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iPhone XS Display Replacement – How To

iPhone XS Display Replacement –  How To

for this repair you’ll need an eye opener a set of iFixit opening pics a suction cup an ice clock a spudger tweezers and a p2 pen Loeb tripoint Y triple zero and Philips triple zero screwdrivers we also recommend using a magnetic mat during your repair as the iPhone 10 S has a ton of tiny screws that are easy to lose track of replacing your iPhone 10’s display even with an original Apple display will result of it losing true tone functionality when you’re ready to do your repair discharge your phone below 25% to reduce your chances of a battery fire or explosion if you accidentally puncture your battery but don’t worry this probably won’t happen it’s just a precaution power off your iPhone and then start by removing the two P two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone [Music] next use your eye opener to heat up the lower edge of the iPhone this softens the adhesive making it easier to open if you’ve got a nice back it’s gonna make opening your iPhone a lot easier just place it on the screen just above the Lightning port engage the suction cups and squeeze to open the phone you only need to open the iPhone just enough to get one of your opening pics inside if you don’t have a nice Glock handy a suction cup can be used in the same way place the suction cup in the same position just above the Lightning port and apply constant pressure to create the gap needed to insert the opening pic once you’ve got the opening pic in position between the phone’s frame and the screen slide around the lower left corner and then up the left side of the phone slicing through the adhesive while making sure not to insert the pic too far into the phone this is a good time to remind you that breaking the adhesive seal of the iPhone does compromise your phone water resistance so keep that in mind you’ll need to replace the adhesive or just keep it away from water after this repair now reinsert your pic at the bottom edge of the iPhone and slide it up the right side to finish separating the adhesive the top edge of the iPhone tennis is secured by both glue and clips so slide your pic along the top to separate the adhesive then gently wiggle the screen down in the direction of the lightning port try not to pull the phone too hard there are several cables connecting the display to the logic board and we don’t want to damage it once you’ve freed the display open it to the right like the back cover of the book prop the display against something to keep it open and then remove five screws holding on the logic board connector bracket there are three different size screws in this bracket and they all need to go back in exactly where they came from so make sure to note which screws came from which hole on your magnetic mat use your spudger to disconnect the battery connector the front panel sensor assembly cable and finally the OLED panel connector the sensor assembly cable is lightly adhered in place so use your tweezers to gently lift the cable until it separates now your display should lift right off with our display removed we also need to remove the earpiece speaker and front sensor assembly to start peel back any tapes that might be covering the hidden screw in the lower right corner of the speaker assembly remove the three screws securing the speaker assembly these are three differently size screws so once again make note on your magnetic map where each of the came from gently pry up the earpiece speaker with the flat end of your smudger but keep in mind that the speaker is gonna remain attached by a thin delicate cable use your eye opener to warm up the adhesive securing the sensors then slide a pic underneath the flex cable below to microphone working left to right slide the opening pic beneath the flex cable and underneath the proximity sensor gently wiggle the ambient light sensor and lift it up and out of its notch in the display now remove the earpiece speaker and front sensor assembly up and away from the display time to reinstall the earpiece speaker and assembly to your new display now we need to reapply our display adhesive this process can take a bit of time but lucky for you we have an entire video walking you through the process we’ll link to it down in the description below [Music] with your new adhesive strips applied position your display along the side of the iPhone and prop it up just like you did during disassembly reconnect all the cables and then realign the logic board connector bracket make sure to use the same screws in the same spots to avoid damaging your phone then carefully align the display along the top edge of the phone and then press the top edge into place once in place close the phone and reinsert the panel of screws at the bottom of the phone

83 thoughts on “iPhone XS Display Replacement – How To”

  1. If you get your screen refurbished (glass only replacement) will you be able to keep True Tone functionality?

    Edit:Thanks for all your help!

  2. apple charges $279 for a repair

    an oled display is $250-$300

    dont repair it yourself just go to apple

  3. Funny how iphone videos are extra stupid with info such put battery at 25% and two methods to open screen because iphone users…

  4. Who else thought the screwdrivers in the thumbnail looked like a ton of cocaine railed up on the box just chillin?!

  5. no!you can buy a device from Chine to copy that display code to the new screen to save the true tone feature.that device costs around 100 dollars.

  6. I am not sure about TrueTone problem but I replaced iPhone 6s display and initially Auto-brightness didn’t work. However, after I factory reset my device, Auto-brightness works again.

  7. ☝️ I have some question. I watched a lot of replacement screen video on YouTube but they don’t test about waterproof why?

  8. To regain the True-Tone function, there is a small machine can write the original display serial number to the new screen, that your phone will recognize the new screen as original display. This method works with iPhone8/8 Plus/X/Xs/Xs Max and XR
    If your iPhone 7 Plus is experiencing bad touch after the display replacement, this machine can do the same procedure that makes everything works smoothly again

  9. Probably just me- but the suspenseful music isn't confidence inspiring- a soothing/calmer background music would be nicer on repairs.

  10. Hi @ifixit , there is a typo in the video title. 😀 thanks for the video. Great content as always.

  11. What does the iOpener do? I mean it is just a pillow. Or do you guys put it in a microwave to make it hot? I dont get it 😀

  12. Does it need to be clone the old display code with some fancy tools ? Like iPhone X and 8. If no, ambient light sensor for true tone will not working

  13. You waited how long to make this video? The XS came out in September 2018, iOS 13 is bout to come out

  14. You wont lose true tone if you use a lcd data programmer to overwrite the serial number of the lcd. Or you use a copy screen
    But after iOS 12.3 iphone x and xs screens wont sometimes respond to the touch even with a original screen.
    So good luck with your “replacment”

  15. Pro tip, when removing the prox use heat on the of the screen glass part so you don't rip the cable.

  16. did Apple just change the battery's design to 1 piece ? I remembered it was the combination of 2 separate pieces of battery

  17. Can't wait for apple to break this with software and see if it's consumers still don't care that they're getting shat on.

  18. Please don’t touch the uncovered Face ID sensors with your fingers or you’ll risk disabling it!

  19. You do know that after updating iPhone any new display's touch ID won't work except Original Displays

  20. You didnt mention anything about losing the TRU TONE OPTION you have to transfer the LCD data to the new one with a tool that sell in China for like 60$ you can do this transfer if you dont care about losing TRU TONE

  21. I do not have iphone xs but I will repair for my friend, I swapped for his daughter iphone 6 it is the same principle. nice voice

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