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iPhone X Two Months Later: New Problems

iPhone X Two Months Later: New Problems

Thanks to Nucleum by Kingston for
sponsoring this video. It’s been almost exactly two months since the iPhone 10
came out and during that time I’m using it on and off as my daily driver,
at least one of the two phones that I’m carrying. My opinions and thoughts on
the device have changed a little bit since my initial review so I figured
let’s revisit the iPhone X. So the big thing for me in my review I
said I was gonna go case free, I was gonna opt for AppleCare and if I broke
it or dropped it I was gonna bite the bullet pay the fee and fix it. Then I
dropped my phone without a case on to carpet and I got a little bit scared so
I did put a case on my phone. It’s just the Apple silicon case in black. I still
wish I could not have a case on it but I am way too paranoid and I got too many
kids in my house to do it. I love the way the phone feels but it’s certainly
fragile. When it dropped even on carpet the sides still ended up getting a
little bit scratched. That was a bit of a bummer. The phone is not appear to be as
durable as Apple is saying. They’re claiming it’s the strongest glass ever
on a phone but there is no way I am going to test that. One of the things
about the device that seems to have gotten worse over time, and was ever great
to begin with, was battery life. In fact, in the office here we have seven
different iPhones and four of the people have said to experience the same thing. Battery
life is not great on the iPhone X. I don’t know, I don’t want to pile on
to Apple’s battery issue that have been going on right now but it seems that it’s worse than
when I initially start testing the device. Generally my usage on any iPhone
or any phone I can get through a full day without any problem. With my iPhone
10 generally I’m at 20% or lower by end of the day and sometimes I have to plan
on charging to get through it and I’m not even doing crazy usage. The battery life
has not been outstanding with the iPhone X. I’ve also noticed
some fit and finishes use with the iPhone, this might be unique to mine but one of my screws on the bottom for example isn’t fully screwed. It’s kind of
rough when I touch it. Something I’ve never experienced on any other Apple
devices so maybe it’s small issue at the iPhone X maybe it’s just mine, but
little things like that certainly you notice as you use the phone more and
more. When the phone launched I had two big concerns. The first was that notch being
really annoying, in fact I don’t notice it anymore at all. It was a bit of
annoying when I first started watching full screen video when I first are
testing the device the more I use it honestly I don’t notice it at all. I
don’t think you will either. If that’s something that’s holding you back from
buying the iPhone I wouldn’t worry about it. Then face ID, so we did a lot of
tests on it and faced ideas works pretty well actually. It’s worked pretty well in
almost all situations for me. My wife has thick sunglasses and she has an iPhone
10 and for some reason it won’t work through her sunglasses. So
it works as advertised for a lot of people but I wish there are some
redundancies. Look at what Samsung has with their Galaxy line, you’ve got iris scanning, you’ve
got face scanning, you got a fingerprint sensor. I wish there was something like
that that worked, have different options and layers to sort of make your phone
unlock. It’s a mind-boggling to me if you’re wearing an Apple watch, it won’t
automatically let you know your phone is safe to be unlocked. It still has to see
your face. Or even something other things that Android has, if you’re on a Wi-Fi
network that you label that secure it’ll unlock. Or, if you want to use geolocation
when a particular area phone should unlock. I wish those things were baked in
to iOS to give you some sort of redundancy to unlock your phone. If
you’re laying in bed on the side for example it’s not going to see your face. It’s not a giant issue and face id worked as well as I could have expected
but I’d like to have some sort of other option at least a face ID wasn’t working
a particular situation. One opinion that hasn’t changed is the camera. The rear
cameras on these things are absolute incredible. Portrait mode is great,
portrait lighting has actually improved since my initial testing. It’s still not
great but the camera itself the pictures look incredible in any situation whether
it’s low-light whether it’s normal light whether it’s almost in the dark. The
pictures here look absolutely beautiful. One thing that was surprising to me when
I bought the phone I thought I needed the bigger storage. I figured I have a
giant photo library, it’s like 16 gigs or something, but for the first time in a
while I set my iPhone 10 out from scratch. Apple’s got a lot of new file
systems here new file management. Pictures are stored in the cloud with
this new phone setup from scratch I am using less than 20 gigs of storage.
If you’re looking to maybe save some money from already a really expensive phone I
think the smaller storage opt is gonna be fine for a lot of people and if you’re
worried about storage on your previous device try setting it up from scratch. You
might be really surprised how much space do you actually have on your phone.
This next one’s kind of weird. I love wireless charging and I’ve hoping wireless
charging was gonna come to Apple for a while. I know some of you guys don’t care
about it but for me it’s a convenience that I really like about the phone.
Apple’s got an issue with the wireless charging. Whenever I wirelessly charge
my phone at night I turn it off. So I put it on the charger let it start charging
and then without moving it I’ll turn the phone off. Usually almost every
other phone I’ve tested will charge overnight. I’ll take it off, I’ll
turn it on, and it’s fully juiced up. The iPhone will turn on at some point during
the night, no matter what and it’s not just my phone. It happens to my wife’s phone
as well. We tested it here in the office, we’ve tested with four different
wireless chargers, and for some reason at some points the phone will turn back on
which is really annoying. I like to turn my phone off at night, I get notifications
throughout the entire night. I can obviously put it into nighttime mode or
Do Not Disturb but I’ve opted now just to plug my phone
in. I don’t even use wireless charging so for me that’s been a bummer I don’t like
that my phone turns on at night it might not matter for you but that’s something
that’s really been an issue at least personally. A lot of stuff was new at the
iPhone X, one of the big ones was gestures and there was a definitely a learning
curve getting used to it. Now two months in I feel really used
to the new gestures and they feel like second nature to me. In fact I went back
to an older iPhone and it felt weird double tapping the home button so I kind
of gotten very used to it. It’s a really elegant way to use the phone and to
navigate around it so if you’re worried about the gestures don’t. This video
wouldn’t be possible without Nucleum. This is one of those product we’ve
actually been using a ton in the office it’s super helpful if using one of the
new MacBook or MacBook Pros since it adds seven extra ports including two USB A two
USB C ports SD card reader and way more. Most importantly you can use all the ports at
once and actually the color matches with the MacBooks and iMacs that support USB
type-c. It’s an awesome accessory. If you’ve got one those laptops,
definitely pick one up. If you want to learn more link to it down below. So
overall I’ve really enjoyed the iPhone 10. I loved a new screen. I wish a battery
life lasted longer but minor quibbles aside and certainly the gigantic price
point aside it’s been a really good phone. It’s really the best iPhone
Apple’s ever made as you’d expect from the most recent iPhone Apple has ever
made. Have your experiences changed? Did you buy it when the phone came out?
Let us know down below. Are you holding out from my buying one for whatever reason, again
let us know. Of course subscribe, hit that little
bell next to it so you get notified when new videos are coming up. We have a lot more
iPhone coverage coming up and more versus videos coming. Hope you guys
enjoyed. Until next time, I’m Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo

