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iPhone XS vs GoPro 7!

iPhone XS vs GoPro 7!

this one is sort of apples to oranges
iPhone 10 as vs. GoPro Hero 7 black even pricing is drastically different but I
thought it’d be really fun and interesting to compare some of the
hottest latest and greatest cameras out right now and see how they stack up now
up front let me be clear I’m not comparing functionality yes this iPhone
can make phone calls the GoPro cannot instead we’re solely comparing camera
quality now I’m Ben from Authentech, and in today’s video we’ll be testing 4k
video stabilization audio photos HDR and more let’s dive right in now let’s start
with 4k 60fps on both first let’s cover the obvious the GoPro has an ultra
wide-angle lens creating an immersive experience and
squeezing plenty of landscape into frame iPhone has a dual lens setup one
standard angle ii telephoto now dear Apple please please consider placing a
third ultra wide-angle lens like the LG v 40 in your next iPhone this would be
fantastic and super helpful for not only action shots but wide panoramas
time-lapse indoor and large group II shots the use cases are endless secondly
let’s compare the colors vibrancy saturation dynamic range sharpness and
clarity a few things I’m noticing it looks like the colors and even the
contrast is a bit more punchy on the GoPro they both look really nice though
and sometimes even more similar than I thought they would not always but
sometimes both cameras are shooting 12 megapixel and I really really appreciate
they both can record 4k video at 60fps also check out that frame stuttering
issue on the GoPro 7 I talked about this in my last GoPro videos and I think it’s
the EIS and I’m kind of surprised there’s still no firmware update for
this I’m running the latest version at the time of this filming now even though
it’s a little unfair to zoom way in and pixel peak because the GoPro is
wide-angle and the iPhone is not it’s still interesting to see the clarity and
level of detail difference between the two and this is an audio test on the
iPhone 10 s and this is audio on the GoPro Hero seven black house the audio
sound let’s live authentic live what do you
guys think of the audio recording differences the iPhone now records in
stereo sound which is a great feature one last thing I notice here on the
iPhone there seems to be some pixel blocking issue arise in the footage once
in a while now I’m not sure if this is a video compression or bitrate issue let
me know if you see it and what you think might be causing it down in the comments
I’d love to hear your thoughts now let’s jump into a 4k 30 stabilization test
both cameras actually have some really impressive stabilization technologies
they both are looking really smooth and stable the iPhone sometimes has this
autofocus seeking issue but again GoPro doesn’t even have autofocus so it’s a
little bit of a wash here I’m scooting along on my electric unicycle and my
eyes drawn to both sides I like the closer up feeling on the iPhone where I
can almost count the blades of grass as they go wisping by and the blurred out
background looks nice but I also like the GoPro it has that wide angle we’re
able to see a lot more of the surrounding scenery and objects colors
and dynamic range looks really good and overall the stability of frame looks
Buber smooth again I’ll mention it here as well I think there’s a time and place
for each of these cameras and both have unique traits and purposes it’s still
fun and thought-provoking when we play some side by side to see how they stack
up we can also see the pros and cons of each and what they can learn from each
other in this one we can clearly make out that iPhone focusing issue
especially if a half speed slowed down when I start jogging the GoPro still
produces nice smooth looking footage as for the iPhone that’s this massive bug
that needs fixing the autofocus is searching all around
effect is basically ruining the shot it looks horrendous now yes I’m updated to
the latest iOS and quick Google search reveals I’m not alone on this record
core now if we jump back to 4k 6 D walking stabilization test looks like
that focusing issue is here as well and when we pick it up to a jog the
GoPro simply blows the iPhone out of the water even its dynamic range looks
better this is one key area I’d love I phone and other phone manufacturers to
heavily devote some R&D resources into e is and oh is it will be a game changer
when our phones can finally shoot gimbal like videos and photos with no shake or
wobbles this is important for all people’s because 99% of people use their
phones camera while hand-holding and secondly whether it’s wide medium or
telephoto lens stabilization is vital we can’t forget some slow motion and both
