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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10 Plus – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10 Plus – Which Should You Choose?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the question I get asked most often now is should I pick the XS Max or the S10 plus and so I wanted to compare them and help you decide which one to pick
and which is best for you now there are time codes in the description below so
that you can jump to the section that you want to see most the camera
comparison will be at the end so you can jump right to that by clicking that time
code so let’s first talk about the price the iPhone XS Max comes in at 1099 and
these prices are unlocked so this is without any discounts 1099 with 64
gigabytes of storage or 1449 for up to 512 gigabytes of storage that is not
expandable with the S10 plus it comes in at 999 with 128 gigabytes of storage
up to $15.99 with a terabyte of storage which is expandable through the SD card
slot up to an additional 512 gigabytes of storage using a microSD now the next
thing is the design the design is going to be very subjective we’ll talk about
the displays after both of them look pretty good this one looks a little bit
more Hardy I guess the bezels are a little bit bigger and they both handle
the actual sensors up front or the cameras up front a little bit
differently here we have a symmetric notch here we have an infinity oh as
samsung calls it so this infinity oh is cut out some people like it some don’t I
think it looks pretty good this one feels good in the hands it’s very thin
on the edge but both feel built really well with the the iPhone tennis match
you’ve got stainless steel here you have aluminum that’s coated and overall
they’re both really really nice both a glass front and back they just look a
little different now let’s talk about security for a moment and speaking of
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Slash’s Oh low-tech or check it out in the description below now the security
for these devices as far as unlocking them is a little bit different you can
do a less secure face unlock with the S10 plus but with the iPhone the only
option you have is either a passcode unlock or a secure face unlock by
looking at it and it’s pretty fast so again unlock look at it it’s unlocked
here we can use our thumb print and this fingerprint sensor is a little hit or
miss you’ll see it was a little bit slow it does work well as long as you’re
don’t you don’t mind the time and it’s gotten better over time in my review I
actually have quite a few problems it’s very inconsistent depending on where you
press sometimes it says press longer or sometimes it says press harder but
you’ll see from the time I tap it like that it said no match do it again then
the unlock so it does take a little bit longer than a traditional fingerprint
sensor and even a little bit longer than face ID however technically speaking
face ID is more secure unless you have a twin so keep that in mind when you’re
talking about this in particular if you really don’t like face ID you’ve got a
really nice option here with the fingerprint sensor or you can use their
less secure face ID or of course the traditional method of using your
password or passcode the next thing kind of falls under security as well and that
is privacy iPhone is very big on privacy what you do on your device stays on your
device and does not share that information with separate apps unless
you allow it specifically to do so such as your location when you’re using
something like Google Maps otherwise it’s on the device your face
everything else is stored locally and is not sent to Apple the only thing that is
sent to Apple is your iCloud backups and your messages are end-to-end encrypted
if you use iMessage also if you’re using something like Siri and asking a
question it sends that information anonymously so Apple could never relate
it back to a specific person now when it comes to Samsung Google does use your
information and that helps them better understand what’s going on and helps
present you with what you like so if you’re using something like bixby here
it can do that through Samsung or you can use the Google assistant to do the
same or Google itself it will predict what it
thinks you want to do based on your patterns but that comes at a cost of
sharing that information directly with Google so you do get better voice
recognition you also get a lot more features because of that but it’s not as
private or secure when it comes to that although the Samsung does have Samsung
Knox which is an encryption or a way to encrypt the device and keep your
information safe on the device now what’s strange about the S10 plus is it
comes installed pre-installed with Facebook you can’t delete it and I know
someone said they got an unlocked version from Samsung or a Verizon
version and it didn’t have it there I actually have some Verizon versions that
I’ve checked out they all have it and all you can do is disable it you cannot
delete it you’d have to route it in order to do that so keep that in mind
