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iPhone XR vs iPhone X

iPhone XR vs iPhone X

– What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and in this video, we’re
going to be looking at the key differences
between the iPhone XR and the iPhone X from last year. So why are we doing this comparison? Well, the iPhone X, now
that it’s a year old, will coming down in price
if you can pick it up from a reseller or secondhand and should be a similar price to the newly announced iPhone XR. So let’s break down the differences. First up, the display. This is the biggest
difference between the two. The iPhone XR has a
slightly larger display. 6.1 inches versus 5.8 inches. But there is a big, big difference in terms of the technology
behind these displays. The iPhone X actually
has a much better display compared to the iPhone XR. Although we have small
bezels on the iPhone XR, the bezels are not as
small as what we’ve got on the iPhone X. And we’ve got LCD technology on the XR versus older technology on the X. Now, these actually make a big difference. Firstly, in terms of contrast ratio, you’ve got 1400:1 on the XR and the X has 1,000,000:1. So that just goes to show the difference in terms of contrast ratio. The XR has the same contrast
ratio as what we had on the iPhone 8 plus. This essentially means that
you’re going to be getting much deeper blacks on the X as well as much more vibrant colors. You’ve also got 3D touch on the iPhone X. This is something that
you’ve not got on the XR. Now, there is some haptic feedback, which is going to try to replicate
the 3D touch functionality, but it’s not going to be the same as what we’ve got on the X, where it’s actually a
pressure sensitive display. And the differences continue when it comes to the resolution. The iPhone X has a much higher resolution. Super Retina is what Apple call it. In terms of pixel density, we’re looking at around about 458. On the XR, we have a pretty
low ppi, pixel density. 326, which is the same as
what we had on something like the iPhone 6 as well, which came out many, many years ago. So, the iPhone XR just has a slightly more than 720p display, so on a 6.1 inch display, you are going to be noticing that. Things are not going to
be anywhere near as sharp as you’re going to have on the iPhone X. So, as you can tell, the iPhone X display is much better compared to the iPhone XR. But, we do have, of course,
many of the differences. The size difference. The iPhone X is smaller
because of the smaller display, so it’s definitely much
more manageable in the hand. It also weighs around about 20 grams less. Now, when it comes to
the build and design, both are very similar. We do have a stainless
steel frame on the iPhone X versus the aluminum, or al-u-min-ium, frame on the iPhone XR. But both of these are
going to feel very premium because of the glass panels
on the front and back. We do have stronger glass
on the XR, Apple is saying. Now, how much stronger
this is, I’m not sure. Apple hasn’t specified exactly
what type of glass it is. Of course, on other devices, we have Gorilla glass five, et cetera. So we don’t know exactly
what glass this is, but it should be stronger
on the iPhone XR. Both devices are IP67
water and dust resistant, so we’ve got the same IP rating on both. Now, on the iPhone XR, we do
have a lot more color options compared to the X. The X just comes in either
space gray or silver. The iPhone XR comes in a red,
yellow, blue, black, white, as well as a coral, so
plenty of color choices here for the XR. Now this isn’t a huge deal because, if you do want to customize
the look of your iPhone, you can do that very easily with a skin from our channel sponsor, dbrand. Skins are now available for
preorder for the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, as well
as the iPhone XS Max. And of course, you can also pick up skins for the iPhone X and many other devices. I’m going to be leaving a link to them in the description below. Now moving onto the internals, this is where the iPhone XR
starts getting the advantages. So, first up, we do have
the Apple A12 bionic chip versus the Apple 11 that
we’ve got in the iPhone X. Now, Apple are saying that
the A12 is going to give you up to 15 percent faster performance, up to 50 percent faster graphics, and up to 50 percent lower power usage. So, this will be quite a big difference in terms of performance,
especially going forward when you’ve had lots
of updates and things, considering that the iPhone
X is already a year old. So definitely something to bear in mind. You do have iOS 12 on both of these. The iOS 12 update should
be rolled from next week on the iPhone X. So you are going to be getting
a similar software experience, although, when it comes
to Apple launch times, and just general overall performance, the iPhone XR does get the advantage here. Now for storage, you do get
an additional storage option on the iPhone XR: 128 gigabytes. You only get the 64 and 256
options on the iPhone X. And let’s talk about the cameras now. The iPhone X has a two camera system, both 12 megapixels. Both adapt to optical stabilization. We’ve got F 1.8 as well as F 2.4 for the optical zoom lens. And overall, it has been
a very strong performer in my usage over the year. Now, with the iPhone XR, it
just has a single camera. This is 12 megapixels,
it’s optically stabilized, and it also has a F 1.8 aperture. However, the sensor is
larger compared to last year. It’s the same sensor that
we’ve got on the iPhone XS. That is for the primary camera. So, although, when it
comes to optical zoom, you do have the advantage
here on the iPhone X, the XR does get the edge when it comes to the primary camera. You also have smart HDR,
which is going to give you much better dynamical range on the XR. And both devices both
also have a portrait mode, so, on the XR, even though
it’s got single camera, you still do have a portrait mode and you can adjust the
black after the fact. This is something that you
