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iPhone Setup for MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY – College Info Geek

iPhone Setup for MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY – College Info Geek

Yes friends, as the
incredibly hyperbolic title of this video
implies, you can indeed organize your iPhone
home screen in such a way that it will transform
you into an ultra powerful work robot with super-powers
of productivity. If that weren’t the
case, why would I and so many other
supposedly productive people on the internet
spend so much time organizing their
iPhone home screens? It just wouldn’t make
since. So, lets begin. Before we jump into my current
set up, I think it would be good to contrast it
with the previous one. So here’s a shot of
my old home screen. Not terrible, but not
really great either. Aside from the game
the game sitting in the home screen that
shouldn’t be there, there is a lot of
visual clutter. Alright, lets move on. The main thing you’ll
notice with my current iPhone set up, is that it
consists of only one screen. I’ve chosen not to fill the
whole screen up with apps. Instead, I’ve
realized that leaving some space looks a lot nicer. Instead of trying to
fill up every single slot with an app, I’ve
narrowed my choices down to the 16 apps that I use most or that are most useful to me. The rest of the apps live
in one of four folders: Work, Play, Go, and Sift. Choosing these four categories
took a lot of thought. My conclusion after thinking
about it for a while is that besides the
many apps I have related to transportation
and travel, most preform actions
that either help me get things done or help me have fun. The ones that don’t fit
live in the Sift folder, which I thought was a better
word than junk or other. My home screen app
choices are also set up to maximize my efficiency and keep me from playing with
my phone more than I need to. On the productivity
side, I have apps like To-Do List, Google
Calendar, and pomodoro. By the way, the
specific pomodoro app I use is called Pomodoro Timer, though there are a lot of
other ones to choose from. The second ideal,
reducing phone time, is why you don’t see
Safari on the home screen. I’m trying to get
in the habit of writing down ideas
of things I want to look up so I can do more
concentrated research later, rather than interrupting
whatever it is I’m
doing right now. That’s why an app called
Drafts lives in my dock. It allows me to open it and
immediately start writing. After that, I can
easily export my note into Evernote, and
process it later. I also don’t keep
Facebook or other social media apps
in my home screen. I found that keeping
them in the folders actually discourages me
from using them too much. Tweetbot and Instagram are
the only ones that get a place on my home screen, as I
post on them regularly, but I don’t really find myself scrolling through
them very often. A couple of other things I’ve
done to reduce distractions: For one, no apps are allowed
to have badge notifications except for the Text
message and Phone apps. I’ve also massively cut down on actual notifications
my phone will send me, and lastly, my phone goes into do not disturb mode
from 11PM to 6AM. So absolutely nothing
will get a hold of me unless it’s somebody
calling for the second time. Alright, so maybe you
watched this video and you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute, that
guy made a speed reading video last week, and
he promised me another speed reading video this week. So, where’s the speed
reading video? Hmm?” Explanation. So this being Wednesday
as I record this, tomorrow morning I’m
hopping on a plane to go down to Charlotte,
North Carolina for a conference called FinCon, and unlike most of the
conferences I go to, at this one I happen
to be speaking. Given that, most
this week has been dedicated to designing
that presentation, creating my slides,
practicing it because unfortunately, unlike
YouTube, I can’t just do takes over and over again
until I get it right, and hence, there wasn’t
enough time left over to make that follow
up video at a level of quality that
you guys deserve. So, hopefully you enjoyed
this shorter video. I’ll have the next
video in the speed reading series out next Thursday when I’m back from
North Carolina. I’m gonna get back to practicing my speech before
my plane takes off, and yes, before you ask,
there will be a video coming soon on how to
make better presentations. So, look forward to that,
and in the mean time if you’ve got tips of
your own on setting up your smart phone in
a more productive way or you have app recommendations, leave ’em down in
the comments below, and I will see you
in the next video. Hey guys, thanks so much
for watching this video. If you wanna get ne
videos every single week on being a more
effective student, click the big red Subscribe
button right there. You can get a free copy
of my book on earning better grades by clicking
the picture of it, and also if you’d like
to see the companion blog post for this video
with a summary and links to any of the apps and
resources I mentioned, click the orange
logo right there. Last week, as I mentioned,
was the first video of my series on speed reading. So, if you didn’t
happen to see it, click the thumbnail to watch it, and also, if you’d
like to connect with me I’m on Twitter
@TomFrankly or you can leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “iPhone Setup for MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY – College Info Geek”

  1. I know most people (especially college students) like free apps, but there's a pretty awesome one for 0.99 called Forest. It blocks websites so you can focus and keeps stats of your productivity

  2. Sorting apps social networking apps into one folder definitely decreases my temptation to use them. sometimes if I'll even log out of social network apps if I know if need to work on something important, it helps.

  3. Hi Thomas!
    Thanks for all your hard work and generosity!
    It's SO helpful as a kickstart to my study time 🙂
    Would you do a vid for mature students? I've heard they're TWICE as likely to drop out 🙁

  4. Hi Thomas. Could you make a video on how to be more confident during presentations and such? I have a fear of presentations, when i'm there i completely forget everything i had memorized.

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  6. I love your channel so far! I subscribed not too long ago but did not start watching until now! I feel a lot fo these tips will help me in my transition form community college to UC Berkeley!

  7. Moment somewhat-accurately tracks the amount of time spent on your phone. It drains battery though, but that's another reason to put down your phone!

  8. There are so many applications which will only distract you from being productive. My iPhone settings are optimized to get an excellent workflow. The best advice I can give is – that less is more (or better). Leave it to the minimum to get the most out of it. For example: You only need one App for writing, reading or listening to music. There is no need to have them all. Try some out and then decide to stick only to one.

  9. Hi Thomas!

    Very interesting app set up. Made me think a lot about my current set up. I also checked out Cortex Podcast and that made me think about my set up even more. I like it how you got inspired by Grey's set up but fine tuned it to your liking.
    I was wondering how well did this set up age on you? Did you get used to it or did you went back to your old app set up?

    Keep the great work up!
    Cheers from Germany!

  10. Thomas I need tips… I'm a junior in highschool and currently have a 3.0 gpa I would like to take my gpa to a higher than 4.0

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    Most important is top left, then right is second best… (read the importance like a book) Any you don't need to be up to date on or balance everyday can go in folders. Folders on second page.

  13. I am someone who got easily distracted in the past. Thank you for your tips. I just organized my home screen according to your tips. 🙂

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  15. wah this is really a nice setting way, because I have set my phone with four folders it is good but it doesn't work somehow, so adding my most frequent non-distracting apps will make things smoothly, thanks!

  16. I really like the use of the word "sift". It does sound a heck of a lot better than "junk" or "other", or ever "misc". And it makes sense, too. It's the stuff that you sort of, sift out of the other stuff. I'm definitely going to be using that from now on.

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  18. I've just found a good alternative to the application drafts for android. It's called simplenote. It has a really good sync between devices

  19. It would have been nice if you would have shown everything you have in each folder. Maybe you can make a list of the apps you use and what you have on the phone. Or just a renewed video of "organized iphone for 2017".

  20. Mate you talk to fast and I’m 21.

    Too fast slow down and emphasise your words, I can keep up it’s just when listening you shouldn’t have to “keep up” life isn’t a race slow down lol

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