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iPhone XR takes on the best Android phones of 2018

iPhone XR takes on the best Android phones of 2018

Hey everyone I’m Michael Simon and welcome back to Android Confidential and let me just get this right out of the way If you didn’t like my last video on the iPhone 10 R and Android you’re probably not gonna like this one either. Let me explain So in my last episode I talked about the iPhone 10 R and Android phones and value and how Premium phones could follow Apple’s lead here like, you know Samsung and Google and I got some opinions people weren’t happy with me They told me stupid. They told me I should go back and live in my basement, which I’m not doing That was a snap judgment I had the phone for about a day day and a half and I was you know I was impressed with what Apple had done. They took a thousand-dollar phone and they basically made a $750 version of it without Sacrificing the things that people want like processor speed and battery life and you know a really good screen So I want to be fair over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken the iPhone 10 hour and I’ve compared it Against the pixel 3xl the galaxy note 9 and the one plus 60 which I feel are the three best Android phones right now some of them cost as much of the iPhone 10s Some of them are cheaper like the one plus 60 is $550 So I I tried to cover the whole spectrum here to see if my original Judgment was correct So first we have design and this one surprised me a little bit because you know Apple usually wins these These arguments and the iPhone 10 R is a really nice looking phone as a glass back and all the things that you expect From an Apple product great build quality really nice colors on the back but the oneplus 60 I think really takes it one step further and That’s because of the bezels the iPhone 10 R has Really big bezels going all the way around the sides I mean, they’re like four and a half millimeters and that’s all the way around. So we’re talking about eight to nine millimeters across That’s a lot the galaxy no 9 Really gorgeous phone but that top and bottom that says chin in the forehead. It’s getting a little old the pixel 3xl I’m not even gonna talk about cuz that is not in contention for best design of anything But the 1 plus 60 is just I mean, it’s one of the best-looking phones. I’ve used all year It’s got that small little notch at the top So you got a real immersive display slim bezels all around the chin is only slightly bigger than the sighs. So it’s not distracting It’s easy to hold It’s just it’s just gorgeous and you know, the ten art is really nice If the bezels were like a millimeter and a half dinner But they’re not so let’s look at the display and apples gonna lose this one too, because it’s an LCD and it’s 720p which is just crazy, but if you care about pixels and OLED and and 1440p and 2k and all these things Yeah, the iPhone 10 R is just gonna be a garbage phone but people aren’t gonna notice it I used it every day for like a week and a half and After like a day or two, I didn’t know I wasn’t using an auto head phone I didn’t know it didn’t have as many pixels as the pixel 3xl These aren’t things that you’re I can discern on a daily basis unless you’re looking for it and if you are and I did then the Galaxy Note 9 is the way to go Samsung just kills it with displays In fact, they they supply a lot of the displays in these phones the note 9 is just fantastic It’s you know Brighten and crisp and and you know color accurate and they have tremendous Controls where you can dive in and really kind of you know get the picture the way you want it to be and they’re the best but the iPhone 10 are for an LCD and for a 720p display is Damn, good damn good So let’s get into actually using them and we’ll start with battery and performance and the ten-hour sorry to say just kills it It’s got a 29 hundred million power battery Which is the smallest by a good margin from all of these but it just lasts and lasts and lasts It’s crazy Like I used this thing on max brightness with watching videos, and I you know I took me hours and hours and hours and hours to kill this battery It is insane what Apple does to optimize the OS the hardware and the battery of this phone? It’s also got the a12 Bionic chip, which is the newest now Apple could have easily put an A 11 chip in this thing and they still would have sold them people aren’t going to necessarily Ding them for knocking $250 off the price of their current flagship and putting an old processor in it That’s what Android phones do all the time. They didn’t it’s the same chip. It’s the same speed I’d benchmark the hell out of these things and it’s just as good and it destroys Android phones I mean, I mean destroy them. Check it check out these numbers I ran a Geekbench for single core multi-core test and the iPhone 10 R got 4818 single core 11,000 326 multi-core that’s that’s as good as like some laptops Pixel 3 Excel which is, you know, optimized for Google and all that stuff 2300 single core 8400 multi-core that is not even in the league of the iPhone 10 hour. It is not even close now I know you’re gonna yell at me. Tell me I’m an idiot all this other factors you’re wrong Apple kills it they get it and Android just can’t compete when it comes to this stuff and the camera which is you know Probably the most important part of these phones and listen Google just is better than everyone else here the only m1 lens on their pixel tree But the things that they do behind the scenes of processing the computational stuff. It’s just off the charts They have amazing low-light stuff the portrait mode. They have all these cool little features that they added with this one It’s just awesome, but the 10 are Really good, you’re getting a single lens instead of the dual lens on the XS and the note 9 and other phones But they they’re doing some good stuff They let you do portrait mode now, which is nice and only people but it’s still really really good Does better low-light you’re getting great, you know, great color accuracy and clarity and exposure. It’s just it’s a really good camera You’re not getting a lesser camera in the 10 hour versus other ones on this table Even the no 9 which is you know, it’s it’s a really good phone. I like the 10 are a little bit better So if you really care about photography if that’s your number one reason for buying a phone get the pixel 3 XL But you’re not gonna be upset with the 10 hour alright so quick recap before we go on we got the best design 1 plus 60 That screen Galaxy Note 9 the best camera the pixel 3 XL and the best performance battery and the iPhone 10 R So we’re pretty even here What pushes the iPhone 10 are over the edge in my mind is? The OS and the updates. I don’t care what phone you like you have to look at Apple and just be a little bit jealous because You’re not just getting a great phone now with iOS 12 You’re getting a great phone a year from now with iOS 13 two years from now with iOS 14 three years from now with iowa’s 15 maybe even four years from now and in between all we’re getting updates and Google promises monthly security updates which they deliver and two years of full version updates Which will be Android q and Android or whatever they’re called now If there’s a problem with the IV 110 are and there will be things break. Things are messed up Apple pushes that an update in like a week, Google How long has it been since the pixel 3 XL has come out a month and a half There are known issues that Google has admitted to that should be fixed that are degrading the experience and Google just says yeah We’ll get to in a couple weeks That doesn’t cut it in my mind if you’re paying 900 thousand dollars for a phone You should know this thing is gonna be fixed within days of them finding out about the problem Apple delivers that Google Samsung one Plus Everyone else just doesn’t end if you’re gonna buy a phone if you aren’t married to either of these these operating systems 10r that’s the reason to grab this phone. So there you have it I did a ton of testing on this. I wrote a ton of words I will provide a link in the description below while you’re down there be sure to subscribe to our PC world YouTube channel where you’ll find all the rest of our Android and PC world coverage if you disagree and I know you will the comments are down below Try to be a little bit nicer than last time and I’ll catch you next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone XR takes on the best Android phones of 2018”

