66 thoughts on “iPhone XR – FULL REVIEW (after 30+ days)”

  1. I want Apple To come up with iPhone SQ20. In 2020; With a 20 Mega Pixel Square Format Camera with 20x Zoom. [ 20x20x20 ] : This idea Will cost Apple a $10 million USD 🇺🇸 & China 🇨🇳 Huawei Much bigger fortune Over $ 20 Million USD if they use my idea ©️

  2. I’m looking to upgrade to the iPhone XR after 2.5 years with an iPhone SE… basically anything will be an upgrade, but after watching your videos I think XR would be the best option 🙌🏼

  3. I’m going to get the iPhone XR should I get yellow or red with a clear case like if you want me to get red

  4. I have an iphone 8plus, i was thinking to get an iphone xr but i am super confused. Is plus better than xr ??? Please let me know ur views

  5. the only reason why apple included the A12, not A11 is that the XR has already lost a lot of features and Apple didn't want to lose more such as 3D touch. loll,

  6. I upgraded from a six to the XR after two days I took it back I hate that phone it’s heavy clunky cumbersome I must’ve taken 20 screenshots by accident it’s hard to close apps it sucks. The Bluetooth is very poor hard to sink The only thing I liked was improved battery life and the face ID

  7. I just got an iPhone XR and the phone is amazing. I came from the iPhone 7+ and I don’t regret my decision. Also, the battery life is absolutely amazing! My battery was at 67% when I first used it. Then 4 and a half hours later (with no charging) my battery is at 32%!

  8. I’ve looked it up and couldn’t really find the answer I was looking for but, it seems to me that I can use my android fast charger with the stock apple cable and still get fast charging. And I know apple should include a fast charger but realistically you can go pick up a better wall adapter that supports fast charging for $10-25 and most people if there switching from android will already have one so why do people complain so much about having to buy a apple branded fast charger when you don’t need to at least not in my opinion because it seems I get a considerably faster charge speed with the android charger I already had compared to the apple one in the box.

  9. I hate how people call them thick tbh it sounds like he's saying it's like the iPhone 8 besles tbh when it's not the besles aren't even thick

  10. I upgraded from my messed up iPhone 8 to the Xr. Definitely worth it. Don’t think the max is worth the extra money.

  11. Thank you so much for this review!!🙏✌️ I hope you will do that review for the iphone XI R

  12. Lcd 720p on an iPhone XR (700$)
    People : no big deal
    Oled 720p on Mi A3 (250$)
    People : couldn't you fit an Oled 1080p ffs?
    I mean wtf

  13. i don't think a fastcherger would be included because it's stupid. If the battery doesn't last you a day, you're using your phone to much, as jobs explained once at a mit talk.

  14. I had some of the older iPhones and actually hated them. So I went back to Android. Now I have the iPhone XR and I can honestly say, I love this phone. I've had this XR for about 2 months and it keeps getting better day by day.

  15. I love my XR!! I upgraded from the iPhone 7 and it was welllll worth it!!! Especially the camera! And the display is gorgeous!!!

  16. I made it to the end! Very helpful video. I ordered the white XR yesterday after the price dropped. I’m trading in my 6S+, and I chose this one because I wanted a full screen display and better battery. Thank you for the good information; it’s very well done.

  17. I been watchin this nigga for years and he's grown so much and even his accent isn't as strong as it used to be. Im so proud

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