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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test Comparison

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test Comparison

– What’s up guys, Saf here on SuperSafTV and welcome to another
SuperSafStyle camera comparison. This time, between the iPhoneXS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note9. So, in the usual format, we’ll be looking at all
aspects of the cameras. Front, rear facing, videos, images, and also look out for the audio icon in the corner of the screen
and that’ll indicate to you which device your audio is coming from. I’ll be switching between
these two throughout this video to give you guys a better
idea of the differences in audio as well. This time we’ve got stereo
recording for the first time on the iPhone, so that’ll be
interesting to see as well. So, we’re currently outdoors,
front facing camera. We’re going to be testing
out the stabilization, so I’m just walking, and
now let’s go ahead and run. (birds chirping) Okay, just checking out
dynamic range as well. So, got lots of light coming
here from the background just to see how that balances on my face. Let me know what you guys think. Now we’ve switched the
rear facing cameras. We are filming at 4K 30 frames a second. (street noise) Just having a bit of a look around here. You can see dynamic range as well. Now we’re just going to walk
and test out the stabilization Now let’s run. Clouds, oh, there’s a squirrel there. Okay, let’s test out the 2X optical zoom, which both devices have. See that squirrel? Perfect way to test out the optical zoom as well. Now, 4K 60 frames a second, both devices are capable of this. Let’s test out the stabilization at 4K 60. Walking, now let’s run. Now, let’s test out the
auto focus on the XS max. Very, very fast. Same auto focus test on the Note 9. Again, super super fast. (lighter flicks) Right, so that was the
video, now before we move on to images, just a quick look at what we’re working with here. For the front facing cameras, the Note 9 does have more mega-pixels and it also has a wider aperture, which
should help in low light. For the rear facing cameras,
we have dual 12 mega pixel cameras on both devices. The secondary camera is going to give you two times optical zoom. The Note 9 does have a
variable aperture for the primary camera, it’s
going to switch between f1.5 and f2.4, depending
on the light in your scene. The iPhone XS Max has a fixed
aperture on both lenses. Now, all the images that you
see have been shot on automatic I haven’t tweaked any
settings and that’s to keep things as fair as possible. And finally, a quick thanks
to our sponsor for this video, dbrand skins, it’s a
great way to customize the look of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or your iPhone XS Max, or another device. I’m really digging their new matrix skins, I’m going to be leaving a link to dbrand in the description below, if
you want to check them out. Right, so starting off with some selfies, the first thing you’ll notice is that the Note 9 does have a slightly
wider field of view. So this is going to be good
for your group selfies, but I do overall prefer
the image on the XS Max, and that is because it
has better dynamic range. If you look towards the background, a lot of those details had been blown out on the Note 9 image, whereas these have been
maintained better on the XS Max. Moving onto another selfie,
things are the same. Once again, the Note 9
wider, but the XS Max does have better dynamic range,
which I do prefer overall. Now, both devices do have a portrait mode from the front facing
camera, this is where it’s going to try to blur the background. In terms of edge detection, I think both are doing
right about the same. They’re not doing amazing, but they’re doing okay overall. You can see that things
have been blurred out towards my hair, but
dynamic range, once again, is better on the XS
max, which I do prefer. And you can also edit
the blur on the XS max after you’ve taken the shot. This is something you can’t do from the front facing
camera of the Note 9. And the Note 9 only takes one image, so if the blur doesn’t work out well, then you’re stuck with that image. It doesn’t even take a normal image. This is something that I
feed back in my initial review of the S9+, as well as the Note 9, and it’s still something that
is an issue in my opinion. Testing out another
portrait mode selfie here, the iPhone doing better overall, I’d say, because of the dynamic range. In terms of edge detection, I think both are doing
right about the same. Now, things are quite
different when we move onto low-light situations,
and that is because we have a much wider
aperture on the Note 9. This really helps giving
you a much brighter image, and better maintain the colors as well. The iPhone image looks
very dark in comparison and even if you do use
the front facing flash, once again, we’ve got
a much brighter image on the Note 9 with
better detail compared to that of the iPhone. Now, let’s move outdoors. So, starting off with the macro shots, I think both are doing a good job here. I prefer the colors better on the iPhone, but we do have a sharper
image on the Note 9. If we do go in 200%, you
can see that sharpness on the Note 9, but the colors
definitely more balanced on the iPhone, so I’d call
this one a bit of a draw. Now, moving onto an outdoor wide shots, I think both are doing a really good job. We’ve got trigger dynamic range. The iPhone seems to have
favored the background, so you’ve got more detail on the clouds, but the Note 9 seems to
have favored the foreground, so things are a little bit
brighter in the foreground of the Note 9 picture, so I think I’d call this one a draw as well. Moving on, another shot
with tricky dynamic range, here I would have to give
the edge to the Note 9. And that is because we’ve
got a brighter foreground but it’s still maintained
the details in the clouds in the background. Whereas the iPhone has
done a good job overall, but I just think that
there are less details in those shadows in the foreground compared to the Note 9. Now, both devices do have optical zoom so if you use it in this situation, you can see that we
can get in much closer. They both do a very, very good job. Now, I really wanted to test
out dynamic range further, just so I could pick a winner, but this was not the case
because in this situation, I prefer the iPhone image because it has more
