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Is 5G Dangerous? How Worried Should You Be About It?

Is 5G Dangerous? How Worried Should You Be About It?

Have you ever heard about 5G technology? The fifth generation of mobile internet, or
5G, can be released this year in some countries. It promises a download speed 10 or even 20
times faster than other technologies, such as 4G. But have you thought about what difference
this new technology will bring to our lives? The Federal Communications Commission of the
United States and all telecommunication companies are highlighting this new technology as a
big step since it will improve wireless communication. The benefits are: more speed, lower latency
and more support for connections. Besides that, household appliances, drones,
and cars all will be able to access Internet, which will allow these things to “talk” to
each other and share information in real-time. Amazing! Telecommunication companies are hoping that
5G can compete with, or maybe win over, cable TV and Internet. But don’t be afraid. The complete transition from 4G to 5G can
take more than 15 years. But, why are we talking about technology in
a health channel? Unfortunately, this news may not be so good
for our health. The significant increase in exposure to electromagnetic
(CEM) and radio frequency (RF) are things to worry about. According to Dr. Martin Pall, professor at
the University of Washington and one of the main specialists in CEM in the world, the
effects of CEM will lead to threats to our survival. In his research, done in mice, wireless radiation
was pointed as the cause of cancer. According to the research, there were alterations
in the brain and blood-brain barrier of these animals. Pall says that the effects of this technology
include: blindness, hearing loss or deafness, male infertility, nervous system disorders,
thyroid disorders, immune system disorders, which can lead to autoimmunity, and low blood
oxygen. Besides that, he says we are not the only
ones who will suffer because of 5G. Plants, animals and insects will suffer an
even bigger impact than us. To Pall, the root of the problem of 5G is
the lack of controlled tests about its influence on public health and environment. The two biggest worries about 5G are the frequency,
which is higher, and the increased exposure of most people. Since nothing has been approved yet and everything
is still being tested, there is no need to worry. Did you know that it is possible to decrease
our exposure to EMF? If you just want to stream some music or videos
once in a while, keep using 4G and keep your devices away from your body. Another trick is to leave the Wi-Fi router
away from your bedroom and other places you spend most of your time. Also, turning the router off at night can
reduce your exposure by 33%!

17 thoughts on “Is 5G Dangerous? How Worried Should You Be About It?”

  1. Can you link to the studies I'm really interested in this. I really enjoy your channel! I watch y'all's video on sleeping on your left side. I have definitely seen improvements and their is good science to back that up.

  2. Yes the mf’s that bring us emf. They are destroying their own health for the sake of convenience and money it’s like the one percent That has all the money in the world racing us towards global warming to make a quick profit on the way do you see the parallel


  4. It's good to see a channel tell the truth about 5G, I expect this channel will go away like the Dodo bird or like Info Wars and Natural News with Mike Adams both taken off youtube for telling the truth.
    Best get a backup server/ email started as I expect this channel will go away soon.

    5G unlike 4G will require towers be placed every 2-300 hundred yards, bringing in a control grid.
    What is the most concerning is 5G operators will be able to increase the potency of the CEM/EMF signals, effectively causing cancers to grow rapidly, and the fact that 5G is a military weapon 1st deployed in the Vietnam jungles with not much success, hence the deforesting programs to help with the 5G dispersal. Yet it was perfected in both Iraqi wars, with both civilians and fighters complaining about their skin felt like it was on fire, and how they would become disorientated the closer they got to the US Military.

    Make no mistake 5G is a weapon system being deployed every where except Brussels, the head of the EU. The EU has outlawed it's use in Brussels, and has also made GMO food illegal, and no fluoride is added to their water.

    What do the "elites" know? and don't want us to know?
    God Bless and stay safe.

  5. If plants and animals can be affected by this 5G and they don't have cell phones or modems how will turning yours off change anything?

  6. Its scary what these corporations will do for money even if it means the extinction of human race and other species

  7. its extremely dangerous, and is used in warfare. invented in israel, yet they wont be rolling it out. why??? 5g is part of agenda 21 & 30. arm yourselves with research

  8. More pseudoscience from the purveyors of woo! 5G is non-ionizing radiation. Yes it's much higher frequency than 4G, but it's MUCH lower than infared and even visible light which are both still non-ionizing radiation. A small mouse study by 1 guy is does not meet the scientific standard of proof.

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