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iPhone XR screen replacement

iPhone XR screen replacement

Hello everyone, today I show you how to disassemble
iPhone XR and replace display module To disassemble the iPhone XR you need the
following tools: • Screwdriver set
• Tweezers • Opening plastic tool
• Plastic mediator • Suction cup for removing display
In the description of this video, I left links to the necessary tools and parts for replacement
Before disassembling, turn off the iPhone xr and remove the sim card tray. Unscrew two screws near the lightning port. Using a hairdryer, heat the display surface
for 1-2 minutes. In this way, the glue heat between the iPhone
case and the display, so it will be easier to open the case. Apply the suction cup to the bottom edge of
the display and pull up on the ring. Next, push the plastic mediator between the
display and iPhone case. If you cannot do this with a plastic mediator,
take any thin plastic card and insert it between the case and the display, then it will be
easier to pry with a mediator. Now, evenly and slowly, open the display around
the perimeter of iPhone. The iPhone case opens like a book; the display
opens to the right side. Using a Tri-Wing screwdriver, unscrew the
3 screws and remove the metal panel. Now you can disconnect the battery cable from
the mainboard. Next, unscrew the 2 screws and remove the
second metal panel. Unscrew another 3 screws with a Tri-Wing screwdriver
and two screws with a PH00 screwdriver. Disconnect 3 cables of the display from the
mainboard. Unscrew 3 screws on the speaker and one screw
near the light sensors. Pry the metal panel that holds the light sensor. Using a plastic opening tool, carefully peel
off the speaker cable and proximity sensor. Now take the tweezers and pry the bottom of
the light sensor. If this sensor is damage, the Face ID will
be lost, so special care is required not to damage one of these components during removal
and replacement of the display. In the description of this video, I left links
where you can buy new display for iphone xr. First, install the proximity and lighting
sensors on the new display. After installed the light sensor, set on top
the metal panel. Set speaker and fasten 4 screws. The display module assembled, now you can
install the display and test how everything works before final assembly with gluing the
iPhone case. For test the iPhone, connect 3 display cables
to the mainboard and only after that connect the battery cable. Turn over the display and turn ON the iPhone. Check how the phone works and, if everything
is in fine, let’s go to the gluing of the case. Remove the old adhesive tape from the iPhone
case. After, using medicine alcohol wipe the surface
of iPhone case and display module. Take a new adhesive tape and apply on the
case. With this tape, you keep the iPhone waterproof. I left a link where you can buy this adhesive
tape in the description. Connect 3 display cables to the mainboard
and only after that connect the battery cable. Next, install all panels and fasten screws. Now turn over the display and press the display
to the case. Fasten 2 screws near the lightning port. Installing a sim card and now you can turn
on the iPhone. Good luck.

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  1. Hey I noticed you ha e a mta card and I think you live in new York just like I do and I want to know if you can fix my iPhone XR screen

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