details in the shadows, whereas the Note 9 has lost some details in
the shadows in comparison. So, I think overall for dynamic range, I would have to give it a draw. Now let’s move onto the
portrait mode from both devices. I think both are doing a
really good job overall but the colors are better
on the iPhone in my opinion. And the edge detection also seems slightly better on the iPhone. If you look towards my head, there is a slight defect on the Note 9, but generally speaking,
both are doing a good job. I do prefer the iPhone
image overall, however. Now, I wanted to test out dynamic range using the portrait mode,
so one in direct sunlight, and here the iPhone is definitely
doing a much better job. The highlights on my
face have been completely blown out on the Note 9. This is something that I did feed back once again in
my review of the Note 9, as well as the S9+. When using the light focus, the portrait mode on the Note 9, then it doesn’t seem to have HDR, it just seems to take a flat image and if you are in a situation where there is a lot of bright light, then you are going to get areas which will be quite a bit overexposed. In terms of edge detection,
the iPhone does have a slight defect near my
hair where the window meets, so I think overall in
terms of edge detection, I’d have to give it a
draw between these two. But when we’re talking about
dynamic range and colors then the iPhone is
better and that would be my pick for portrait mode. Now, both devices do allow you to adjust the blur after the fact, so that’s something we didn’t
have previously on iPhones. We do have it now, and that’s definitely nice to have. Now, let’s move onto low lights. We’ve got a similar
situation as what we had with the front facing cameras. The Note 9 has a brighter
image with a better detail and that is thanks to that wider aperture. If you go in 200%, you can see that the texture on the building
is sharper on the Note 9 compared to the iPhone. And another low-light shot outdoors, you can see here once again, the colors seem to be better
maintained on the Note 9. And if you go in 200%, you can see that text is also sharper on the
Note 9 compared to the iPhone. And finally, just to push
things to the extreme, indoors in low light. The Note 9 doing a much better job here. You can see the text on this little toy, whereas that has been
completely lost on the iPhone, and this is definitely
noticeable when we go in 200%. So there we have it guys,
that is a SuperSafStyle camera comparison
between the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Things have never been closer, I think these two have
some of the best cameras out there in the market right now. We’ve got some big improvements to the front facing camera on the iPhone XS Max, especially when it comes to dynamic range, it would definitely have
to get the win here. The XS Max also has a
better portrait mode, which you can edit after the fact. This is something you
can’t do on the Note 9. The Note 9 however, does have a slightly wider field of view, so that might be beneficial to you. When it comes to video from
the front facing camera, we now have stabilization from the XS Max. This is something we
didn’t have previously. Now both of these do crop in
to achieve that stabilization so that is something to bear in mind. I did prefer the stabilization a little bit better on the Note 9. I would say it seemed to
be a little bit sharper, whereas things did start
to get a little bit blurry on the iPhone, but I prefer the colors overall on the iPhone compared to the Note 9. Now for images from the rear
facing camera in good light, I would have to give it a draw. Both doing a very good job overall. Dynamic range sometimes
was better on the Note, sometimes better on the iPhone. And you also have the telephoto cameras, which both also do a very, very good job. For video however, the
iPhone did have better dynamic range clearly. But the Note 9 did seem
to be a tad sharper. Stabilization was also
really good on both devices, but 4K 60 frames a second, stabilization wasn’t good on either. And you don’t get that same dynamic range at 4K 60 as you do at 4K 30 on the iPhone. When it comes to slow motion, the Note 9 gets the edge, and that is because you
have an additional option of 720P at up to 960 frames a second. This is something that you
don’t have on the iPhone. Autofocus, I think, was a bit of a draw. Both are very, very fast. Now, when it comes to low-light, the Note 9 definitely gets the win. And that is thanks to that
super wide F1.5 aperture. Colors were better maintained, images were sharper with less noise. But when it comes to the portrait mode, the iPhone was the winner in my opinion. You’ve got much better dynamic
range compared to the Note 9. Edge detection was a
bit of a draw, however. And finally, talking about audio, this is the first year that an iPhone has got stereo audio recording. This is something that I’ve been ranting about for many, many years. And this time, I would
have to call it a draw, both sounded really, really good. You had nice, rich audio on both devices, you can go back and have
a listen if you’d like to. That’s where I think anyway,
what do you guys think? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know and let me
know in the comments as well which SuperSafStyle camera comparison you’d like to see next
here on the channel. If you’d like to see
lots of different images from lots of different devices, then definitely give me
a follow on Instagram. I’m @SuperSaf. I hope you enjoyed this
video and find it useful, if you did then do hit that
thumbs up button for me And if you haven’t
already, then be sure to subscribe and switch on notifications. We’ve got lots more SuperSafStyle content coming up on here. Thanks for watching,
this is Saf on SuperSafTV and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test Comparison”

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  3. Note9 owner here. iPhone definitely has better HDR and more realistic colors, keep in mind though that N9 has pro mode so all that can be fine tuned for those who know what they're doing. Also, there are now working Google camera ports for N9 so u can combine Google's software magic with Samsung's top of the line hardware. For casual users who just wanna point and shoot iPhone is probably a better choice, but then again, the difference is not that dramatic so you can't really go wrong with any of these 2 devices.

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