now the next thing is the displays now I’m the iPhone 1XS Max keep in mind
this display is actually made by Samsung but based off of Apple’s specifications
so they’re both using OLED technology and Samsung actually makes this display
so it’s a very very good display it’s a 6.5 inch display 2688 by 12 42 with 458
pixels per inch and it has true tone and actually true tone is turned on right
now so you’ll see side by side if I change it the actual tone of the screen
changes and Samsung does have something similar to that but it reduces blue
light it’s very similar if we go into here we also have the blue light filter
so if I turn that off you’ll see they both kind of get white so we’ll leave
that on and we’ll turn off night shift as well so these are all things to help
the display look a little bit better but speaking of the Samsung display the
Samsung display does look a little bit better it’s a higher resolution it’s
1440 by 3040 and is 522 pixels per inch now either one you’re not going to be
able to see the actual pixels on either of them even up close you just can’t see
them they’re both very high quality but the XS Max does not get as bright in
fact this display goes up to about 1200 nits it’s almost double what the XS Max
can do on its fullest brightness so we’ll go full bright here we’ll go full
bright here and you probably won’t be able to see that
in this particular light but let’s go back to the home screen and this display
is just easier to see in bright light just depending on what you’re doing but
they both look very very bright and I don’t think you’ll have an issue in
sunlight with that so let’s bring these back down both to about half there we go
and let’s talk about the actual features of the phone because when it comes to
features samsung has kind of been at the front of throwing everything into it but
at a cost of sometimes slowdown and things like that but here let’s go
around the outside edge on the Samsung and then the iPhone so I’m the phone of
course we’ve got that infinity oh and this has the stock installed screen
protector which I’ll be removing since it’s kind of scratched up the front has
a speaker here and then you have a speaker on the bottom you’ve got USB see
and you’ve retained the headphone jack around the edge you have a big speed
button which is sort of reassign Abul you can press it once for a feature
you’d like or double tap for bixby or reverse those you’ve got a volume rocker
you’ve got a microphone here expandable storage here and then your power
sleep/wake button on the back you’ve got three cameras will talk about the
cameras later you’ll also have a heart rate sensor right here so you have all
of those features on this particular phone let’s go back here and we’ll talk
about the iPhone now with the iPhone you’ve got the standard iPhone features
so around the edge you’ve got her in the front you’ve got speakers here and here
you also have microphones and then on the side your volume switch your silent
switch which is very helpful and then here you’ve got power sleep-wake your
SIM card slot and then the cameras on the back
both have wireless charging so that part’s nice but the Samsung will charge
faster probably a half hour to an hour faster and the Samsung has a larger
battery so the samsung’s battery is 4100 milliamp hours and the Samsung battery
will easily last you a day or day and a half at least in my experience I had my
sim card in this my primary SIM card in this for at least a week and I used it
and easily found it at the end of the day going waking up at about 8 a.m. or
7:00 a.m. depending on the day and going to bed around
in the morning I had about 50% battery life left I normally use social media
and I also use a lot of YouTube and I take some photos and video with it now
with the XS Max you have 3174 as far as the milliamp hour size of the battery
however the 812 Bionic chip is so efficient that it actually gets a very
similar battery life but not as good I’ll find at the end of the day I will
have about 40 to 50 percent what most people are saying in their comparisons
when they’ve used them side by side or doing other things you’ll get about an
extra hour out of the S10 plus now depending on how you use this this may
vary and also depending on your screen resolution that you set this at it’s not
set to its full resolution it by default and that potentially could cause you to
use more battery I actually have it on its highest resolution right now so it
looks really really good now talking about specs we have the a12 Bionic which
is incredibly fast let’s take a look at just some synthetic benchmarks so I can
show you what I mean now I’ve installed Geekbench on both of these and as you
can see there’s no other apps open so that’s it for these particular apps
let’s go ahead and run a CPU benchmark just to show you a comparison so we’ll
hit go and see what it does now you’ll see both have finished and
the multi-core scores are not far off but the single core is a little bit
different four thousand eight hundred and nineteen on the XS Max first 3521
on the S10 plus when it comes to multi-core like I said they’re not too
