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IPHONE X EDITION & IPHONE 8 REVEALED! Everything Apple Will Announce!

IPHONE X EDITION & IPHONE 8 REVEALED! Everything Apple Will Announce!

– We have got a lot to talk about today. Brand new iPhones are on the horizon. Apple is about to be announcing the new iPhone X, that’s what this is right here, and that’s apparently
what it’s gonna be called. In addition, they’re
also announcing the new iPhone eight and iPhone eight plus. This is all happening, it’s
all going down tomorrow, and in this video I’m
gonna tell you one day in advance what Apple
is going to announce. What’s going on, tech
squad, Andru Edwards here, editor in chief of If this is your first
time here, this channel’s all about tech, gadgets and gaming, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the
subscribe button down below as well as the bell notification icon to stay up to date on all future videos. Like I said, we are
talking about tomorrow’s Apple event, the big news is gonna be the new iPhone X, but, on top of that, there’s a bunch of other stuff Apple is gonna be announcing as
well, the iPhone eight, the iPhone eight plus, the Apple TV 4k, the Apple Watch series three with LTE, and possibly a couple
of other things as well, maybe some new airpods,
we’re gonna go through this stuff one by one starting with the biggest story, and
that is the iPhone X. Now, if you’re wondering where all this information came from, number one, these are spoilers. I don’t consider them
spoilers, but some people online do consider them spoilers, and some people online are upset that people are spoiling Apple’s event. So, if you don’t want to know and you want to be surprised, and you
want to hear it first from Apple, don’t watch this video. Watch tomorrow’s video
where we’re gonna be doing a recap of everything
that Apple announces right here on the channel,
that will be a live stream. So, be sure you subscribe for that. Now, there have been a
few leaks, a few leaks that have come out from Apple itself. There was the homepod
firmware leak that was accidentally set public,
or at least it’s assumed it was an accident, and
then there was another leak from Verizon confirming
the LTE Apple Watch series three, and then someone at Apple maliciously leaked new
firmware for the new iPhones and current iPhones as well, as well as other iOS devices, so
there’s a lot of different leaks that have gone on just in the past couple of weeks and especially in the past couple of days that have informed all of the information that you’re
gonna hear in this video. Now, I’ve got some mockups
of the iPhone X here. It’s smaller than the iPhone seven plus, but it has a larger
display because the display is almost completely bezelless with the exception of a very thin
border around the display and the notch cut out at the top to allow for the camera sensor and
the face ID functions. So, let’s start at the
beginning with the name, iPhone X, and I’m
actually not sure if it’s pronounced iPhone X or if
it’s pronounced iPhone 10, I can see Apple going
either way, it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone although it’s the eleventh generation of the iPhone and it’s the 13th model of
iPhone that’ll be announced. It has been 10 years, 10 year anniversary, 10 makes sense, similar to OS 10, OSX. A lot of people who
called it OSX were usually corrected by those in the know that would say, no, it’s actually OS 10. Is that gonna be a similar
issue here, I don’t know, the X also makes sense
because they can keep the X naming so that
next year, if the name is iPhone 10, it doesn’t
then have to be iPhone 11 alongside an iPhone
nine, which would just… That just gets crazy and just gets weird. So, my assumption is that it is iPhone X, I would have liked to have
seen something different, possibly iPhone Pro, which would just seem to make more sense when you look at how Apple uses the Pro name,
pretty similar internals, just faster internals
and a different exterior when you look at the
Macbook, Macbook Pro, etc.. iPad, iPad Pro, but, apparently, iPhone X is the name to expect. Talking about that
display, as I mentioned, it is almost completely bezelless, it is an OLED display, and
that we are going to see a pretty significant resolution bump. So, the current iPhone
seven plus maxes out at 1080p resolution,
so that’s 1920 by 1080, and what we’re expecting
to see on the iPhone X is 2436 by 1125. So, higher resolution display, but also a different form factor, we’re looking at that same trend that we’re seeing other smartphone makers gravitate to, which is the 18 or 18 and a half
by nine aspect ratio. The display will be a true tone display, which is great, that’s finally being brought to the iPhone over from the iPad, that launched on the iPad Pro in 2016 and it carried over to
the new iPad Pro in 2017, and what the does is, basically, there’s a sensor on the front of the phone, on the front of the device, that reads the warmth of the light around you, so if it’s warm, yellow light, it’ll make the whites on your display
match that yellow tone. If you’re in cold, blue light, it’ll make the whites more bluish so that the white on the display matches
the environment you’re in, which makes sense
because if you’re holding a white piece of paper
and you walk into a room where the light’s kind