can’t do on the portrait mode of the iPhone X. Is this going to come
in a software update? I doubt it, because it is
something that’s enabled thanks to the Apple A12
chip, as far as I’m aware. Now, because you’ve got dual cameras, is that going to mean better
edge detection on the iPhone X? This is something we’re
going to have to wait and see and once we’ve got the retail version of the iPhone XR in hand. Of course, we can do super
Saf style camera comparisons here on the channel. If you want to see those first, then make sure you have subscribed and switch on notifications. When it comes to video, we
also have an advantage here on the iPhone XR. Both devices can film up to
4K at 60 frames a second, as well as 1080p slow motion
at up to 240 frames a second. But on the iPhone XR, we do
have extended dynamic range, up to 30 frames a second. So, if you are filming on the XR, you’re going to be getting
better dynamic range compared to the iPhone X. And you also have stereo
audio recording, finally, on the iPhone XR. This is something that I
criticized a lot on the iPhone X because it only records in a mono sound. So that was just not as rich
as some of the competition that you’ve got out there, which do provide stereo recording. This is finally here on the iPhone XR. Now, for the front facing cameras, we’ve got seven megapixels on both, both with f 2.2 aperture. But once again, because
of the newer internals, you should be getting better
selfies on the iPhone XR. You’ve also got a portrait mode on both. In my experience, it hasn’t
worked too well on the iPhone X. It isn’t doing a great
job of edge detection. This should be improved on the iPhone XR. And you can also adjust
the black after the fact. This is something that you
can’t do on the iPhone X. As with the rear facing camera, the front facing camera on
the XR also supports smart HDR and you’ve got 1080p at 60
frames a second on the XR. You’ve got 1080p at 30
frames a second on the X. Now moving onto audio, both devices do have stereo speakers, so you’ve got one in the ear
piece and one bottom firing. Neither of them have a
3.5 meter headphone jack. However, on the X, you do get
the dongle out of the box. This is the lightning to 3.5 meter dongle. This is something that Apple are no longer going to be including
in their newer handsets, so it’s just something to bear in mind if you do have some 3.5 meter headphones that you want to use
with your new iPhone XR. You are going to have to
buy the dongles separately. It’s not going to come out of the box like it did with the X. Now the XR also has dual
SIM functionalities, so this is a expanded
nano-SIM as well as an eSIM. So this is going to allow you
to be on two different carriers, potentially, at the same time. Very beneficial if you’re roaming, if you’re out and about. You can have your home number as well as an additional number wherever you are. So that is definitely quite useful. This is something that’s not
available on the iPhone X. When it comes to the battery, Apple specified the exact
size of the iPhone XR battery. Somebody is going to have to pop it open to check inside exactly
what the linear powers of the XR are. Now, from what we’ve seen so far, the XR should give you better battery life compared to the iPhone X. And, in comparison to the iPhone 8 plus, Apple is saying you’re going to get up to 1.5 hours of more usage. What that usage is, Apple
haven’t been very specific. But if you do consider that the resolution of the iPhone XR is much
lower compared to the iPhone X or, plus, if you do pick
up the iPhone X secondhand, it would’ve probably gone
through lots of charge cycles. So you will be getting
overall better battery life on the iPhone XR. Now, both devices do
support fast charging. However, the fast charging
does not come out of the box. And they both also
support wireless charging, which is great. Now, let’s talk about the price. The iPhone XR is going to
be starting at £750 or $750. This is for the 64 gigabyte version. Now, for the iPhone X, when it initially released, it did come in at $1,000 or £1,000. However, now that it is a year old, Apple are not selling it directly anymore, so you will only be able to
pick it up from resellers and it’s likely that we are
going to see a price drop of around 20 percent, and, especially if you’re
going to be picking it up from somebody else secondhand, you should be expecting to
pay a very similar price to the iPhone XR. So if you are currently in
the market for an iPhone, and you’re not sure which
one of these to go for, I’d say it comes down to how
important display is for you. If you are somebody who
values a very nice display, then the iPhone X no doubt is
going to be the better option. If you can get it for a similar price, you will be getting a much,
much better display here on the iPhone X, as well
as the optical zoom lens. So this is going to help
with your zoom photography. This is something that you will not get on the iPhone XR. However, that aside, the
iPhone XR is going to give you better performance because
of the Apple A12 chip, which means it should
also last you longer. So, if you buy it right
now, it should last you maybe a year longer than the iPhone X, which is already a year old. Also, the new camera features. Of course, I want to
test these out hands on, but they should also be very beneficial, including the better battery life. That’s what I think, anyway. What do you guys think of the differences between the iPhone X and the iPhone XR? Definitely drop me a comment
below and let me know. I hope viewed this video
and find it useful. If you did, then do hit
that thumbs up button for me and you just helped me out. If you haven’t already,
then be sure to subscribe and switch on notifications. We’ll have lots more iPhone content coming up here on the channel. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSafTV. And I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “iPhone XR vs iPhone X”