100 thoughts on “iPhone X Two Months Later: New Problems”

  1. I think it genuinely weird that this guy has a minor obsession with turning his phone off at night… I don’t think that is something phone manufacturers expect or want you to do. Just put it in sleep + flight mode! The battery will still charge crazy fast and no notification. Geez.

  2. I’ve been using the I phone x since November and never came across any of these “problems “
    Great phone 👍🏻

  3. Sounds Like A Whole Bunch Of Personal Problems To Me My Friend. I like my iPhone X,I upgraded from a 6s Plus.

  4. Something I love about my OP5T, the scheduled auto shut on/off. My iPhone X does the same . It won’t stay off while charging.

  5. When you turn off your IPhone and then charge it , it will wake up I mean it will turn on so turn it off after putting it in the charger

  6. Please make a statement about not using your phone all the time when you are with your family. "Where is dad?", "He is on Facebook"…

  7. I've been a die hard apple fan since the 3g but when the 8/10 came out idk why but switched to android. For some reason the new phones just aren't as exciting as they use to be lol. Got the s9 plus and so far I'm loving this thing

  8. 3:52 'Giant photo library' 'Like sixteen gigs or something'… Bitch please: anything below 20GB can be considered small I am probably 1/2 your age and already have 50Gb worth of photo and video…

  9. I alway love reviews by people who load android apps on the iPhone and complain about it. Why do you think android phone lose power while not in use. I you stick to your Apple apps, no problems with battery.

  10. The face scanning works great for me. It works in the dark, works with my glasses off or on, it even worked in the middle of me taking off my glasses, and it works when I have my sun shades on or safety glasses on my prescription glasses. My only problem is when I’m driving and I want to hear the last text message, I cannot. Siri wants me to unlock my phone and I can’t because it’s in a iPhone mount. When I had my 6s all I did was touch the finger scanner. I miss that option

  11. You must be using your phone 80% of your up time with maximum brightness for the battery to be drained that fast. Sometimes I can even use it for 2 days without charging.

  12. People still don't understand why iPhones with iOS are good compared to any other phones with android. One word: OS optimisation is what matters in Apple. That's why 2 gb of ram is like having 8 gb.

  13. The battery is the main reason I got the iPhone 8 Plus instead of the iPhone X. I like the X but the 8 Plus has the same internals with fantastic battery life.
    I think it might have something to do with the new oled screen being more of a battery hog maybe?

  14. The way it sounds here, Apple should just forget about the iPhone X and move back to the original design with the buttons and wide borders!

