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iPhone SE2 – All Colors 2020

iPhone SE2 – All Colors 2020

What colors will the budget iPhone SE 2 come
out in? About a month remains before the presentation
of the long-awaited iPhone SE 2, which should become the cheapest Apple smartphone. What
colors will the iPhone SE 2 be released in? Will the smartphone come out in different
colors by analogy with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 or will the model be painted in more traditional
colors? Collected all the reliable leaks in this video.
According to information from trusted analyst Min-Chi Kuo, iPhone SE 2 will be released
in three colors: space gray, silver and red. According to a specialist, the colors of the
iPhone SE 2 case will be similar to the colors of the iPhone 8. This sounds more than logical,
given that the iPhone SE 2 will be an improved version of the iPhone 8, getting an identical
design. However, there may be some color differences
between the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2. It is known that the iPhone SE 2 case will have
a matte finish, similar to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It is possible that due to
the use of another coating of glass, the usual colors will take on slightly different shades.
Note that deliberately false information about iPhone SE 2 colors regularly appears on the
Internet. In particular, today a little-known resource 9TechEleven published a leak stating
that the new Apple smartphone will be released in six colors. The publication refers to an
insider from the Chinese social network Weibo, but does not provide links to this publication.
In other words, to date, there are three completely classic colors of the iPhone SE 2 from reliable
sources. Apple’s plans to release the smartphone in several different colors have not been
confirmed by verified insiders.

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