  1. performance is priority it is for people like gamers,professionals,but for normal people display ,camera,good performance without lag

  2. I'm an Android fanboy (and also a programmer) but yes…. Apple can't be touched on processor…. It's a fact. when I worked on a mobile app development team I used to be blown away at how much better our mobile app ran on the iPhone. It's just not even close.

    honestly the reason I have right now for using an Android and not using your iPhone is the user interface… And the price…

  3. I compared the xr with a Samsung galaxy S8 and I was shocked that the iPhone had a sharper and more brilliant display,

  4. From someone who has had both operated systems. I can tell you that I prefer Apple hands down. I am about to purchase a XR. The reason is because Apple makes the best phone period. That being said, I will say that I like the new Samsung phones. But for reliability you simply can’t beat Apple.

  5. your videos are great i love them, i loved the fact that you mentioned apple could have gone with a11 bionic eaisly but still included a12 bionic by making no comprise in the performance department. i would have been dissppointed if it would have a11 bionic if it would even have an oled high resolution display.

  6. Apple OS does nothing for me anymore. Loved it back in the day but now it's too simple for me. I couldn't use a iPhone for a day if it was free. Great camera and iMessage is top but that's not enough

  7. I totally agree with you. I also had a Full HD Android Flagship before. The lower resolution on the XR display doesn‘t matter to me.
    iOS is a great Software, important updates within days instead of months and the camera is brillant! If you wanna take photos even better, you should buy a full camera instead.

  8. apple puts the tristar chip in their phones and when that fails you cant charge your phone. being dealing with that for 2 years with my iphone 6 plus. my iphone 5 c will charge on any cable and still rock solid. apple lost my business with their Greed !

  9. …I PHONES. …..
    …low rams/low battery
    ….low memory..weak fragile glass screen…..

  10. ….I PHONES …..
    no able to play games because battery.. No able to take long videos/ picture…lack of memory

  11. I wanted to choice the XR however the problem here in my place, it has the same price with the NOTE 9. XR even cost a little higher soo I'll go for the Note 9 if that is the case.

  12. There should be a review that compares the performance, battery, and market price after a year or two. Just to show which brand provides the best longevity and / or resell value after actually using them.

