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iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

– What’s up, guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV. And in this video we’re going to be looking
at the key differences between the iPhone XS Max
and Samsung Galaxy Note9. So these are two of the
biggest devices of 2018, pun intended. And they both do feel quite
large in the hand as well. They’re definitely big devices. The Note9 is slightly thicker
as well as slightly taller but the XS Max is slightly wider. Now they also weigh quite
a bit both over 200 grams and they are definitely
two handed devices. They also have similar sized displays. We’ve got 6.4 inches on the Note9 and we’ve got 6.5 inches on the XS Max. However on the XS Max, we do have that infamous notch. On the Note9 there is no notch. We’ve just got small
top and bottom bezels. So that is something to bear in mind. But the quality of displays, we’ve got amazing
displays on both devices. Some of the best out there in the market. They both have OLED technology which means you’re going
to have deep blacks, very high contrast ratios, vibrant colors, and very good viewing angles. Now the XS Max as with
the X does have 3D touch. That’s the pressure-sensitive display. You can push down harder on
certain items and things. It’s going to give you more options. With the Note9, you do not have 3D touch although the home button
is pressure sensitive. And you can push that hard, it’s going to take you
back to the home screen. However the XS does get
the advantage for 3D touch. Now when it comes to resolution we’ve got very high
resolution displays on both. However the Note9 does have
a higher pixel density. So these are more pixels per inch and that does give it a slight edge when it comes to sharpness. So the Note9 is going to give
you overall sharper details. It’s not going to be a
massive massive difference because we haven’t gone
over 400 PPI pixel density. But there is going to be a slight
advantage here on the Note9. Now let’s talk about the build
and design of both devices. Both very very premium. With the Note9 you’ve got a metal frame with curved Gorilla Glass 5
panels on the front and back. So they do cut in from the front as well. Quite a unique look and
that’s also the reason why it’s not as wide as the XS Max. The XS Max has a stainless steel frame also with glass panels
on the front and back. So both devices look and
feel very very premium. And they are both also IP68
water and dust resistant which is great. Previously we had IP67 on the iPhone X. So it’s great that this
year we have IP68 as well on the iPhone XS Max. Now moving on to the internals. Both of these are packing
the latest and greatest. On the Note9, we’ve got either the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 845 processor or the Samsung Exynos 9810. Very smooth and fast, one of
the fastest devices out there. The iPhone XS Max comes with
the Apple A12 Bionic chip. Now Apple was saying compared to last year you can have up to 50%
better graphics performance which should be really really good. Of course we can do some side-by-side test once we’ve got the retail
version of the XS Max in hand. But regardless, both of these are some of the
fastest devices out there. In terms of the operating systems, for the XS Max, it is going to come out
of the box with iOS 12. With the Note9 we’ve got
Android Oreo version 8.1 with the Samsung Experience skin on top. Now which one of these is better? It’s going to come down to
your personal preference. Both very very strong
operating systems of course. Now what about the storage? Well the Note9 definitely
gets the advantage in this category and that’s because it comes
with a base of 128 gigabytes. And there’s also a 512 gigabyte version. You can also expand this as
well with a micro SD card. So you can get up to a
terabyte of storage in total on the Note9 which is absolutely insane. With the XS Max, you
start at 64 gigabytes. There is also a 256 gigabyte version, as well as a 512 gigabyte version, although the 512 gigabyte
version is priced very very high. We’ll talk about that a little bit later. And of course the XS Max as
with all other Apple devices does not have expandable
memory unfortunately. Moving onto the cameras. Both of these have dual camera setups. We have a primary camera as
well as a telephoto camera. On the Note9 we have a dual
aperture on the primary lens. So we’ve got F1.5 and F2.4. It’s going to switch between these depending on the light in your scene. And it does do really really well when it comes to low-light images. The secondary camera on the
Note9 has an F2.4 aperture. And it’s going to give you
two times optical zoom. The XS Max also with the telephoto camera is going to give you
two times optical zoom and that also has an F2.4 aperture. But the primary camera
has an F1.8 aperture. It doesn’t have dual aperture like we’ve got on the Note9. Now both devices have a portrait mode. So this is where it’s going
to blur the background and give you a very
professional-looking shot. And this time you can also
edit the blur on both devices. Apple kind of made a big deal about this although it has been available
on many devices in the past. Of course we can do a SuperSaf
style camera comparison between these two as soon as
we’ve got the retail device of the XS Max in hand. If you want to see that first then make sure you have subscribed and switch on your notifications. Now when it comes to video, both devices do film 4K
at 60 frames a second and also 1080p at 240 frames
a second for slow motion. However the Note9 does
get an advantage here for super slo-mo and that is 960 frames a second at 720p. It is just a small burst but you can get some
very interesting results if used well. Now for the first time the iPhone XS Max is finally finally going to be having stereo audio recording. This is something that I’ve
