereo sound there’s no dual cameras I’ll talk about cameras
in a moment there’s also no IP water or dust resistance so if you were to drop
it into water it might be a problem but given the price of this phone now that
may not be too big of a concern or you could just use a waterproof case and
then finally there’s no wireless charging option because the back is
aluminum you can’t charge wirelessly but again you can use the lightning
connector to just plug into the bottom now the specs overall are actually
pretty good it’s the Apple a9 CPU with 2 gigabytes of RAM it’s the same processor
that you have in an iPhone 6s and 6s plus with the same amount of RAM but
because you’re driving a smaller display it’s actually really smooth to use most
of the time so scrolling through here at the time of this video this actually has
iOS 13 point three point one on it and despite some issues that people were
having with it it seems to be okay most of the time if you’re just opening apps
such as music everything seems to load pretty quickly
once your internet connection loads all of the information for album artwork for
example using it is just fine and loading apps such as Minecraft are no
problem at all so I have minecraft on the iPhone 11 pro max here let’s go
ahead and load them both I’ve actually never opened it on the pro max but let’s
go ahead and open it up so let’s go ahead and hit play will it create new on
both of them create new world and then we’ll hit create and both of these are
equally playable no problems whatsoever and let’s see which one loads
I would expect the newest phone to load as fast as it did we’re already in and
ready to go if you compare this iPhone se with say an iPhone XS Max you may
find that the results are a little bit different the actual frame rates and
everything are fine and as long as you don’t mind waiting a few more seconds
for something to load you’re not going to have problems playing anything from
minecraft to fortnight or anything like that so you can play whatever game you’d
like and it will work fine anything that’s in the App Store should be
supported for the most part now the iPhone se has a fairly small battery
compared to today’s batteries but some of that is due to the size of the phone
when you have a smaller display you don’t need as much battery to actually
power it so this is a 1624 milliamp hour battery and the current battery on this
is the battery health has 90% of its battery health so generally after two
years you should have 80% of your battery health left this is fine
on average you’re going to get about three to five hours of screen on time
depending on how you’re using the phone if you’re actually playing fortnight or
minecraft or something all of the time expect it to be closer to three or maybe
even a little bit lower and that’s just the nature of using the processor that
intensive all the time so anytime you’re doing those processor intensive tasks
you may get a little bit less battery life now the camera on the back of the
phone is actually pretty nice it’s a 12 megapixel camera so it’s the same amount
of megapixels that we have and then latest phones but the sensor is a little
bit older compared to say an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro so what we have is a 12
megapixel camera with an F 2.2 aperture it’s about 29 millimeters wide and can
do 4k 30 video so if you go into the settings you still have those options to
do 4k so under the camera let’s slo-mo under the camera we have 4k
30 if you want to record in that so you have all of these fairly high-end
options with the rear camera it takes decent pictures it’s nice and fast but I
wouldn’t expect it to be anything compared to the iPhone 11 pro max if
you’re trying to blow it up onto a larger display maybe a large picture
frame or something like that the actual camera itself is decent and I
think you’ll be pretty happy with it especially if you’re taking phone
for Instagram or something along those lines on this size display it’s going to
look great so if I go into the photo I just took here we’ll get out of this
there it is it takes live photos you can zoom in and
you’ll see some of the detail is lacking there a photo like that’s going to be
fine on a small display but if you put it on a large television you’re going to
notice the lack of detail there now as far as the forward-facing camera this is
where it has a little bit less specs compared to everything else it only has
a 1.2 megapixel camera in the front it’s enough to point for aperture so it’s
good for FaceTime calls the occasional selfie but compared to anything else
today it’s really lacking in that area and of course because we don’t have face
ID we don’t have an emoji or momochi or any of those now the important thing for
a lot of people is whether or not this will get IOS 14 and its future support
Apple will of course support the hardware if you need to get it updated
there they’ve continued to support iOS 12 with security updates but with iOS 13
I would actually expect iOS 14 to be on the iPhone se and the reason I say that
is because they were offering it as recent as last year and they usually
support phones for about five years and now we may or may not see it there are
rumors at this current time that it will be on the iPhone 6s and 6s plus along
with the SE but this could change up to the last minute and we won’t know for
sure until September of 2020 but either way if you’re looking for a reasonably
priced phone with this size that you don’t have to worry about if you
actually crack the display because you can actually buy a whole new phone for
cheaper than many of the other displays on say an iPhone 11 pro max if you crack
a display on an 11 pro max you could buy two of these phones for the price of the
display so you can have a budget phone you don’t have to worry about as much
that runs all of the modern apps just as lacking in a couple areas so yes I would
recommend it for someone that’s budget conscious that wants a smaller phone and
wants to be able to use whatever is current right now but let me know your
thoughts about it in the comments below I really like the SE I love the design
it’s just a little bit small today for me personally but again let me know what
you think about it in the it’s below if you’d like to get your
hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always
do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the
video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll
see you next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone SE Today – Should You Still Buy It?”