  15. I’ve had the iPhone X for 3 months now and love the battery life !! I could end the day with 20% or more after a full days use and taking a bunch of photos so that I don’t agree with

  16. Well you wanted that crApple iPhone buddy. It's Notch'ur fault though entirely. crApple is to blame to. Them Notchy bastards!!

  17. I hate new iPhones, Apple do them easy brakeble so people would constantly buy them, that’s what they hoping for.

  18. bought this iphone x 2 weeks ago and only work when charger cable plugged in , it won't charge anymore and the battery indicator remain 2% all the time. when the charger been pulled out.. it's gone..

  19. I am having a problem it keeps saying searching and I can’t text or call or nobody can call me or text me and no data this is the 3thrd time this happen

  20. I had issues with my iPhone’s finish, too. I can see some plastic creeping through one of the speaker holes. Also, the bottom screw isn’t as flush as my older iPhones.

  21. My wife and I recently upgraded to iPhone X from the 6. Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile because we got $700 off by purchasing two phones. We paid $650 for each phone vs the $1000. Gestures were not a hard transition. Definitely get a good case. I went with the UAG prism with tempered glass screen saver. It is not too bulky but offers superior protection and allows the wireless charging. Overall I am happy with the phone for the price paid. I probably would have bought the iphone8 if this deal wasn't so good.

  22. If I had 1$ for every time people zoomed to the notch in their videos I would be the richest person on the entire universe

  23. Never had any problem with battery life. Sorry four eyes are doomed. Contact lenses 👍😂 you keep trying to make your own rules and phone 📱 I think you have to learn the manual on that phone and life. The world doesn’t accommodate for your needs.

  24. The iphone X is a flawed mess. I hope it dies on the heap of forgotten tech and Apple learns from it's mistakes. Slow facial recognition. No finger print button on screen option. The notch. Gutted notifications because of the notch. Relearning UI gestures. Extra steps for basic functions. The iPhone X is to Apple as Windows 8 was to Microsoft. Great in parts but deeply flawed.

  25. There was never a iPhone that you can turn off and charge. Well at least the iPhone 4 and newer I can't speak for the original 3. My iPhone 4 always turn on when charging and that is just an apple thing.

  26. I'm starting think that I give companies way to much credit in how well/extensive they test their products. I'm thinking money trumps ethics here, like most things.

  27. IPhone can't charge while its off and that's why your x battery is dying faster becausr charging over night kills the battery life faster.

  28. Battery definitely sucks compared to when I had the 8 plus plus it takes longer to charger specially once it’s at 90 percent it take another thirty minutes to get to 100

  29. There is not a single reason to buy X instead of s8 or s9. I personally prefer Android as it can be heavily moded… With ios i would be bored within a week. My moded s8+ lasts 11 hours of non-stop gaming before reaching 10% battery… Can't say the same about s9 with stock Oreo … its ~8 hours … Only few things can be changed on ios so i would probably never buy iphone.

  30. Hey i just subscribed due to your awesome review. I was on the edge of whether getting an iphone x or not but I’m sure I’ll get one now. If i could I’d like an iphone x from your guys but thats a stretch. Thanx

  31. I originally had Sprint service with the iPhone 8 … went through some Bull mind you Sprint wanted me to literally buy the Ten!! So I tried out AT&T and was approved for the iPhone X… sooooo happy I did!

  32. I've had my iPhone X going on two months now Except for a few times when Face ID failed to recognise me, it has been near perfect. What I don't like is how easy it is to accidentally take a screenshot or accidentally call SOS when removing a case or cleaning the phone. The Left Button is just in the wrong place for me and too easy to push.

  33. I don't know what are you doing the whole day? But every iPhone i had, two days without charging is not a big deal.

  34. so whats the problems again really? lol….minus the battery life with isn't really a problem just not as long as you'd like and maybe the phone turning on from charging…lol
    other than that it sounds like a pretty great phone

  35. I honestly love my iPhone X I love the notch along with everything about it tbh best iPhone so far Although I agree the battery on mine has gotten weaker

  36. The new Apple is very bad, the iPhone X is the worst iPhone create until now, it's only expensive right now, the OS is very bad compared with new Androids, and Apple is stuck in the pass, we don't live in 2012.

  37. Do you think it is worth buying a used iphone X now? My main concern is getting the best possible camera quality for the best price. What are your thoughts? Used iphone X, 8, 7 plus or save up for the XR? I've been researching for nearly 2 months now and everyone has quite extreme conflicting opinions!

  38. main problem is background app refresh not working.when it loked no appeir any incoming call like as imo whatsapp viber.although stay Connect online wifi or celuler.its big problem for iphone x.i wasted my money. So don’t buy this plz.steve i hate your products.

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