cameras actually have similar specs both record up to 240 FPS at 1080p like seen
here again the GoPros wide-angle is nice for fitting that whole water fountain
into the shot the iPhone looks to have some more stuttering going on as for
sharpness and detail though they look a bit similar
I think the GoPro takes it here but again let’s remember it’s sort at apples
to oranges with the wide verse narrow field of view oh and lastly I’ve said it
before bye gotta say it again I can’t believe neither of these cameras shoot
480 fps even the old one plus 6 can shoot that and I really thought we’d
have 1000 FPS by the end of 2018 but I’m Way off
I think only Sony and Samsung have unlocked that milestone as for a quick
autofocus test well here you go I’m kind of joking but it nicely shows the
difference autofocus and then narrow depth of field on the iPhone verse
infinity focus set on the GoPro pros and cons to each I just had to compare the
differences between GoPros new time-warp ie hyperlapse feature
versus iPhones time-lapse feature granted I’m on my electric unicycle here
so both cameras should look pretty stable but I do think the GoPro looks
higher quality and more but very smooth I hope to see I phone and
other phones compete better in this area for a quick low-light test
I started at 4k 60 and right off the bat the iPhone seems to have some jacked-up
auto focusing issue again as for GoPro it simply looks noisy and grainy and yes
that is with low light mode and protune turned on on a positive note the GoPros
white balance looks nice and clean and white iPhone always leans a tad warmer
switch into 4k 30 the iPhone does a much better job here no auto focusing issues
stability and overall image looks better as for GoPro it’s just too dark and
noisy I personally avoid shooting and low light with my GoPro now let’s switch
over to photography back to shoot in daylight bright sunshine high contrast
scenes lots of beautiful fall colors out there
both cameras tout a fancy HDR system and honestly I’d say they both look pretty
splendid colors and vibrancy pop off the screen there’s plenty of clarity and
detail maintaining the bright highlights as well as the dark shadow areas
I believe the minimum focusing distance for the GoPro is around 12 inches or so
anything closer and it’ll be blurry it’s a fairly straightforward concept but
it’s key to touch on here the iPhone can accomplish macro like shots where GoPro
cannot and another major difference is aperture and depth of field with this
iPhone we’re able to accomplish nice fall-off blur when focusing on nearby
objects with GoPro and Infinity focus just about everything close and far will
be in focus now this is one of the key reasons why you can’t easily shoot those
cinematic like shots on your GoPro there’s just no easy way of
accomplishing a narrow depth of field and I personally think if GoPro were to
create a modular device that could somehow shoot both wide-angle action
shots and more narrow tight depth of field close-up shots maybe a dual lens
setup now that’d be game changer when it comes to photos of course I think the
iPhone wins mostly over all unless you need a wide-angle even the dynamic rain
and overall Chris penis looks more pleasant on the iPhone over the GoPro
but then again does anyone shoot photos on their GoPro besides time-lapse and I
never do with medium to low lighting iPhone performs pretty well though has
warmer tones in extreme low-light iPhone gets pretty muddy pixelated and noisy
GoPro does a fairly okay job okay so what does all of this mean well here’s a
couple of my closing thoughts first I bought the iPhone for twelve hundred and
fifty bucks GoPro 430 that’s a big price difference battery life I went out
shooting for this camera test both fully charged and after about one hour the
GoPro was down to 50% my iPhone still at 79% that’s what both screens always on
second for durability you probably want to be jumping out of an airplane with
your iPhone strapped to your head there specific uses for each device obviously
I’m not saying GoPros or action cameras are totally obsolete however I do think
that for a majority of people out there who might want to use an action camera
for capturing your weekend family adventures or whatever your phone’s
camera might just be good enough or even better than you think now I’d love to
see more phones adopt the wide-angle lens like LG whom I love phones also
need to work on better image stabilization though it’s getting better
I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments what do you think the best
use for action cams are and what are the pros and cons you see in both if you’re
new around here consider subscribing for more camera and tech videos like this
posted every week and until next time let’s live authentic