of yellow, that white paper is gonna reflect back
some of those yellow tones. And, if you take that same piece of paper into another room where
there’s cool, blue light, it’s gonna reflect some of that blue light back into your eyes,
so it’s trying to make the phone match what a natural white piece of paper would do. True tone is cool, I have
not heard anything, though, about pro motion. That’s the other great feature
on the current iPad Pro. 120 Hz refresh rate on that display. The iPhone currently does
60 Hz, which is great, but I would love to see
that 120 Hz pro motion feature make it over to the new iPhone X. I’m a huge fan of pro
motion, it’s probably one of my like top three
features on the current iPad. Since the display is OLED, there will be burn-in avoidance
technology built in as well. Let’s talk about the processing power. This chip is gonna be ridiculous. It is the Apple A11 fusion chip. The A10 fusion in the iPhone seven plus was a four core chip. Two high performance cores
and two energy saving cores. A11 fusion has six cores instead of four. It’s still two high performance cores, but four energy saving cores, and one leak that came out was saying
that the new A11 fusion is scoring above a 10,000 on Geekbench. We’ll see if that’s true,
but if it is the case, that’s about a 60% increase in speed over the chip found in the current iPhone, so in one year that leap is going from a 6,000 Geekbench score to over 10,000, which is crazy. Next, wireless charging. Wireless charging is finally
coming to an Apple smartphone. It’s gonna use the qi charging standard, however, it may require a
made for iPhone certification before it’ll work. I’m not sure how that’s gonna happen, if they’re gonna control
that through software or not, that’s just one of the
rumors that are out there. But, wireless charging
is definitely written into the iOS 11 firmware,
so that’s something we’re gonna see not only on the iPhone X but also on the eight and eight plus. The downside of this is that it’s 7.5 Watt charging, so it’s not the current 15 Watt charging that we’re seeing on the fast wireless charging devices, so you’ll still get wireless charging,
it just won’t be as fast as some other competing smartphones can do wireless charging, but something is better than nothing, I guess. Another big one: face ID. Since the new iPhone will
not have a home button on the front since it’s all display, and there’s no fingerprint
sensor around back, what apple is doing is, instead of using the fingerprint for
authentication, they’re gonna be using your face. So, gone is touch ID, in is face ID. This has been discovered in
the leaked firmware as well. You hold up the iPhone to
your face to set it up, and you go around your face two times and it reads the 3D mapping
basically of your face. So, you can’t fool it with a 2D picture like you can some other systems. It’s not about the 2D
image, it’s about reading the 3D of your face: how deep are your eyes, how
far does your nose come out, how wide is your nose,
all that stuff is gonna be taken into account for face ID, so it may be even faster and
more secure than touch ID. And, face ID is gonna
replace everything that touch ID does. So, it’s gonna be for
unlocking your phone, for confirming you want to download apps without putting in a password, and even for authenticating Apple Pay. Now, you may be wondering, what about when I’m in the dark, I’m in a movie theater, I’m in the bed, face ID uses an infrared sensor so it can actually see in the dark. Speaking of face ID,
animoji are a new feature that are coming to the new iPhone as well. Animoji are emoji that you can send that are animated based on
your facial expressions. So, you can pull up an
emoji and then it’ll basically mimic your face and it’ll even record your voice and send that through to the person you’re iMessaging with. So, for example, you can pull up a dog, you can talk, you can raise your eyes, you can close your eyes, whatever you do, it’s gonna map that
onto the emoji and then send it over, and that emoji is gonna convey the same look
that you had on your face when you said the stuff
that you sent over. Now, let’s get into the camera, one of the other most important
parts of a smartphone. The new iPhone X will
have a vertically oriented camera sensor as you can see there. Vertical instead of horizontal, it is a dual camera system
similar to what you see on the iPhone seven plus. There you have that, there’s that one, so, as you can see, horizontal, vertical. Small change, a lot of people have been really worried about for some reason. Who cares. When you turn the camera that way to take a picture it’s also
vertical, it looks the same. Who cares? But, some people care,
whatever, I don’t care about the orientation,
I care about the specs, and what we’re hearing is it’s gonna be a dual 12 megapixel
sensor, similar to what you have on the seven plus. However, you can see
just by looking at this, the flash is bigger, the camera modules are bigger, but, again,
this is a dummy unit, so they may have gotten some things wrong, but it looks like we’ll
see a wider aperture and also dual optical image stabilization similar to what we saw
on the Galaxy Note eight. By the way, I’ve done six videos so far on the Galaxy Note eight. Some people say I’m a
hater, I must hate Android, I must hate Samsung because
