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iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2!

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2!

– Hey guys, this is Austin. Today is the launch of the iPhone X which could be the most
hyped phone of the year, well, unless you count this of course. I recently did a video on the Pixel 2, and I came away with it
thinking that it is one of my favorite phones I’ve ever tried, but how does it stack up to the iPhone X? So if we pop this guy open, we see designed by Apple in California. Who cares about that? What I care about is the iPhone X. Wow, it actually is a little
bit thicker than I thought. It’s probably about the same
as something like the 8, but, interesting. The black looks really nice, so that along with the metal band that’s sort of this dark chrome, this is a good looking phone. But before we get too far into it, let’s see what else we get. Surprise, surprise! Inside the box is the
standard power adapter, even though this iPhone supports
not only wireless charging but also fast charging. But, this works. We also get a pair of Lightning EarPods as well as the Lightning to
3.5 millimeter adapter. The same as pretty much all
of the iPhone 7s, 8s, that kind of thing. There is a Lightning to USB cable. So with the iPhone X powered up, the first thing I noticed is the notch. Now to be fair, the bezels
around the rest of the phone are really tiny, probably
smaller than pretty much anything besides maybe something
like the Galaxy S8. But the notch, it’s noticeable, although I don’t think it’s
gonna be that big of a deal. Just using it for three seconds, I’ve almost forgot it’s there. Put the iPhone side by
side with the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, and you’ll see it’s
actually fairly similar to the size of the standard Pixel. Now that is even including
the fact that this has a 5.8 inch display which is nearly as big as the six inch display on the XL 2. All of this being said, I actually prefer the
standard size of the Pixel 2 for reasons that I’ll
get into in a minute, but it is hard to argue with just how nice of a piece of hardware the iPhone X is. My only slight issue with the
hardware is the camera hump. It’s a lot larger than I would expect. Now to be fair, the Pixel
XL 2 does have a little bit of a camera hump, but
compared to the iPhone X which just kind of rattles around, it’s a lot bigger. On the other hand, the iPhone X does
support wireless charging where the aluminum-backed
Pixel 2 does not. Both phones are IP67 rated
which means that in theory, they should survive under one
meter of water for 30 minutes. However if you watched my
iPhone 7 Plus video last year, it died in about seven seconds
of being in a bowl of water. So, here goes nothing. Ugh! Ooh! All right, iPhone X is in. Now let’s get the Pixel in. Okay, well, the water
is going over the table, but the screens are on. I’m going to leave them in for one minute because I don’t wanna break my phones. Hey, I’m just being honest. (chuckles) All right, so, (chuckles) water’s going everywhere. It looks like both phones are fine. Sweet! I don’t have to spend a bunch of money on new phones.
(laughs) Inside the iPhone X is
the Apple A11 Bionic chip which has three high-power cores and three low-power cores, three gigabytes of RAM, and either 64 or 256 gigs of storage. On the other hand, the Pixel 2 has the Snapdragon 835 which takes four high-power cores and four low-power cores, puts them together with four gigs of RAM and either 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage. When you take a look at the performance in Geekbench, though,
it is not even close. The iPhone X is hands down
the fastest phone out there. On the graphics side with GFXBench, while it’s a little bit closer, it’s still really hard to
argue with the iPhone X which is really impressive considering that the iPhone has two fewer cores. At this point, not only is
it faster than pretty much any other phone out there, but it’s starting to approach
a lot of high-end laptops. Of course, benchmarks are one thing, and the real world use is another. So the Pixel 2 is hands down
the fastest Android phone I’ve ever tried, even though, yes, on paper, it might not be quite
as fast as the iPhone. In actual practical use, it’s really hard to see a difference. Something that the iPhone X dropped but the Pixel 2 still has
is the fingerprint sensor. I’ve gotta say this one is great. Not only is it placed on
the back of the phone, which is really simple to get at, but it’s also incredibly quick. So to setup Face ID on the iPhone, it should be pretty simple. All I need to do is
look all the way around, and it should scan my face. Raise the phone, and swipe up, and it’s unlocked. That’s actually pretty quick. I’m curious, though,
how well Face ID works when it’s laying flat on
something like a table. I’ll try to unlock it here, swipe up. Oh, it got it! All right. I still have my reservations about how good Face ID is
going to be in the long run, but at first glance, it
actually does seem to be pretty well implemented. While it’s not the most practical thing, I’ve gotta say that Animoji on
the iPhone X are kind of fun. So if I hit record here, hey guys, this is Austin. Are Animoji worth it? Well you do need to learn some
new gestures on the iPhone X. So instead of having a Home button, instead you swipe from the
bottom to leave an app, and then you swipe up and to the right to pull up your multitasking. From here, you can go
between your different apps or you can use the little
thing on the bottom to actually scroll
between which app is open. It does take a little