  1. Your videos are poorly done. Ur saying the xr is up to 50 percent faster in usage and this is garbage. You are repeating apples or nonsense. Sure the raw power is better on the xr but trust me I have both phones and u will not notice any difference. Remember the iPhone X is still an insanely powerful phone. Also the screen on the xr is NOT GOOD. trust me it’s nowhere close to the iPhone X. The iPhone X is the better phone overall. Anyone who can’t see that is crazy

  2. Hi, my 6s just broke and im upgrading either to X or XR but I really can't decide which one im going for. How future proof is X with the A11 chip? I'll probably stick with the new one for 3-5 years, in that consideration which one is the smartest to buy? Is it worth buying X a year and a half after its release instead of XR?

    Prices in sweden, for a 64G device.

    X 1162 dollars , 999 euro

    XR 892 dollars , 796 euro

    Help me out with the decision please guys 🙂

  3. I just bought the iPhone Xr and Ian having for 3 weeks now and I will say it's the best phone ever

  4. I have the iPhone XR but I personally think it’s better then the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max like if u agree👍🏽❤️

  5. I've held my iPhone Xr for 2 days now and its charge is just now dropping near 50%. The iPhone XR is a clear cut win. Lower your brightness, turn off background refresh, and you can watch videos/play games for 10+ hours a day. The iPhone's lower resolution chips at most people's interest but why should it????

    1800x is pretty dang AWESOME for a small screen and the lack of resolution only improves on the battery life….

    To give you an idea, if you could choose to turn off high resolution to gain battery life would you?
    Before you answer that, how often do you charge your phone?

    For me, battery is everything. Thus the iPhone Xr easily beats the Xs and X…

  6. Ive had my XR for a week now and i have not experienced any problems if you dont want to pay like 200$ more you can get the XR which is almost the same thing yes i know the x is better but you wanna pay that much more go right ahead i recommend the XR

  7. The main reason I want the x is because I want 3D Touch, because I’ve had it since I’ve had an iPhone lol

  8. That 3d touch pisses me off. Im trying to delete an app, and it says the 3d touch comes up. Most useless thing ive ever seen.

