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iPhone XR Display Comparison

iPhone XR Display Comparison

Hi everyone, Aaron here for Zollotech and
this is the current offering by Apple. I wanted to compare the iPhone XR since many
of you were concerned about the quality of the display. So we have two XR’s, we have the iPhone 7,
8 Plus XS and XS Max. So we’ve got all of the modern phones that
Apple currently offers. Now the whole idea of a high quality retina
display goes back to the iPhone 4 and 4S. This is a 4S, but the idea was for every one
pixel that we had before we are now going to split that one pixel into four. And so in this macro shot you can see that’s
actually split into four different pixels in a very small area and that gives us a very
high pixel density. Now that’s really what we care about s per
what our eyes can see, not really what is on a spec sheet. Even though the higher numbers sound impressive
they take more power to actually push those amount of pixels and beyond 300 pixels per
inch most people’s eyes connot resolve that, so you are not going to see those pixels. Now take a look at not only the iPhone 4S,
but lets take a look at a macro shot on the XR. And on the XR you’ll see around the corner
its kind of got little pixels so that it fades into the corners and that’s not an easy thing
to do, but around the notch you’ll see there are very small pixels. Now if we move over to something like the
XS, the XS has very very small pixels. It’s got a higher pixel density of 458 pixels
per inch. So you’re not going to see those as well. If we move back to the iPhone 8 Plus we’re
at 401 pixels per inch and still you’re not going to see those with your bare eye. And I wanted to show you the difference between
the displays. Now using the iPhone XR versus the XS Max
is a little bit different . The display is is slightly different due to this bezel on
the side here and the bezel is ok to me, you get used to it very quickly especially if
you’re coming from something such as the 7 or 8 Plus. But if you’re coming from something like the
XS or the XS Max, well…you’ll see there is a slight difference. SO there is a different thickness and it’s
very difficult to make and LCD curved around the edges and then also backlit at the same
time. That’s why we probably don’t have 3D Touch
and now we have Haptic Touch. Now the display looks great off-axis and I’m
going to show you all of these in white in just a moment, but the display looks great
off-axis, it works fine compared to a XS Max. You can see them off-axis angles. The colors look very accurate and most people
won’t notice a difference. If you take a look at some of the words here. The words are not really blurry. Some people are reporting them as blurry especially
if you’re holding at a distance like this. if you hold it right up to your face you may
see a little bit of that, but honestly most people are not holding them 6-inches from
their face. So as long as that is taken into consideration. Now one of the other things I mentioned on
Twitter if you are following me there is that this iPad, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is regarded
as one of the best displays on the market and this has a lower pixel density of 264
pixel per inch. It looks great, text looks crisp, and this
has the Pro Motion display so it’s a little smoother. Otherwise it’s got a lower pixel density than
the iPhone XR. So if you keep that in mind, I know some people
are a little concerned about this because it is an expensive phone, but you’re going
to have to decide whether or not that price is OK based off a spec sheet. Personally I don’t think that spec sheet really
matters if you can’t see the pixels. Now some people were concerned you can’t play
1080P videos. Let me show you…Here’s my unboxing video
of the iPhone XR and if you go here to settings, you’ll see we have 1080P 60. That’s an option and it goes up to 1080P and
then just scales based on what the display is showing. That’s how all of these work and since YouTube
doesn’t give us the option to go up to the higher resolution you can’t see it on these
anyway. That’s YouTube’s decision and honestly it
uses more power to use all of those pixels. So I would rather save the power and have
a decent looking display as well. Now the one thing that is interesting is if
we compare these all in white, lets go to photos here. You’ll see here we can see a dramatic difference
between the colors of the display. Now True-tone is turned off and Nigh Shift
is turned off on all of these. We can change the brightness of course, but
they are currently all on auto so I wanted to show you what they do by themselves. And they all seem to be about equally bright,
maybe we could turn this one up a little and if I 3D Touch here or Haptic Touch there you’ll
see we don’t have True Tone on or Night Shift. Same thing here and…lets see if we can get
this one to come up here. Well you’re not really going to see it on
this one. This one doesn’t have True Tone. You get the idea, it’s off on all of them,
you get the idea there. Of course on the OLED displays it’s going
to look a little bit different; the pixels are much tighter packed and you’ve got a lot
nicer, deeper blacks. So let me show you a black background. I’ll switch all of these to a black background
so you can see the difference. Now all of the backgrounds are set to black
and the difference between the OLED displays and the LCD’s is the OLED’s actually turn
off pixels where it’s black, versus the LCD where it actually has to backlight them and
show you the color. So I don’t know if you can see that, but there
is a deeped black on the OLED display. Overall though I think they are very evenly
colored. things look pretty good and I don’t think
anyone will be really disappointed with the iPhone XR especially since the XR will give
you better battery life because of the lower resolution display. The processor doesn’t have to work as hard
to push all those pixels and in turn you’ve got better battery life for a little bit lower
resolution that honestly even though some phones go up to 4K you can’t see 4K on these
displays. So you can see a sight difference sometimes
between the XS, the XS Max and these phones, but for the most part anyone coming from an
iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus even though it’s a 1080P display I don’t think you’re going
to notice a difference. As you can see size wise between the 8 Plus
a lot of people were asking about that. There’s the size, it’s very close, it is a
little bit, a little bit narrower, not much. But very very close so I think most people
would be very happy with any one of these phones, but the XS, the XS Max and the XR
is fine. Whether or not the XR is worth or not to you,
that’s really your determination. But It’s a decent value, it’s that screen
proposition whether or not an OLED is worth $250 versus this phone. Either way I think they are all good. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. If you haven’t subscribed already, please
subscribe and like. As always, thanks for watching. This is Aaron, I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone XR Display Comparison”

