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iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus — Everything You Need To Know About September 12 Keynote and More [4K]

iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus — Everything You Need To Know About September 12 Keynote and More [4K]

today Apple announced their new toys at Steve Jobs daycare center kitty cat and ferocious it’s a happy puppy the pig the unicorn and the toddler’s seemed like they enjoyed it we’ve got a chicken and yes you might just get a response back from Tim oh here it is let’s let’s take a look take me to your leader wait a minute prey I am your leader let’s wrap this thing up [Music] the new Apple TV that supports 4k third generation Apple watch iPhone 8 iPhone 8 + & iPhone X that they call iPhone 10 Apple TV now it supports 4k and HDR 10 the movies you all now you’ll be able to watch them in 4k Apple TV 4k has a 10x fusion chip in it the very same chip you can find in iPad pros Apple TV comes in two models 32 gigabyte 179 dollars and 64 gigabyte 149 dollars you can order them on September 15th and they come out on September 22nd Apple watch third generation is out and as you can see now it has this hideous red duck where the crown is so that you can tell people that you’re wearing the third generation Apple watch because what can be worse than people thinking you’re wearing the first generation or the second-generation Apple watch the third generation Apple watch has a cellular connection so when you’re away from your phone it’s gonna be the same phone number you can receive phone calls texts and then you can use your ear pods and listen to Apple music as you’re walking around and now Siri on your Apple watch can talk third generation Apple watch starts from 329 for GPS version of 38 millimeters and goes up to 399 if you want to get the cellular version and 42 millimeter starts from 359 and goes up to four hundred and twenty-nine dollars now also there is the grey ceramic case and that starts from one thousand two hundred and ninety nine dollars and goes up to one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars you can order Apple watch on September 15 and they’re coming out on September 22nd now let’s talk about iPhone eight you may be asking yourself why there is no iPhone 7s because I’m guessing they’re trying to compete with Samsung and they think if we release the next number just like Firefox style doing and I think now they’re at release 50 or something or Facebook app does they’re just adding numbers now iPhone 8 is very much like iPhone 7 let’s compare this iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus comes in silver space grey and gold and the Retina display is the same touch ID but it has a 11 Bionic chip it also has wireless charging with qi chargers it has true tone display sweet old display is not a gimmick I have it on my iPad and I like it the color of your screen changes according to the environment you’re in it is actually something really nice I’m glad it is finally included in the iPhones the brightness is 625 myths same as the previous iPhone which is not too bright as you can see iPhone 8 is a little bit taller a little bit wider a little bit thicker and a little bit heavier which means we need new cases they are all once again splash water and dust resistant iPhone 8 has neural Engine iPhone 7 doesn’t have that the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens are the same but now we have slow sync in the flash settings if you use that slow sync before it’s nice it’s nice to have it but I thought that could have been achieved with software but you know Apple does that and iPhone 8 has portrait lighting when it comes to video now you can shoot 4k 60 frames per second instead of 4k 30 frames per second and when it comes to slow motion you can shoot 1080p in 240 frames per second instead of 120 frames per second which is really good I am really happy with that the front-facing camera is the same now we have Bluetooth 5.0 and support for Dolby vision and HDR 10 content when it comes to battery life of course too much knowledge will may destroy your brain so apple says f-18 plus lasts same as iPhone 7 plus when we look at iPhone 7 plus it says lasts one hour longer than iPhone 6s plus talktime Internet you video playback or audio playback everything looks the same iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus supports fast charge it can charge in 30 minutes I form eight starts from six hundred and ninety nine dollars and goes up to eight hundred and forty nine dollars iPhone 8 plus starts from seven hundred and ninety nine dollars and goes up to nine hundred and forty nine dollars and you can pre-order this on September 15 and it’s gonna come out on September 22nd and finally I found 10 the most exciting thing during the keynote was when they announced iPhone 10 is what I like to say but it didn’t because everything leaked and we knew everything including dumb to the wallpapers we knew everything about this phone before the keynote you know as you get all it gets harder to hold stuff I guess but the most exciting part seriously happened during I phone X announcement and that’s when the face recognition which they call face ID I like to call it fake ID didn’t work here is I phone 10 now unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping up and you know let’s try that again oh-ho-ho let’s uh go to back up here and get right in we had that oh no let me fix my face moment iPhone X or iPhone 10 was Apple’s chance to stay foolish they didn’t stay foolish with this phone so this phone doesn’t have a home button has it’s weird snaggletooth on top and no fingerprint let me tell you something about having no fingerprint because I’ve been using not eight for the last four or five days and yes iPhone X has a better technology for facial recognition but once I’m outside the facial recognition on this phone doesn’t really work I may be wearing sunglasses I may be holding the phone a little to my side I may be holding it down here it doesn’t work properly and during the keynote they said it is much more easier now you just take it out double tap the home button and then you hold the phone to your face and once you’re approved then you can make the pay you know how I make payment with my iPhone I just put it on the machine like this with my finger on the touch ID button and I pay and move along so the screen kind of looks weird it’s okay I thought that snaggletooth part the entire upper part was gonna be black and we were gonna see the signal signs and everything properly placed in there but as far as I can see you can see it here too it doesn’t really look properly aligned I wish that upper part was completely black all the time and where’s Notification Center I’m a little confused about this phone but let’s go to comparison and select iPhone X I cannot call this iPhone 10 I wanted to know why the cameras are now like traffic lights but no one explained that when it comes to colors we have silver and Space Gray option and the screen is 5.8 inch super retina HD display which is really good because now this form has 2436 by 1125 pixel resolution and 458 pixel per inch it is great and the screen contrast ratio is 1 million to one it has two tone display which is fantastic news and the brightness is still 625 the brightness on this not eight is one thousand and two hundred meets one thousand and two hundred needs so a big leap into the future debatable it has the same 11 Bionic chip wireless charging comes in 64 and 256 gigabyte version but the size is a little bigger than iPhone 8 and smaller than iPhone 8 plus the telephoto lens this camera has 2.4 aperture compared to two point eight is in iPhone 8 + + – 7 + of course it supports 40 60 frames per second 240 frames per second slow motion at 1080p since it has all the sensors for the face ID now you can do portrait mode on the front-facing camera and it supports an emoji which is the 2017 version of the photobooth it has Bluetooth 5.0 and when it comes to battery life its lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 7 that’s all you have to know the screen on iPhone X is already I cannot get over this ugly snaggletooth on top on iPhone X both cameras in the back has optical image stabilization the wide-angle lens has optical image stabilization the telephoto lens doesn’t have optical image stabilization in IFA plus now with iPhone X this sliding from bottom up seemed a little confusing to me when you want to slide from bottom up you have to hold the phone higher in your hand using this phone because it’s gonna be a small phone but let’s say it’s this phone to slide from bottom up look how much of the form is at the top and it may fall forward of course when you have your cable plugged in just like that Tino we watch you can put your finger around here and then you can slide from bottom up as much as you wish and the phone is still going to be in your hand but you’re walking outside you’re gonna do have your bags in your hand you’re trying to pay when you need to slide from bottom up your phone is very likely to fall down so I think this is the card Apple explained they know they just put that faith dust over it people are gonna go outside and buy so they’re gonna have the same iPhone 5 5 or 5s iPhone 4 iPhone 4s or six 6s strategy on this and iPhone 10 is going to be like this but when iPhone 10s comes out they’re gonna probably add a lot more stuff and then they’re gonna fix that snuggle to top there and it is going to be really nice but since this is the 10th year edition people have waited for this leaving a space where they can progress to I think that’s what I’m seeing what iPhone 10 you can pre-order iPhone eggs October 27th and it comes out in November 3rd and I don’t see any unlocked version here but maybe in the future and it starts from 999 dollars and it goes up to one thousand one hundred and forty-nine dollars plus tax Apple also announced their second generation air pods which supports wireless charging as well so next year when they release the Apple pad you can put that pad on your table and place your device next to each other and they’re all going to be wirelessly charge I’m not a big fan of wireless charging because I like to play with the devices while they’re being charged and I don’t like to leave them down there like that but it should nice to have it I guess but joking aside they are I am really excited about AR and iPhone 8 and I Phone 10 supports AR well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen hit that subscribe button and play dingdong bitch with the home button that is not going to be anymore and join the world domination please let me know what you think about Apple’s keynote in the comment section pillow which product was your favorite did you like what you see do you think this is a good 10th year iPhone or did you expect them to have something different and until I see the next time take really good care of yourselves and horse sure color [Music] you [Music]