bit of getting used to, but it’s actually not bad. In comparison, the Pixel 2
feels downright normal. So there are some cool features such as the always-on display which I like to be able to see stuff like time, date,
notifications at a glance. The Pixel also has Google Assistant which I like a lot more than Siri. To activate you just need to
squeeze the frame of the phone. The main feature of the iPhone X, though, is absolutely the display. It’s rocking a 5.8 inch, 2436 by 1124 AMOLED display. Not only is this the first time
that Apple’s gone with OLED, but as you can see, the
bezels are absolutely tiny. What this means is that
you’re basically getting an iPhone-8 sized chassis but with a much, much larger screen. I’ve gotta say it works. It’s right up there with the Galaxy S8 and Note8 as far as some of
the best screens out there. So it’s nice and saturated, it’s pretty sharp. While there is just a
little bit of color shifting when you look at it off angle, it is nowhere near as bad as the Pixels. The standard Pixel 2 has a pretty decent 1080p five inch OLED display. While it’s nothing spectacular, it totally gets the job done. When you switch to the Pixel 2 XL though, that’s where you take a hard
turn into garbage town. When you look at it dead on, the colors are okay, but stuff like reds look awfully brown. When you look at it off angle, it looks very blue. There’ve been a lot of reports of issues with screen burn-in. Now Google will be releasing an update which will supposedly
help some of this stuff, but when you compare it to the iPhone X, it is no competition. At the very least, audio is an area where
neither of these phones have major issues. They both have stereo speakers. Hey guys, this is Austin. Inside this mysterious brown
box is what I very much hope is the Xbox One X, but the question is, is it worth it? So first of all– You know what? I think they both sound good, but I actually do have to
give the lead to the Pixel. It’s a little bit louder
and a little bit clearer. Of course, that’s not a big deal when you plug in a pair of headphones as both of these have headphone jacks. Oh, oh, right, it’s 2017. Neither of them have a headphone jack. Cameras is where both of
these phones really excel. The Pixel 2 has a 12 megapixel camera, and the iPhone X has a pair of them. One wide-angle, one telephoto. While it might only have a single camera, some of the images that I’ve gotten from the Pixel 2 really are incredible. The auto HDR does a great job of bringing a ton of dynamic range into a shot. It does a really good job
of being very, very sharp. It’s also optically stabilized
just like the iPhone. The low-light performance
is not bad either. There’s really not a lot to
complain about with the Pixel. When it comes to the iPhone X, you’re also getting solid dynamic range. Because it is the same
camera from the 8 as well as the 8 Plus, you’re also getting nice saturation. A lot of the images look
a little bit punchier than on the Pixel. Both cameras also have Portrait mode. So let’s start with the iPhone X. That’s not bad. Some of the advantages of this phone is that both of the cameras
are optically stabilized which actually does make
a pretty big difference for the Portrait mode
compared to the 8 Plus. On the other hand, the Pixel 2’s Portrait mode
is purely based on software. So, if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s not quite perfect. Some of the edges are a little bit soft. It doesn’t fully blur the
background in this shot. But a lot of times, I
actually prefer the results from the Pixel 2, which
is really impressive considering that it doesn’t
have that second camera. Where it really shines is
with selfie-Portrait mode. Yeah look at that, that’s great! So not only does it do a
really good job with the hair, but the background is
very naturally blurred. We take a look at it on the iPhone X, yeah, that’s just not as good. You can see that my hair
is a little bit blurry. It didn’t really perfectly cut my shirt out of the background either. Video is also solid. So this is what the 4K 24 looks like from the iPhone X, and especially when you look at stuff like stabilization and color, it’s nice! If you switch over to the Pixel, it is also pretty solid, although one of my big
problems with this mode is that the audio just isn’t very good. Both the iPhone X and Pixel 2 are incredibly expensive phones. So the Pixel 2 pairs
one of the best cameras on a smartphone with solid audio, and a really impressive build of Android. The iPhone has my favorite
hardware of any phone ever, and the screen is right
up there with the best like the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 which is where the Pixel falls apart. When it comes to spending
$850 on a smartphone, a bad screen is a straight
up deal breaker for me, which leaves the standard Pixel 2. When you consider that it is $350 cheaper than the iPhone X, I’m willing to put up with
the less impressive screen and the giant bezels. It really is a crazy, crazy good phone! If you have the budget, you’re not gonna be
disappointed with the iPhone X, but for a lot of people, the standard Pixel 2 actually
makes a lot of sense. So which one would you guys go for? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one.

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    So fingers crossed hoping that I would keep the Pixel!!

  9. The Pixel 2 has a rectangular screen, iPhone X does not. That’s a huge advantage. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use an irregular shaped phone, no matter how better the hardware is. I’m actually surprised that most people are not annoyed by it.

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