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Is My Phone Listening To Me?

Is My Phone Listening To Me?

– Where can I find a crib? Crib, crib, crib, crib. Crib, crib, crib. Crib, crib, crib. – [Man] Do you just wanna explain what’s happening right now? (suspenseful music) – I’m trying to think of
what object I want to use as the experiment to see if
my phone is listening to me. I put my phone outside of the room. The object has to be so
specific, but so unrelated to me that there is no possibly way that this ad would be
suggested to me aside from my phone listening
to me and giving me an ad. I can not type it on my
phone, can’t search for it. I sound like such a psycho. Kid-related stuff, like a crib. – Oh.
– I’m never buying anything for a kid. I haven’t been looking and
I don’t plan on looking for something like that.
– That’s a really good idea. I like that a lot. – Is it crib? – [Man] I think it’s crib. – Is it crib? All right. So because this is science
and we wanna make this a fair experiment, I’m
going to set some parameters for myself about how this is conducted. For the next week, every day I’m going to say the crib 50 times. I think that’s gonna be
a fair assessment to see if my phone is listening to me. Crib, crib, crib. Does anyone where I can buy a baby’s crib? Taking a walk, gonna go
meet my wife for lunch, and I figured I’d squeeze
a couple cribs in. Crib, crib, crib, crib, crib. Just eating some pizza, crib, crib. Where do you think I’d buy a crib? I keep getting excited
because this will be so crazy if I’m on my phone one day
and I see an ad for a crib. I wonder if my phone’s listening to me. Does anyone where I can get a crib? I’m gonna be honest,
it feels a little weird to sit in my apartment
just saying the word crib over and over again. I hope my neighbors aren’t listening. I’m about to go to sleep, but I thought I should get some cribs in. Crib, crib, crib, can you hear me, iPhone? It’s day two, just left the gym. It’s a disgusting
morning here in New York. Perfect time to squeeze in some cribs. Can anyone hear me? I’d like to buy a baby’s crib. Of all the words I could’ve picked to be saying over and over
again, crib is a weird one. Crib, crib, crib, crib. Chelsea, do you know where I’d
be able to buy a baby’s crib? – What are you gonna use that crib for? – How do you pronounce it? Crib? – Crib. – Crib, okay. Crib, crib. Baby’s crib, crib for a baby. Crib. Grinding at the gym, crib, crib, crib. I don’t know, I’m losing
faith in this experiment. I think I’m actually getting scared that I’m gonna be on Facebook
or Instagram or Twitter and there is gonna be a crib advertisement and I’m just gonna miss it completely. And then it’s all gonna be for nothing. I don’t know guys. I’ve just been cribbing
away all day every day. I’ve been really trying to pay attention to the ads that are on my social media and so far I’ve only seen
Dick’s Sporting Goods, there was a movie advertisement,
Glade the air freshener, a grocery delivery
service, and Volkswagon. None of which are crib based. Not even remotely baby oriented. My ability to say crib
into my phone 50 times while it’s not going
anything is dwindling. None the less, I really wanna see this out through the end of the
week because science. Crib, crib, crib, crib,
crib, crib, crib, crib. It’s the end of the week. It’s the last day of the experiment. I’m starting to think this was
a gigantic waste of my time. I haven’t seen anything on
any social media platform that is a suggested ad for cribs. I thought somebody was listening to me. If you’re still listening to me, you’re making me look like an idiot. Crib, crib, crib, crib. (laughs) They’re not listening to me. You have no idea how badly
I wanted to make this work just by typing a little
crib into my phone. Just to see if something would happen, but this is an experiment and I wouldn’t do that to you guys. Okay, so it’s day whatever,
I don’t know what day it is in this experiment,
but I’ve had a thought. Whoever listening to me
in my phone is dead set on making me look like an absolute moron. So I think I’m gonna
try some other tactics to get crib as a suggested
ad in my social media. Some of a bitch, it’s my phone now. Someone texted me crib. Word must’ve gotten out about
this experiment I’m doing. So I don’t know, maybe this’ll help. All right, here’s the deal. Maybe my phone is listening
to me, maybe it isn’t. I don’t know. I haven’t seen any evidence of it. So I put a little search into Google Maps. Not looking for a crib,
but for a Babies R Us. They’ve got cribs. So I don’t know if my phone
gonna track me to this store and then suggest something for me, but I’ve got some shopping to do. Little did I know, I’m on the wrong floor. I’ve gotta go to level
three for the cribs. Something weird is going on. I get up here. Half the room is empty. I gotta get the fuck out of here. So I just left Babies R Us and I’m not sure whether I should laugh or chuckle or freak out. There was not a single
crib in the entire place. Literally everything but cribs. I know my phone is listening to me. Guy, you gotta believe me. My phone is listening to me,
crib, crib, crib, crib, crib. I’ve actually thought about
why it’s not coming up on my phone and I don’t think I’ve been saying crib loud enough. Crib, crib, crib! Get me a god damn crib. (sighs) Fuck. Do you think I’m proud of
the way I’ve been acting? I shouldn’t be, it’s embarrassing. Now the time has come
to do the unthinkable. So now it’s your move, iPhone. Listen up everybody, this is
the last day of the experiment. I can’t do this anymore. If I get to the office and
there’s not a suggested ad for cribs in my social media, we’re done. We’re done. That’s it, guys. It’s the end of well over two
weeks of just rambling crib into my phone. Went through my suggested ads again. It’s Coca-Cola, it’s
Ziploc, Dannon Yogurt. I really thought this was going to work. I wanted it to work. The more I think about
it though in reality, it’s probably a good
thing this didn’t work. So in general, does it mean your phone is or isn’t listening to you? I still don’t know. That’s not for me to say. In terms of cribs, no it
is not listening to me.