    – i use the 7plus

  9. I’ve had my X for about a year and a half now and a few days ago my wife went from her 7plus to the Xr… both great phones at the end of the day

  10. I am going to buy a new Iphone, but it is hard to make a decision between XR and X , so any suggestion???

  11. Now in middle of 2019, and price drop of XR, I believe XR is a great option.. X is pretty good, but I dont think just for displays, we should pay more. Either XS or XR🤩

  12. DAMN I SHOULD GET AN IPHONE XR …. instead i got an iphone X. i just love how the screen please my eyes. Oh well

  13. Why would you do a video for just reading the specs? Do a real life hands on comparison. Dislike 👎

  14. I came from iphone 6 – sony xperia z5 compact – xiaomi mi 8 then finally iphone XR. (i'm changing per year, yep.. sounds an expensive lifestyle but i need to study different tech perks in phones in my line of job. also, my phones gets "adopted" by family members) .. what i felt with iphone XR and coming back to ios, i feel.. CHEATED of features or scammed. I paid (technically, as this was only for a postpaid option from my network) for like an expensive phone in same value of another brand's flagship (probably 100-200usd cheaper value) and yet i found myself being scammed of something. It kind of left a gaping hole of discontentment in my side. Though if i compare it to my mi 8, it's only 3gb compared to 6Gb ram, it didn't have any secondary lens to differentiate the depth accurately of field (which i evidently see its performance how it sucks, the XR.. it doesn't as well have an AI camera for easier adapting to situations for the depth of field option… only as well captures people) but in terms of picture quality, yes.. it gives me more crisp colors. true that anyone won't notice easily the lack of detail in LED VS THE OLED. as someone into specs, i saw the difference in it but i can live with it. ONLY that the price isn't worth it and i feel scammed with this phone. also, this phone heats up freakin' fast (though not super hot, but its not a good sign) also at some point the wifi isn't working properly (wifi is stable only this phone have problems picking up )

    My take on this: APPLE seems to treat its consumers as "controlled" demographic, "by the book" demographic marketing. They didn't even invest in analyzing what people want. They dictate what the people SHOULD want. I guess this phone isn't for me.

    Update: lens is by far, great. Wider shots but lacked the portrait mode settings unless you bought a third party app. Filmora go app is crashing a lot on this

  15. Coming from an s9+, I need a good screen to keep the jist of Samsung (never let go of your roots) also a good camera, and good battery

  16. yeah XR is the better option to buy if u dont have any of them for being cheaper. If u can get X for the same price as XR, then X is the better option because it’s a most valuable piece.

  17. fuck display apple is right lcd display is better in some ways then amoled you invent something so its not thruth that is better what is wrong in this world if it work dont fix it stupid and expensive

  18. I accidentally drowned my X (it’s not as water resistant as you think, literally fell in a shallow pool for 10 seconds) and it just died completely. I went and got the xr, not gonna lie the X has a noticeably better screen and just feels a little more “premium”. But the xr is about 400 bucks cheaper, and holy fuck the X is a ripoff compared to the Xr. Literally has better performance and a better camera, with better battery life and it’s still cheaper. Don’t get me wrong the X is an AMAZING phone, and I don’t see you going wrong with getting either. But for the money, the Xr is the obvious choice. You can’t tell the screen difference unless you had the X, even then it’s not that big of a difference to the average consumer’s eye. Do not waste your money on the X if you haven’t had either one, and as for the “3D” touch, honestly that shit was kind of annoying more than anything lmao.

  19. If your looking for camera quality, audio, colour options, bigger size and lower price go for the XR.

    If you want something smaller and more manageable, 3D touch, more vibrant colours, classic iPhone colour go for X.

