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iPhone XS Max Teardown #Disassembly#

iPhone XS Max Teardown #Disassembly#

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100 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max Teardown #Disassembly#”

  1. Take away the Taptic Engine and the iPhone will have a bigger battery. Especially the iPhone xs will have at least 3,200 mah battery without the Taptic Engine and maybe the Xs max will have 3,800 mah battery. Taptic Engine is taken up to much space.

  2. Crappy design. Unnecessary screws and connectors. Apple made it so that it is very hard and time-consuming to repair the phone. In the end, Apple wants people to buy a new phone every year. Look at Android phones, you don't see many screws and connectors, and they are still excellent phones.

  3. every year is more difficult to disassemble these devices. Last I repaired was a 7 plus. Now these phones are crystal on both sides and all the gasket you have to cut, it is more difficult to repair them. And the water resistance is lost once assembled again. You have to buy that little plastic of shit.

  4. This thing looks fairly straight forward to tear down, but an absolute pain to reassemble. All the adhesives and moisture seals and stuff… oh what a nightmare. I'll leave it to the pros should I ever need mine serviced.

  5. Seeing how technology had advanced, and how they can pack in cell phones now is nice. In a way very satisfying to see a โ€œcleanโ€ break down. Instead of everyone destroying the phone. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  6. Why the heck this more than 1000$ i-device came up with Chinese letter printing at the back on top of the battery which it never happen before ? Seriously Apple …. ???

  7. Why is the quality of the iPhone Xs FaceTime camera worse than that of an iPhone 7? Facetime can be forgotten with the Xs, image quality too bad despite the new camera.

  8. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME ? I bought an I Phone XS MAX in India due to some technical issues with one of the speakers hence was submitted to the i planet . BeCause they couldnโ€™t fix the issue they replaced me with a new phone a replaced I phone Xs max product which was a single sim slot with a e sim which is definitely not a convenient idea ! Iโ€™m demanding them to replace my previous device but the apple care employees are accusing me of lying that it was never a dual sim and it is banned in India ! And he shows me the images of the layout of my previous phone (dual sim) and says this is single sim . How do I recognise a phone from a dual sim and e sim apart from inspecting the sim tray ? Please do help me out .

  9. I m sure Apple can Incorporate 3.5mm Jack easily in this Phone. it is something they don't want because they are making money via selling lighting to 3.5 mm dongle,

  10. Sorry, but from an engineering POV, that's old TECH, for some very fragile shit…..though it's performing. But it's like an old "chevy" kind of conception, very far from actual standard in engineering….sorry;
    Juste Look a SAMSUNG NOTE9 Perfection in the design…

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