  1. I was just wondering if the 720p display meant YouTube wouldn’t show the 1080p option. Since it does that means I’m set

  2. I am using an XR and the display is awesome. Not to oversaturated, not too washed out, no pixels visible, low power consumption compared to oled and so on.

  3. Idc if the X is a year old. It’s practically the same thing as the new one just slightly less. It’s like the Xr, but with more. I don’t even use my phone all the much so the battery life isn’t even a factor. Plus, I’m the 1% who notices the trash display.

    Brand new IPhone X from T-Mobile for $50 less than the Xr and I couldn’t have been happier.

  4. all high-tech ips down to toilet when internet speed received down below 1 MBPS. let see with facetime i use and what on earth low quality voice in ips. Boring staff to hold on to for real!

  5. "YouTube's decision not to allow 4k"??? Umm, no it was Apple's decision to not support VP9 (the codec YouTube uses for 4k content delivery). Instead they want people to use HEVC which they make money from every use, instead of YouTube's free alternative. lol

  6. I have had galaxy s7 then i have moved on the iphone xr i was very Puzzled if i will buy the xs max or the xr
    Remember that the s7 screen is incredible with very beautiful colors but to be onest i’m not seeing big diffrents at all the screen is so good

  7. I am an editor so I want the higher-up resolution so I bought the s9 plus at the same price as the iPhone xr and it was worth it the s9 has a crispy looking 1440p display. From 1080p u wouldn't notice unless u know what u are looking for but from 720p to 1440p u could easily tell the better image

  8. I had the iPhone X and it was a great phone, I have recently “upgraded” to the XR, and it’s actually amazing. I love this phone more than I ever loved my X.

  9. Omg that old ios is just amazing!!! I remember i was blown away when i saw for the first time that retina display on a iphone 4.

  10. I don't know why youtube removed the 1440p option on ipads 🙁 when i had my Air 2 i could see 1440p videos but they removed it…videos looked better than 1080p.

  11. You can't watch 1080p on the xr it is literally impossible because it doesn't have a 1080p display

  12. Do iOS still not have widgets in 2019? I can't imagine life without widgets. Having to open apps to see emails, weather, music controls, calendar, bookmarks, sports scores, etc. seems so primitive.

  13. What I want to see is a comparison of each phone's display box size while playing youtube in landscape. I have not seen this comparison anywhere. I have put my 8+ up against an XS Max, and it didnt look like the Max' youtube viewing box was any bigger.

  14. What is the iphone screen width order from big to small? I mean only the screen width in inches or mm, not including bezels.

  15. Sorry, but I can see that in video are two iPhone XR.And also I can see that is two different results in white colors between two iPhone XR.The xr from left is showing warmer colors.Who know about why they are different ?

  16. I walked into the apple store expecting to buy a silver iPhone Xs Max, but after looking at the XR in the apple store the screen looked nice, it didn't look bad at all. I decided to get a white iPhone XR and i love my phone, i'm glad i saved money too.