72 thoughts on “iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus — Everything You Need To Know About September 12 Keynote and More [4K]”

  1. Listen up Isheep. Lol Apple just announced high speed charging on the X however it's going to cost you another $84 for a specialized charging brick and cable that does not come with the phone so your $1,000 dollar phone just went up to $1,100 enjoy your over priced piece of crap 😂
    If you don't believe me just go to booredatwork youtube site and see hahaha

  2. İlk defa bi Iphone tanıtırken bir telefonla karşılaştırdın ve sanki çıkmasaymış olurmuş izlenimi verdin😂

  3. Iphonedo beyciğim o FaceID çalışmama sıkıntısı telefon ilk açıldığı zaman FaceID'yi etkinleştirebilmek için şifreyi girmen gerekiyor. İlk telefonda kod daha önceden girilmemiş fakat yedek telefonda girildiği için çalışıyor. Ama ben de ilk izlediğimde öyle zannetmiştim çünkü adam eliyle yüzünü temizliyor. O da ne olduğunu anlayamamış 😀

  4. Apple stopped giving us BEYOND the best phone out there.
    I moved to Samsung with the Note 4 and don t think I'll go back to Apple, at the price they are offering they should have started it with 256gb with a second choice or 512gb
    APPLE SUCKs and I hate my NEW 15in MBP

