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iPhone XR in 2020 – Should You Still Buy It?

iPhone XR in 2020 – Should You Still Buy It?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the iPhone XR has been out for quite some time now and was replaced more
recently with the iPhone 11 and so I wanted to help you decide should you
still pick up an iPhone 10 are in 2020 and so a lot of people were saying the
iPhone 10 are if you’re really into technology is not the phone for you
because of its specs and display and all of those things but it actually was the
best selling phone in 2019 according to some information that’s out there that
says that Apple’s sold about forty six point three million of these phones
making it the best selling phone period in all of 2019 and so despite what
people into specs and numbers are all about the phone really catered to the
people looking for a less expensive iPhone than the iPhone XS and XS Max
and also brought what most people really want in an iPhone so we’ll talk about a
few things such as cost and durability and the display and some other things as
well and so the first thing is of course the cost is a huge factor in why people
buy iPhones and the specific iPhones that they actually buy so the first
thing is this phone was dropped in price to $5.99 and goes up to six hundred and
forty nine dollars and that’s if you get it new now if you’re buying it from
Apple that’s what you’ll pay but if you get it elsewhere or you get it
refurbished or use second hand you could pay significantly less for this phone
than you could get it new for and that could be a really great deal if you
could get it around three to four hundred dollars so it’s pretty good and
I’ve seen it carriers for free with specific trade-in so it’s pretty good at
this point and that was last year and they continue to offer more deals this
year now of course you have all the colors this is the product red version
and then you have a couple other colors such as yellow blue black white and a
lot of people really like that and they’ll just put it in a clear apple
case like this one so you can see the color all the time and so along with the
price and the color availability people just gravitated towards this phone and
so a lot of people were saying this wasn’t a good phone because of its
display but I would actually argue that because it is a 6.1 inch display with
1792 by 828 pixel resolution with 326 pixels per inch and people say well
that’s close to a 720p display but technically it’s
closer to a 1080p display and the reality is people get caught up in the
numbers as opposed to the value they should be looking at which is the pixel
density because this is an LCD display the pixel density and the pixel
arrangement really doesn’t require as many pixels so for example people praise
the iPhone 8 and 8 plus displays when they came out but the iPhone 8 has the
exact same pixel density as the iPhone XR and people love this display the
same thing goes for the iPad pro which actually has a lower pixel density and
people say it’s an amazing display if you realize the important thing is pixel
density as opposed to actual resolution numbers it works fine and it’s a great
display you cannot see the pixels and in fact I’ve said this many times before
I’ve put this side-by-side with an iPhone XS Max as well as iPhone 11 and
people just cannot see the difference other than saturation levels that are
higher or deeper blacks that are on OLED displays so if you have an iPhone 11 Pro
or 11 Pro Max for example and you go into settings and then we turn on dark
mode you can see that the difference you’ll see actually is in the blacks
because on an LCD the backlight is always on but on an OLED display that I
have in my right hand where it’s black the pixels are actually turned off so
that’s also some battery savings and things like that but also it definitely
has deeper blacks so you can see these side-by-side but honestly if these were
hidden as to which displays they were I bet 99% of people could not tell the
difference I’ve shown people that are photographers that do video for a living
and the only area where they noticed any difference at all
was in the corners where actually Apple takes the pixels and shrinks them and
changes them so the corner is rounded so otherwise other than that it’s great and
you can still watch 1080p YouTube videos you still have that resolution option
skip that there you still have that resolution option because the display is
closer to 1080p so here’s my iOS 13 point for beta 3 video and if we go to
resolution options you’ll see you have 1080p up to 1080p 60 so there’s no
issues there you’re still to be able to enjoy that content without
a problem and then the next thing with the iPhone XR that it was known for
is battery life and in fact battery life can be really phenomenal on this phone
now technically the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have much bigger batteries and
will last longer but still people are finding that the battery in the iPhone
11 Pro and 11 Pro max don’t match the iPhone XR depending on how you use
it and so here’s a couple screenshots from Joe that sent these pictures along
that you can see his usage is fantastic depending on the day he was getting 9 to
12 hours about of screen on time with about 1 to 15 minutes of screen off time
so the battery is phenomenal in these devices and that’s paired with the
processor which really has no slowdowns whatsoever compared to even modern
phones so you’re going to find everything super fast when you go into
things like music it’s just going to load so if we go into a game such as
minecraft and just load it for the first time on this device it will load plenty
fast so you’ll see that it will load we’ll give it just a moment and for the
first time it does take a little bit longer than normal but there we go we
can confirm we’ll skip go into play and you’ll see everything’s just super
responsive so we’ll hit create and we’re going to be creating a world in just a
moment there we go and it should load fast and it loads fine on other devices
but it’s still incredibly fast on this device so when it comes to playing games
whether it be minecraft or fortnight or pub G or Call of Duty or any of those it
will play them without a problem and you’ll also have good audio because the
speakers are really good on this so if I go back to my video here and hit play it
has stereo speakers and you can hear from both the top and the bottom so if I
turn it up the audio goes nice and loud so if you want to use it for music or
just leave video playing in the background it’s no issue whatsoever and
so there’s really no problems there and then of course the camera is another
reason to actually take a look at this phone and so the camera
accords in 4k up to 60 frames per second and I’ve used this camera in different
videos when I’m filming outside to record iOS update videos I’ve had no
issues with it and in fact some people have said that it looks phenomenal and
it has have asked me which camera is it actually recording them because you’ll
see this says 4k 30 unfortunately you can’t tap in this particular device to
change that but if we go back to camera here go down to camera we can change the
frame right here and we have 4k 60 frames per second so we have that option
to record at that high frame rate 4k 30 will look a little bit better because
it’s using the knurl engine to make the video a little bit nicer and so if
you’re recording video of an iPhone for example the video records fast it’s
great and when I’m outside recording with this many people have said this
footage looks better than maybe the cinema camera that I’m using now which
is a Canon C 200 so you can get a pretty high quality camera as long as you have
good lighting with this particular device now the iPhone XR is not as
good when it comes to the forward-facing camera and while it’s okay it’s nowhere
near as good as say the iPhone 11 which has a better camera in the front this is
a lower megapixel camera which looks fine for most things but it doesn’t have
the 12 megapixel camera of say the iPhone 11 so it’s not going to look as
good as this for example so just keep that in mind if you’re looking for the
best forward facing camera you’ll want to go with the newer phone and then
finally if you were going to get the higher-end version of the iPhone XR I
would say spend the extra $50 and get the iPhone 11 you’ll get the faster
processor a better forward facing camera an additional rear facing camera and a
couple other color options as well and a little bit better battery life according
to Apple you should get another hour or so out of this just due to the processor
in it so the iPhone XR yes you should still pick one up today if you’re
looking for a phone you’ve got wireless charging you’ve got fast charging
ability as well great speakers great camera a good display you don’t have 3d
touch you have haptic touch but everything is haptic touch including the
11pro line as well so in general you have no issues as far as
the way works the usability and you’ll get updates you’ll definitely get iOS 14
and Apple usually updates them for five years so you should be good to go up to
say iOS 18 or so maybe even further it just depends what Apple does now another
thing you get with the XR is face ID aside with that forward facing camera of
course you’ve got the unlock so you get an emoji and momochi but you can unlock
the phone with face ID it’s fast so if you really like the idea of face ID it
is fast and secure unless you have a twin for example that could unlock your
phone that looks similar otherwise it’s more secure than touch ID and I think
it’s a great option in fact I picked one up recently for family members over the
iPhone 11 because they didn’t care so much about specs but rather wanted
something newer than their iPhone 6 or 6s a–‘s so I highly recommend this over
anything else as far as budget iPhones but also you’ve got the advantages of a
great camera and just it being less expensive to repair as well as a newer
phone so there’s a lot of advantages of course if you really want that extra
camera and you want a better front-facing camera there’s the iPhone
11 or 11 Pro line but you’ll save a lot of money going with the XR
and I definitely recommend it in 2020 but let me know what you think about it
in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of
course I’ll link it in the description as I always do and if you haven’t
subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it
a like and as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone XR in 2020 – Should You Still Buy It?”

