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iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus – Which Should You Buy?

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus – Which Should You Buy?

– Yo, guys, Jonathan here and not only are we fresh
off the announcement of the brand new iPhone X, but also the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well. I got a chance to go hands on and extensively cover the iPhone X, so if you missed that video I
will drop a link down below, but today I wanna focus on
both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, help to make it a little
bit easier for anyone who’s potentially on the fence about buying one of those phones or even
waiting for the iPhone X. Now, hands down the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus naming scheme
was purely a marketing move. They very easily could’ve and probably should have
named these the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, but honestly I can’t really
hate on them for that because business wise it
was a super smart move. Everybody up until the
point where essentially everything got leaked, would’ve assumed that the
iPhone 8 was Apple’s giant big flagship release this year, but as we’ve seen that
is clearly the iPhone X and because these phones
are more than a month apart in release, I think it’s
safe to say it’s gonna be a pretty big end of the year for Apple. Now, one thing different with he iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is the iPhone 6 to 6s and 7 all shared aluminum bodies, whereas for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus those feature an all glass back, which not only change up
the look and the feel, but also introduces wireless charging. So, for anyone out there who
thought that maybe wireless charging was exclusive to the iPhone X, nope you get that across the
8 and the 8 Plus as well. And as you start to see
throughout this video these three phones share more
features than you might think. Now, as far as the colors
go, gone is rose gold. So, no longer do we have to
argue about whether it’s pink or rose gold, we are now
simply left with silver, gold, and space gray. Honestly, after seeing
these in person I think I’m gonna have to say gold is my favorite. It just looks the nicest by far. And surprisingly I’m gonna
say the silver is my runner up and the space gray out of these
three was my least favorite. Now, as far as the displays
go there definitely are some improvements, nothing drastic though. The iPhone 8 is still
rockin’ a 4.7 inch display with the same resolution, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus is
rockin’ a 5.5 inch display with the same resolution as well. Upgrades that both these phones share are improved stereo speakers. Surprisingly both the
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus share the exact same A11 Bionic
chip found in the iPhone X, so maybe you’re not ready
to give up that home button, whereas the iPhone X really
isn’t doing it for ya, it’s nice to know that
you’re not gonna have to sacrifice performance. So, if you missed my iPhone
X video, crazy name aside, that A11 chip is supposed
to be stupid fast. I think there were some
preliminary benchmarks that leak showing that it
was just as fast as a 13 inch MacBook Pro, which is kinda
crazy if you think about it. I for one am super excited
to get this in house, check it out, test it out for myself. And if there’s anything
as far as performance goes that you guys wanna see, let me know with a comment down below. Now, as far as the cameras
go the iPhone 8 is rockin’ a single 12 megapixel shooter. It is supposed to be an improved sensor with what Apple is calling deeper pixels. Not sure exactly what that means, but it’s supposed to translate
to more accurate colors. Then of course we’ll have to
see once I get one in house. Now, as far as the iPhone 8 Plus, that again is rockin’ a
dual lens configuration like we saw in the 7 Plus, but if you’re curious
what’s different between the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, obviously one, we have a vertical
configuration in the iPhone X, but the biggest difference between the two is the iPhone X actually
has OIS on both the lenses, where the iPhone 8 Plus only has OIS on the single main shooter. Just like the iPhone X though, there are of course
improvements to portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus
as well on top of that, what Apple is calling Portrait Lighting, which essentially give you
the ability to manipulate different lighting
elements in environments either pre or post photo. What’s kinda cool, too, on top of that, beyond the ability to
tweak things in post, you could just shoot a
regular portrait mode photo without any portrait lighting effect and still decide to add it in later. Now, from there hands down
one of the biggest upgrades to come to the iPhone 8,
the 8 Plus, and the X, this is one feature that all three of these phones share is video. These phons all shoot at
4K, 60 frames per second. It might be a little crazier for me is 240 FPS slow motion at 1080P. Go Pros don’t shoot 4K 60,
none of the Canons shoot 4K 60, I think the GH5 will get you 4K 60 FPS, but is nearly two grand, so hopefully that should
put things into perspective. So, from there anyone
who’s kinda on the fence between the iPhone 8 and
8 Plus or the iPhone X, I think one of the biggest questions is, are you ready to give up that home button? Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus still have
that comfortable familiar touch ID home button where the
iPhone X obviously does not. Essentially you’re almost
kinda guinea piggying a first generation
product with he iPhone X because do you trust face unlock? Is it gonna be good enough? We’ve already seen some controversy, so that is something you
definitely have to ask yourself. For me what draws me
most towards the iPhone X is you’re essentially getting
all of the Plus features in a smaller form factor. You’re gettin’ a bigger screen,
you’re getting dual cameras, with OIS on both lenses, so for me that’s kinda
almost the way to go. I will say, though, if I had
to guess between these three phones I would think the
iPhone 8 Plus would still have the best battery life out of the three, followed by the iPhone X and of course lastly the iPhone 8. Ultimately, features aside though, it comes down to pricing. Do you wanna pony up the
cash for the iPhone X? The iPhone 8 starts at $699, the iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799, and then we of course have the iPhone X which starts all the way up at $999. So, for those watching right
now there’s a good chance you may have just pre-ordered
an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus or you could be holding
out for the iPhone X. Let me know what you went with and why, I would love to hear what you think. Aside form that, thank you guys very much for watching. If you enjoyed this video if it helped, make sure you guys drop a like down below. This is Jonathan and I’ll
catch you guys later.

