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One two three Wait wait wait, What’s the difference? Today we’re gonna be talking about the iPhone X because nobody cares about the eight. There’s two iPhones coming out There’s the iPhone 8. It’s the same figure I have right here It’s a slightly different color But it’s basically the same thing oh, oh oh oh, okay, so September 19 wait September 19 A giant step for iPhone Oh, oh, okay, okay? Okay, so basically all of this and all of this is part of the screen very innovative Apple Where did they get the idea for this? This is like, Never been done. This is like so new everybody’s pissing their pants over this well the androids been done have this I Mean there’s never been anything like this before Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ whoa $31 whoa $35 whoa you can buy this right now for 600 But it’s not Apple though. Okay, so we’re gonna sit here. We’re gonna compare the models What makes the iPhone X iPhone X oh my god, they all have 12 mega pixels Wide angle just like the iPhone 8 plus 5 point 8 inches boy This 4.7. Inch screen is Already big enough for me, so it’s gonna be an inch bigger. Uh-oh it appears. I have splintered my finger Okay, I just found the splinter in my finger Anyways face ID one-in-a-million face ID also works with Apple pay Face ID?! Is that what I paid for? Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. I know this is so innovative and everything I see some problems with this I mean right now you want to get a dear boyfriend’s phone You gotta literally cut off his finger put his finger in oh, he doesn’t mind to get his passcode But now for all you crazy ass girlfriends. Are you gonna? Do is wait till he falls asleep put it up to his face swipe up You in I feel like that could work with anybody that gets your phone all you gotta Do is take somebody’s phone pull it up to their face BAM you win it’s so easy. They made it so easy now I’m just hoping Apple keeps the touch ID they keep the passcode and They give you the option: If you wanna do face ID, you could do face ID by me. I don’t see a– …Oh, No What about an iPhone jack? Can it– Do we– Do we have an iPhone jack? Oh, we got ear paws with a lightning connector. We still got the charger, okay We got the adapter just like this iPhones a one-hole type of girl. Hey nobody want one hole I don’t know stay here and think for a sec. I haven’t once used the headphones with the jack And it’s like what if my phone’s dying and I want to listen to music and Charge it at the same time. I still can’t do that my phone is dying. Oh, oh and to make things worse I heard a little thing about wireless charging wireless What is this this is clearly a wire Apple so basically? There’s a pad and you charge your phone on it, and they’re like, wireless charging I don’t know about you guys, but I like to use my phone when it’s charging and if it’s on a mat I gotta, like, use it while it’s on the mat and as soon as I pick it up is gonna die hold up Hold up again again again How is this one? the iPhone 8 the basic gist of basic models It’s gonna have the same storage as the almighty iPhone X. 64 gigs? Hold up, Hold up, for somebody that records a ton of videos takes a ton of pics on my phone Let’s see how much let’s see how much I used up and I’ve had this phone for almost two years now I have used up a hundred and fifty gigs Hey, that’s a lot. I have a 256 gig, by the way. So you’re telling me. There’s only two There’s only a Silver and a Space Gray. I don’t know ’bout you guys; that looks black. It’s $150 difference from a 64 gig to a 256 gig brah almost $1200 for an iPhone For $1,200 I will put this in airplane mode. I’ma throw it, and I better end up in Hawaii That’s like two regular iPhones. Apple… You don’t have enough money already? Y’all probably make these for like two dollars in China. Let’s be real – “How would you like to pay for your new iPhone X? We take kidney, Visa, MasterCard.”
– “What was the first option?”
– “Kidney, Visa, MasterCard” – “Well, I have two…”
I don’t know, man I know it looks cool and everything, but you’ll have to sell a kidney for it. You don’t have to get a second mortgage It’s just not worth it, and I’m not saying that because I got that YouTube money And I’m gonna get one if I didn’t do YouTube and I didn’t use my phone to record a lot of my videos What’s the point like I know it’s cool and everything, but I mean if you got an old perfectly good iPhone working condition Reliable take that shit F*ck outta here! Get the iPhone X. Everyone will wanna suck your di– Especially people with Androids (*jokes*) I ain’t answerin’ my phone till I get an iPhone X So that’s my reaction. Let’s see other people’s haha when you need to call the police in the iPhone I did don’t recognize you what about all these girls on Instagram getting surgery every other day How are they gonna get into their phones? You gonna get beat up? Some happen your face. It’s Halloween Apple. I need answers. I bet so many people gonna walk up to the Apple Store my iPhone doesn’t recognize me anymore like one day you wake up “I Don’t know you!” Fazal tweeted iPhone 8 is launched so iPhone 7 will get a price cut so I’ll be able to buy the iPhone 6 Cuz it’s gonna be free what Apple does with the faces after the iPhone 8 scans them Joe This is what I’m scared of some “Black Mirror” government shit If you don’t think the government doesn’t have access to your phones then I don’t know man, but the government has access to your phones They’ve seen everybody’s nudes Let’s be real: That’s really what they look for. And now when everybody scans their face on their iPhone to unlock it They’re gonna get a copy of your face Who knows what they’re gonna do with it They’re gonna keep it. They’re gonna keep it in something like this and make genetically engineered soldiers in the future. I don’t know, man I don’t know what the government’s planning Hannah asked a smart question: “…if [somebody’s] sleeping and you hold their iPhone X to their face does it unlock [it]? Asking for a friend…” See all the girlfriends are like oh, yeah All he’s gonna do is fall asleep, and I can use his face nobody’s safe Technically, what did this work if you printed out somebody’s face? I? Mean Apple, I don’t I don’t know about this facial recognition. What can it be like in the movies where they just scan your eyeballs? Access granted 1965: People were like, “I bet there’ll be flying cars and a cure for cancer in the future” 2017: we got iPhone X and you can control the emoji’s Aw, you can do the poop! You can make the poop talk You could be literally a talking shit.
If you were by chance wondering what humanity would do when given access to the most… …advanced facial tracking technology available, you now have your answer.
I like this. I like this a lot. And then in two more years They’re gonna be able to scan your whole body and then we can have twerking emoji’s! The future is looking bright. “When they announced the iPhone X 5 seconds after announcing iPhone 8” Damn! “How’s the iPhone X gonna recognize me with no makeup versus FULL GLAM days” “As soon as the new iPhone is announced my current one starts f*cking up. Clever f*ckers probably do it on purpose” Yo I swear, this is with every single technology when the ps4 came out my ps3 started f*cking up. Coincidence?? Or it’s like when they announce it, they start making it run slower. And that’s probably gonna happen to my phone soon Why Apple?? I’ve had five bars in this room the past two years Now I have two! Coincidence? I think not! I see you I see you doing something I see you doing something To my poor little precious daughter, but yeah, that’s all for today These are kind of just my thoughts on the new iPhone at the end of the day. It’s still just an iPhone There’s iPhone – one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight– …or iPhone X They’re still just a phone. A phone used for texting, for snapchatting posting your relationship status on facebook… Or tweeting about how much you hate pineapple on pizza… For checking your email, for watching po–, but anyway, that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button in the FACE and subscribe to join the Wolfpack I Love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys You


