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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S9 Plus SPEED TEST

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S9 Plus SPEED TEST

– [Saf] What’s up guys,
Saf here, on SuperSaf TV. And, in this video,
we’re going to be doing a detailed speed test
between the iPhone XS Max, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 variant. So, a couple of days
ago, I did a speed test between the XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy
Note 9 Exynos version. And that video was a
little bit controversial, because the XS Max, overall,
did perform quite a bit better. Especially when it came to
games, compared to the Note 9. Now I did want to redo the test, with the Snapdragon 845
version of the Note 9, which is supposed to be faster. But, unfortunately, I do not have it. However, I do have the S9 Plus, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. And that has very similar specs to what we’ve got on the Note 9. And we’re going to redo this test, and see how much of a difference this has. So, in the usual format, we’ll start off by looking at Geekbench 4 scores then we’ll move on to
the regular social apps then some games, the exact same games that we covered in the previous test. And finally, we’ll be finishing
up with RAM management. So kicking off with Geekbench 4 Scores The XS Max once again does
score quite a bit higher for both single core
and multi core scores. Now let’s move on to the app test you can see that we’ve
got nothing else opened up in the background. We’re going to start off with Twitter That was quicker on the S9 Plus notifications pretty much neck and neck let’s move onto Instagram Now the full content was
pretty much neck and neck We’re going to my profile
which was slightly quicker on the XS Max I would say We’ll leave this open, let’s
go up to Pages Manager. Quicker on the S9 Plus let’s scroll down and we’re
going to move on to YouTube. Slightly different
content on the home page so let’s play a trending video Got the new Bumblebee
trailer let’s play that. Slightly quicker on the XS Max We’ll leave this open and
we’ll move onto games. Notice this timer here at the bottom and that’s because were doing things SuperSaf style and that
will tell us how long exactly each of these take and Angry Birds Two was
quicker on the S9 Plus. That’s definitely quite interesting because on the Note 9
Exynos version it was slower Jet pack Joyride, once
again quicker on the S9 Plus Very, very interesting Moving on to Sonic Boom,
pretty much neck and neck maybe a split second between these two but I’m going to call that a draw loading the game up, once again a draw Temple Run Two, that was
definitely quicker on the XS Max S9 Plus coming in a
couple of seconds later. We’ll play the game, we’re
going to leave this open. We’re going to move on to Subway Surfers. We do have slightly different
maps on each of these so we can’t fully take this
test into consideration but it was quicker on the
XS Max for what it’s worth. Dead Trigger Two, load
screen quicker on the XS Max by just about a second,
not much between them. Playing the game, quicker
once again on the XS Max comes in slightly after on the S9 Plus Moving onto Asphalt Nine Slightly quicker on the
S9 Plus but very close. We’ll have to call that
one a bit of a draw. And our final fame here is WWE Mayhem, definitely quicker on the XS Max Coming in a few seconds
later on the S9 Plus but if you remember on the previous test the Note 9 did come in
twice the amount of time after the XS Max so that’s interesting. We’re just testing out multitasking here. All the games seem to be
in the same place so far Temple Run Two, same place we can resume the game if we’d like Sonic Boom, in place
once again we can resume Jet pack Joyride, same place again Angry Birds Two, same place. Now if you remember once
again from the previous test This is where things started
to get a little tricky for the Note 9 in terms of RAM management but the S9 Plus seems to
be doing absolutely fine Instagram, in the exact same place and so is Twitter in the exact same place So there we have it guys, that
is the detailed speed test between the iPhone XS Max and
the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus as you guys saw, things were much, much closer compared to what
we had in the previous test which had the Exynos
version of the Note 9. So clearly the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 845 variant of the Note 9 as well as the S9 Plus is faster compared to the Exynos version and I have actually done a comparison between Snapdragon 845 and the Exynos 9810 I’ll link that video in the
cards if you want to check it out but in terms of this speed test here both devices are very, very fast Some instances the S9 Plus was faster and some instances the XS Max was faster I’d say overall in terms of games the XS Max was faster
with the larger gap in terms of load times but generally speaking these are some of the
fastest devices out there and in day to day usage you’re
not really going to notice those small differences. What did you guys think
of the test results definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful If you did then do hit that
thumbs up button for me and if you haven’t already
then be sure to subscribe and switch on notifications we’ve got lots more
content coming up on here. Thanks for watching this is Saf on SuperSaf TV, I’ll see you next time. (soft techno music) Fan boys are going to be going
crazy in the comments just watch

100 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S9 Plus SPEED TEST”

  1. Apple only target is how to make the fool of customers just by increasing 1000 dollars in every update of their company phone by giving the same old model company phone

  2. Thank you for the speed video all the time.and I think there are some idea for u。

    1,setting the similar monitor pixel before test,cuz I think it may be affect the speed when Game launch.

