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iPhone Xr Vlog!

iPhone Xr Vlog!

– Today we’re at Kualoa Ranch. This is one of my
favorite places in Hawaii. It is so beautiful. It’s 4,000 acres. They’ve shot so many amazing movies here. (chill music)
If you’ve seen a movie where it looks like it’s a Hawaii setting, there’s a really good chance, they shot it here at the ranch. We’re about to do an ebike tour. When we booked this tour, we thought that it was going to be a fully electric bike tour, but it’s pedal assist. And this place is over 4,000 acres. We’re about to hop on, and this is going to be an iPhone XR Vlog. So most of the clips will be iPhone XR, but I’m kind of afraid to mount this, so I’m going to mount on of
my 360 cameras and GoPro, and I’ll intercut some footage there. Everything about this
place is just so magical. If you guys are ever in Oahu, please go visit Kualoa Ranch. I promise you, you will
not be disappointed. So we’re out on an assisted
electric mountain bike tour. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve got a GoPro, I’ve got a 360 camera. I’ve got so much tech on me. It is probably going
to be the death of me. Not the bike, or the
mountain, my technology. (chill techno music) Oh my gosh! Do you remember what this place was? – I do it’s where you got scared. – You scared me so bad. – I scared you so good. – This is where Jenna and Matt scared the crap out of me. I was in here, just like making a video and talking about some stuff and then, you guys scared me so– – You got a little boo! That’s when pranks were cool, ya know. (upbeat music) (Justine screaming) – [Justine] Oh my god! I hate you! – [Matt] Did we actually get you? – You actually did. What are we doing now? – Hey. – Hello, that’s our new friend. Dalton, is that correct? – [Jenna] I was just about to
say, do you remember his name? – I do, I remember, but he
said we could call him– – [Jenna] Where’s he from? – New Port Beach.
– There you go! – It’s an honor and a privilege. – [Jenna] This bunker was
completed two years after the war. – So that means, it was not efficient. I just want to show you what I got here. GoPro, phone, water, 360 camera. This is what we call tech fashion. Hi Brea. – What’s up. (mellow music) – [Justine] My god, I’m
so strong, aw shoot. (mellow music) Tell me a better show, tell me about it. Tell me a better show than Lost. – No, I can’t. – [Justine] There isn’t one. (chill techno music) This is where Jen and I flew our drones one of the other times that
we were here, and oh my gosh. The views are just so breathtaking. (chill techno music) This is so beautiful. This is a bunch of shots where they filmed Jurassic Park and Jumanji. Oh right there! There’s a Jumanji sign! One of my favorite movies, so good. (upbeat music) I keep wanting to use this phone on the bike tour, but I’m so afraid I’m going to drop it because I don’t have a case for it yet. And I am very nervous. (upbeat music) (Brea laughing) Brea, what did you do? – [Brea] I don’t know. – [Justine] Brea’s bike is broken. And we’re out of radio cell service. So, Brea’s chain just broke, and like it actually broke, broke. It didn’t just pop off. It’s split. Jenna had a really great idea. – I did. – Let’s test it out. The iPhone XR detects people when you’re taking the portrait mode. So she said, will it detect this person? – [Jenna] You’d do a better job. – I don’t think it’s,
but it’s not a person. – [Jenna] You’re right,
it was just a thought. It’s okay, we tried. (upbeat music) – [Justine] This is a true
ranch hero right here. In case you didn’t hear him, he said, not all super heroes wear capes. Some wear green shirts. – We’re almost there. – [Justine] You got this. – [Jenna] Are you telling yourself that? – Yeah. (upbeat music) As I bring our iPhone XR Vlog to a close, I just want to give you guys
a quick little demonstration of what it’s like to Vlog on here, what some of the footage looks like. Did you guys order a an iPhone XR? If you did, let me know on the comments below what color you got. And if you didn’t, what color would you get? I’ll see you guys later. Say good-bye to the horsies. (upbeat music) I just finished editing this video, and I thought that you guys are probably going to have some questions about how I did the fish eye effect and a bunch of those
other hyperlapse things. I did use that 360 camera
that I mentioned before. It’s the Instant 361X and
I did use my iPhone Xs to edit those, and then I
imported those into final cut to finish editing this whole Vlog, so, technically, this Vlog was pretty much all done on an iPhone. I’m pretty impressed. Again, thanks for watching
and look for my unboxing of all of the XR colors
coming very, very shortly. As soon as UPS drops them off. And I film the video and edit it. It’ll be up here for you guys to enjoy. Until then, I’ll see you later. And that’s it. I think that’s all I wanted to tell you. (Justine laughs) See ya! (upbeat music)

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  1. Are you using the back camera or the front camera? I’m thinking of upgrading to iPhone XR to use for vlogging. Btw love your videos!! ✨💜

  2. I don’t have the iPhone XR, but the color I want is red with 64 stoarege.Aka(I’m getting the iPhone XR when I’m ten)

  3. Hi Justine this video is one of the reasons that convinced me to buy an iPhone XR instead of a mirrorless cam. BTW I just posted my first ever vlog using my iPhone XR. So if you have time to watch it, I would be very happy ☺️ 💜

  4. I am so happy! I’ve been begging for a new phone, and I’m getting the Xr next month! I have a 6s now so it’s going to take so getting used to but I’m still so happy!

  5. I am thinking about getting the xr and if I do I will get the coral or red. I’m still undecided between the Xs max or xr

  6. I’m not sure what colour but I can’t decide between white and coral??? Pls reply to this comment and tell me what colour should I get??

  7. I’m getting my iPhone XR this week! I’m super excited. I currently have the 6plus and it’s cracked with green and black stuff on the screen. So it’s time for an upgrade. I’m getting the coral

  8. If all the clips were not on the xr it would be worth labeling the clips as the video progresses. I personally wanted that clarity not sure if I'm the only party pooper😆

  9. I know I am late but I got the Iphone xr in red colour and my younger sister got in blue colour❤❤💙💙 Both of them are gorgeous

  10. been using red XR for a month. its just great. the SOT got 8-10 hrs 👀🙃 the video quality of Iphone undoubted…… sorry samsung fans Lol 🙂 xr has really great value for money! Alhamdulillah

  11. I'm sorry what??? It's Build in 1943, in the middle of WW2. It's 2 years after Pearl Harbour, that's correct. JUSTINE!!!

  12. Having used the cameras of multiple different smartphones, I have to say that I can instantly recognize Apple’s color science even if you hadn’t told anyone this was shot on an iPhone. It’s a very distinct Apple look!

  13. I plan to shoot a majority of my videos on this camera! Why wait until I can buy a super expensive camera if I can start making videos NOW with my iPhone XR?

  14. The video quality and audio is really good. I use the iPhone XR as my camera that I use to film my YouTube videos bc I don’t have any other camera 😂. Btw I got the blue

  15. I bought the black phone . I think of resale value in 2-3 years . So far as an avid DSLR user the Xr has literally blown my mind coming from a iPhone 5s . the upgrade was long over due . hmmm maybe a vlog in the future what adventures could i get into with this gem of a phone . As for my boring life since i have been taking lots if pics now with a truly capable phone alot of people really seem to think i have this fun life filled with awe and grander . Too long but man i really love this new iPhone Xr .

  16. I’ve heard the XR’s camera quality is top notch, but I never thought it looked this good!
    Gonna have to start using it for my own vlogs, thanks iJustine!

  17. Yes! Such great quality!! I just recently got an XR and had to try out the video

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