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Is a $150 iPhone Worth It?

Is a $150 iPhone Worth It?

– Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Hey, guys, this is Austin
and this is the iPhone 5s. Not exactly the most
cutting-edge of devices, however, this is now a
hundred and 50 dollars. While some people are paying six, seven, $800 for their brand-new iPhones, you take just a little step back, you can save a ton of
cash and the reason is, this is on a prepaid carrier. So, there are actually multiple
ways to get this for $150 and the cool thing is, you
still have no contract, so you own the phone outright. And, as someone who used
the 5s for a little while, this is a lot of phone for $150. (screen protector crinkling) This design has held up really well. So, sure, the 5s is a couple
years old, at this point. However, it’s still all
aluminum, it’s all glass, you’ve got the chamfered edges. It’s a little bit of a small phone, but this absolutely still holds up. And, of course, the most important underrated
feature of the iPhone 5s is, (metal tapping) it stands up, unlike, you
know, every other phone ever. The box should look really familiar. So here, we have our Apple
paperwork and stickers. You’re gonna get the power adapter itself with a Lightning cable and you get the non-courage
edition of the EarPods. This might only cost $150, but you’re getting the
exact same experience from when this cost over $600. The cool part about having an
iPhone that’s this inexpensive is it’s actually even
cheaper than an iPod Touch, so this is a great first
device to give to a kid who maybe is not ready for a smartphone. However, when they are,
throw a SIM card in here and you’ve got a fully working smartphone. This is still very much a modern iPhone, so you have the Lightning connector, you have Bluetooth 4.0 so it will work with all the latest accessories
like the Apple Watch. Really, the only downgrade is
that it has a headphone jack, and, of course, there’s no way anyone would ever want a headphone jack that’s so ancient and useless, right? This design really has held up well. Even though it’s a few years old, Apple just released a few
months ago the iPhone SE and, design-wise, it’s almost
impossible to tell them apart. To put things in perspective,
another phone you can get for around $150 is the Moto G4. Now, this is not a bad phone, at all. However, when you put it
side-by-side with the 5s, while it’s a bigger phone, sure, the plastic build just cannot hold up with the really nice
metal and glass, here. Something cool about the 5s is that, even a couple years later, it is still fully up-to-date on iOS 10. And, knowing Apple’s track
record, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this get updates for
at least another couple years, not something you can say about all other budget smartphones. Probably the biggest downside of using the 5s in 2016 is the display. Now, it’s not exactly a bad screen. We’ve got a four inch display with a resolution of 1136 by 640. The issue is, it’s just small. That’s not to say that
apps don’t work on the 5s, but everything is just tiny. So, the keyboard is, well, it
takes some getting used to, especially if you used any kind of reasonable-sized smartphone
over the last couple years, and apps tend to have a little
bit more of a compact view. It’s not a deal breaker and some people might, in
fact, like the smaller size, but it is definitely gonna
take some getting used to if you are coming from a larger phone. There are also cool
features like Touch ID. Now, while fingerprint sensors
have become very common on the higher end of smartphones, on the budget side, they’re pretty rare. And, while this is the first
generation of Touch ID, honestly, it’s really hard
to distinguish the difference between this and what you
would find on the iPhone 7. And that really is one of the advantages of buying an older flagship. So, something like the Moto G4, which is built with
with a budget in mind, has to make some sacrifices
on the performance side, on the build quality side, whereas something like
this was built to be as high-end of a phone as you could get. Sure, it’s a couple
years old at this point, but it’s really hard to tell. This is, this is (sighs), it’s hard to get over the idea that this is a $150 smartphone. I am curious about the
performance story, though. So, when the 5s came
out, it was hands-down one of the fastest phones you could buy. So, with a couple years’ advantage and a few more cores to work
with, how does the G4 stack up? (jazzy on-hold music) (bell chiming) – Oh! – It didn’t even win in multi-threaded. Okay, so, I think that just
settles it, right there. The Moto G4, it’s not a bad
phone, it’s not a slow phone, but the 5s, it’s just
in a different league. Gaming-wise, the 5s is no slouch. So, even with the newer
titles, such as Asphalt Xtreme, not only are we getting
a nice smooth frame rate, but this still actually
looks pretty decent, although my driving
skills are not so decent. One thing I’m really curious
about is camera performance. So, when the 5s came out,
it had a great camera. However, the last few years
have seen smartphone cameras, especially on the budget
end, get so much better. This is pretty close. So, I think the Moto G has
the big advantage in detail, so those 13 megapixels actually do make a noticeable difference. And, I also think it did a little bit of a better
job with the exposure and especially the white
balance, I think, is much more realistic on the Moto. The iPhone shot is definitely
warmer, but I do think that there is a little
bit more depth of field. Maybe it’s got a bigger sensor? I’m not totally sure, but this
is very nice-looking shot. For $150, the iPhone 5s
is absolutely worth it. Compared to any other budget
phone in this category, you’re getting better build
quality, more performance, a great camera; there’s
a lot to like here. Considering that this is the cheapest way to get your hands on a
brand-new iOS device, there’s a lot that you can do with it. Maybe it’s a gift, maybe
you’re going to upgrade Grandma to an actual smartphone, or you just want to give iOS a shot. So, what do you guys
think about this thing? Definitely be sure to let me
know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one.

