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iPhone SE2 – Fans 2020

iPhone SE2 – Fans 2020

The compact iPhone SE2 is the perfect smartphone
for fans of compact iPhones. Apple is cooking something really cool! Over the past couple of years, there have
been many rumors about the iPhone SE 2. Including those that predicted the release
of the iPhone SE 2 with a frameless display in the style of the iPhone X. Many fans of compact smartphones called this
smartphone ideal. And Apple listened to them, however, in the
case of another smartphone. Back in early autumn, it became known that
in September 2020, Apple will release three new smartphones. The company is preparing a 6.1-inch iPhone
12, a huge 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro with a screen diagonal of only
5.4 inches. The smartphone will be extremely unusual. It will be the first flagship iPhone, in which
the diagonal of the screen will be smaller compared to previous models. Simply put, Apple will first reduce the flagship
iPhone. Thanks to this, the iPhone 12 Pro will be
quite a bit larger than the 4-inch iPhone SE in size. The difference in size is clearly shown in
the image below. You may notice that the iPhone 12 Pro will
turn out to be really compact. At the same time, users of the iPhone 12 Pro
will not have difficulties associated with the convenience of consuming content. The 5.4-inch screen of the smartphone will
fit on the entire front surface of the case. Due to the minimum framework, it will allow
you to comfortably use any application. So, Apple will actually release a smartphone,
which a huge army of fans of compact iPhones have dreamed about in recent years. Already, we can safely say that sales will
be off scale.

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