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iQOO 3 The Ultimate 5G Phone | First Look Review | Unboxing The Gaming Monster

iQOO 3 The Ultimate 5G Phone | First Look Review | Unboxing The Gaming Monster

[Intro music playing] Hi guys, Abhishek here. And I am from gadgetstouse and I am in Mumbai
right now. And I am here for the IQOO launch event. IQOO has launched IQOO 3 5G variant. Also you will be getting the 4g variant of
this phone. So this is IQOO-3 5G variant which I have. This is how the display is of this phone. display is very good and the build quality
of the phone is also very good. The hardware is of awesome level. and the RAM is very fast however, all these
things are applicable to the 5G variant which I have reviewed here. A 4G variant of the phone will also come which
I haven’t done the review of and and I don’t think anyone has done the review of that so
wait for the 4G variant review before you plan to review this phone. If we talk about the 5G variant then there
is no meaning of this 5G variant in India Because there is no 5G available in India. What else this phone can do apart from being
a 5G phone this I will tell you in this video. you are getting the latest hardware Snapdragon
865 in this phone Which is the fastest hardware available and
it is clocked very high frequency and because of this the Antutu benchmark score of this
is one of most impressive scores I have ever seen. It is 595574 which is the Antutu benchmark
score. It is very good phone. Also you are getting DDR5 Ram in this. which is clocked the 2700 MHz. So the multitasking is very smooth you are
going to love it when you will use the phone. the phone feels very responsive there is a
custom UI from IQOO itself. which is based on Android 10 but the multitasking
and overall switching between apps is very fast. When it comes to display the phone doesn’t
have a 90Hz display but it is super AMOLED display which is very bright, the visibility
is very good indoors and outdoors both. the colours are very good and the viewing
angle is good too. If we talk about the charging then you’re
getting a 55W charger in the package itself. which can charge the phone in 35-40 minutes
from 0-100. Which
is not bad all together. If you compare it with the X50 Pro 5G version
from realme then this is how both the phone look. One thing I like in the IQOO 3 phone is the
single punch hole in this compared to the dual punch hole The second punct hole is given because there
is a depth sensor in this camera setup but if you want to take bokeh level selfie you
can take it from either of the phone. the bokeh effect can be done on the software
level. So the 2nd camera here is the waste compared
to do this phone which has single punct hole and you are getting more screen. The display size of both phones is same and
the performance of both the phones is similar. You are also getting bloatware here which
you can always get rid of. Bloatware is a harsh truth that you have to
accept. You can always remove this bloatware applications. If we talk about the other things then lets
talk about the camera. You are getting a 48 megapixel camera here
in the IQOO 3 and this camera is Sony’s sensor not a Samsung’s sensor so I would say that
the photos taken are good. The 48 megapixel photos are good. The details of the day light photos, the wide
angle photos and also the photos taken in the macro mode turn out very good. The focusing is very quick speech on about
the video recording then you are getting video stability at 1080p. The blurring is very good in the background
the clarity of the face and hair is intact. The Daylight bokeh is very good also the indoor
bokeh is good too. You can check the samples of the bokeh mode
photos. If I talk about things then the storage is
UFS 3.1 storage which is a fast storage the RAM is fast too. and because of this the 5G version will be
a little bit expensive but I think the 4G version of IQOO will be different and the
review of that will be done separately by me. So before you buy this phone make sure to
watch that video. Apart from this, if we talk about performance
and power then here you can play pubg in HDR and Ultra settings. So you can play Pubg at very high performance. The phone will run smoothly, there is no problem
at all. The touch Response is also good. One thing I would like to tell you that the
triggers given here work perfectly but, there is some lag there which can be fixed on software
level after that the phone will perform better. This is what I have to say about the new IQOO
3 which I find good, very good especially the 5G version. You guys tell us what you liked this video. if you liked this video press the like button
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Vande Mataram [Outro music playing]

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