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iPhone X in 2019 – Should You Still Buy It?

iPhone X in 2019 – Should You Still Buy It?

Hi everyone, Aaron here for Zollotech and
the iPhone X is over a year old now and I wanted to try and help you decide if you should
pick one up in 2019. Now keep in mind this is no longer sold directly
by Apple. However, you can still get it at places like
verizon for 100 dollars less than the iPhone XS and the XS Max. You have the iPhone XS and the iPhone X here
and you really can’t tell the difference side-by-side. There is no real way to tell except for looking
at the antenna lines on the bottom of the phone. On the left you’ve got a little line right
there and on the right there’s no line whatsoever. So that’s kind of the differentiating factor
and the easy way to tell the two apart. However, that’s [pretty much it, if you’ve
got it in a case there’s really no way to tell the two apart. So it still looks fresh and new of course. and in 2019 most of the new phones are going
to OLED displays and this has that OLED display. It also has a premium build quality, we’ll
talk more about the display in a moment, but the build quality is really good. It’s stainless steel around the outside edges. It’s held up incredibly well and it’s been
in a case half of its life and half of its life it hasn’t, but you’ll see here there’s
almost no visible scratches depending on the light that you’re in it looks really good. And I Would argue that this is a little bit
better built than the current versions and I don’t know if they changed something, but
if you run your finger across this edge from the glass to the stainless steel, there’s
a little bit of a lip on the newer devices. Especially on the front that I don’t notice
on the older iPhone X. So it’s almost like they made this one a little
bit better because it was their 10th anniversary or something like that. At least that’s what I’ve found in most cases. Now this OLED display is super vibrant, it’s
very nice looking. It has really great contrast, great colors,
great viewing angles and there is a slight blue shift off-axis and there is no burn-in
whatsoever. So I couldn’t find burn-in…you put a gray
screen on here you can’t find burn-in whatsoever. There’s no indications of that so Apple’s
done a great job of managing the display and keeping that from happening. Of course with this one you’ve also got the
latest face id or at least last generation face id. Which is still fine. Sometimes its as fast as the iPhone XS, sometimes
it’s a little bit slower, it just depends. But for most people it’s face id, it works
well and you get all the benefits such as the forward facing camera. We’ll switch to portrait, you’ve got forward
facing portraits. You can do a forward-facing portrait. It looks great, it works well and also you’ve
got different features such as effects and then animoji of course or memoji which we
have here and it uses that true-depth sensor to do all of this. So right now it’s looking at my face in real-time
and making all these goofy faces and of course you can switch to whatever you’d like and
you’ve got all of these different animations you can use if you use them. Now after a year and a half of using these
devices or a little less than that, I’ve found that I don’t use that very much, but some
people love it and it’s there if you like it. Now after a year of use, this was used every
day for a year. The battery has held up really well. I charge all night long; this seems to hold
up really well for me doing that, I’ve got 97% battery life and it’s been used actually
for more than a year every single night until more recently. So it’s doing really well as far as that goes. It easily lasts an entire day when you’re
using it, I Have no problems with that and it will last the same or better than an iPhone
8 Plus from my experience. So that’s really good. That’s a combination of the display and the
larger “L” shaped battery that resides inside of here. Now other than the front facing camera we
have a great rear-facing camera as well. And this rear-facing camera does a great job
with photos. In fact when it comes to the front-facing
camera one thing I Forgot to mention is some people don’t really like the look or the sort
of makeup it applies to the front facing camera on the newer devices. Now they supposedly fixed that with an earlier
version of iOS 12, but some people still notice that and this one has fixed it. And then the rear-facing camera is very fast,
responsive, has great focusing, has great video. In fact this is still, I would say, better
than any Android phone when it comes to video. When it comes to photos, it’s not as good,
but the video is really really good. It focuses very fast and its calculating that
with its neural processor. And in many tests I’ve found that this is
actually faster in some ways than the new one. Ramping up speeds on things such as opening
minecraft, exporting an iMovie, maybe a 4K movie. It seems to be a little bit faster in some
things and slower in others, but really there’s almost no difference and no reason to upgrade
if you already have one of these. And with the speed of everything you’ve still
got 3D touch and all of those different features and everything just is super smooth and fast
no matter what you do; scrolling, it doesn’t seem to hiccup at all. It’s just really nice and smooth. In fact some people have this problem where
they’ll scroll in settings and it will hiccup on the new phones, but not this one and so
this is probably the phone to get if you can get your hands on one used. Then also the speakers; the speakers on this
are not as good as the new phone. They’ve changed it a little bit. They don’t look any different, but when you’re
playing a video and you can’t really hear this ona microphone because it’s a stereo
thing, but they’re both equally loud. Maybe the new ones are a little bit louder,
but you’ve got stereo speakers from here and down here and in the newer devices they’ve
actually made it sound more, more wide. It’s hard to explain, but basically it sounds
more in stereo than this one, but they’re very close and if you use headphones that’s
not really going to matter at all. Finally there’s the thing with reception. This one arguably has better reception. Now this does not have the newer, faster LTE
in it. It doesn’t have 5G LTE or anything like that
either, but it seems to have better WiFi reception and cell phone reception than the new phones
based on the new antenna design. LIke I pointed out earlier, the new antenna
design. Like I pointed out earlier the new antenna
design, there’s something about it that actually slows it down or causes it to disconnect. I think it’s a hardware problem. Some people think it’s a software problem. We’ll only see if they can fix that in the
future, but for right now this one actually gets better reception. So with all of those things should you buy
on of these in 2019 over a XS? Absolutely if you can find one for a good
price. If you can find one for $700 or maybe even
free with trade-ins or anything like that or you have a friend or family member getting
rid of one. It’s a great buy especially if you’ve got
Applecare on it and its in great condition. I’d say this is the one to get and if you
have to have a larger phone, of course you can step up to a XS Max and I think you’d
be equally happy or more so, but this one; there’s reason not to get this. There’s no reason to upgrade unless you want
a larger phone, otherwise that’s it. There’s no reason to get a different phone
and if I didn’t do YouTube videos like this I probably would’ve just kept this one. So that’s it for the iPhone X. I’ll link the
wallpaper in the description like I Always do. Let me know your thoughts about it though
in the comments below. Which iPhone is your favorite? The X, the XS, XS Mas, or the XR? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the
comments below or maybe even an older iPhone as well. If you haven’t subscribed already, please
subscribe and like. As always thanks for watching. This is Aaron, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “iPhone X in 2019 – Should You Still Buy It?”