ranted about many many times in my camera comparisons because of mono audio recording, it did not sound as
rich as Samsung devices which have had stereo audio recording for a very very long time. And I can’t wait to actually
put these side-by-side to see which one of these sounds better. Now for the front-facing cameras, on the Note9 we’ve got eight megapixels with an F1.7 aperture. On the iPhone XS Max we’ve got seven megapixels
with an F2.2 aperture. Now both devices also
support a portrait mode from the front-facing camera as well where it’s going to blur the background. However on the XS Max you can edit the blur after the fact like you can do on the
rear-facing cameras. This is something you
can’t do on the Note9, so the XS Max does get the advantage here. Now moving on to security, the XS Max does have Face ID. It’s improved compared to last year and it’s the most secure
facial recognition that’s out there, Apple are claiming. And in my experience Face ID on the iPhone has worked really really well. And I expect it to work really
well on the XS Max as well. On the Note9 you do
have facial recognition although it’s not as advanced
as what you’ve got on Face ID. However you also have the iris scanner. Now you can use the facial recognition as well as the iris scanner in combination and that is Intelligent Scan and you’ve also got a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. So you’ve got plenty of
options here on the Note9. On the iPhone XS Max although
the facial-recognition might be more secure, you do only have the one option. Now moving on to audio, both devices have stereo speakers, one in the earpiece
and one bottom far end. So this is great. You’re going to have a
very immersive experience especially on those larger displays. However the iPhone XS
Max as previous iPhones does not have a 3.5
millimeter headphone jack. This is something that the Note9 does have and I know it’s something
that’s very very important to a lot of you guys. So the Note9 does get an advantage here. Now the Note9 also has
one additional feature which pretty much no other device has and that is the S Pen. This is a stylus that
is going to allow you a lot more precision when
you’re using the device. But it’s also going to allow
you lots of advanced features. And this year the S Pen also
has Bluetooth connectivity which means you can
remotely control the Note9 with the S Pen. Something you’ve not
been able to do before. This is really useful for
taking selfies and things. You can also connect the
Note9 using Samsung Dex which is built-in to a larger display and use the S Pen as a clicker. So this is quite interesting and may be useful especially
if you’re a business user. Now moving on to batteries, the Note9 does come with a
very large 4000 mAh battery. The iPhone XS Max, Apple haven’t specified
the size of the battery. They’ve only said that you’re
going to get 1.5 hours more usage compared to the iPhone X. That is very very difficult to quantify. However we should be
getting the exact size of the XS Max battery soon when somebody decides to
pop it open and see inside. In terms of battery life, between these two of course
we’re going to have to use these over a longer period of time to tell how well these are. However the XS Max, Apple are claiming is the biggest battery that they’ve had in an iPhone before. So it should perform better
compared to previous models. Now both devices do support
wireless charging which is great and both also support fast charging. However on the Note9, you do get the fast charger
out of the box, it’s included. On the XS Max it is
not included in the box like we didn’t have on the iPhone X either which means you’re going to have to go out and buy it separately if
you want fast charging. This is pretty steep as well. It costs around 75 pounds and that is on top of what
the XS Max already comes in at which is a price that’s
higher compared to the Note9. So the Note9, right now you can pick it up starting at 900 pounds in the UK, around a thousand dollars in the US. That is for the base 128 gigabyte model. With the XS Max, it’s going
to be starting at 1100 pounds or 1100 dollars and that is
for the 64 gigabyte base model. Now if you’re going up to 512 gigabytes, you’re looking at 1450 pounds or dollars. That’s a lot of money. Comparing that to the 512
gigabyte version of the Note9, you’ll be paying $200
more for the iPhone XS Max or around 350 pounds more in the UK. So the Note9 is coming in much cheaper compared to the XS Max. And of course that’s going
to be a big big factor that’s going to come into play because they have never been so far apart when it comes to price. There we have it, guys. Those are the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy
Note9 and the iPhone XS Max. All summed up for you SuperSaf style. Now in terms of my opinions, I mean both very promising devices. I think the price difference
is a huge huge factor between these two, specially this year and that’s something that you’re definitely going
to have to bear in mind especially if you’re thinking of going for the larger storage version. What do you guys think of the
differences between these two? Which one would you go for? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did, then do hit that
thumbs up button for me. It really does help me out. And as mentioned earlier, as soon as we’ve got the XS
Max retail version in hand we’ll be doing lots of
SuperSaf style coverage here on the channel. So make sure you have subscribed
and switch on notifications so you don’t miss any of that coverage. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9”

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  2. Samsung users have an attitude problem welp
    *apple leaves the chat*
    Any apple users here? Or only me? Ok…. Iphone xs max? Only me….?again? Ok FINE being only an apple fan in this vid is being unique SAMSUNG is gooooood but im a apple fan sorry sams!