  1. I’m still using the 6s plus but considering a new phone. You gave a very thorough description of this phone. Thank you for the information.

  2. A few easy tells to notice the 326ppi LCD for me are the red notification dots, where I can easily see they're not circles, and the curves around the time on the lock screen with the large letters. I can notice it a few other times depending on distance and content and lighting. So long as I could hold them and get close, I feel like with those tips, a lot more than 1% of people would be able to see the difference, but maybe I'm wrong and just look too close.

  3. I just got my iPhone XR on Monday last week and I’m loving it. I haven’t had any issues so far, I got it in white 64gb and it’s so classy looking. It’s true white I’m loving the color. Some people thing white is boring but I love white devices. I’m enjoying it though. 🙂😁

  4. I always enjoy your videos but I don't remember a single person anyone at all praising the iPhone 8 display not one… iPhone 8 plus much better.

  5. I’ve had mine since December 2018. No software problems, just a bit of discoloring near the charging port. Everything still works well. No noticeable change in battery life either. I would recommend it.

  6. I love my XR switched from a Galaxy with OLED screen. Side by side I could notice a difference but it was slight to my eye. Happier with the XR, iOS, Face ID, and Apple Pay than I was with Android. I would happily use either, just prefer iOS . I still get compliments on my photos despite the single camera.

  7. If Xr the only one i can afford yes i buy it,but if can afford Xs or newer one,of course i will get that one,since l like oled more 😅


  9. xr vs 11? sorry but look at the xr 100 cheaper 🗽🗽🗽🗽 hate it doesn’t has night mode only down side

  10. I'm still rocking my iPhone XR and I have no desire to upgrade! Oh, and the Maximum Capacity for the battery on my XR is at 99%!

