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iPhone XS Max 6-Month Honest Review..

iPhone XS Max 6-Month Honest Review..

The iPhone XS Max has just had its 6-month
anniversary, and we’re gonna go in-depth with which features and changes made our experience
with it really special, as well as some of the features that turned out to be gimmicks. Compared to the iPhone X, the regular XS isn’t
really much different, and to be honest, it’s not worth the upgrade. Now the XS Max is where things get pretty
interesting. The 6.5” display is truly incredible. It makes the UI wider and it’s so immersive
compared to the smaller size. The notch did stay the exact same size, but
since the screen is much larger, it seems so much smaller now and it’s not as distracting
anymore. The display itself is pretty awesome. It won DisplayMate’s best display of the
year award, but the Galaxy S10 is coming and the display is probably better. We’ll be doing a comparison as soon as we
get our S10 tomorrow so make sure to sub now to see that! After 6 months of using the XS Max without
a case, it’s now got a bunch of micro scratches on the stainless steel band, especially on
the top, but you can easily polish them out. I recommend using a tempered glass screen
protector since Max’s iPhone got a couple of scratches on it within the first couple
of days. I’ve had mine on since I bought it, and
it hasn’t chipped or cracked once. I’ll have a link to it in the description
below. It’s only been 6 months since I switched
from an iPhone 8 Plus, and I’m already used to all of the gestures. My absolute favorite is swiping left and right
on the home bar to switch between apps. It’s so much quicker than using Touch ID. I still use cable charging more than wireless,
since the battery life is so great that I simply plug it into the wall every night before
bed. The difference in battery life coming from
the iPhone X is massive. The XS Max seems to last forever and anyone
hungry for extra battery life should buy the Max instead of buying one of those silly battery
packs. Back to wireless charging, it’s great if
you work in an office setting. Just place your iPhone on a wireless charging
stand and you’ll be going home from work every day with a completely full battery. The most annoying thing with about the XS
is that you still get a slow 5W charger in the box. It doesn’t really matter for overnight charging,
but if you’re trying to get some quick juice, it sucks to have to buy additional accessories
for fast-charging. I’m fairly confident that the 2019 iPhones
will come with Apple’s 18W USB-C power adapter, so I’m really excited for that! The speakers are simply incredible, much louder
than the ones in my old 8 Plus, and the stereo separation is so much better than on other
Android phones. Face ID is awesome and it works so reliably
now that I don’t miss Touch ID one bit. I have a friend who refused to upgrade because
of the lack of Touch ID, and when he eventually did, he got used to it almost instantly and
is now really happy with it. He only mentioned a couple of downsides where
Face ID won’t work when it’s laying flat on a table, and it has issues when you’re
laying down. The new iPad Pro has Face ID and it works
in any orientation, so hopefully, the next iPhone will be getting this as well. After a week or two with this phone, I basically
never used Animoji again. It’s honestly a gimmick, so don’t count
that in your decision-making process. It’s been over a year since the iPhone X
was released, and there are now tons of apps that use Face ID for logging in, and I’ve
gotta say it’s so convenient that it changes the way you’ll use your phone forever. Onto the cameras, portrait selfies are amazing. They make selfies look countless times better. However, I basically never use any of the
portrait lighting filters. They honestly don’t turn out that well. What I really enjoy is the new adjustable
bokeh feature. This is an absolute game-changer and I use
this all the time! This feature alone helps the XS be a significant
step up from the X. Now the rear cameras are insane. The dynamic range is incredible and the quality
looks amazing. I bought my wife an iPhone XS and she’s
been taking awesome-looking photos for her business. With a little bit of editing, they can look
somewhat like professional DSLR photos, so it’s a great investment for any business. However, there is a problem with it, and that’s
the whole beautygate dilemma. Photos just look a bit flat and they lack
contrast. Unfortunately, it’s also the main reason
why the dynamic range is so good, so you can’t really have the best of both worlds without
editing each photo. Now let’s talk about performance. The new 7nm A12 processor gives us a decent
boost in processor performance over the X, and a massive boost in graphics performance. This makes playing demanding games like Fortnite
incredibly detailed and smooth, even at 60 frames per second. However, in basic day-to-day tasks, I honestly
didn’t notice much of a difference coming from my iPhone 8 Plus. Both phones are already so powerful that the
UI is perfectly smooth on either phone. We’ve finally reached the day where we’re
no longer limited by hardware, and any extra performance is used for shooting better quality
video at higher frame rates and… basically just flexing. Realistically, the best part about the iPhone
XS Max is the size. To be completely honest, if there was only
the smaller iPhone XS this year, I wouldn’t have upgraded. The size is really what makes this phone worth
it. If you still haven’t upgraded and you’re
thinking of doing so, here’s my advice. If you already have an iPhone X, don’t upgrade
to the iPhone XS. You won’t feel much of a difference apart
from the camera features, and you’ll ultimately be disappointed. Instead, go for the XS Max and you’ll easily
feel where your cash went. The iPhone XR is also a great option for the
budget-minded, but the display sucks and it’s really thick compared to the XS. Now if you’re still using an iPhone with
Touch ID, then the smaller iPhone XS will be a great upgrade for you. And if you’ve used and enjoyed the Plus
model of iPhones, then I recommend going with the XS Max. And finally, if your current iPhone works
fine, then I would honestly wait it out and see what Apple’s got in store for us with
their 2019 iPhones. You can check out that video to see some of
the features we can expect for this year’s iPhones. This has been Vadim with Max Tech, thanks
for watching and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that sub button before you