far off eleven thousand three hundred and sixty six on the XS Max and eleven
thousand fifty two on the S10 plus so very close that means they’re going to
perform pretty well no matter what you do so for example if you go into a web
browser I’m at my web site on both we can scroll and the scrolling is a little
bit faster here but that does not mean the phone is actually faster it’s just
the animation speed versus the scroll speed on both of them so maybe we’ll go
into the tesla review here and you’ll see they’re going to load very similarly
most people if you’re using an iphone you’re not going to mind if it’s 0.2
seconds slower than this phone or vice versa depending on what you’re trying to
load so if you’re trying to load a video for example and these are both on the
same Wi-Fi connection so let’s go ahead and hit play on both of these and you’ll
see it was a little bit faster on the S10 plus so that one seemed quicker for
that particular instance now if we’re going to do something like open the
camera let me just get these ready since they’re in different locations if we
open the camera hit the buttons here you’ll see it’s very similar the iPhone
might be a little bit faster there but that is where the speed really is nice
on both of them I don’t think you’re going to have an issue with scrolling or
anything like that again if we go back to the web browser scroll and maybe
we’ll go to one more website you’ll see that rotates pretty quickly as well
we’ll go to Apple first will it go and you’ll see slightly faster here let’s
try Samsung so we’ll go to Samsung now and it was faster here so it’s kind of
interesting that we got that result but I think you get the idea whatever you’re
doing is going to be nice and fast no matter what if you want to go into a
folder the animations are similar as far as speed goes if you want to go into
something like music they’re going to load similarly so most of the experience
as far as speed is really very close now both of these
have ip68 water resistance technically though that does not make them
waterproof I recently had an issue with the iPhone XS Max where this is a
replacement because water got into it and it was only in about a foot of water
or maybe two feet of water for under five minutes where I dropped it I’m not
going to test that anymore but they both are technically water resistant that
means that if you drop them in a puddle they’ll probably be fine but if you
leave them under water for any period of time that’s probably a bad idea and that
leads us on to the camera now the cameras on both of these are quite good
they both do 4k 60 technically the S10 plus it does do HDR so that part’s nice
if we go into the settings here we do have hdr+ as far as one of the settings
for the actual video so if we would advanced recording options we can turn
on HDR 10 plus so we will get HDR if we want that we also have high efficiency
video so HEV C on both and unlimited recording time when it comes to 4k video
so the videos are very good but let’s take a look at both photos and videos
and see how they stack up together now with the forward-facing cameras this
is where we see the biggest difference with the iPhone it’s in 1080p the Galaxy
has ten plus is actually in 4k so you do have a little bit higher resolution
there although the S10 tends to smooth the base and everything’s in default
settings you could change it right now everything’s default and you’ll see the
actual lens looks a little bit different as well as far as its depth and angle now this is the rear facing camera on
both of these they’re both pretty high quality 4k video this is recording at 30
frames per second as they both have image stabilization now the one thing
you can do with the samsung galaxy S10 plus that you cannot do with the iPhone
is you can go to ultra wide so if we widen this way out you’ll see it’s ultra
wide and more of the image and it actually will look a little bit more
stable because it’s so wide now if we stop and then go back to regular that
looks pretty good but we can zoom to 2 X on both of them and so we’ve got 2 X and
you’ll see the transition is a little bit different on both of them but they
both work and I think the idea now when we talk about reception of both of these
devices the S10 plus wins here a little bit and that’s because it’s using
Qualcomm processor and modem as well and their modem is just superior at this
point to the Intel modem that’s in here while technically you can also get a 5g
version of this that won’t be available just yet or it might be by the time
you’re watching this but the actual modem in here just seems to have better
reception in fact I don’t have a SIM card in here but it’s picking up I guess
t-mobile signal strength and you’ll see that the Wi-Fi is strong too of course
that should be strong on both with the XS Max Wi-Fi seems to work fine but for
me the LTE is really hit or miss sometimes I have to turn on airplane
mode and then turn it back off in order to get a connection again so it’s been
hit or miss and that’s a known complaint for people with the latest generation of
iPhones now finally I wanted to compare the speakers for you so you can hear