I’m doing an iPhone video, and they don’t check the channel to see I just did literally half a dozen videos on the Note eight. So, if you’re interested
in the Note eight, great device as well,
check out those videos here on the channel. Now, two things of note
that stick out to me about the iPhone X camera. Number one, 4k video at
60 frames per second. There’s no smartphone
right now that’s doing 4k/60, in fact, the camera I’m shooting this on right now, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 does 4k/60, but that was
one of its main features and this camera’s about $2,000. Getting 4k/60 on a
smartphone, and the rumor is that’ll be on the front
and the back cameras, is crazy, but it doesn’t stop there ’cause you can also
take 1080p video at 240 frames per second, so it’s the same slo-mo as before, but, before, it was relegated to 720p, now you get full
1080p HD at 240 frames per second for those slo-mo videos. But, in addition to that, there will also be a new option for cinema mode. 24 frames per second, that’s what I shoot in here on my camera,
so, instead of having to do 30 frames per second, you get 60 and you also get 24, which will be great. All of those, quite honestly,
are gonna be fantastic. This camera is also gonna be optimized for AR, augmented reality. We’ve seen some amazing stuff developers are already doing with AR kit, and it’s no big surprise AR is what
Apple sees as the future, and I think this camera,
especially in this orientation, because when you’re doing AR you’re more likely gonna
be holding your phone this way, and these cameras need to be side by side in order to basically act as a pair of eyes like we have here. I think this is gonna be huge for AR. Now, let’s talk about the side button. Much bigger side button
it’s the power button here, and people are expecting that this button will no longer be the
power button, it’s actually gonna be called the side button because it’ll be multi-functional. So, since there’s no button on the front and you want to use Siri,
of course you can say, hey, Siri, but you can
also just tap and hold on that button. You want to do Apple Pay? There’s no button on the
front to invoke Apple Pay. Instead, double tap on the side button and that’ll bring up Apple Pay for you. Now, the rumor is that these functions will be configurable, so if you want double tap to be, let’s
just say multitasking, you can probably do that as well. It’s going to be interesting to see how Apple uses this side button. And, now, let’s get into pricing because this one is also
kind of controversial at least from the user perspective, or at least from the feedback perspective. The expected cost of
the new iPhone X is $999 for the 64 GB model. If you want a 256 GB
model, that’s a jump up to $1099 or $100 increase. And, if you want the new 512 GB model, the first time that
storage space is available on an iPhone, that would be $1199, so $1200 for a smartphone. I’m curious what you think about that. Would you pay that much
money for a smartphone. Of course, you don’t have
to pay for it all up front. If you want to get it on a plan, it would probably be roughly $45-$50 per month over the course of 24 months. I’m curious, though, let
me know what you think of that pricing down
in the comments below. Are you cool with it or
is it too crazy for you? Now, let’s move on to talk
about the iPhone eight and iPhone eight plus because those phones will not only be cheaper
but they will also obviously be upgraded from
the seven and seven plus. So, we don’t know what all those upgrades are because people have been so focused on the iPhone X, but, at the very least, the iPhone eight and eight plus will have a glass back instead of aluminum back, and they’ll support wireless charging, improved cameras. Both will still support LCD displays, not the OLEDs, that’s
dedicated to the iPhone X, and the same RAM on the
inside, so two gigabytes of RAM on the eight, three gigabytes
in the iPhone eight plus. And, by the way, three gigabytes is also in the iPhone X as well. Pricing on the eight
and eight plus should be similar to what we’ve seen
on the seven and seven plus, so the eight will start
at $650 and top out at $850, and then the eight plus should be $769 and top out at $969. So, if you want the top end plus, $969, and then the next jump up should be $999 for the low-end iPhone X. That being said, what are you thinking about picking up? Let me know if you’re buying
one of the new iPhones which one you’re considering. iPhones are not all that Apple will be announcing tomorrow, though. There will also be the
brand new Apple TV 4k. That should be the
official name Apple TV 4k, which leads me to believe
that the current Apple TV, the 1080p model, will
still remain on sale. So, you’ll be able to choose between an Apple TV or an Apple TV 4k. Obviously, the Apple TV 4k will support 4k resolution, and it will also support high dynamic range, so that’s HDR, and both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision flavors. HDR 10 and Dolby Vision
are the two major standards right now, so you’re pretty much covered in the 4k realm if you
go with an Apple TV 4k. There’s been nothing leaked about pricing, so I’m not sure where
Apple’s gonna price this at. What we do know is that
there potentially may be a brand new Siri remote
with haptic feedback packaged in with the Apple TV 4k. Now, the current Apple
