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iPhone X Review: the Original iPhone

iPhone X Review: the Original iPhone

Steve Jobs: “…and we are calling it iPhone. Today, Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” Sup peeps. Sonny here, and this is iPhone X, the crazy expensive iPhone 10 years later. And you know what? Craziness aside, I really like it. For the right person I think the X is a really good option. It finally feels like a new iPhone. Like something new. And the crazy part is that Apple is really pushing for change whether you want it or not because frankly, people will buy it. Now, I’m not saying that I would have gone out and bought the X because it’s Apple and I’m a sheep. This is my first iPhone, and I’m still gonna keep my Android device. But there are some things that I think need to change and Apple is going in the right direction. Sort of. The X is by no means perfect. You either really hate it or you’ve accepted it. And at this point, you probably already had your mind made up. So, here’s why I went with the iPhone X. First of all, iMessage is probably the main reason why I switched over from Android. It’s more convenient for my work because everyone else I work with uses an iPhone And I’m the one messing things up. Fine. Fair enough. But I could’ve gone for the 7th or the 8th for the exact reason. But the thing is is that I’m ready for change. I’m ready for the next new thing, and I want to see what Apple is doing and give it a try. So with the iPhone X, There are a couple of fundamental features that make it what it is and one of the most recognizable features of the iPhone 10 is the display. It’s a 5.8 inch OLED display with a weird resolution of 2436 by 1125 and it looks really good. It is super bright. It’s got great contrast and the colors are amazing. The screen reaches all the way to the rounded corners. And at this point, It’s practically bezel-less. I mean it’s 2017. Smartphones have smaller bezels. That’s just how it is and the X is keeping up. But in order for Apple to do this, They’ve omitted the home button. It is completely gone. At first glance, It looks really weird, and I thought I miss having a fingerprint sensor. But, face ID is really good. It works at night in total darkness. And on the other end of the spectrum, it works on a sunny day with my sunglasses on. And now that it’s winter and it’s cold outside, I’m wearing gloves and I can still unlock my phone. Now, I think it’s a little over the top to call the iPhone X the $1,000 animoji machine. Sure. It’s like the one thing to show off clout. But, don’t get it just for animoji. It’s cute and it’s extremely fun, but I think, in such a novel way, It’s showing off the potential behind the technology for FaceID. But you know, now you know I have an iPhone X. The camera is pretty top notch. DxOMark gave it an overall score of 97. But, it’s not as good as the Pixel 2 XL. I think the Pixel 2 crushes stills. Dynamic range. White balance. Color accuracy. I prefer the way the Pixel 2 handles it. Portrait mode is a little interesting. Pixel 2 seems to outline the body really well and then blur the background in a more natural way. But, the sharpening makes it pretty noticeably unrealistic Whereas the iPhone behaves more like the front of your face is the plane of focus and then everything else kind of gets blurred. Again, still prefer the Pixel 2’s image quality. But, theoretically, It’s all software. So the iPhone 10 could get better in a future update. And of course, all that stuff is housed in the forsaken notch. Honestly, I don’t even notice it especially when watching videos But because most content is 16 by 9, it almost feels like you’re watching stuff on an iPhone 8 until you pinch to zoom. And then you start to notice it. And of course, it’s cropped. So, it looks like this. Because of this, I could definitely go for a bigger version of the iPhone X. But, this got me thinking… “is 2:1 the future of content,” because the X is not the only phone in 18:9, and most content is consumed on mobile devices. But you know, I’m still wishing I could easily see my percentage without going in control center and view my recent emojis an iMessage like the TouchBar. Now since there’s no buttons, Apple is relying on gestures to work the phone. And in practicality, I think this works better because now anything can be in that part of the screen and it’s more efficient in that way. I’ve actually gotten quickly adjusted to the gestures. But it’s not to say whole gesture thing is a perfect solution. For instance, to check your notifications, you have to swipe down for the top left corner Whereas control center is for the top right corner. Seems simple enough. But that’s almost a two-hand gesture in a way to do it comfortably without dropping a rack. You can go into settings and enable Reachability. But then, swiping off from the bottom edge makes it a two-step process. Even in a horizontal app, it’s now a double swipe up to get to the home screen making sure the bar at the bottom edge is active for the gesture to register. I will admit. I was strongly against dropping the headphone jack. And, I’m pretty annoyed that I have to remember to carry around a dongle with me just to listen to music. Performance-wise, this phone is an absolute beast. It is buttery smooth. It’s got Apple’s proprietary A11 chip, and it’s just so optimized for iOS despite the ridiculously buggy iOS 11. But I mean, just holding the phone it feels great. It’s real modern and premium feeling. And it’s probably, if not, the most shiniest phone out there which could potentially lead to slippage. Now normally, I usually hate the way cases feel. It adds too much bulk. It doesn’t tend to hold up for too long with me And they get really nasty. Not even gonna comment on the camera bump because it’s not unusual in a phone these days. But because of how expensive this thing is, I felt a little paranoid these last few weeks going without a case. So I picked up a few dBrand skins. I’ll leave a link to the ones I got down below. I’m not affiliated with dBrands by any means. Like, all this is my own money And I prefer to be honest and not feel obligated to say something positive about everything So… there’s your PSA. But anyhow, What do I think? I think the iPhone X is original as far as iPhones go For people who want a different experience and for those who are pretty flashy, I think this is a perfect buy What I recommend this is someone? No. it’s way too expensive.

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  1. Nice video. Just an FYI though. The animojis don't even use any of the technology from the facial scanner. (You can test this by covering it with your finger and animojis still work). It's literally just using the front facing camera. This means the iphone 8 could have easily used animojis. Apple just put them on the X only to make it another reason for people to choose that phone over the 8. But your quote in the video about it showing off the facial recognition technology of the X isn't really applicable since it just uses the basic camera to make it work.

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