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  2. The great thing about iOS is that it doesn’t change significantly between generations that urges you to upgrade. You can flip through a iPhone 7 and an iPhone XS Max and barely see the difference. It’s beneficial for those looking to hold on to their phones. When it’s time to upgrade you know you’ll be going to a new phone with good specs and looks but a familiar OS

  3. I love my 10s max and will never go back to Android . I finally get why Apple ppl are so loyal. It’s a totally different experience

  4. Sold mine in a month. Got back to the 8plus. Idk why a freaking multi billion company hasn’t made the fingerprint on the apple logo. I always say that those with ideas lack resources.

  5. Sorry but you just lost credibility saying the display sucks on the Xr I have an iPhone XR and an iphone x and I prefer the Xr honesty sorry it doesn’t suck it’s absolutely beautiful for an LCD display

  6. From 7plus I upgraded my phone to Xs Max so far so good really worth it 😁 I really like how clear and sharpness the camera is

  7. I love my max but until multi tasking comes out the Note 9 is my daily driver. The Max or any iPhone in general is more of the phone you take to the gym.

  8. I just upgraded to the X from the 5s…I also love the face ID and yes it's awesome when I have to log into my email accounts or facebook…The pictures on the X are awesome and not to talk about how fast the phone is!!! I also do not mind not having a home button either, but there is a feature in IOS 12 in which you can have floatable home button if you need one

  9. I still own iPhone 6s, I just need to replace the battery and replace housing and it will stand for maybe 1 or 2 years.

  10. Tbh my battery drains , and lately been freezing . Apple no help and I’m tried of it . Like some days my battery drains 30% in 2 hrs of doing nothing . Others it last forever . I really love the phone just wish the battery would stop draining .

  11. Should I upgrade now from an iPhone 7 32gb to the iPhone XS or XS Max? Or should I just wait for this year’s model?

    Btw, I just recently replaced the battery of my iPhone 7.

    What do you suggest??

  12. Just bought this phone about 3 days ago hadn’t had an iPhone since the 4 only used nexus and pixels after that until I got this phone and all I have to say is if iOS ever gets a bit more customizable and the picture gets to the point where it could challenge the pixel line of phones (night sight included) then it’ll be almost untouchable

  13. I refuse to buy an iPhone with that ugly notch. I’m happy with my iPhone 8 Plus and FaceID is not as good as TouchID.

  14. The only great thing about this phone is the screen for me I’m sick of IOS and it’s “”””features”””” selling mine I’d rather have freedom than fancy restricting

  15. I love how he has the Bible App at 0:22 😆😆🤣

    Curious if he actually uses it or he has it just so cause his family is so pissy with him if he doesn't have it. Wonder what camp hes in.