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  1. and also, why miss the iPod nano when you can sell it and (if in decent condition) get the exact amount of money for a full-fledged iPhone. Forgive me Austin for commenting on your iPod video, I see the truth and repent my tech-sins… I am ready.

  2. 3:40 So I think this argument is very one-sided and seems to favour Apple a lot. On Amazon you can buy an Honor 8 used for 160 euro (300 new). I own the Honor 8 and it scored 1680 Single Core, 5451 Multi Core (8 Cores, 2 Clusters). This is way higher than the iPhone 5s. So if you're in need of a budget phone, and don't mind using android, (You can reskin the home page because yay android) do yourself a favour and buy the Huawei Honor 8.

  3. 2001: we introduce the iPod. And it has an headphone jack.
    2007: we introduce the iPhone. And it has an headphone jack.
    2010: iPad launch and iPhone design change
    2012: another major iPhone design change
    2013: Touch ID and home button changed, along with the iPads
    2014: big-ass bendgate
    2015: bendgate fixed
    early 2016: rumors for headphone jack removal on iPhone 7
    2016: iPhone 7 gets launched, lotta people are dissapointed because of the heaphone jack removal..
    2017: iPhone X gets launched, NO HOME BUTTON. But a kewl face ID
    2018: improved iPhone XS and AirPods that cost more then an iPhone 6S nowadays
    2019: iPhone XI??? i don't know lol
    2020: iPhone 20?
    im out of ideas for now

  4. Austin’s I have a se in 2019 I got it in 2018 and there is one downside it is like a iPhone 8 and 5s combined it has Touch ID but I know for a fact that that if I keep using Touch ID it will pick up my fingerprint and randomly push the power button

  5. You mean it has a headphone jack? Like the thing where you plug headphones into? I would much rather spend $180 on Airpods than use cheap wired headphones that work equally as well.

  6. I went to with my cousin to pay for his phone bill at metro pcs and they had the iPhone 8 for 100 dollars

  7. waht did you just say a head phone jack is useless go die bitch go die you will know how good is a head phone jack soon

  8. i daily drived a iPhone 5 for 5 to 4 years before upgrading to a iPhone 6 plus witch im still using today

  9. When this video was made, my friend had an iPhone 4. I told him about this deal, and a bit later I saw him with an iPhone 5s

  10. The iPhone 5S was the best iPhone ever! It introduced Touch ID, 64 bit. It is now 6 years old but it runs iOS 12 smoothly.

  11. The iPhone 5S was the best iPhone ever! It introduced Touch ID and 64 bit. It is now 6 years old but it runs iOS 12 smoothly.

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