  1. Watching this on my golden 128GB iPhone SE, running iOS 10.3.1 😁

    Battery life is definitely better on an older OS.

  2. The se's size, and shape, is exactly what I want In a phone. Feels so much better in the hands and pockets. Love the fact theres no camera bump too. Would just love to see a modern day version. Ideally, oled screen. That's, really it. I suppose a better camera would be nice but ehhhh, its 100% functional for what u need it for.

  3. Just bought one unopened, sealed 64gb iphone se space grey for $109 😀 can not be happier, replacing my 11 Pro, yes, PRO, I realized dumping $1000+ on a PHONE is such a money wasting move… it does everything I need it to do

  4. Be careful on buying refurbished SE's. I recently got one a few months ago and it died a few days ago due to software issues since iOS 13 was introduced and it eventually affected the battery. I tried to turn it on recently and it would only be stuck in a permanent boot loop.

  5. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get an SE,just wait for the SE 2 aka iPhone 9 that’s gonna be announced next month

  6. I had an SE from 2018 to 2020 when I just bought an XR, but the thing is that I really really recommend the phone. The camera is still great, performance is still really good. The only thing that I did not liked was battery life. But at beginning was great. The charging speed was decent for how small the phone is . I still use it to play music because of the headphone jack. Yes the speakers on my XR are amazing but this one has the headphone jack so I can plug in stereo or whatever and I really like that .

  7. I bought mine new as a pay as you go phone from Best Buy for $200 (32) gig. Love the size. Installed my SIM card from ATT and it’s worked perfectly for 2 years. Battery life is not great but I can charge it and use ear buds at the same time. New battery was $30. At Quick phone Fix.

  8. The SE for me was the best smartphone produced. It does everything that 90% of people need, lightweight, though, easy to use one handed, a decent enough point and shoot camera that is with you all the time and the design has never been bettered! I just hope the rumoured small iPhone 12 happens, as that will be the closest to the SE size we can expect, as the upcoming 9/SE2 is still too big, and probably too heavy as well.

  9. If your on a cheap budget for a good iphone, the iPhone SE and 6s are definitely worth it. Rumours are saying it may even get an extra year of support with iOS 14 and in my opinion, they are still really fast devices with decent cameras and displays!

  10. It doesn't have to do anything with the video…. But am I the only one holding on to ios 12.4.1 on the XS? I bought it a few days ago and it was still running ios 12 out the box so I decided to keep it at least for a while

  11. My eBay app crashed and won’t load up since last week on my iphone se. I’m sure in acouple months I won’t be able to use YouTube. And afew months later google. I use to rave about Apple. They’re going down the tubes. Only for rich people and servants to debt. It’s sad because the hardware is quality, software is quality, but the company does not care about families who struggle.

  12. I have both SE and 6s
    It’s great and I maintain the battery both of my phone..
    Been a year i bought the 6s on 2019 Jan (bought it as used phone) tho the user use it as a 2nd phone so no issue with the phone and the battery was replaced under iphone battery replacement programme before the program expires on 31st Dec 2018..

  13. I would go one step further and talk about the iPhone 4S as the optimal Legacy Budget iphone. The design of the 4S with it's easy to detach back-glass panel (two screws) is future proof. I mean, third party manufacturers or amateurs even could develop replacement backs (3D printed) with extended functionality. I recently bought a transparant plastic back and it looks awesome. But why not make a back with a wireless charging coil and the connector to fit both standard battery and the mainboard. Sort of an upgrade i already made with the connector of an old tear-down battery. Another possibility would be to create a whole range of slide-on tools and accessories to a dock-back-plate. Placing a thicker internal battery and even an option to use standard rechargeable batteries if the back would extend the thickness of the phone with up to 10 mm. It's all possible with an iPhone 4S.

