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iPhone X Replaced My DSLR

iPhone X Replaced My DSLR

This is the setup I used to vlog my trips
to San Antonio, Boston, and New York. Yep. That’s me. The camera (a Canon 70D), the microphone,
the SD card, a tripod, the lens, all together cost about $1,400 dollars. Links to my whole set up in the description. Then we have the iPhone X. The thousand-dollar phone. And it has some of of the best video cameras
on any phone. But could it possibly be good enough to replace
this? I decided to take it with me on my last trip
and find out! One of my day-one friends was getting married
and I, along with a bunch of other friends from back home, flew out to Culiacan for his
wedding. The time-lapse feature on the iPhone X (something
not available out of the box on my Canon 70D) kept me entertained as I waited for my plane
to take off. That and the new Eminem album. And it always feels like I’m hitting the mark
till I go sit in the car, listen and pick it apart. We passed a valley of clouds, spreading through
wrinkly mountains like cotton candy. So I took a bunch of pictures! Ah, pictures of clouds. The internet definitely doesn’t have enough
of those. This is me arriving at our destination. I was using the front-facing camera and you
can see how much shakier the footage is without the optical image stabilization. The front facing camera is the only one of
the three lenses on the phone to not have it. The wedding was going to take place that very
night but we were there early so we decided to look around town and have a bite to eat. Yes, that is sea food on a burning plate. The food looked great, but the smell of burning
rock was dreadful. If only Smell-O-Vision was a thing already. Hi-tech. Smell is difficult to capture with conventional
media. Fast-forward to the wedding. I do. I do. And they lived happily ever after. This is a great test of the camera’s low
light performance, as well as the auto focus and optical image stabilization. Judge it for yourselves! Then, came the party. This is me drunkenly using the front facing
camera. Not too shabby, eh?! This is me the next day. The wedding had been a magical occasion full
of emotion and laughter, but our trip was not done just yet! Giving the proximity of Culiacan to the Mexican
beach of Mazatlán, we had decided to continue our little vacation there! And before we knew it, we were in the ocean,
testing the water-resistant capabilities of the iPhone X. Disclaimer: I never actually
submerged the phone. The iPhone X’s “water resistance” might
not do well with salt water or the chlorine in pools. Having said that. Getting this close to water would be completely
unthinkable with my Canon 70D without some kind of waterproof rig, so getting this footage
wouldn’t have been possible for me without the iPhone X. Ah, nothing like the beautiful colors of sunset. Oh, I also brought my drone by the way. It crashed. Let’s not talk about it. So… will I be leaving my DSLR camera at
the studio going forward, and vlog my travels using my iPhone X? Are the cameras on the iPhone X good enough
to replace my Canon 70D? Short answer: well, no, it’s not. But I still might be compelled to vlog with
my iPhone X from time to time. At the end of the day, like many others have
said before me: Story is King. And the best camera is the one you have with
you. For me, this means that, for the most part,
I will use the cameras on my iPhone X to compliment the footage I take with my DSLR camera. But if someone watching this only has their
phone camera to vlog with, then that is the best camera for them. Tell me your story. Your unique perspective on the world. Let me see myself in your struggles and triumphs. Do that, and I won’t care if you use a webcam,
you’ll have my attention. Thank you for watching. There’s still some things you can do to
further the quality of cellphone footage, and get it even closer to DSLR levels, so
be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell if you haven’t already to be notified
when those videos go up. For now, I’ll see you in the next one. The final compartment. Perhaps the most important one. Because it houses the most important of all
the gadgets. The most essential. My MacBook Pro. If you’re a traveling YouTuber and you have
to edit those videos on the go, you gotta go with the Pro.

13 thoughts on “iPhone X Replaced My DSLR”

  1. Amazing video as always David! I am always amazed at how great our phone cameras really are they have come a LONG way! That being said I think our DSLRs and other cameras still are pretty great! Also I love the vlog/voice over style of this video keep up the amazing work! 😉 P.S Great drone shots RIP the drone though 🙁

  2. Decent, smartphone cameras are getting better. That was my only video capturing device until I got a GoPr Hero action cam, that had some camera features & portability of a cellphone.

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