TV ships with an Apple A8 processor on the inside,
and the new Apple TV 4k should be shipping with
the A10 X Fusion chip, which is what was found in last year’s 2016 iPad Pro, so it’s
a tri-core processor, three cores paired up with
three gigabytes of RAM. Compare that to the
Apple A8 in the current Apple TV with one gigabyte of RAM and you immediately see that this new Apple TV is much more powerful. A small but important announcement at WWDC was that Amazon Prime
Video was finally coming to the Apple TV platform. Amazon’s been going hard
on 4k and HDR content, so that was kind of a
hint to me that we were gonna see some sort of
refresh on the Apple TV, and that’s apparently what’s gonna happen. And, then, the last major device that’ll probably be launched
tomorrow and announced is the Apple Watch series three with LTE. Now, I’m hoping LTE isn’t
the only new feature added onto the Apple
watch, but it is the major one, and it is the only
one that’s leaked so far other than the new
colors, one of them being blush gold aluminum and
the other ceramic gray, which I guess is gonna be
the new addition model. I’ll probably pick that one up, although I really like the white
ceramic that they put out last year, and I’m
hoping that that carries over this year and they
have a white ceramic and that gray isn’t the only ceramic color you can get because a gray watch seems kind of drab while this white one I think is pretty hot. There will also be at
least one new watch face as shown in the setup
screen from the leaked iPhone firmware. So, we know an Apple
Watch with LTE is coming. We don’t know any other features. Will there be new sensors
in there, new hardware, though Apple Watch series two already has a GPS and is already very water resistant, so I’m curious what Apple is gonna do to set the series three apart other than putting in an LTE radio
because if you don’t use the LTE then it would be the exact same watch and that really makes no sense. With wireless service comes
the question of pricing. A connected Apple Watch
will definitely have some sort of monthly
wireless fee attached to it. It’s likely that the carriers will provide service to the LTE Apple
watch for an additional charge per month that’s
wrapped into a user’s current wireless plan. If it’s using the new LTE M-standard, then the rumor is that it will only cost maybe a dollar or two per month in order to add on a wearable
that has LTE built in. So, hopefully, that’s what we’re seeing and not something like a
$5 or $10 monthly increase in your wireless bill. Now, those are the major announcements. There should be a few
other things announced tomorrow as well, probably new cases for the iPhone, new fall
colors, new fall colors for Apple Watch bands, so, along with the Apple Watch, we’ll see new band colors and options available as well. The other big one is a
possibility of revised airpods. Now, I don’t know if these are gonna be a brand new generation
of airpod, if you will, the airpods are still very popular, and, if you order them from
Apple, pretty difficult to get. Well, I guess now they’re
much better, they ship in about a week. What we do know based on
the leaks from the firmware is that the charging
indicator light is gonna move to the outside of the airpods case instead of being on the
inside where you have to open the flap in order to see it. That may be what the revision is, and the actual airpods
themselves might not be any different. We’ll see, I’m not sure,
there hasn’t been much leaked other than that
front indicator light. I’m guessing we’ll
probably also hear about the new homepod, a little
more about the homepod, and, possibly, either the iMac Pro and/or the new Mac Pro
that’s coming next year. iMac Pro is coming just
about three months from now, Mac Pro next year. There you have it, guys, that’s everything I’m expecting to hear from Apple tomorrow. There may be more, may be more surprises, their first time in the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple campus, too, Apple Park, we’ll see what happens
there, a lot of people are excited to see what that looks like. For me, it’s just a venue, I’m more about the products themselves. Let me know what you think, though, drop a comment below, let me know what you’re excited about if you’re excited about anything, or, if
you just don’t care, let me know that as well. Will you be picking up a new iPhone? If so, which one are you looking at? Does the price of the
iPhone X scare you away? Don’t forget, we have the new shirts in. You guys have been asking for shirts for many years and I never had them. I finally got shirts made. Link down below if you want to pick one up to represent the tech squad. I got a few of them in,
they look and feel amazing. If you haven’t done it
yet, you can subscribe for free to this channel
simply by clicking or tapping on my face when it appears here at the bottom of the video. It doesn’t cost anything and it’ll keep you up to date on all future videos. Remember, I’ll be back at you tomorrow after the Apple event,
recapping everything on a live stream. Be sure you subscribe for that if you want to take part in that conversation. Thanks so much for
watching as always, guys, I appreciate your support,
I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you in the next video.

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