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iPhone X Accessories in China Buying & Testing 📱 Supreme Skin 😱😲

iPhone X Accessories in China Buying & Testing 📱 Supreme Skin 😱😲

100 thoughts on “iPhone X Accessories in China Buying & Testing 📱 Supreme Skin 😱😲”

  1. May j have your phone I'm only 10 years old I been really onted one in my life please I like the videos you make and the cases

  2. I like the carbon fiber one it looks sophisticated! Maybe u wanna give it too me hehehe. One big fan from the Philippines. 👍✌️

  3. Friend u make a video for Samsung phones new version pls over all ur video is good for us as soon as possible I and my family come in China for shopping……………thanx

  4. Hi. I contact of the market. I want to buy apple products.I want to now if the phone will be use on other networks

  5. the fortnite thing is because you are in china, you need to go to settings and change the region to asia/china or whatever is closest:)

  6. It's just that you don't know the proper process in installing the screen protector that's why its not properly installed

  7. Problem isnt there isnt engineers in US to assemble iphones. Problem is they dont want to pay standard wage.

    Western countries sold their children’s employment and gave it away to eastern countries. Sad that we are in debt and no way out.

  8. Hi Nikolay , i usually watch ur videos keenly , i want to get suggestion that should i buy iPhone xs max 256 gb or iphone 11 pro 64 gb both r the same prices , but the size n storage matters , wat wud u suggest ?

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