  20. I wanna buy one of these since I have the amount I need for the monthly payment but I don't know which one to get…. my parents said yes but idk which one I want…(I'm paying it but since I'm a minor I'm gonna give the money to my dad and stuff so he can take the payment) which one should I get???

  21. ‌Прежде чем поливать грязью дисплей Xr сходите в магазин и потестите.Экран ТОПОВЫЙ ! Нужно быть сверхразумом,чтобы увидеть пиксели на Xr. Да,если лоб в лоб сравнить дисплеи X или Xs с Xr и всматриваться,понятно,что на старших моделях экран будет лучше. Но вопрос,будете ли вы всматриваться в пиксели,когда пользуетесь смартфоном каждый день ? Большинство нареканий на дисплей Xr исходит от людей,которые не пользовались телефоном. )) На дисплеи iPhone 7 и 8 никто не жаловался,а в этих айфонах тоже IPS и плотность пикселей 326 ppi.Почему же тогда нет претензий к более старым аппаратам ?))) Основной модуль камеры в Хr такой же как в Xs и незначительно лучше чем у X. Второй модуль камеры у Х нужен для двойного оптического зума +в Xr нельзя делать портреты предметов,данные фичи будут полезны,если вы серьезно занимаетесь мобильной фотографией .90% людей делают фотографии не пользуясь данными функциями.Тут уже все зависит от того насколько вы требовательны к фотовозможностям. Процессор в Хr А12 в X A11, сейчас разница не заметна,но если берешь телефон с перспективой на 3-4 года Х скиснет,а вот Хr будет ещё живой,ибо плотность пикселей экрана ниже и процессору проще отрисовать изображение ,да и сам процессор Xr новее и мощнее и прослужит дольше. В Xr лучше звук,чем в Х (стерио).Рамки в Xr действительно больше чем в Х,но это заметно только,если сравнивать с Х,а переходя с более старых айфонов ты не заметишь рамки. Да и стоит Xr дешевле ,чем его соперники .За минимальную комплектацию Хr-19 700, X-21 500,XS-25 000 (гривны).На заметку,по продажам Хr обходит Xs Max,Xs вместе взятые.По сути Xr – это апгрейд айфон 8 с фейс айди и в новом дизайне,но со старым екраном . Хейт к Xr исходит от людей,которые считают,что Xr "бюджетный" и нужно брать подороже и попонтовитее.Лично встречал людей,которые придерживались такого мнения. По соотношению цена -функционал Хr один из самых выгодных айфонов .Хr -отличный выбор ,если нужен айфон в современном дизайне,безрамочный и за более ли менее ли адекватный прайс.

  22. I disagree with the photos, the dynamic range is more crisp and natural in the iPhone X , only people that tried both know what I’m talking about

  23. Those people who bought iPhone X before Xs just wasted tons of money cuz iPhone 8 Plus has the same A11 Bionic as iPhone X but for a way more low price

  24. Why Apple did iPhone xr with nice camera too, the display its not that good and how u will see the difference?😂

  25. We will never use Apple again. My new Iphone X is not starting because of the f… RAIN. I carried it in my Backpack. Apple Waterresistence IP67 ? Nice Story.. never again

    Hatten alle Geräte von Apple. Heute riesen Vertrauensbruch. Angeblich wasserdichtes I Phone X nach Klasse IP67 (30 Minuten in ein 1 Meter tiefes Wasser halten).
    Ich hatte mein nagelneues IPhone X im Rucksack und es hat geregnet; es ist nur durch die Luftfeuchtigkeit SCHROTT.
    Bester Widerspruch dabei: Apple wirbt mit einem wasserresistentem IPhone und sagt, es gibt keine Garantie, weil Wasser ins Gerät eingedrungen ist. ?! Gerne würden sie es reparieren, für 600-700$. Sogar mit Apple Care muss man um die 200$ zahlen. Der Kundenservice ne absolute Frechheit. Wir werden, auch wenn es einige Zeit braucht von Apple umsteigen sowie zukünftig möglichst von Apple abraten.

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