  1. I currently got a xs max I had the iPhone X and yes it’s definitely worth it in 2019 the phone was 1000 or more the A11 Bionic is still a beast I highly recommend if you can get one for a deal

  2. I still have my iPhone X and got it after about a month after it’s release and I can honestly say that it’s been amazing. I have always had an iPhone but the iPhone X was so well made. I saw the new phones and they were nice but not able to justify the upgrade cost. I will see what the next one bring but very happy owner of an iPhone X.

  3. I have 2 iPhone a X and a Xs max….

    Both phone is very good

    But if you are broke you don’t have A lot of money and you want Face ID you cann go with the IPhone X

  4. Any thoughts i have seen this for 18.75 a month for 36 months, I have a note 8 currently.I have gotten every note since the note 2 . Question is would this be upgrade or downgrade ?

  5. I hope they bring back touch id this year. I think, Apple is making horrible choices for the sake of aesthetics or differentiation.

  6. If I need buy iPhone what I should buy iPhone x or iPhone 8 plus
    1..I need good bettary
    2..what about bettary life in game how many hour can stay with me iPhone x or 8 plus
    3..and my day usually I watch some video on YouTube
    Thanks for video and your help 😍✌❤

  7. You can at least have this phone in 5 years. the X is no joke…. and its literally the same as XS,XR.. also the new one dropping later. so yes, buy this one if you want a qualityphone from the newer "era"

  8. For those who don't mind about getting a pre-owned iPhone X. You can still get this as a certified refurbished product on the apple website, under the refurbished products category.

  9. This is first Apple Phone since the iPhone 5s. I just bought one for $225 with 2 months of Apple Care left on it. Is that a good deal?

  10. Just ordered one…Cannot believe it's been almost four years since I have upgraded, I have a 5s right now, which has been awesome to me, the only reason I'm upgrading is for the fact that the 5s is not being supported with IOS 13…I was going to get an 8s plus, but figured I could spend a couple more dollars and get longer software support compared to the 8s plus..Oh FYI total wireless have them on sell for $599, the catch is that you have to pay up front without any payments

  11. Should I buy an iPhone x or iPhone xr? For me the most important thing is how long the phone can be used for (not battery life, overall the longevity)

  12. Incoming In-depth and honest review,
    Iphone XR is better than the X in more prevalent ways such as battery life, performance, larger screen and its cheaper! However if you need the dual camera (telephoto lens to zoom), 3d touch and oled screen then fair enough, choose the Iphone X. I am going to debate about the pros and cons of each device.

