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iPhone X Hands-on Experience!

iPhone X Hands-on Experience!

hey guys thundery here and we finally got our hands on the iPhone 10 got to spend some time with this device and I have to tell you man it’s pretty good well-built device that’s the first thing you notice when you hold the iPhone 10 its comfortable it is well built and this is probably one of the best-looking iPhones ever yes I’ve said it I think it is they’ve done a really good job in design on this device but the first thing you notice is the display it’s got a five-point eight inch qHD display yes it’s 2k display apples numbers usually a kind of funky but it’s also HDR display and as you can see it’s got really thin bezels all round yes edge to edge except of course the unibrow you find on the top which houses the new depth camera seven megapixel camera with a lot of sensors that do a lot of really cool things but we’ll get to that in a second now let’s talk more about the design looking around the device you can see you’ve got of course a glass back the camera housing is also in a different orientation more of course portrait to do a camera setup the dual 12 megapixel camera you find on the iPhone 8 plus is here with one difference you now have is on both lenses which is pretty cool now it’s powered by the 11 Bionic chipset which can do a lot and that’s gonna come to play later on as we continue talking about the iPhone 10 but you also have of course a lot of lifestyle features ip67 rated what are those resistance and also wireless charging so you can comfortably charge your device without plugging it in or while you’re listening to music with your lightning earbuds because he has a the only single port at the bottom now do all stereo speakers which is great I wish still there where it’s a headphone jack that is just me but it’s never coming back on this device but when we flip back to the front as you can see again you’ve got to that massive display looks pretty good and that just basically showcases the difference in design now if you look at that compared to the iPhone 8 plus or the 7 plus anything in the plus size of things you can see that it’s actually a small device with a larger display and a smaller footprint which means that this device is more to vote for people with small hands to use and people like me with larger hands to use just because of the ergonomics and the design here which is great for a lot of Apple users and I like that idea and I think you know that is something that they should move forward to it as they glow with other devices now we talked about that unibrow in the front and why do we have that well the trees depth camera it does a lot of cool things now this is the first time Apple is switching away from a fingerprint sensor there’s none under the devices on the front of the back but now you use your face to unlock now this is not new this is something we’ve seen with Microsoft with Windows hello and it’s something that you can do with the iPhone tent now it basically maps your face set of process is really easy if you want to check that out definitely go check out our setup process how to set up face ID but it works pretty well you just have to look at it it all locks look at it and all locks and that’s simple now the unlock icon turns showing you its unlock but you do have to swipe up to get access into your device you guys should change that all right I just opened up an unlock but that being said it works pretty well and it works really effectively we’ll do some more videos on that so you guys can see how it works in different situations and all that fun stuff but besides face ID what else can you do with the true depth camera and emojis is one of the things that you talked about and we spent some time with that it’s fun it really is the fact that you can use different animal in emojis that map to your muscle structure so as you smile laugh or yell it actually follows your facial commands if you will and you can send some record short message clips 10 seconds and cents and friends and it looks like it looks something like this I am Batman stop Mr Freeze I am stop Mr Freeze so that yeah that’s pretty cool you can do more with that and third-party apps can also have access to a lot of those functionalities so snapchat for instance has filters where you can see here with ultimate warrior the mask is on MySpace and it actually flows and maps pretty well and you can change you with different filters in different filter types this would be available to a lot of third parties now that being said though your facial map is saved on your device it’s not saved in the cloud similar to touch ID you don’t it’s not gonna be saved anywhere else except to the device and once you format that device all that information is gone or when you reset maybe face ID that also is gone completely so that is fine that’s taken care of there now we also have another thing that is missing from this device there is no home button right there’s none so how do you navigate around the iPhone 10 now there are new gestures to actually do that and then one of the easiest ones to actually talk about first is actually going back home from an application you only head back to your home screen you have to simply swipe from the bottom all the way up and that takes you back to the home screen and I’m talking about basically from the edge of the bezel and edge of the display all the way up now I found that all these gestures while they worked well can be hard to get because of the placement that is something that it was gonna take some learning to do that now if you want to go into multitask you have to swipe from the bottom again stop halfway and that brings up the multitask menu you can swipe all the way left the right through your applications now if you’re in an application you can also just stripe at the very bottom across the screen and that would take you to all your different applications again like I said I found this a little bit counterintuitive especially using the home button for so many years and also just the swipe location it it’s gonna get difficult for some people now the other thing is also your Action Center how do you get to actions that are well it’s not on the top right hand corner you swipe down from the right to get to the Action Center of course you can use us 3d touches actually do that you to get more functionality you can swipe down from the left to get to your notification center so you have that built in there now the iPhone 8 sorry the iPhone 10 also has of course portrait selfies which is of course new to this device because of the tree that stands in camera and we took a lot of pictures with that and you see some of the different modes that we can go through and change it looks pretty good and something we’ll do and spend more time wait to see how well it works in different situations but the situation we had it was actually lower lighting at that point in time as you can see actually came out pretty well because it’s got a facial illuminator within that tree depth camera sensor so there’s a lot of things there in this device you’ve also got a our kit so you can use the AR cat the camera and the rare to actually map out maybe furnish around your home with IKEA or play game so there are a lot of things on this device you’ve got that 5.8 inch display q HD HDR of course you’ve got the tree Ted sensing camera that can do a lot of things like of course the front-facing portrait selfies you’ve also got face ID and emojis built into this device a our kit is also there and also the brand new design and just in terms of aesthetics and look I think a lot of people will find very interesting wants to get their hands on it now guys if you have any questions any comments about the iPhone 10 let us know we have more videos for you right now we also have our how to set up a face ID definitely check that out we’ll put out more video content for the iPhone 10 as we go through it any questions any comments let us know don’t forget to like 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100 thoughts on “iPhone X Hands-on Experience!”