  14. I just watched this because i used to own a iPhone SE, i dropped it a week ago, and screen got unresponsive. Man i miss this phone so much, i however bought the iPhone 8 (not the plus model). I like it as the performance is really good, but man i still miss that form factor, hope apple brings it back.

  15. My first iPhone and still using it. I like the size as it is perfect for my hands. However though, the battery % of my SE is at 75% now since I bought it in 2018. I am considering to have the battery replaced. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  16. I want to buy it but where do get it I don't know bcuz I heard it's already stopped selling. So could you guide me?

  17. Why don’t they bring back the round volume bottoms, double lined speaker grill and square sides???
    Just imagine the double grill with no headphone jack! How cool it would look. Are there any copy right infringement issue?

  18. I got iPhone se and it is amazing I’ve been using it for a while and it was only a few hundred can still play games and text and watch yt and can update it for like version 1.13 been using it for years and still am

  19. Shout to all Iphone SE brigade. Got mine back from authorized service centre with screen and battery replacement. Yeeeha!

  20. I would like to postpone buying this (iPhone SE 2) till the assembly of it resumes in china… cause Indian assembly is not worth trustable.

  21. I had this phone for a year, broke it, got an iphone 7 for my b-day, lost it, got the se fixed for christmas, and now here we are
    full circle

  22. nahhh lemme tell you something (in my opinion) after about a year or even less you'll be done with the phone whole. like I've had the iPhone se for almost 4 years and I'm over it, I really want a new phone soooo badlyyy!! but that's just my opinion..

  23. I have an SE. Its a great little phone. Even though its not 'water proof' I've dropped mine in the ocean and it was fine hahah that was 2 years ago as well. I don't like it anymore, just because it is so so small and crashes sometimes. It's gotten to the stage where it glitches and doesn't open apps. Anyone want to buy it?! Hahaha

  24. I have a 128 GB space gray SE in my bag as a back up phone. I absolutely loved using it for about a year and a half until I decided I wanted 3D Touch again and picked up an iPhone 8. If Haptic Touch had came to the SE sooner , I might not have wanted the 8. However, the SE doesn’t want to play nice with my Watch series 3. I would probably use it here and there if it would pair with my watch in less than 2 hours.

  25. I bought an iPhone SE just over 2 years ago because I really didn't feel like lugging a phone around with me the size of an iPod.

  26. I have an iphone x and I kinda want to go back to this phone. I like the sleep button at the top. I always try to put the volume higher on my iphone x and i end up clicking the sleep button lol.

  27. I had this phone,but it got damaged when it fell into a pool.
    One of the best phones I ever had.
    It runs pretty fast and smooth. It’s nice and small,and easy to just slip in any pocket.

  28. I've had mine for a 18 mos. or so. Seems to be perfect for my needs, which are more or less minimal. Battery still at 94% health.

  29. My wife and daughter love their iPhone SE’s. We recently had discovered an issue tho. Screen was separating from the frame. Took them to the Apple store as we thought that they were experiencing battery swelling. Fellow at the Genius Bar said it wasn’t battery swelling but the glue failing that held the screen to the frame. Said was not worth it to get repaired.

  30. I SE is just a classic. I love the size and it is good for people that do not want to spend as much time looking at their phone. I am really trying to cut down on my usage and the SE does that for me. The battery isn't great but will get you through a average day. Keep in mind you will not be using this phone as much so the battery will last longer. I really wish that they kept this form factor and size, but I'm sure Apple did the research and found that 4.7 will sell more units… But if the SE2 (or 9) is going to be 4.7… I will just buy and iPhone 8 and save the money

  31. This is still my fave iPhone ever, the design is flawless. Kinda wish I had the pink one but I love my space grey as well. Just sad that it will eventually start to slow down and become useless once it's not supported by the latest iOS, that's just the Apple way…

  32. I was sad the 5 wasn't still supported. That's by far my favorite iPhone before they made every corner of this thing glass and breakable. I was happy when my buddy informed me that the SE was based on the 5. Ordered a lot cheaper than my $1000 X, that I just sold for $375 to pay my tuition down.

  33. Had the SE from day one, great phone, ideal size. The new model is a touch larger but will be the replacement I have been waiting for. Need a bigger screen? Not for me. That’s what I bought the iPad Pro for.

  34. Perfect phone for kids. Just picked one up as a community phone for our kids for when they go to birthday parties, playdates, and other functions where they are away from us. Perfect for their little hands.

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