    2,let is know how many storage left before the speed test.

    and of course, u can make an speed test when both phones almost out of the storage,I really wanna know it will influence the iOS speed or not

    3,although Exynos,Qualcomm,Apple a series chips got it's own efficacy and different system,But I think most importantly of play game is in game performance ,not who can launch apps quicker. (we play game contents, not play app launch 😁)

    Thank U

  3. well it's not a surprise that the iPhone Xs Max is better because A12's proper rivals (Kirin 980, SD855, whatever exynos 7nm is coming) is not yet out commercially.

  4. Wow 2 of the beautiful most beautiful devices of 2018 I'm crazy glad the S9+ (10nm Qualcomm) chipset still holds up against the 7nm A12 Bionic it's crazy
    Two amazing phones
    Well done Saf

  5. So, only the latest devices get Asphalt 9? It's not in my play store. S9 looking lovely in that purple! The Iphone X interface seems annoying to me with all the swiping.

  6. 4 day to day apps and 8 games? That doesn't sound like the way a regular person uses a smartphone. I would do it the other way around, 4 games and 8 day to day apps.

  7. Brother let the apps get an update with the new version of iPhone X’s. Then only the phone will perform better. Wait and See.

  8. Why do you guys never get it?
    Android has been programmed with Java while, iOS with c(!)
    Basic disadvantage of Java is its speed

  9. You won't see much of a performance difference in day to day use, but your wallet is sure to notice the difference (About US$355 difference if you want a Fast Charger for the base model). Plus expandable storage, plus 3.5mm jack, and multiple biometric unlock options. Things that iPhones simply do not offer… at any price. Oh and what about reception? This might be a really important factor too.

  10. The X’s look so annoying with the white bar at the bottom I could never own an X, that’s hey I have an s9 🙂

  11. Why do you include so many games in your tests?
    Does an average user play these much games?
    Why not include more apps and spend some time in the apps

  12. Saf… both devices are great. I am an iPhone 8plus user but I don’t engage negatively towards Android users.

  13. Tbh the S9+ looks ugly the S8+ looks better imo, but the Note 9 is probably the most beautiful phome Samsung have ever made, the XS max also looks beautiful, hey it comes down to preferences

  14. These stupid benchmark tests are so idiotic. The true way of comparison is to open the app at the SAME time and close a app. Repeat this 3 times and then decide wich is faster. Some testers are idiots who run trough every app and then it seems like Smartphone A or B is totally destroying the nother cuz by the time one opened the Facebook, the other is still opening Whatsapp and then it looks like Phone B is slower. NO. Its because spees comparison tests in wich an automatic pen is Opening apps or a tester is rushing trough the Application. It could be that Phone A launched faster than Phone B.. the next time maybe Phone B launches faster than Phone A. They should run without Energy efficiency mode. And than you should start whatsapp at the same time. Close it. Start it same time. Close it. E times. If Phone A wins three times its better. Maybe A wins 2 times an B 1 time. The next time maybe B1 wins 2 times and A 1 time!!!
    Today every SM is nearly on the same lvl!

  15. There’s one thing you guys don’t understand. Tweeter on iphone is 126MB and only 26MB on android. Instagram is almost 200MB on iPhone and just 30MB on android. Facebook is 58MB on android and over 250MB on iPhone. All these social medial app are more faster on android because of their low resolution. Now compare Gaming where they both downloaded the same size of application. Use your initiative bro 🤔

  16. Yeah but the problem is after 6 months of use is the samDung going to be as snappy? My s6 deteriorated very quickly and has been getting worse ever since. Truly an horrific phone and it has inspired me to consider for the first time, iOS.

  17. Im upgrading my Galaxy S8+ to the XS Max this weekend. My S8 is terrible now… battery is a shambles and the smoothness has disappeared aswell as the fast loading times. Moving to Apple!

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