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iPhone Xs Camera Review!

iPhone Xs Camera Review!

(upbeat music) – With the iPhone 10s max. We’re going to do a nice photo test and I’m so excited about this because one of the newer things, because it has the a12 bionic chip, it’s much faster than
the previous version. So what that means is there’s a lot of new enhancements other than, yes it will speed up things make your apps faster. But there are camera enhancements as well. There’s a “super HDR” which basically will
take a bunch of photos as soon as you hit that shutter button, it will then take all of
those photos consisting of high contrast photos, low lights, a bunch of different pictures and they take them all
and mush them all together to take one beautiful photo. So let’s take a picture here as a test. So what’s really cool about this is as you can see here in real life, not on the phone, there’s a lot of
different things going on. There’s a lot of great sunlight. There’s a lot of contrasting shadows. And most of the time when you
would take this same photo something would probably be blown out. Look at that! Super crisp. So crispy. Oh Jen, let me take a picture of you. 1 2 3 ! You look great. What’s that right there? – [Jenna] Can you photoshop that out? – No that’s too much work. But I can take another picture. (laughs) so let’s try to take a live photo as well. Just start moving around a little. – [Justine] So it’s cool
cause when you swipe up this will give you all of the options of things that you can do. You can do live. Look at you dancing! I’m kinda getting into live photo! – [Jenna] Me too! You can do a loop. Look at this. It knew it was you! So much like the iphone
10, these rear cameras are both 12 megapixels. But what’s new in the 10s and 10s max is it has a different sensor. So that allows for faster auto focus and better low light photos. So you can already see
how quick this focus is. Look. It’s focused already. It’s so quick! Oh my goodness. So you can also do portrait
mode on the front facing and on the back facing. I took the picture. There she is. So before I show you this, guys I’m already going to just say that taking the portrait photos seems so much faster. It’s really snappy. Like this! (snaps fingers) Snappy! Studio light. Natural light. But let’s show you this. This is the adjustable aperture. So we turn it all the way down. And then slowly turn it all the way up. All the way down. All the way up. So now let’s try the back
facing portrait mode. Can you do both? Let’s look and see how it did. So here it is at 4.5. All the way up. And all the way back down. It’s kind of crazy cause you
can just see it happening right before your eyes. And it’s super quick. Front facing camera now
shoots 60 frames a second and is 1080p. We are now testing out
the front facing video. There’s jenna. Hello? Where’d you go? There you are. So this is just regular
1080p front facing camera and already seems to be way more steady. I’m also trying to be steady. Okay cool. Let’s play this back
and see what it looks like. Regular 1080p front facing camera. This looks pretty good. It’s crazy. Do you notice the stereo sound? How different it sounds? Now the stereo sound, so movies, or films, or videos that you record on your phone or other videos that are stereo you’ll be able to hear it in stereo. Play the new khalid song. (song plays) It sounds so good! Now I’m in the camera settings
and I’m going to switch this to 4k 24 frames a second. Because that’s what I’m
actually shooting this video on. Slo-mo. 1080p 240. So
we will test that out after we test this back facing camera. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say your
iphone collections complete? – [Justine] I see what you did there. – Look at that lens flare! – JJ Abrams, pleace call me. – Or tweet me. – I prefer, I prefer twitter. JJ Abrams is my hero. Let’s look at it. (laughs) So most of the time on
these types of videos my audio I usually just make mono. But I want to show you
guys what this sounds like when it is in stereo. So now I’m going to be in front of it. Hello. Hello. Hello. I’m over here. Hello. Hello. Hello. I am now over here. This is such riveting content. How – [ Justine] Say something. I just got hit by a giant leaf. The leaf was really big. Super massive. – [Justine] Tell me more about it. The biggest leaf I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty surprised how
good this is looking. I’m so excited. Okay. We’re going to do
some slo-mo hair flips. Are you ready? Are you
gonna be able to do both at the same time? You’re so skilled. – [Jenna] You know I wear many hats. Does this look good? Does this look good? I think I pulled something? – [Justine] Those fresh
locs. Super lucious. – Look at this face. – Ah this slo-mo looks so good. The sun is glaring down on my face. So I’m going to take a picture of Jenna that normally would be super back lit, but with the new super HDR, it should even everything out. Wow you look like a freaking angel! Look at you! Wow! This looks so good! This si where you’re like “stop talking” So I don’t know how Jenna
does it but she is just such an incredible acting photographer. Like we could be looking at the same scene and no matter what, the picture that she
takes ends up being better than everyone else’s. Let’s go to the jungle gym. Let’s go! (powerful music) So this is the perfect spot to test out the new extended dynamic
range in the video. Right now, the video that
you are actually watching is taken with the iPhone 10s Max. The audio I am stealing
from the lav microphone that I’m using. We’re gonna take some photos.
We’re gonna take some video. Perhaps some jumping shots. Jenna is the jumping shot queen. So I guess let’s go. (playful music) Okay Jen. We’re gonna test your work. Let’s see what we’ve got. – Alright! – Look at this detail. – [Jenna] Keep swiping
cause they get better. – I know but – This was just my first one. – That was your first one. It still looks really good though. What we’re looking at
here, is this normally would be super back lit. You wouldn’t be able to
see any detail in me. I would just be a shadow. So I want to say it’s all
you but it’s also the phone. These are so good! Wow photo credit. Oh my gosh! I look like a model! Look at this? You see that? It captured
the hair movement. Everyone can be a model
with the iPhone 10s. – [Jenna] You know those
are dog swings right? Yeah but there’s people
over there so can you get me a slo-mo of me swinging? Okay, I don’t fit in here. I’m so talented. Showing a video of this. Let’s see if we can get
some cool shots here. Gotta love churros. Let’s get tickets. (rock music) Oh boy. We are on the ride. Every time I get on here I wonder, “Why did I do this?” Because it takes really long time. You end up being on here forever. We’re gonna ride the roller caoster next. Whoa! I don’t like heights! – [Jenna] Wow – Whoa! Look at this picture! Hashtag Shot on iPhone. Whoa whoa whoa this is a cool shot too! It’s a video. So here’s a little video. This is on the front facing camera. We are now on the ferris wheel. So here’s some shots from the ferris wheel directly from the iPhone 10s max. I think the front facing
video looks way better. Correct me if I’m wrong. Time to ride the coaster. Should I do slo-mo coaster? Probably. (screams) – I hate roller coasters! – Okay 4k 60 I thought it was slow. Are we having fun? (screams) Best first look at the iPhone 10s. I had so much fun making this video. I have a bunch more iphone
videos coming for you guys. So stay tuned! If you’ve not subscribed.
Be sure to subscribe. And ofcourse, hit the bell. Ah I just realized I think
the phone I was holding up was my old iphone 10.

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  6. (This is the daughter of the person who owns this acc lol). The tittle says iPhone XS camera review but when we see what’s on the phone is says iPhone XS Max so that means this is another review of the iPhone XS max😢

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  9. hey tita Justine can i favor ! please i wish i could iphone gives random :'( my future phone is iphone now im using cellphone samsung j2 prime :'( its so sad 🙁 tita justine if you add me on the facebook my name is SEth liu and message me to chat you for everything god gives a miracle to random gives Iphone any iphone 7 :'( my wish to comer birthday im in the phillippines and im so proud tita chat on me on facebook seth liu my profile is graduation TUGA 🙁 ILOVEYOU tita justine GOD blessed <3

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