  13. I think your review was balanced and fair. I have the Note 9, iPhone 8+, and my daughter has the XR. Apple comes out on top for software optimization and battery life. There are things about both systems i like and often wish I could combine features from the two. Keep doing what you do.

  14. That someone would even compare the Note 9 and 6t to the iPhone XYZ.. is in itself an instance of monumental stupidity, but one look at this asshole's mug and.. no wonder,… what else can one expect from this disappointing specimen of humanity.

  15. Have a Like. Why would anyone not like this review? It's smart, and not bias. Good work.
    One question I still have. I used Andorid loads of years ago, and because I was used to iOS it was shit for me. Like iOS would stop being optimised in the middle of the development. Is it still like that? Is iOS still much better and Android is dumb?
    Apple used to be innovative and really pushed the boundaries, but they got really lazy, so it's hard for me to justify some Apple's misfires nowadays. What do you think?

  16. Who keeps an android phone more than two years and still works properly ? Cause i had iPhone 6 for five years and still works perfect. And that’s why I bought iPhone XR.

  17. I used to be an apple hater but after i got an iphone xr for free to try out, i did my research and want to go for the entire Apple experience with a macbook when i could afford it one day xp

  18. The pixelcount of the iPhone XR is much closer to 1080 than it is to 720. I recently switched from a Galaxy S8 (which you have to use in 1080p mode to have at least tolerable battery life) to the iPhone XR and I honestly can’t tell a difference when it comes to sharpness. Sure, thanks to the OLED the Galaxy’s display has brighter colors and deeper blacks but I only see that when I have both phones next to each other.

  19. Ok .. so one question ..
    Apple phones are 100-200$ more expensive …but the long support from Apple helps people keep these phones for 5 years … Apple rolled out iOS 12 which supports iPhone 5s!
    Where are the other phones that launched the same year ?
    Samsung s4, Lg g2 ?
    All dusted already .. hell people are so arrogant they will call Apple greedy but won’t Mind upgrading to a new. Android phone every year .. there’s something called as “preference”
    Android lovers love the customisations and iOS lovers love the support and security .. android has its perks but when u compare “Android phones”, u r comparing over 50 companies with one company ..Apple ..

  20. Apple’s not meant for people who check the price over product.. it’s not the people they’re trying to appeal. iPhones don’t speak broke boi.. and everyone knows iOS is better and more user friendly and then there’s imsg too.. what else do u need if u have the money?🤦‍♂️

  21. Why a lot of y'all being so salty towards the man..

    First of all I'm an OP6 user (with pixel 3 mod) and yes it's an amazing phone overall. Great battery life, extremely fast because of the hardware combined with OxygenOS and etc etc.

    However I change phones rather fast, I had a lot of Samsungs before (my last being S8+ and the simplicity and speed of the OP6 really got to me!)

    When it comes to tablets however I always found iPads to make more sense to me than android tablets. I own a 6th gen iPad and really love it. IOS12 also is just smooth and fast af.

    The reason I never really got iphones before was the price which I found out of proportion compared to android flagships with a similar package. with the iphone XR that changed. I am really intrigued by this phone's package and might get one..


    – fastest processor in the game
    – great build quality (check drop tests, stronger than xs)
    -best battery life on an iphone yet
    -the screen is not bad as many try to claim, its actually good. See it irl then talk..
    -not gonna slow down and will get updated for years
    -top of the game camera just behind a pixel 3..cos nothing can touch the pixel
    -I love to change phones :p

  22. I spent like an hour trying out phones at the Apple Store. I couldn't tell any meaningful difference between the XR and the XS/XS max. the XR seems like the best choice out there for the price considering performance.

  23. Android user here, I owned every single nexus and pixel device. I tried the iPhone xr for almost a month then I decided I wanna get the pixel 3 and give the iPhone xr to my wife. Man, I can't tell you how I missed the ios! The pixel 3 felt like a rushed out product and the android felt like an underbaked software. I returned the pixel 3 after 3 days and didn't regret it. Now I'm happy with my new black iPhone xr.

  24. For those who want to take pictures of other objects instead people while using portrait mode, I highly recommend using the app Focus.

  25. I currently daily drive a pixel 2 xl, but my iPhone xr product red will be here tomorrow. I love it. Even with the lower res screen.

  26. I'm just a shmuck with a blue note 9 who doesnt really know any better but I will say I'm quite happy with it .

    But I will say apple phones do retain that good smell much longer

  27. You are way too positive, I have the iPhone 8, but you have to look at the speed of the android devices not geekbench. Oneplus feels 3 times faster for example. Samsung Note also a great great phone. And yes the updates on ios are good, but in two years most people will change their phone.