100 thoughts on “iPhone XS vs GoPro 7!”

  1. How can something be focused on the foreground and background at the same time? Why can't you disable autofocus on the iphone? Why is it so shaky? Is ois no good on the best phone flagships?

  2. Great Video a like from me, I just spent $900 bucks on new GoPro Hero 7 plus Accessories, because I am a plus member I saved 50% on all my gear a big plus, I would of payed $1300 without it. But anyways I will do an Unboxing and review on my channel because I practically bought just about everything the offered

  3. I can't see how adding more components and making a gopro more expensive to have an useless autofocus feature could be "amazing". That thing is an Action/Sport camera and is not meant to picture your fancy cupcake in a blurry coffeeshop. If you want to be the Instagram cupcake king you just need an average modern smartphone which will have a good enough camera with all those fancy things for a more fancy picture.

  4. Man this guy is pretty dumb; he is literally comparing the camera of an iPhone and a actual camera/ go pro. Is it not ambiguous which one would be better. He is just doing this to show hate on an iPhone. So he does this vids to try tell people iPhones suck

  5. I am more of a sports and action person, GoPro is my lifeline! I do have an iPhone as well, though, I hardly use it for its camera

  6. Ben, I just discovered your channel. I’m impressed with this comparison video. One thing that jumped out at me is you found some things each camera did better then the other. That tells me you are being fair and honest. Well done Ben.

  7. Go pro it’s the worst product I have bought so far! It only gives usable footage under the sun. if you record inside a room with good light it looks like 720 footage also the audio it’s terrible even my iPhone 3GS had better audio. Avoid the GoPro don’t get fooled by their commercials

  8. What’s crazy is when I shoot video on the Hero 7 Black at 4K 60FPS I can’t playback the video on my iPhone XS plus unless I download it to the phone first. It will play it at 4K 30FPS

  9. @Ben you gotta do Note 9 versus Black 7. I have both phones and my note 9 looks so much better than the iPhone. I'd be curious to see how the Go Pro Hero black 7 stacks up against the Note 9.

  10. If Apple or Samsung can make a watertight phone that can handle saltwater….I will be able to forget the gp7b I just bought. Until then it will be my new dashcam (old one died) and my beach cam should I need it (or salt water pool)

  11. Please compare stady shoot s10plus vs go pro hero 7 black…???
    As usual great comparison… from u is the best …

  12. Hi! I'm looking for camera to take pictures in and out of water with nice quality. should i go to gopro hero 7 black or something else? please help, there are so many options !!

  13. Every one has its own price! Gopro for videos and pictures, beacause it’s more convenionce for all action, moving, shooting activities. Iphone also has similar things and more for business!
    We can use both and back up each other ;))

  14. Comparing depth of field, macro and low light to a phone is nonense. GoPro is built for action camera which is why is fixed focus and que the you're filming action you don't go 2 feet away from a tree and in broad daylight.

  15. hmmm… good. i actually dont like my XS anymore. but is it just me or anyone else see that the things look a little 'bent' or 'curved' on go pro? is it some setting or something else?

  16. it looks better on iPhone XS WOOO!!, by the way, and how do they look in the water? or in the sea? and how much is it resistant to depth? Thanks

  17. Wide angle is terrible. I get vertigo from it. I got a GoPro 7 White for Christmas and it’s basically useless. It would be much better if the GoPro had the linear standard on the low levels and wider angle on the higher level cameras. My iPhone 6s takes better pictures. Also the GoPro freezes and has a very short battery life. Your review appears to be of the Black?

  18. 1:54 to dark shadows with the gopro. really hate black crush since i have a Pixel 2 xl. I really like the Iphone.

  19. Well future hopeful prediction on my ideal_selection type creation model which i would and will reveal it() in a newer fine 4k video for everyone prayer-praise while asking for this new model to congratulate the older ones like to get marriage ideal up for one.

  20. Hey! I really like your videos! It's very detailed and looks very professional. But may I know is an action camera better than a smartphone for astrophotography? I mean a DSLR is a better choice compared to the both of them, but I'm still curious is an action camera better than a smartphone in terms of astrophotography?

  21. GOPRO is mostly on a handle/stick and requires only one hand to operate, that's a big plus when shooting spontaneously or while moving.

  22. techie guy doesn't know he has to lock focus on iPhone, as simple as press and hold on focus point and done bro

  23. In my opinion has the iPhone XS an incredible camera and for a phone is the footage great compare to the top action camera. Go pro and others are only better at action videos with a lot of movement and crazy mounting. Great comparison! Thank you!

  24. what would be the best everyday carry camera for shooting b-roll and daily vlogs? I have a fuji xt2 as my main camera for professional work but looking for something even smaller for just everyday non professional work. I'm currently considering a go pro hero 7 black, dji osmo action, or the go pro fusion or insta 360 x, or just using a gimbal on my iphone XS.

  25. Watching at work with the volume down… but the motion on the ipx is all judderish compared to the gopro which is smooth af

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