  1. no, because te face id only works if the person's eyes are open it does not work when the person's eyes are closed

  2. In the beginning you clapped then showed a seal. Seals are my fav animal! They so cute! Huskies are my fav dog, so don’t blame my name and profile

  3. I have the S8 and I love the Samsung Galaxy S8 so much that I really want the same phone till I'm about 20 years old

  4. Well you if the Face ID doesn’t work then the phone ask you for the passcode with the numbers that’s what I do

  5. There is a double camera and that there is Animoji which I am jealous and not only that you have a face recognition it also passcode so don’t worry hunny boo boo I got your back,I got 7+ and double camera is amazing the lighing is amazing,what’s the point 7Plus 8Plus and the X’s camera lighing is possibly the same but idk I don’t those two

  6. Shane made a conspiracy about apple making the older versions of the iphone slow down to get people to buy the new one

  7. I have an Iphone 4. The 4 in Iphone 4 must stand for "The phone is 4 inches tall" I also have a samsung note 3. I have a size comparision videos.

  8. My was going to buy an iPhone XS Max but said it was the same thing than the iPhone 8 plus just with a wider screen so yeah and my iPhone is quite good the screen is also quite big so yea

  9. 5:42 I HAVE A OLDDDDDDDD PHONE I HAVE I PHONE 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ik I’m late but I have the XR and it’s actually really cool. I did only get it Bc I was able to get 600 dollars off for it tho.

  11. You can’t get into the phone as ur bf/gf is asleep Bc atleast one eye has to be open for 99.8 of the reckonignition

  12. Sssniperwolf it won't work for the Crazy Girlfriend because you have to stare with their eyes open for 3 seconds I know this because my mom has a face ID Apple and she has airpods and an Apple watch I think she's flexing but still it won't work if their eyes are closed unless they scanned their ID forever with their eyes closed and my mom has a password so if it doesn't work like if you did it three times and it didn't work then you have to do the password if they have password most likely it comes with the password because if it doesn't work then you're locked out and then you have to wait for it to go back to the face ID

  13. LOL the funny thing is some people are like oh this phone is too small I want a bigger when I wish there was a bigger phone they can just buy it and iPad

  14. You can put security to like nobody can put the phone in front of you and just to open the iPhone so they can’t do that.

  15. I am getting the iphone x in 2 days cuz its gonna be my birthday I also kinda thought it was dumb that it doesn't have a headphone jack cuz I fall asleep with headphones in listening to music right now I have a samsung j7 crown I'm keeping it and the iphone x

  16. Sorry but im not a apple person they suck when i brought the iphone x i broke 🙁 so now i dont use apple anymore

  17. My reaction to the iPhone X I have a picture of someone just put the front of the picture and then you have contacted her phone

  18. Samsung galaxy s8+ is the phone i have and it has face id and finger scan and its waterproof and wireles charching. So the iphone x and samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ are almost the same

  19. I would rather choose Android, cause my phone fell into water 2 times and it still lived. and my dad used this phone one time and he was upstairs and the phone fell down, when he checked it, it was alive.

  20. Mutha fuckers damn slows their old devices my ipad mini 2 half of all the games just shuts down the app then i got my iphone 6 its faster but i experience the iphone x was faster

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