what they sound like let’s go here now I really could pick any one of these I
guess I’ll pick the car review just because
it’s kind of neutral here I’ve set this up to be at the beginning of my video
and we’ll hit play and then I’ll turn the speaker’s up and see which one goes
louder so we’ll go ahead and hit play now they both sound good
they’re both clear but I would say the S10 goes a little bit louder but I would
say the iPhone XS Max is a little bit clearer also in using this for video I
would say the stereo sound is about the same maybe a little bit better on the
S10 plus as this seems to get a little bit louder on this littler speaker here
up at the top but for the most part it’s very very similar and I think they’re
very close together now one of the other features that you don’t get with iOS
that you do get here that many people have been wanting for iOS is split view
or split screen so maybe I want to open a web browser we were on the Samsung
page and open something else let’s just tap here we’ll open in split screen and
maybe I’ll open YouTube as well and then I can go between the two of them we can
open either one get rid of them and maybe watch a video maybe open another
one we’ll open this one in split view and maybe continue to watch a video and
use the internet as well at the same time it’s a really nice feature that
hopefully they bring to iOS but currently isn’t available and is
available on the Galaxy phones additionally with the OS one of the
advantages you do get with Android is you get to customize this so I’m not a
particular fan of Samsung’s 1 UI some people love it I don’t particularly like
it so if I go to settings I’ll go to home screen you’ll see I’ve done this
quite a few times home screen and then I go to home screen default apps go to
home screen 1 UI I can change the way the entire thing looks and feels so
you’ll see now it looks like a traditional pixel device I’ve got Google
home over here it’s very very nice so it’s nice that I have that option and I
can change it to look and feel like I want if I don’t like the scroll speed I
can change it so that part’s really nice as well one of the additional features
the S10 plus has is wireless power share so you’ll see I’ve got it turned on here
you just flip over the phone set the iPhone on it and now it’s charging so
you can charge a device galaxy buds or whatever you’d like using that now when
we’re talking about the ecosystem of both of these devices apples is very
integrated very well put together and if you have people that have iPhones
iMessage works really well specifically in the United States I don’t know anyone
that doesn’t use a hi message that has an iPhone and it’s so well integrated
with things like different Mac’s MacBooks IMAX whatever you have and
iPads that it makes sense just to use this and go between those devices but if
you don’t have the Apple ecosystem in your family or within your friends and
you have this device you can easily use something like Google messages and use
messages to Android comm to relay through a computer and then of course
you’ve got access to all of Google’s applications as well so it really
depends on which one works best for you both operating systems are very mature
at this point and work well and both are pretty stable I didn’t really have any
crashes on this phone maybe I’ve had an app crash here but no more than I have
on an iPhone as well so they both have app crash issues from time to time and I
think overall they’re about the same as far as stability is concerned and
whatever ecosystem works best for you is really the one to pick now again talking
about speed when it comes to both of these devices some people say that the
Samsung devices will slow down over time I don’t know that that’s going to be the
case with this particular one it seems superfast all the time at least over the
week I’ve been using it on no issues here it doesn’t matter what launcher I’m
using what app I’m using things just seem to be nice and fast and you can go
back in and out of whatever you’d like and no slowdown whatsoever you don’t
really get a slowdown here as well and Apple kind of got caught with slowing
things down and I don’t think they’re going to do that too much on the iPhones
anymore going forward as far as longevity goes so that’s it for the S10
plus verse the XS Max hopefully that helps you get a better idea of which one
to decide to purchase for yourself and I’d love to hear which one you purchased
or if you want the smaller size they’re very similar they’re just basically
different size and different price but let me know which one works best for you
or what you two to do maybe you kept your older phones
because you like the older ones better with the fingerprint reader here or
maybe even 8 plus with a fingerprint reader down here let me know your
thoughts in the comments below of course I’ll link this wallpaper in the
description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and give it a like if you enjoyed the video if not the other ones
okay – as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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