  17. Is xr worth the upgrade? Im an android user for years and I wanted to try iphone and I want an xs max but oh my ghod its freaking expensive for a 256GB. Having a hard time between xr and 8+

  18. I know this is an old video but I have the XR. I’d rather compromise slightly on the display to gain a significant increase in battery life AND save $200+, both of which were more important with this upgrade. Great video!

  19. Personally at the end of the day who is going to freak out over PAPER specs, I love the xr and personally it’s the best iPhone I’ve had so far, yes it misses some stuff like 3D Touch but I never really used it so I’m ok without it

  20. I just got both at the sprint store. I think the xr has a better screen than the xs max. The colors are brighter and more bold. Look just as sharp

  21. Im upgrading from a 7+ is it good? Like will i be in love with it more than the 7 and completely forget that the XS exists or will i regret buying it?

    Holy crap the ipad is so sharp but only has 200+ ppi what?! That means ppi is nothing.

  22. “The display is not that much better” constantly rants about battery life “save battery power so chip wont have to push as many pixels” ffs lol i went to Verizon store checked them out and chose XS max coming from 8 plus i couldn’t adjust to a smaller phone so look guys these reviewers are dumb af just check the phones out and decide for yourself.

  23. Yeah but you can’t watch YouTube in 1080p it renders it to 1080p but doesn’t get played in 1080p due to the display not being a true 1080p resolution

  24. Ok so one should spend that extra money and be told not to keep the display too close to the eyes and complain abt the display… There is a limit to psycophancy but jerry the rig doesn't know any..

  25. I like how people start sounding crazy defending every genuine iphone flaw.. iphone xr's display looks shitty as hell.. but no fanboys got to defend everything apple does..

  26. Dear Aaron, let’s be honest and call a spade a spade. It’s not about oled vs lcd, it’s about pixel density. Common man, I can literally see individual pixels as I am typing this comment on my iPhone XR. When we are at the homepage or settings menu of iPhone, the resolution seems ok but once you start consuming media on Facebook, Instagram, youtube etc the pictures arent as sharp, the video aren’t sharp and text aren’t as sharp and clear while browsing the net. The only analogy I can think of is “ imagine a beautiful picture printed on a newspaper, now imagine the same picture printed on a high end magazine like Vogue or Cosmopolitan” which do you think would look sharper and clearer? This is the same thing with iPhone XR, the screen is like a newspaper print while other phones with 1080 (not 2k displays) are the magazine print. I am really regretting purchasing the iPhone XR, I read a lot of text on the net and the evident pixelation of texts on the iPhone XR is starting to give me eye strains.

  27. I got a XR a few days ago, and I came from a 6s, like the phone is amazing, no chin, no head, I like the notch personally, like i don’t think I’d like it without it tbh, and it’s amazing screen

  28. XS max simply has the better display. More pixels, much better blacks, OLED panel, deeper colours… On a day to day usage the difference is not very noticeable but people who claim the XR'S screen looks better are simply delusional. Spend a month with both, watching movies and playing games. You will actually notice the difference in viewing quality.

  29. Can't decide between x or xr. The white in the xr is so much more yellow but I do want the slightly larger screen.

  30. I’m personally fine with the XR’s display. But what I will nitpick is the slightly expensive in my opinion but I’m fine with $750 plus the trade in with my 6s.

    Interesting fact: the 2015 iPhone 6 Plus has a retina HD display at full 1080p resolution. But it wasn’t clear why they dropped it below that resolution, probably to achieve better battery life.

  31. hello sir
    good morning sir
    i’m from india
    i have a one doubt sir can i buy iphone xr or iphone 8plus ? it’s big doubt for meee.

  32. I am on the XR right now and I love itThe screen is good and everything else is just as good as the other iPhone including the camera

  33. Rubbish discussion. Answer this. Is FHD better than less than FHD? If less than FHD is equal to FHD (as you try and prove) then please explain where the other less than FHD competitor phones are. Right. And? So if there aren't any, why is that? We're all dumb? All other non-Apple manufacturers are silly and wasting resources? I would ask why you're so committed to trying to show that less than FHD can be equal to FHD when factually speaking IT ISN'T NOR WILL IT EVER BE. Shill much?

  34. I just upgraded from an 8 Plus to an 11 Pro Max. I feel a great difference between OLED vs LCD. I’ve been using both phones and the new display is so much better, personally.

  35. I’m hoping to get a iPhone XR I know the new 11 is out but I don’t want the 11 and it’s far too expensive!
    I’m currently using a iPhone 7 which is shocking and keeps crashing so I’m in need for a new phone and can’t wait

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