    Onto the most debated downside of the XR (the display) – Honestly the XR's display is just perfect, its a balance between performance and a beautiful display, why waste cpu, gpu and ram on a display which you wont being able to tell the difference from at normal viewing distance, eventhough i agree that OLED displays do look much more crisp and vibrant but cmon seriously you are not going to stick your face onto the screen while using your phone so you wont be able to tell the difference as much. I prefer the balance of the LCD screen, not forgetting to mention XR has the best LCD screen on market right now and Apple its known for making the best LCDs, but the same cannot be said for the OLED screens because Apple started using them just a year ago compared to LCDs which they have used since the start. This allows Apple to mitigate the downsides on LCD screens, such as not having deeper blacks to an extent that you wont even notice if the XR is an OLED screen or not, however since Apple is new to the OLED technology, they are not able to mitigate the downsides of OLED displays to the extent they are able to do so with their LCDs, so maybe in the future once Apple can get used to OLED technology, then we can agree that OLED is superior to LCD but as of now overall, Apples LCD display is better than its OLED displays, when factoring in performance, cost of repairing and the display itself.

    To be frank, the Iphone XR's camera is also better than the X, its just that the X has an extra camera who's job is to just zoom without losing picture quality which may not be a big deal to most people since some people dont zoom anyway as it still means you're losing picture quality, its just not as much compared to a single camera. So if you're a person who uses the phones camera alot to zoom on pictures go with the X, if you do not zoom as much go with XR as it has a single better camera. Weve seen Google Pixel prove how the single camera can be the best camera in a phone on the market.

    Moreover, the 3d touch is not a big deal breaker also, most people do not use it, and even if you do use it, the XR has haptic feedback which can replicate 3d touch, maybe right now its not to the extent you would like, but in the future with software updates, expect the haptic feedback to get much better to the point its literally the same as 3d touch, more or less.

    To conclude, the draw backs of the Iphone XR is negligible, however this cannot be said for the Iphone X. Not forgetting to mention the XR would be supported an extra year since its a newer device, this is important for those who uses their phone for around 4-5 years, the A12 processor also extends the longevity of the XR. Both phones also feel very premium in the hand, one doesnt feel more premium than the other, especially now that the X is now £800 instead of £1000. The XR's pricing can be still high at £750 but atleast it can justify itself more than the other Iphones since you see a big positive difference in battery life, bigger display for those who likes media/gaming content and the A11 processor in the X is the best in the market beating snapdragon 845 and kirin 980, so of course the A12 on the XR is going to be way better than all processors for another 1.5 years to come.

  13. Thanks, this video really helped me a lot, and I've been searching for an unbiased and logical review. Love the channel!

  14. It was a 1000 dollar phone the a11 bionic chip with the 3 gb of ram and optimization yes it's still worth it iPhones take a while to age they stay relevant for a while I know a few people thata still using a iPhone 6 lol

  15. Finally a review that talks about the cell and WiFi reception! That makes my decision a lot easier! I will go from an 8 plus to the X. Thanks!

  16. I’ve had the X for a year and it’s a shit tin. Had nothing but problems, poor battery life, had the ear speaker replaced twice, it glitches from time to time when I raise to wake and switches off.. the list goes on

  17. Hey..
    I can buy a new one, but I am told in he Apple Strore that they discontinued because of some sort of bug (sounds strange that a phone is discontinued due to a software problem). They say that IF the bug appears, Apple can change your contaminated phone for a new one.
    In any case, do you know anything about this? I am happy with the price they are offering it, but I am afraid of this. Have you heard anything? Do you recommend buying it?
    Many thanks and I love your videos.

  18. If I going to get a Iphone it's ok if I pick one with 64GB of capacity? because the Iphone X cost 900$ and the XS cost 1100$ but the Iphone X with 256GB cost also 1100$. Wich could be the better decition?

  19. Got a brand new iPhone X for $300 cheaper than it’s original price in 2019 and so far it’s been amazing. Looks exactly like the XS, feels very premium and is running very smoothly with ios 12! Best purchase by far!

  20. Nice video, you missed one of the most important obvious differences though. The X is a lot more compact and thus less cumbersome to handle.

  21. Thanks for sharing. Just bought one X for 700€ and switch back from Xr. X is a very great phone (for my usage: browsing, emails, photos) with an amazing Oled screen.

  22. Him: You can find it for a hundred dollars…
    Me: Whattt?? I’m gonna buy it now!

    Him: less then an iPhone XS..
    Me: Oh damn it

  23. I’m totally agree with you in every thing I phone x is the best one yet and has the perfect size for me

  24. I got mine last week, a 64 gb in space grey. So far, I had no problem with it and it doesn’t look like a 2017 phone.

  25. I know it is super late but the lip you noticed is actually an added layer of shock protection for drops.

  26. It's actually the Intel modem on the XS that makes it's Wi-Fi and cell phone reception worse than the X, which uses the Qualcomm modem. So yeah, it's a hardware issue.

  27. I am upgrading from the 7 to this iPhone X. Your videos are very helpful in this regard. Thank you Brother.

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