100 thoughts on “iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus – Which Should You Buy?”

  1. Don't think it's a point to compare the 8 to the plus. Like comparing a Bentley to a dependable Accord. Now 7 plus vs 8 plus is more fair

  2. I've currently got a 6S Plus and my phone upgrade is in a few weeks. Will it be more worth it waiting for the iPhone X or will the 8 Plus be a substantial enough upgrade over the 6S Plus to warrant an upgrade?

  3. I have a 7+ in jet black and will wait for X, but I have several concerns. The screen though bigger on paper is actually smaller I think, OLED is prone to burn in, the battery will not last as long as my 7+, I hope Face ID works flawlessly, maybe I'll miss the home button. I suppose many apps will need time to adjust to the X resolution, which was the case when 6+ first came out. Nevertheless I am getting the X 🙂

  4. >>>> You DON'T get a bigger screen with the iPhone X <<<< it just has longer diagonal dimension. iPhone 8 plus easily has the most real estate, it also makes use of the space better and doesn't have an ugly notch. Just something to consider

  5. Just completed my order today with AT&T and am upgrading from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8+. I am a little nervous from upgrading to the bigger iPhone thinking it's going to take some getting use to, apparently Millennial age group seem to go with the bigger screen real-estate .

  6. I really hope they take the iPhone 8 plus size next year and do a full screen without bezels. Might as well maximize the size they already have and they people are already use to. The size of the x is bout the same as the 8 so why not do a plus size x? Also don’t understand why they even did a 8 series which didn’t change anything on outsides

  7. Please help I've been with iPhone for 6 years and now decided to go Samsung because I felt it wasn't worth it with the latest IPhones. I'm now hurt and don't know if I should switch back. Advice?

  8. Y does Apple keep releasing thesw expensive phones most people cant pay 60 quid a month if it was 30 it would ve better

  9. Neither are good choices. They need to calm down on 1000$ phones. Most of the time you text and answer phone calls. Find yourself a decent budget phone for under 300 and call it a day. If enough people shun these high priced options it will eventually force these companies to come out with reasonably priced phones. The average consumer in the United States makes less than 30k a year according to the social security administration. Who are they marketing these high priced phones to? People do not be stupid and use your credit cards and put yourself into debt!

  10. I picked the 8plus 256gb it’s the same price as a 64gb x almost but I feel it’s better then giving up the home button yes it’s beautiful the Iphone x but I don’t support having to fork up the money for greed.. it’s a waste of money for face I’d when Samsung other phone manufacturers had it for years if by chance I’ll buy an iPhone 10 would have hell of convincing to do on apples side

  11. A car is a big machine you can expect cars to be expensive specially cause they can kill you if they don't have the right protections like airbags and ext, but a phone? Damn you should really think about we're apple is taking this. Its kinda unfair to us regular class working Americans as soon as apple do it and everyone buys it other big companies will follow with the greed and make us suffer.

  12. preordered the iphone 10 , if two more hundred is going to break me then i shouldnt be buying a new phone ! plus dont we all want the latest and greatest?

  13. I think the home button is unique on the iPhone and I like it. I have the x now but am starting to miss the older iPhones and iOS. 😕😔

  14. CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME ?? I want to buy the 8 but I don't know if I should buy the 8 + or the 8 . Normally I want the 8 bc of its size . I have small hands. Now my question is , is the iPhone 8+ better than the 8 . Bc if not I will but the little one
    Thank you for your help

  15. Everyone I’ve talked too who has the iPhone X, says it isn’t worth $999, The edge to edge display is the only thing I like but it’s not worth an extra $200 compared to the iPhone 8 Plus

  16. I went with the X, can’t regret my decision! YouTube looks absolutely amazing while in full screen, the notch on top doesn’t bother me at all.

  17. I’m watching this on my iPhone X for the exact reason you said! You get major flagship features in a small form factor (because I could not carry around the 8 Plus all day comfortably)

  18. Iphone 4:no metal on back,iphone 5 no Glass anymore,new charger iPhone 6:no sharp body,iPhone 7:no headphone jack ,iPhone 10 no home button,iPhone 11:(aka AirPods 2) no screen,just earphones

  19. I have the 6 plus and it’s huge for my hands and I’ve regretted it since the day I got it. I should have kept my 6. I might upgrade to the 8 but I have no idea what color and I’ve been stressing sm because my phone is gold but I’m not sure if I want a black one or stay with gold:/ pls help lmao

  20. Damn. I wish these reviewers would be honest with us and tell us what no iPhone can do and yet millions of Android phones are doing already.
    iPhones do not record Stereophonic audio.

  21. As a 13 year old coming from an iPhone SE, I am stuck to touch ID. But I need a larger phone, I don't know why I thought I could hold an iPhone SE properly. I'm definatly getting a GOLD iPhone 8 plus. And BTW apple, perfectr blend between gold and rose gold.

  22. Ive been struggling to decide which phone should I get, a 7plus or 8plus but now my mind is made up, I’m goin for the 8+

  23. I went with 8 plus because I was not ready to give up the home button. The iPhone 8 plus just makes me feel comfortable. The iPhone 10 is kinda hard for me to use . I don't like how you have to swipe down to get out of an app. What if when you swipe down to get out of an app it doesn't work.

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