  1. Haha! Get rid of slide to unlock! That means when you look at it…. your lock screen would just disapear… how would you see your lockscreen!?

  2. IPhoneX uses the glass rear cover, although the fuselage comfort increases, but itself is fragile, easy to break. Just found a good-looking, resistant mobile phone shell, to share with you

  3. I bought a 8 plus , but I’m not like aw man I should’ve gotten the X, lol I’m loving 8 plus, so sexy, so much more FUN! So many cool 😎 phones now, just pick one and have fun, hope ur phone isn’t cheaply made lol

  4. can you test whether it is possible to listen to something via Bluetooth with 2 headphones simultaneously ? and could you show a bit closer the youtube application (whether there are black bassels, if it is possible to wach videos in constantly minimum fhd (e.g. Pietsmiet I can not watch in fhd))
    thx 🙂

  5. For all those apple haters especially for iphone X I just want to say that you can fuck off 🙂 iphone X will be a success and people will like it and will sell millions.

  6. People need to stop calling the screen bigger than the 8 Plus screen. Yes, diagonally and counting all the unusable space, it's "bigger", but if you look at the surface size and actually usable space, it's just a tiny bit bigger than the normal iPhone 8.

  7. This is just awful. Animoji? Who the fuck cares about that shit? Yea it might be fun for a few times, especially for kids if they do use this feature. No headphone jack STILL is one of the shittiest things ever. The "unibrow" = the notch on top looks petty. Also DO NOT get fooled by the visual of having more screen, if you wath videos/pictures they get cropped. Which means it's worse than the Iphone Plus series. No Home button (no finger ID) = What were they thinking?? It is just sooooooo much faster to use your finger, especially since 90% of humankind have their phone right in their pocket of their pants. You grab it while using your thumb on the home button and tadaaa it's already open and ready for us while now you'd have to hold your phone awkwardly to your face to make sure its unlocked. There is even the rumor going on that Apple couldnt figure a way out to implement touch ID on the Iphone X so they went for face ID LMAO. I'm a Apple fan and i love the Iphone Series but goddamn this thig is just disappointing. The best thing Apple created thus were the Iphone 5 and Iphone 6s series, even to this day people buy the Iphone 5/5s as it was pretty much perfect in every aspect. It's just annoying me when i see Apple fanboys being blinded and give in to anything that Apple offers. The Iphone's X concept isnt something NEW, their screen isnt new (look at Samsung), their Face ID isnt something new. Use your brain for once, it's a good phone but nothing groundbreaking. If you own the Iphone 6S Plus, the 7 Series or even the 8 Series do not think about getting this, you are completely fine.