  28. Can not see what you would have said that was incorrect you hit right on the nose. I am on the Pixel 3 XL and I just ordered the iPhone XR.

  29. Nice video man! Sorry for the bad responses you had but I feel you were pretty honest. I use an iPhone 6. It's been almost 3 years now and still working fine. The battery doesn't perform the same but yea no lags or anything. Plus, I don't want to be tracked.

  30. As a Pixel 3 owner I think you pretty much nailed it. I've actually been debating switching to an iPhone after only being an Android user for many many years. Primary reason is that I'm having problems with 3rd party apps working while on my Pixel, such as Garmin connect, the GoPro app, some financial apps and other video editing apps.

  31. All true. Good video! I am using both systems. Having a iPhone XR and a Pixel 3 XL. Best of both worlds! 👍😉

  32. Money review. All true. The XR isn't the best at any one feature, but a solid all around device. The 128gb XR is a sweet spot for many iOS people who want a less expensive, but solid, experience. After 10 years, I switched from Android (most recently Pixel 3XL) back to iOS (XS at first then and the XR) and my life hasn't changed for the better or worse because of the switch. Strangely, I'm enjoying being back on iOS. Maybe just because it's a change. Here's the thing, Apple makes good phones, Google makes good phones, Samsung makes good phones, as do many others. Pick the one you prefer and rock it. Debating the pros and cons is good, arguing about what is "best" is pointless because it's too subjective.

  33. Noone wants to follow apple corrupt business ways look at the s10e that's a good value phone eat that apple

  34. Great video man! Watched this on my XR. No two things are exactly similar and there are some ups n downs. Its all about which specific feature you want… people dont understand that you dont get all the best or desired features in a single thing… In this video you clarified the best stuff of each device… keep it up man.

  35. Well said. More then 10 years Android user, but 2 years ago tried the iPhone 7 and, I was blown away by the fast and accurate way that apps work on IOS. Later I switched again to Android because is all I know for years. But I'm thinking of switching again to the iPhone.

  36. problem with benchmarks are dude! apple 's os z so rigid that you cant even use all the power you talk out!
    no multiple app opener in ios even in 2019! cmon 😂
    i use oneplus for 3 years runs as good as present phones! they are way better nd more sensible buy than wasting 750$ on a so called budget phone!
    i cant still buy the fact of buying a 1000$ phone..coz budget phones are so awesome these days! you want gud pictures get a camera not a phone!
    but mac PC s nd mac os z great

  37. Wow, amazing information. I'm using an iPhone 6 plus and it's time to upgrade, Was thinking about the Note 9 and upcoming 10 but will now save my money and stay with Apple with the XR and then may sell later and get the Max.

  38. i only replace my phone if its getting too old or if it was too expensive to fix if i break it. few months ago my iphone 6 is getting really slow and i decided to replace the phone. i started to look at the mate 20 pro from huawei because i think that’s a really good phone, but i decided to get the Xr anyway because the software update. not dissapointed at all. i killed all my friend’s android phone easily

  39. First is weird when you buy it you think that the display is a trash😂but is amazing.i make a lot of testes and colors look much good compare to oled but the luminosity is low -medium compare to oled or amoled but this is the reason the baterry is great at this phone and again the videos at 1080 look amazing and much natural i m proud of my red xr😊apple again is the best 🤘

  40. I pick the iPhone XR. Because it’s not a numbers game it’s purely based on quality. I like the iPhone quality built as well as software customisations. Because this XR gives more than sufficient battery backup as compared with any other flagship device but it’s only got 2942 mah battery but others got more numbers but not a quality. And apple done all the stuffs in to the single camera and pixel also have single lens but the pictures from the iPhone it’s pleasing to watch. So I pick the iPhone XR. It’s beautiful thing in the world of gadgets.

  41. Bro , that was the honest review. I can definitely say that it was genuine. I’m an iPhone XR user and I know how blazing fast this phone is. Performance on this phone is nailing Lot of android phones.

  42. You just got a sub from me coming from an s9 plus switched to a iPhone 7plus I thought well I thought wrong honest it just works and not to mention updates every year to fix any issue at a moments notice hmmm iOS just works

  43. XR looks the best!
    Performs the best!
    Irl you wont notice much difference in display quality!
    Battery is decent!
    Camera is the best! (Not for people who want to zoom!)

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