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iPhone X Screen Replacement—How To

iPhone X Screen Replacement—How To

The iPhone X is Apple’s most breakable phone yet, which means you’re probably gonna crack your display at some point. Apple wants to try to charge you almost $300 to fix it for you, but I’ve got a way that’ll save you some dough. Today I’m going to show you how to replace the display, and I’ll show you how to maintain face ID when you make the swap. Remember that by opening your device, you are losing water resistance, so be sure to apply new adhesive to your display when you reassemble your phone. We’ll have a link to that guide in the description below. For this repair, you’re going to need: a P2 pentalobe screwdriver, a, tri-point Y000 driver, a spudger, tweezers, an iOpener, an iSclack, and opening picks. Start by removing the strangely long P2 pentalobe screws by the lightning connector. Next use an iOpener to soften the adhesive on the edge of the phone. This will also help you insert an opening pick to cut away the adhesive. Once you get to the side with the power button, be careful. The display connectors reside on this side, and going in too deep with your pick can damage them. Go all around the phone, making sure you cut away the remaining adhesive. The iPhone X still opens up to the right, just like the iPhone 7 and 8, but all the connectors are now under one bracket to rule them all. Go ahead and remove those five tri-point screws and lift the bracket away with your tweezers. Grab your spudger and pray to the cable gods that you disconnect the right cables. Just kidding, I’ll show you where to start. Start by disconnecting the battery. It’s the third one up from the bottom. Then disconnect the three display connectors. It’s easier if you just follow the cables to its connector on the logic board. With all the connectors disconnected, you can remove the old display. To retain face ID you must swap over the original front sensor assembly to your new display. Moving on to the top of the display, remove the wide 000 screw near the infrared camera port. Beneath that screw lies a small metal grounding clip. If it didn’t come out already with the screw, go ahead and remove it. Next remove two more wide 000 screws holding the speaker and sensor assembly down. Using a spudger, gently pry under the top edge of the speaker, assembly, and flip it over down and away from the top edge of the display. Just be careful because the speaker is still attached via a thin cable. Heat up your iOpener and lay your display over it near the top. This will soften the adhesive securing the sensors. Carefully, slide the flat edge of your spudger underneath the flex cable below the microphone. Then twist gently to separate the microphone while being careful not to strain or damage the flex cable. If needed, use the point of the spudger to finish separating the microphone from its notch on the front panel. Grab a pick and slide it under the flex cable and proximity flood illuminator. Work the pick left to right carefully. Gently wiggle and lift to separate the module from the front panel. Using tweezers, wiggle the ambient light sensor and lift it from it’s notch on the display. With the entire ambient light sensor un-adhered, you can remove it from the display. If you’ve successfully removed the entire ambient light sensor then you’re all good for now, but if the white diffuser strip detached and stayed in the display, then you need to carefully dig that out. That’s all for this repair. Be sure to click that subscribe button so you’ve got the latest repair and teardown videos in your back pocket for your next fix. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. but how to transfer the sensors flex cable? do I need to get some kind of adhesive or does it just hold on by this screw with the golden thingie?

  2. The replacement OLED Display is $400, you're better off taking it to Apple and having it professionally done until the prices come down.

  3. Have you confirmed if you change that front sensor and earpiece that FaceID no longer works? Just curious.

  4. For cracked display? Goto Apple store for another issue with iphone ( like it shutting down randomly) and they will replace phone

  5. Guy please please help me… my iPhone X is repaired, i bought a used phone.. can anyone tell how can i test if its still water resistant or not without openining or killing it

  6. I mean the video was helpful, but ti doesn't feel complete without you guys putting it back together. This repair is more difficult putting it back because we have to deal with Face ID unlike other iPhones.

  7. Ahaaa sooo lets have a look at it:
    Replacement via apple cost 279$ and you charge 399$ just for the display without the tools? – that doesnt make any sense…

  8. @0:08 Wow, so you just have to scratch the front and the back and Apple will alleviate your wallet from about ~$850 if you choose to send it in for repair. 😀

  9. One thing you've missed to mention: you're going to loose your ambient sensor. Feel free to find out more and discuss about it here..

  10. “How to replace and save $300 dollars.. clicks on advertised website.. screen replacement cost is $399 alone and out of stock… wow no thx

  11. hmmm…. should i pay apple 280 dollars to have them fix my iphone x for me professionally or buy an aftermarket display for 400 DOLLARS, fix it my self and loose waterproofing??? tough choice.

  12. Saying the phone is Apple's "Most breakable phone yet" is not true when compared to… um, the iPhone 4, the 4S and the 8 and 8 Plus.

  13. If this "How To" wasn't clear enough for you, please refrain from trying to replace the screen. You'll damage your iPhone. Just pay some repair shop.

  14. This looks too hard. I’d rather spend $300 dollars and let apple fix it. Rather then doing it myself and brake something and then have to buy a completely new phone.

  15. Did the apple id still working after unofficcial screen replacement? I heard that the ir sensor now attach to the display so if you remove the display and put the ir sensor on new display the face id wont work damn its that true? Rip tech guys if that true.. apple just sneak behind you and slowly stabbing you if you play with their device..damn

  16. after getting a aftermarket iphone x installed. true tone doesnt work and aftermarket screens are trash. they are grainy and blotchy when the screen is dimmed down

  17. The video is called ''iPhone X Screen Replacement'' not ''iPhone X Screen Removal''. There are still important points to see about putting new screen on

  18. I did it. I used a heat gun instead of that bean bag thing you’re using. The only way to get that ribbon off of the adhesive is heat. The ribbon is superrrrr fragile. Also I think some of the screws were different sizes so make sure you organize them and put them back exactly where they went.

    It’s not as easy as she makes it look, but it is very doable.

  19. IFIXIT IS SO FULL OF SHIT, they open the video with "Apple will charge you 300 dollars to do the job for you…" Well ifixit is saying "We'll sell you the stuff oh and we reccomend that you use our stuff and our replacement part coming to a total of 500 dollars."

  20. Hi, today I just randomly went to a shop to fix my ipx monitor, I was standing there watching the whole process but there’s one step I feel confused with is the guy took out a small machine which also has a monitor on it, to linked with my old broken monitor n the monitor which’s for replacement together, he’s like selected something which I don’t understand on the machines monitor. I’m now worrying that if it’s possible to be accessed some of my personal information or files inside my phone .. thankyou for reading this !

  21. Face Id doesn't work anymore? I'm very experienced and no signs of damage, somehow face id doesnt work. It did before, and I had to do an update before as well.

  22. This video was worthless. Only good info I got was to not go in too deep when I get near the lock button when prying the screen open

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