  8. ignores all the short comings and blows smoke up apples ass the entire video for the early release copy…..I mean why not, it got him a phone, but lets be honest, its a terrible review

  9. Great to see a reviewer that isn´t afraid to ask the hard questions or to state negative opinions. Keep in mind though, it is still his subjective experience and opinions.

  10. Great looking phone like the few added functionalities would definitely upgrade from IPhone 7 when the price drops over the next year or so until then the 7 is good enough for me.

  11. No ones going to use face id that much anyways, passwords, pins, fingerprint scanner is what most people use everyday. Also, that price in Australia is f***ed
    Good to see Apple has caught up with the future of smartphones

  12. Iphone X doesn't have have larger display than Iphone Plus! Especially when you take into account SAFE AREA for the applications which cannot utilise top and bottom part of the display due to the round cornes. Diagonal measurement is not indicator of the size of the display! Iphone X has nearly same narrow display as smaller non-plus models. It is just taller with strange aspect ratio which causes lot of applications to have black stripes on the top and on the bottom of the screen. At 2:00 it is clear . Please see other videos like and .

  13. The ugliest flagship of 2017. The NOTCH is awful! The apps work badly on it. This guy doesn't kno what he is talking about! The Face recognition works badly under the sunlight. Animoji is good for you… the shit!

  14. please try face id outdoor coz some YouTubers have reported it doesn't work outside when light conditions different.

  15. I don't see anything impressive and creative apart from animoji ! I don't think face ID recognition to lock the phone should not be only option to lock the phone. Should have finger print, lock code, password coz everyone has its own preference.

  16. Hope the they will update the unlock.. I just want to look at the iphone and it should be unlocked without this swipe up..

  17. Is usd 1k really that expensive to the Americans, given that the Americans got one of the highest purchasing powers and strongest currencies in the world. In my country, this thing is 4k plus man.

  18. Why don’t these reviews don’t keep it real faceID just isn’t practical. If apple wasn’t cheesy they would of made a haptic senor build in the phone for home button with Face ID as a option

  19. I came here via the NewYorkMag post. Congrats!

  20. LOL he put this video up so he could beat other reviewers, but he doesn't really have the phone, it's footage from an event…not a real hands on.

  21. Nice video sir! You did a great job on this video, I have the iPhone 8 plus and love it. Would you say that the camera on the iPhone 8+ is the same as whats on the iPhone X ?

  22. Having used Apple’s plus size devices for a few years, this, phone seems to feel a bit small. Maybe next time they’ll make an iPhone X plus.

  23. The screen is too small. Apps not updated to fit new screen. WhatsApp is awful on iOS. Expensive and not that good. Device was too thick. Camera is insanely good

  24. OLED, wireless charging, no bezels… cool, just like my 2015 Samsung, but in 2017 and more expensive :)) Apple fans, welcome to the present, 2 years late.

  25. Am an experienced BlackBerry 10 user. Had some demo time with the iphone'10'. I actually really enjoyed using it, first time i've enjoyed an iphone. the copied swipe gestures were second nature and almost efficient to me. That said I would probably never buy it, the lack of universal inbox, the lack of flick to type/swipe to delete gestures, missing shortcuts, no universal inbox and only having recent apps in rolodex are a bit much for me to give up. That said, it was buttery smooth. Might keep ios in mind if you continue down your path of offering cheap batterys, stop doing things like removing headphone jacks, and integrate the recent apps page with the home screen.

  26. You are awesome! You talk about actual details of the specific product and don't overact or cut too much. You are just professional! Definitely my new favorite Youtuber.

  27. I never used any apple products😭😭hope I have one😂😊😭
    Thanks to @Supersaf I find this channel new subscriber here haha…
    #Snapdragon wins

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