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iPhone X (als Superheld) | Julien Bam

iPhone X (als Superheld) | Julien Bam

Does anyone have a mobilephone ? No ! No ! No! (everyone) Anyone a camera? We need to take a picture! We must! The day was impressive we need to take a picture With my new camera i’m able to take photos with 12 megapixel 12 Megapixels High-Dynamic-Range-Pictures with a 10x zoom! *FLASH* That’s it, losers! And how do we get the picture? Hey, my bag! Hey this guy just stole my bag. Didn’t anyone notice? Thanks to my two integrated cameras, I saw everything Oh my god! Somebody help us! Is anyone here a Doctor?! Well, I’m too late he’s already dead. How can you be that cold-hearted? Doesn’t affect you that in any way? No, they removed my Touch-ID. Can you explain this visually? Can u explain it to me with your hands? I just need you to sign this with your name. My name? Damn I forgot that! No Problem for IPhone-X-man! My new Face-ID-Technology allows me to scan and recognize you. Hello Sabrina Wow that’s my name. Your birth date is the 16th of September 1989. That’s enough man. Your mother doesnt follow you on Facebook. You have a new message Oh cool! A new message. Including EU-Country-Group 1, you’re completely free of roaming charges But my bag! He’s running away. I have cameras behind be and see everything But my bag is gone!! And i see everything! But… My Job here is done. Such a jerk!!! You forgot to rate your last amazon order: A life-size poster of Hannah Montana Your credit card number is 21351212317812 The new True-Tone-Technology allows me to adapt to my environment whats up? To Marius: Hi Message from Jimmy: Hi To Jimmy: Same back to you You little… My new loudspeakers make me better in waking you up Alright bedtime It’s really dark now Can you lighten the nightlight? It’s fine already With my 4x LED Trouter nobody have to be in the darkness! Galaxy Man you Cockroach My boss is a real asshole “Is a real asshole” was sent to “My Boss” That’s creepy. You are always here! I don’t want you! It’s so annoying! Wow he’s turning me down And i´t so Terrible
And now he´s pushing me quiet I think… I think…I think I am getting crazy You walk me so on the sac Picture to Vincent From Jimmy: To Jimmy: xddd hahaha very LOL Damn you two got a real social problem! I got something new for you: A gadget! Wow! Same like James Bond! With this new airpower you can charge wireless! Shit. Now he’s gone. Don`t you must be the Iphone 10 man?X stays for the number 10 X man sounds cooler I am so bored! I have got a 240 fps camera.With slomotion everything is cooler,Have fun! I am loading Please give Marius this message.She is very important! And?
I have no WLAN That really works?! That is what I said You are doing sh**.I have decided that you are getting a new partner iPhone X Man doesn`t need a partner.iPhone X Man is a Soloplayer! Hi! I am your new partner,Siri.How can I help you? Marry me! Hey Siri, they are gone to the west…tell me were west is I have found more than 300.000 results for west on Amazon Siri! Say me where is west The film “Westen” now to buy on e-bay Siri, you are not so helpful I did not hear you, please repeat your Question. That wasn´t a question, amenakoi Siri I can not take you any longer with me,you need too much energy I am free! wtf? Hmm…here is very bad WLAN :C Does it taste good? It’s yummy, thanks for asking Hey! Do you have some euros for me? Who are you, and what happened to you? In the past I was a proud hero, just like you Everybody called me the Windows Mobile Man “Win” meant winner and everybody knew that I had everything I had data volume I had a wife … and I had kids But since 2 month the time for for the Windows Mobile man is over I just wanted…YOU BA**** To be continued I’m pooping on your Animojis That wasn’t a product-placement Guys this costume is amazing I have really tiny arms. Just like in reality I feel more cool than I actually am I can’t breathe under that, because I’m breathing with my forhead WOAAH! Freedom! The rest I’m leaving on Yes, it’s me Julien. You didn’t think about that, did you? Okay, that joke was bad Guys, this isn’t a product placement, although I have a big Apple Logo on my cape. Can you see it? iPhone 10 Is a trend everywere, that’s why we thought: Thats what we DON’T have to do. iPhone 10 Hero was the result and I hope you liked it And if YES give the subscribe button a FISTBAM! That wasn’t anunderstandable way to say subscribe. Subscribe if you haven’t allready Because a storm is coming up! I think you know the location because we have already filmed there many times Thank you so much Thomas Jerbe for the location in Cinneplex “Börgermeister Oliver” is the name of this restaurant Thanks a lot to the people who worked with us. It was so much fun to work with all of you! If you’re watching this video: Hi! The links of all talented people are down in the descriptionbox And a big thank you to my Team, that followed me at every turn. There was one guy, that got on my nerves during filming. This Guy uploaded quiet an interesting video This Guy’s name is quiet similar to mine. As***** This Guy uploaded only 4-5 videos and has half a million subscribers! Long ago, at my time it didn’t go this fast! If you want to watch his vieo, go check out the first link in the discriptionbox There is his link

100 thoughts on “iPhone X (als Superheld) | Julien Bam”

  1. Eigentlich feier ich dieses Video, jedoch nervt mich dass du das iPhone X gewählt hast (ist ja eigentlich logisch da jeder eine Parodie von Apple will), aber in vielen Fällen (Anzahl der Kameras, megapixelanzahl, slowmotion etc.) übertreibt Apple es nicht wirklich wenn man sich Huawei anschaut..

  2. Du bist der beste Youtuber👍👍👍der beste der weld👍👍👍wirklich der beste 👍👍👍👍

  3. Immer als ich das Apel Logo gesehen habe habe ich immer hunger gekrigt , Vedeo forbei jetzt ist mir langweilig

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahatschiii

  5. Von 5:27 dieses handy ist ein Microsoft und ich habe das es ist uber30 Jahre alt und wurde nicht so sehr gekauft weil die App Entwickler keine apps entwickelt haben von windows

  6. Ju ich liebe deine Videos. Nach einem blöden Schultag heiterst du mich immer wieder auf. Bitte mach weiter so!!!😊❤❤❤

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