  16. For those reading through comments:

    – If u ever get a glass screen protector make sure u get one that goes over the camera and only leaves a cut out for the earpiece. That way that part of your screen doesn't get scratched.

  17. Keeping my iPhone XS Max 2 years. It will still be worth like 500 when I sell it. People don’t realize that the extra cost up front can be recouped when selling. Like buying a Honda. They hold their value.

  18. Downvote for saying the XR display sucks. You may want to get one and do a side by side with the XS Max. You’ll be really surprised how awesome the XR LCD panel is.

  19. Currently watching this on my iPhone XS Max. Got this iPhone since day 1 and I love everything about it except for the WiFi connection issues but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon

  20. The real 6 month disappointment is that photos are still blown up when you try to set them as your lock screen, and the front camera on snapchat is blown up too

  21. Waiting for 2019 iPhones… just to upgrade from my 6s to a X 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Just joking… on a serious note, I'm considering a dual physical SIM iphone (Xr or Xs Max, from Hong Kong).
    If pricing goes lower this year, perhaps get the latest 11r or 11Max. If not, the above options would serve for me.

  22. Can you people please STOP saying that XR's screen sucks??? This is totally untrue. I had a max and went done to xr to save some money. Now that I am back on track I got an s10+…the difference in screen quality is minimum too none. STOP spreading myths about this. XR's screen is great and 99% the best LCD panel on any phone.

  23. I swear, this guys voice has that type of manufactured tone to it that it starts to grate in ones ears the longer one listens to it. 😒

  24. I own both Samsung / XS Max. and although the XS Max new phone feeling has completely worn off.. it's a very stable cellphone / communication device. does those two things really well.. but sometimes that S10+ display.. is so crisp and vibrant.

  25. If it weren’t for iOS, apples fan base would be cut in half. In reality no one gives a crap about its specs or camera. They just want their texts to be blue

  26. I want to take Portrait Mode pictures with the wide-angle camera, just like the XR does, since the wide-angle have an f/1.8 aperture so low-light portraits will look better.

    Why does Apple don’t release an update for that to the XS / XS Max?

  27. I checked the phones at the store and OLED screen sucks! too much of contrast, and it's not smooth as LCD screen. and somehow causing the headache and nausea as soon as I see the screen. Be careful even if you can't feel it. it means you are ruinning your eyes even without your knowing.

  28. Just bought an xs max upgrading from an SE i love the SE but my battery barely lasts 5 hours so i decided to upgrade.

  29. Not sure the iPhone XR display sucks. I’ve been using for a while and at no time have I have thought it was a bad display…

  30. Longevity, stability and durability. Yep. These are what apple products are made of. They are made to last more than 1-3 years even after purchase and each generation is getting better. The innovation part is a little bit lagging but the company are not going to take risks of front forward innovation without stable workflow. What’s the use of over innovated phones if they only perform at prime on a short span of time? I am still using an iphone 6 and a 3rd gen iPad mini since college yet they still deliver smoothly even until today and the quality of photos since day one never wither. 👌🏻

  31. I really feel stupid … My 'reachability' thingies does not work – I have enabled it, I think I'm just doing it wrong??

  32. I have Xs max gold , it’s the best experience I have ever had with any smartphone , it’s so smooth and great for gaming

  33. I am using the Max 256GB space grey for 6 months. Just love it. Maybe not the best if you compare the display with the S10’s one or the camera with Huawei’s but it’s a great Allrounder and it’s smooth af. I don’t need reverse charging and all the gimmicks. A fast charger would have been good. I had to get an iPad adapter. The useless 5w charger in the box took me almost 3 hours to charge it.

    I had an iPhone 7 for 2 years and it was still like on the first day when I sold it. So I am very optimistic.

  34. I'm planning to jump from 6s to XS Max… but I only use my iPhone when my Mi 9 is charging so I'm kinda hesitant whether it would be worth it or not.

    Or I might end up using it more than my Mi 9. 😂

  35. Nice content 👍

    Another video, whereby we are advised to 'wait and see', what the 2019 iphone has in store for us 😣🙁 …..If only we knew 🤔

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