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  1. On Animoji. Apple is one of the few companies that thinks a feature doesn’t just have to be important or super useful, instead, sometimes, they can just be fun. What’s wrong with that?

  2. So glad to be watching Michael Fisher reviews again. Just found his channel today… lol picketnow isn’t the same without him.

  3. You simply just know what you are talking about. Thats why im never alone, when i say that nobody bests your reviews.

  4. I bought myself iPhone X for Xmas and I should say that it's a great phone! I also use Xeoma video surveillance app on it so I can monitor my house via phone while I'm gone – so far I'm really satisfied with its work

  5. Thanks for the review. I had left the iWorld since the iPhone 4. Left because I was bored, went to Windows Phone then on to Android. The beauty and feel (touch UI feel) of the X brought me back. Loving it after a few weeks of use. Cost was RIDICULOUS, but I can justify it as it is my every day/every minute computer. My cost per use is tiny, always have it with me, always using it. I am happy with the switch so far. I miss my OP5 to a point, but not that much.

  6. who would be kind enough to gift me an iPhone…i really what to know what it feels like holding one of those

  7. Face ID is not 4/5 times. If you use it 200 times in a day it’ll unlock about 198 times. The two time might be when you’re laying in bed. I have one now. Not saying cause I’m a fan boy I’m saying it cause I’ve had it a while now and it learns your face and gets better over time.

  8. And it will be discontinued this year 😂, and and tech 21 , amazing cases been using them on every phone I've gotten for years

  9. You only focus on the hardware rather to talk more about the software,what do you mean by saying that there are some great android phones for half price? of course there are but they run on android and people like me for example,prefer IOS so it was a little weird to say it.

  10. Spot on review.

    I love my iPhone X 256gb space grey.

    Is it the best phone Apple has ever made? Yes.

    Is the notch and Face ID a deal breaker? Meh (you get used to it) because that OLED is 👍

    Is it worth £1250? Absolutely not.

  11. I like the X for a few reasons, number one being the size. The plus always feels to big and the normal iPhone screen was to small. The X is in between.

  12. Love my iPhone X. Best phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned all phones except note 8 and new pixel. But I’m back with Apple at this point with my AirPods and Apple Watch.

  13. They copied off what Samsung does with the Bixby button. It's funny that Apple claimed that they invented portrait mode on phone with the iPhone 7 plus. If you look back at the Samsung galaxy S5, it had portrait mode! It was just called something different, and worked pretty well. Even the S6, S7, and S8 have the feature built in. It's called selective focus. It's one of the extra camera modes you can download. So really, Samsung was the first to bring portrait mode. Also, Samsung never did it with two lenses before. They did it with one.

  14. But Mr Mobile the price of an iPhone is high but the depreciation is perhaps the lowest of any phone on the market. Look at prices one or two years on of other phones. If like me you like to change phones, the effective price is not high compared to other phones.

  15. this video is nothing more than roasting iphone X i dont like it. just because you are android guy it doesn’t mean that you should not be honest about that great phone

  16. And the funiest thing is that you dont get fast charging cable in the box unlike any other compeny in the world.

  17. For 1000 u dont want great !!! To u its great but its trash for 1000 if it was like 750 yea it would be great but nowhere close to grand

  18. @0:22 The best they ever made? Do you really want to say all previous iterations had worse integral quality than the iPhone X?
    @1:25 it clearly is a dealbreaker for a $1000 smartphone. Anything less than excellent is a dealbreaker at this price point.

  19. Too much money for what it offers I wouldn't buy one at all no home button no headphone jack is not good at all only 64 go memory for a £1000 is far to expensive and that NOTCH is so annoying. That's why I went for the well built aluminium iPhone 6s Plus with headphones jack and with 128gb of memory is plenty & so much cheaper at £26 monthly I just couldn't say no to the iPhone I wanted at a great price. And it charges very fast with my iPad Pro charger so my space grey iPhone 6s Plus is just great for me cheers and peace.

  20. Great review! Only wish it actually had an "edge to edge" display, cuz there's a huge rim around the whole thing! That bezel is the almost same size as the top and bottom ones from the s8 (giving the iPhone a lower screen to body ratio). It's just not worth a thousand bucks.

  21. I returned the iPhone X I went back 8+ and let me tell u what a great decision the iPhone 8 Plus is more polished and the wide screen makes a big difference in my media consumption and battery I noticed is better the camera to me the same and typing is better on the iPhone 8 Plus , also the phone doesn’t heat up like the iPhone X

  22. i really love how you do mention the possibility of a pixel burn since there are many, many others that just praise oled to the sky without…
    it is still a problem and if everyone pretends like it does not exist… they do not have any reason to work at it. so thank you for that and for the great video : D

  23. Americans: 1000 dollars is too much! I won't pay that! Swedes: sure i can pay the 11500 kr (1330 dollars!!!!)

  24. Why is it that when you have an iPhone they consider you rich. This is non sense. Just so you know the top of the line Note 9 is 1299 or so. So thats for the poor? People need to stop this stupid debate where if you dont own a iPhone you are poor. This debate has been going on for years. I've had the iPhone before and switched to the Note series, ever since then never went back. I never knew how much features I gained and how little functions that limits the iPhone.

    Both Android and Apple phones are the same in price point, When the Note 8 came out people said, oh look how its expensive it is, $950 dollars, then I said wait till the iPhone X comes out, it will be the same if not more, after it came out, they priced it at $1000.00, then all the youtubers shut their mouth lol.

    When you buy an Android you get more what you pay for:

    iPhone X = 64GB = $1000.00
    iPhone X = 256GB = $1200.00

    Note 9 = (6GB RAM) 128GB = $1000.00
    Note 9 (8GB RAM) = 512GB = $1299.00

    When you get a Note 9, even at $1200 its worth more than a crappy iPhone X, you get double the storage on the base model for the same price. And if you buy the 512GB model you get double the storage again, and you get more RAM. Apple is nothing but a greedy company that screws people out of their money over and over.

  25. Out of all the iPhone I've had (4,5,6,7 and X) the X has aged the best, it still feels as fast as it was out of the box, Face-ID has become so convenient it hardly ever fails anymore and the cameras still look amazing even compared to 2018 Flagships. This is what you pay 1000$ for a phone that lasts and with the power of the A11 Bionic its guaranteed to be worth its money on the long run. While the Xs is better in every way except for that ugly asymmetrical speaker grill the X still feels like a modern day flagship, this can't be said about the iPhone 8 and downwards.

  26. One of the best parameters that counts is in the Antutu Speed Benchmarktest and that is 245.000 for the X !
    My ZTE AXON 10 PRO with Snapdragon 855 and 128 GB onboard has 372.764 ! And costs EUR 525,- or EUR 21,88 x 24 includes Allnetflat, SMS-Flat and Internet of 5 GB per month !

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