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iPhone Tips – iPhone External Storage for Photos and Videos – DIY in 5 Ep 80

iPhone Tips – iPhone External Storage for Photos and Videos – DIY in 5 Ep 80

Yeah, that’s perfect…wait! No! Come on, now? Hey there! Welcome to DIY in 5. My name is Trisha Hershberger and today, we’re
going to go over some simple ways to copy photos from an iPhone
without using a computer. We’ve all been there – you’re out and about
doing your thing or maybe on vacation and bam! No more storage just at
the picture perfect moment. Never fear, I gotchya covered! What do we say to limited storage? “Not today!” The first method we’ll talk about is super
simple, surprisingly portable and uses an itty bitty flash drive made
just for this purpose. This is the Bolt USB from Kingston, designed
specifically to be used with an iPhone or iPad. There are other options out there like the Leef iBridge,
but for this demonstration we’ll use the Bolt. Transferring photos using the Bolt is a snap. Just plug the Bolt into your phone and you’ll see a
prompt to download the Bolt app from the App Store. Every time you plug in the device,
you’ll have to click “Allow” to allow the two devices to communicate. From there, you can click transfer, decide
what you’d like to transfer and then you even have the option to keep or delete the
original photos on the device after transfer, instead of you having to do it manually. Thanks Kingston! The Bolt is super tiny and can easily be stored
on your keychain when you are out and about. Now since it is so tiny, you may be worried
about it getting misplaced and falling into the wrong hands. Security-wise, you can change the app settings
to use a passcode or Touch ID each time the app opens just in case. The Bolt comes in a variety of different capacity
and price point options and it even allows you to record or capture directly to the Bolt
if you are really in a rush and don’t want to transfer before getting that great shot. Options: they’re are neat! If you’d rather backup and transfer photos
and videos using cloud storage, there are many options
out there as well. This is arguably a less secure way to go,
given data breaches in the past, but requires no secondary device
to make the magic happen. It does however,
require a wifi connection. Let’s start with iCloud since we are specifically
dealing with iOS for this video. After finding a wifi connection, go to settings,
your name, and tap iCloud, then iCloud Backup, then Backup Now. If you’d rather have iCloud do this automatically
each day when plugged in and connected to wifi, you can turn on iCloud Backup in your
settings and voila! Done! – provided you have enough available
space in your iCloud that is. Packages start as low as $0.99 per month if you
need to add more. Now, if you’d rather use another cloud storage
option, like Google Drive or Dropbox, there are apps to make that easier too. The Google Drive app for iOS makes transferring
and auto-backup simple! You’ll see similar transfer options like
we showed before and you can turn on auto backup by going to settings, photos, then
toggle on the switch for auto backup. Dropbox has a similar app as well, however
you must be a Dropbox Plus or Professional account holder to enable their “camera uploads”
feature, which is their auto-backup option. But what if you like the security of transferring
to a local device, but have a TON to backup, like I’m talking a terabyte or more! Well, then you may even want to consider an
external hard drive – and yes, some of these are designed to skip the computer as the middleman! The LaCie Fuel wireless
hard drive is a great example. It’s wireless with up to 10 hours of battery
life, so you can take it with you and transfer photos and videos on
the go using built in wifi. Then there are great
NAS drive options. NAS stands for network-attached storage and
these are dedicated storage devices that connect to your home router,
so that your files are available to you from any device
when you are on the go. WD’s My Cloud is an example of such a device
that has a very good iOS app making advanced tasks like remote access and family sharing
simple for a new user. Plus you can get models with up to 20 terabytes
of storage or buy the chassis empty and install your own hard drives
for a custom storage setup. So there we have it! Photos transferred sans Mac or PC. How do you like to backup your data? Let us know in the comments. And if you are looking to up your iPhone photography
game, check out these other
videos on our channel. PS – My shot from earlier turned out great. Take care everyone and
see ya next time with more DIY in 5!

85 thoughts on “iPhone Tips – iPhone External Storage for Photos and Videos – DIY in 5 Ep 80”

  1. I might be interest but she kept only saying photos specially can be transferred. I would need this for videos only.

  2. Is there a link to purchase this so that you get a kick back? I'd be happy to get one that way. But if not … Thank you for the tip! I'm gonna get a couple or 10 of these.


  4. Okay, a simple way is to buy storage cards. You can take the storage card whenever you want, and if you don't want to buy storage cards, just use Google Photos, or Buy more storage from iCloud. Boom, done.

  5. Awesome.I am going on a roadtrip and want to use an ols iphone 5 as dashcam.Will be running it on timelapse most of the time.

  6. So it saves the photos to the app like google photos or to a local storage as card? Also does it save it in the original Quality?

  7. After copying videos and pictures to the Bolt can you plug it into a Windows 7 computer and transfer them there?

    I purchased a iPad Mini 4 to use with my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone. I can get the files from the drone OK, no problem there.
    The problem is getting the videos that I have narrated off the iPad Mini 4.
    I bought an adapter that has a 64gig SD card and a pigtail with a 3" Lightning connector on the end.
    Apple makes things hard.

  8. When you places photos on the bolt and then transfer them to your Mac, does it keep the original data for the phone, ie. Time and dates etc.?

  9. im interested with this Bolt,,can i use this with iphone worried about if will not fit on the plug in,looks like thick to me..please reply back,,im going vacation in 2 weeks ,i need put my photo in storage

  10. Will the live photos from my iPhone transfer as Live Photo as well when transferring the pictures to the new iPhone?

  11. so if i have a bolt. can i store photos on it from photos and google photos. and then take them off the cloud?

  12. Hey, Trisha!!! I LOVE this video on transferring iPhone photos, etc. to a flash drive or external storage! This RANKS!!!! My question (and I'm new to iPhone so PLEASE keep that in mind!) when I plug in the Kingston flash drive, for example, and I click "Photos," do I have to pick EACH photo or may I, in one swoop, transfer my entire photo content to the flash drive/external storage? Thank you VERY much, Trisha, and please keep the videos going!

  13. Nerdy 🤓 brunette cute fit bubbly what more could a man ask for 😉thanks for the review. I may need to pickup one of these to backup over 10k photos

  14. At what speed does it transfer to the flash memory plugged in at the port? Is it slow? I've noticed these phones can take forever to get files off, almost like their trapped there. I mean without using cloud services.

  15. I presently have all my photos on the iCloud paying a monthly fee. What would I require to have wirelessly to be able to access these photos from my MacBook, 2 iPad and 2 iPhone and not have to store my photos on the cloud.

  16. Learn more about iPhone drives:

  17. I prefer the sands, but can one just record photos and video footage directly on the flash drive or I always have to empty the phone first? and now, how much storage is enough if my primary goal is to shoot videos with my iphone?

  18. My phone not showing setting like when connect bolt usb they don't show allow or something so how i connect it ? Plz tell me

  19. What is the most reliable flash drive for iPhone X? I fear putting my videos on that only to have it get corrupted and lose everything.

  20. I was scammed!!!. I ordered 2 units, priced at about $95 total, and the package arrived after 6 days. I unwrapped one of them, plugged it in my iMac USB port, followed all instructions I could find but unfortunately, it didn't work. I will return the items as soon as I find out how to return them for refund. Don't be fooled.

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