  11. I was perfectly happy with my Xr with a tiny little exception. Have the 11 now. I actually like the screen because of its LCD/IPS-typical viewing-angle.
    Looks so nice. Can’t complain at all.

    The only problem about the Xr was that it had this weird bug in HDR mode, when in some areas of a photo you have blue and yellow lines. Sometimes more, sometimes less apparent.

  12. Ok so I have the nokia 7 plus and in thinking about jumping to iOS. My main options that I've thought off are the XR and the 11. Which one should I get? In scared whether I'll have FOMO coz it's kinda outdated. Is it? Like would I get the updates?
    PS: please help me😭

  13. Even though I recognise that the screen is a bummer since it is not OLED, I still end up loving the experience that XR brings. I have been using it for almost a year now and love every minute of it.

  14. Keeping my Xr till 2022 at least. The 6 series came out years ago and hella people still have them.👍🏽😂😂

  15. Nope, I can appreciate it being nice for most users but I get bothered by the lower resolution especially when reading text. I will hold on to my iphone 7 hoping the 12 will get rid of the notch.

  16. I’ve had my Xr since late November 18. Battery life is the king. At 90% battery health, but I’m a heavy user. Camera is the best of this phone if you like to take pics or video. Friends are amazed at the video quality. If you like to use the camera on your phone this is the best bang for your buck at a less then $500 price.

  17. I’m loving my IPhone XR Red version. Had mine since September 2019 still in prefect shape the front and back in excellent shape and camera are in excellent shape. I had case might be battery case it scratched bottom up a bit everything else in excellent shape.

  18. Watching on my iPhone 11. & I honestly don’t see the difference in them until you look at the back obviously

  19. I'm tempted to upgrade this phone than the ROG phone from the S7. It has pretty similar size to the S7 which i'm accustomed by now, is it better to buy this one than the rog phone? I don't really care about the 120hz on rog because i already have that on my ipad, but the software and camera of iphones are drawing me towards it more, as ROG phone rather have a "okay-ish" camera.

  20. from SE to 7 to XR, it has been a long journey 🙂 Hoping Apple keeps a 6 inch phone like the iPhone 11 Pro. Will shell some bucks & might get the 9 just for the form factor.

  21. Everytime I watch a “iPhone XR worth it in 2020” video I laugh b/c this phone just came out at the end of 2018, it was a fire ass phone then and retains the same flame now….anybody reading this, save you’re cash on those pro line phones, cop you this modern feeling, snappy/responsive, great camera having, forever battery stay charged, nice camera taking AWSOME PHONE !

  22. I had a pink wallpaper and my camera no takes things in color pink so that's the screen that burns or something

  23. Hello, hope your doing good! I have few questions for you. I really need your guidance to clarify my doubts before choosing to buy between an Android and an apple!

    So here are my questions.
    1. If I buy an apple phone let's say iphone X or XR then do i get updates from apple like an Android phone does?
    2. How long I can use this phone? I mean if updates stop coming to the iPhone let's say after 3 years then is apple X or XR going to be useless after 3 years unlike an android?
    3. Also since phones are mostly for connecting with people, does iphone X and XR has Volte performance? How good is the connectivity for iphones? Does Volte matter?

    Please please please help me mate!

  24. The ones i think are worth buying nowadays are:
    -Iphone 8/8 Plus because it gives us pretty much the same experience of the new iphone and it has the home button so it’s the best option if you don’t want a full screen phone
    -Iphone X because it has an amazing screen, camera e phone are awesome too and even though its successors are better, the X is a great option for the ones who likes smaller phones
    -Iphone XR is the iphone 11 minus one camera and less good battery life, if you don’t really care about the second camera then it’s not worth buying the 11 now when you can purchase the XR that’s cheaper
    -Iphone 11 for me is pure perfection, the only flaw is the camera design and the screen (why not HD apple why noooot), i think this is indeed the best one to buy and i think it’s a keeper.
    The Iphone 12 is almost here, but i’m pretty sure the differences won’t be enough to make people forget about the older models. (This is the opinion of a brazilian citizen and Iphones here are extremely expensive so i’ll always say: buy the cheapest option with good features).

  25. Tôi rất thích cái kiểu lấy điện thoại lên của anh ấy, sự trân trọng điện thoại khi cầm trên tay, nhẹ nhàng lắm với tất cả các loại điện thoại không riêng gì Iphone 👍🏻 🇻🇳

  26. I took in jan 2020… it’s good but …
    I m facing internet issue some times when it connected to mobile data 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. Does anyone know if Apple will discontinue the XR or the iPhone 8 when the new lower cost 9 is out? If I were to guess I would say the 8 since that has Touch ID and the 9 seems to also have Touch ID.

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