  5. Your reviews are fun to watch because your are an intelligent person with a good sense of humor. On the other hand, I think that what Apple is doing is not funny or intelligent. Apple is one of the wealthiest companies in the history of business, sitting on over $260,000,000,000 billion dollars in cash yet didn't spend a little more resources in " leaping into the future " I was not impressed at all with the lack of innovation. In the advent of self driving cars, plans of tourist trips to the moon and organ 3D printing, this was the most pathetic use of the word "future" all of this tech is relatively primitive in true innovation tech terms. Apple Watch 3 is an achievement because in reality they achieved the tiniest cellphone in wearable form with many good examples of nano tech at its best. Finally thank you for providing me a place to vent. Cheers

  6. couple cents to add: Swipe from the top-right corner is for control center, swipe from top-left is for notifications. When Frank Federico tried to unlock his iPhone it asked the pin to enable face id (the same idea when you reboot your iphone and it asks for the pin to enable touch id), so it seems that it has been just rebooting before that.

  7. Agree with all points made.
    I would be pissed within 10 minutes of using iPhone X with pictures and videos cut out on the left and rounded on the right. Taking away Touch ID is a no go and seeing the control center opened from the top during the keynote made me cringe.
    IMO best screen layout would be similar to Samsung S8, minimizing top and bottom bezels just to put speakers and only necessary sensors in them (which could probably make the bars around 2/3 if not 1/2 of the width of the X notch). At the same time integrating Touch ID into the display. Now that would make all the content look nice on the screen and the bezels be close to non existent. That would make an excellent iPhone X. But please, no bend screen like in Samsung where you have all the reflections on the side thanks to that wise move. Looks like smartphone manufacturers are fighting for marketing slogans more than anything today, putting usability far back in the feature list.

  8. I [email protected] like traffic light. I hate it too and then today I saw one video explains that you should you use phone in landscape mode and the camera would be "correctly aligned". And I hate the notch at the top as well

  9. Face ID is better na? like someone in home can still use your fingerprint while you're sleeping but Face ID requires attention! I don't know just felt like right move.

  10. Hala çözemediğim olay X'te alttan kaydırarak ana ekrana dönüyorsak şuan alttan kaydırıp açtığımız kontrol panelini nasıl açacağız ?

  11. Slightly off topic..A question for Apple
    Why is the IPad mini 4 a dinosaur when it comes to technical specs?
    I find the size of the IPad mini ideal for what I want it for, why such a dated processor and camera, what's that all about Apple? 😣🤢🤢🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍌???

  12. This is the best review of an android phone Ive ever seen. So unbiased and fair. Better than most of the other android youtubers. Well done

  13. after that promotion i was really start to think about buying a note 8 and also i have been thinking that "is this the first day of the iPhone's collapse ?" since then, anyway maybe we should start to try something different from İOS

  14. ''Yhaaaa AYFON8 ALMAM İÇİN BÖBREKLERİMİ SATMAM GEREKK'' diye tribe giren arkadaşlarım.Büyük ihtimalle siz iş adamı veya bilim insanı değilsiniz.Öğrencisiniz.Böyle triplere girmeye de gerek yok.Mesleğimizi edinelim gönül rahatlığıyla alırız sıkıntı yok ayıks.
    iPhonedo, I LOVE YOU ADAMIM!!

  15. As always – good job

    Apple is getting worse and worse. Subtract everything that works and put emojis in.

    No water resistance.
    No touch-id. I have to wear sunglasses all the times as I live where the sun is always shining. As well, what stops someone unblocking your phone when you sleep, or worse knocked out? All your data is gone. Touch-id has the same problem, but at least there is a physical interaction.
    No headphone jack and all the connectors are down facing, when you charge you cannot do video calls on a stand or have your headphones on when on a stand. But thats a problem all phones have.

    Apple and others should really think how we use the phone and don't add stupid things we really don't need. Nobody in the international world uses iMessages.

    Still keeping my 6s plus. But nxt might be a Samsung.

  16. Apple İphone X te 2 önemli hata yaptı. 1- O trafik ışıkları gibi gözüken üst kısmı 1 tık daha yukarı alıp üstü tamamen siyah yapmalıydı. 2-Arkadaki elma logosuna parmak izi okuyucuyu yerleştirmeliydi.Hatta Lg g2 deki gibi arkası görüşme yaparken yanmalıydı…..

  17. I like your videos but this one is just rubbish. You seem to have absolutely no knowledge on a lot of stuff here, including the fact that face ID does work through sunglasses, on dark, etc. Also you don’t seem to know exactly why face ID failed on stage, because if you did your maths, you will find that it didn’t actually fail but it did what it was supposed to do. Anyway, judge something when you use it, know it and not do what may YouTubers do for few clicks. You don’t need few clicks because you do great videos.

  18. Aslında face id kısmında sıkıntı yok.Orda telefon yeni açıldığı için doğal olarak parolayı istiyor face id yi aktif etmeden önce.Tabi Face id yi aktifleştirmeden sunuma çıkmak onların güdüklüğü😂

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