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iPhone X display replacement

iPhone X display replacement

Hello everyone, today I show you how to disassemble
iPhone X and replace display To disassemble the iPhone X you need the following
tools: • Screwdriver set
• Plastic mediator • Suction cup for removing display
• Tweezers and opening plastic tool • Hairdryer
In the description under this video, I left links to the necessary tools and parts for
replacement. Before disassembly, turn off the iPhone and
remove the sim card tray. Unscrew the two screws near the charging port
with a Pentalobe 0.8 mm screwdriver Take any hair dryer and heat the surface of
the screen for 1-2 minutes. Set the suction cup at the bottom of the screen
and pull the ring up. Next, take a plastic mediator and begin to
disconnect the display module from the iPhone X The
case of the iPhone 10 opening like a book. Open the display to the right side. Using a Tri-Wing 0.6mm screwdriver, unscrew
5 screws and remove the metal panel. Under the metal panel, you will see cables. The first is disconnecting the battery cable,
and then disconnecting the 3 display cables For replace the broken display on iPhone X,
you need to remove the cable with the speaker and sensors. First, unscrew the 3 screws that fix the ear
speaker. Disconnect the speaker and let’s begin to
the removal of proximity sensors. Turn over the display and heat the surface
where the front camera located. Now very carefully remove the light sensor. This light sensor is part of the Face ID (biometric)
function, it cannot be replaced because it is software-related to your iPhone X, so it
must be reinstall to a new display. If this sensor is damaged or replaced, the
Face ID function will not work, so remove this sensor very carefully. If the
diffuser strip remains in the display, as happened in my case, do not panic, you will
need to carefully pull it out using tweezers or a thin plastic card. You can heat the surface on the back side
of the display, it will facilitate the process of removal. It is very important to install the diffuser
with the same side in the new display, otherwise, the Face ID function will not work. Now, install the light sensor. You will need to hold the sensor in place
when installing the screws that secure the speaker. If everything is done correctly, the light
sensor and the Face ID function will work correctly, and we will check it right now. To test your smartphone, connect 3 display
cables, then connect the battery cable to the mainboard. Turn over the display but do not close the
case this is not necessary. Turn on the smartphone. Now go into the settings of the Face ID function
and add new data. If your face has already scanned to the iPhone X
before, then at the unlocking stage, you will already make sure that the Face ID is working. Also, check how the new display work. If everything works correctly, go to the final
stage of the assembly of the smartphone. In the description under the video, you will
find a link where to buy a new display for iPhone X
To test the iPhone, you need to connect 3 display cables and after the battery cable. Turn over the display, but do not close the
case, just flip it. Turn on the iPhone and check how the smartphone
works. If everything is working properly, let’s begin
to the final assembling Remove old glue from iPhone X case
Using medical alcohol, wipe the iPhone X case from the old adhesive tape. If you want to restore the water resistance
of your iPhone X, you need adhesive tape like this. Of course, you can assemble your iPhone X
without this adhesive tape, but this makes no sense because this adhesive tape costs
only a couple of dollars. In the description under the video, you find
a link where to buy this adhesive tape. Connect 3 display cables to the mainboard
and only after connect the battery cable. Install the metal panel and fasten the screws. Turn over the display and press it to the
case. Fasten the 2 screws near the charging port. Install the tray with a sim card. Now you can turn on your iPhone X and use

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