  3. No doubt iPhone xs max is super fone … but u cant compair that fone with note 9 … Samsung enhance their capabilities too … for me note 9 is slightly batter then iPhone xs max
    Samsung 9/10
    Xs max 8.5/10

  4. Ngl most people that I see complaining about apple are people that cant afford the damn phone (I.E children)
    I can understand if someone has a well based reason on why they like Samsung more, but you’re automatically wrong if you blindly state an opinion and just comment on the price.

  5. Im not fan of any flagships. Im using samsung note 9 for few weeks and im really disappointed with battery life and performance. Compare to Huawei mate 20x this device is nothing. Mate 20x is super fast charging with excellent battery life with super satisfying performance. Super fast .

  6. Note 9 obviously, what kind of question is this?

    Note 9:
    Android pie
    One UI
    Bluetooth remote S pen
    4000 mAh battery
    Super amoled display
    2960 x 1440 resolution
    6 GB Ram
    128 GB storage at base
    12 mp camera
    variable aperture
    Bezels rather than notch
    headphone jack

    Iphone XS max:
    4 GB ram
    64GB ram at base
    12mp camera
    OLED display
    2,688 x 1,242 resolution

    honestly how is the iphone worthy of comparison here

  7. If Apple wasn't so limited I would actually consider it an option. But due to limitations it has I can't even consider that damn ting

  8. If the Samsung doesn’t go into catastrophic boot loop and erase everything after a year then it’s already the automatic winner. This buttonless trend is so sickening though. So much effort to make the phones less practical.

    I just wanna urge people to think twice about Apple. I’ve owned iTouch, iPhone 4, 5, 6, and 8. They all got boot loop of death and erased everything, with the exception of one that only overheated until it was about to melt. Please don’t support Apple.

    Not even to mention that no headphone jack has been an absolute nightmare with the iPhone 8. Forgot your adapter? Welp. You’re stuck with a phone and headphones and no way to listen to music. Such progress.

  9. note 9 is better i mean just look at the specs even my galaxy s8 is better then xs shitty max lmao. iphones are for peasants :DD

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  11. I've had like 5 Samsung phones and had an Iphone 5 years back.
    The Iphone5, while not having as many extra features to make it as fun a phone, was so far superior in quality and reliability its not even close. All my Samsungs after almost 2 years of usage slowed down massively and needed battery replacement a few times.
    The only Samsung I loved was the Note4. I'm going to upgrade tomorrow. Most likely going for the IphoneXs but will give the Note9 a look.
    Currently have a Galaxy S7 Edge (worst phone ive ever used period) .

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  16. I don't care about these comparisons anymore, but I used to be an iOS user back in the days and then in 2015 I switched to Galaxy note5 and I'm still using it to this day, 4 years later it still works like a champ and quite honestly I can't even imagine going back to iOS. Samsung as a company doesn't solely rely on their phone sales as much, that's why I think they don't really need to milk customers as much, apple relies on iPhone sales, that's what their investors care about the most etc, that's why they need to milk their customers as much as they can and do everything in their power so you return to the Apple store in a few years to pick up a brand new phone.
    Also, on Galaxy note you can use torrent, download free music, overall it's more like a portable computer experience. You can still be a law abiding good Samaritan if you choose to, but at least you have an option.

  17. I have the Xs Max but I’m looking into replacing it with Note 9.
    The big size of Xs Max is a waste,it’s the same old iPhone just gigantic with no real productivity feature,the battery life is below average and camera bump is ugly,the Note also has a better screen.

  18. I've been an iPhone user for years now since iPhone 4. I've had the 7 plus for 3 years now and was going to upgrade but the xs max 512 was 2000.00 Canadoan while the 512 Note 9 was only 1200.00 Canadian with option to expand to 1 Tb. After years of being a happy apple user they prices themselves out of the running. I switched. Only need is finding a good photo editor with layers, transparencies masks and painting like pixelmator did. Android is lacking serious graphics apps. But happy overall with the note 9 512 GB!

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