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iPhone Walking Robot

iPhone Walking Robot

アイフォン二足歩行ロボット(by パチもん.com) いつもアイフォンを使ってんですが ちょっと困ることがしばしば... う〜、ちょっと食い過ぎた?ハラ痛ぇ しまった! ビルゲイツさんから電話 くっそ〜、また取り損ねたぜ... OK、いいこと思いついたぞ!! 走るアイフォンロボットだぁ〜!! ラリーペイジさんから電話 こっちこっち!!速く!! 違う!!そっちじゃない〜!! あちゃ〜 バッテリー切れ... また取り損なったよ...くそっ。 OK、違う方法を試してみるか!! きたきたきた... アイフォン二足歩行ロボットキターッ!! スティーブジョブスさんから電話 二足歩行アイフォンで助かった〜!!

82 thoughts on “iPhone Walking Robot”

  1. 1. why bother, its way to slow anyway.
    2. why dont you take the phone with you when ur taking a shit?
    FUCK im a genious!

  2. is it me, or does this guy actually think he did something good, as opposed to just adding some non-functional crap to his expensive phone?

  3. Takes about 3 hours to walk to the bathroom, by then his bum is cold (that's what happens when you stay on the loo too long guys, I know as I'm a toilet surfer, lol!) and his missed call is well and truly missed! Still looks cool though, can't do your phone any good falling off the table. Also I love the legs wiggling when the guy is on the phone!

  4. hmmm, despite it being a joke, it would actually be fairly easy to adjust the system he has already, make the legs a little longer, and have a tracker on yourself, few adjustments and Damm it, it would work, though the battery would die so easily unless they were self powered. . . hmmm, wonder if it would work for the G1 lol, No really should stop thinking now. . .hmmm

  5. HOLY SHIT THAT'S AWESOME! I'm a robotisist if that's a word. What kit is that? Thanks. You ghave inspired me build something epic MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. I think it's safe to say you spent way too much time on the toilet. If you really need to poo for so long why don't you take your phone with you to the bog?

  7. So…you built a robot that takes a half hour for it to walk down a hall because you're too stupid to just take it with you. AND I wouldn't consider that "walking" …it just shoves itself around. Your call would end before it even started "Walking".

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