100 thoughts on “Is My Phone Listening To Me?”

  1. My friends dad was in the car the other day and an add came on over the radio. Like car FM satellite radio. The add was for tractor equipment and later that day an add came on his phone on Pandora for tractor equipment. He's a psychologist. Has no need for tractor equipment. Had never searched for it or texted about it either.

  2. does anyone ever have where like you’re on instagram on explore and you see a video about something like say a mango hack and then come on youtube and you’ll see a video about how to cut mangos or something like it always happens to me and i never say mango outloud

  3. I feel like it might of worked better if it was used in more phrases like 'I need to buy a' or 'where can I find a' rather than just as a word 🤔🤔

  4. I think they have key words, because ain't nobody has the time to hear me eating chips in bed talking to myself about the pretty guy in the series I watched. Like "want" or "get"

  5. The FBI knew this video was being filmed so they didn't put up any advertisements…

    Gotcha now 🤔😉

  6. I heard after u stop doing it wait like a week and then check. Or call someone talking about. They be sneaky and be like "we weren't listening to you, we did it a week after u said it. Way different." Yeah bs!!!

  7. Well I have an example of my phone listening in on my conversations… So me and my mum just talking about her trip to London next Monday and then the bus company she's taking to get there gives me their ad on Instagram???

  8. This reminds me of this video, where a couple says cat food over and over and gets an ad for it on face book like 2 days later

  9. You should say a phrase only one time . It’ll happen within hours. It’s happened to me multiple times for totally unrelated things to anything I ever look at on the internets, just because I mentioned something in passing. The phone is listening!!!

  10. The fact that I was talking to my mom about this today and then this video popped up as a suggestion 2 hours later is all the horrifying proof I need

  11. I think the phones are to smart for that. They can probably hear all your conversations about trying to prove it’s fake then not showing the ad.

  12. I talked about a protective foil for a Fitbit with my friend today. I don't even own one. Only she does and hers was scratched a bit.
    And tonight I got an email from Amazon suggesting protective foils for Fitbits…
    They definitely are listening

  13. Here is what actually happens.
    Google has an option to turn on or off suggestions for ads ONLY by using your location, time of day, and searches.

  14. In my experience I am basically positive my phone is listening. But it doesnt show up as ads, it shows up on youtube. I ALWAYS get videos related to what I've talked about in the past couple days.

  15. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! Omg! I thought I was crazy. Then I thought maybe because I’m a foreigner. I’m from England. WTH?!!!!!

  16. Its so true though
    1. My teacher was talking about a bottle and there was an ad for an unspillable bottle
    2. My nana and granda were talking about a phone and the ad came up
    3. My parents were talking about jobs and there was a job interview
    4. Theres so much more examples

  17. I think it might be listening to actual phone conversations where you might say the word “ crib” during a conversation through your phone

  18. Actually I've been asking my mom for a ps4 pro for less than a week and I've been seeing many ads for a ps4 pro for free

  19. isn't his wife the girl who lied to her professor about her airline ticket in order to not take her final exam for a couple days??

  20. I'm gna go out on a limb here but I'm actually starting to wonder whether somehow they can get inside your mind as well.
    I was at work seeing to a resident late at night. He had the book Peter pan on his desk. As I was changing him in his bed and cleaning him up, I started thinking bout Peter pan and thought it was weird how he's referred to as just pan repeatedly in the book. I wondered what the name pan meant. Thought no more of it after that.

    Only a few hours after that I was randomly youtubing music videos (irrelevant!!) and right there, just casually sitting there on my suggestions list was a video about the mythical Greek god- yep, you guessed it- PAN.

    Just bear in mind I had never heard of this god before then….

  21. I've heard about this. I spent about a week randomly mentioning midget porn around my phone. Nada. Most disappointing.

  22. It happened to me 3 times. The last time I just mentioned Venice in one face-to-face conversation without searching or typing it anywhere and voila! The next day my facebook showed me an ad for Venice trip.

  23. Paid for by google lol…Check out the real reviews i coach football I literally was making a joke about sculliosis said the word like 5x in three days and lo and behold YouTube video about sculliosis appears

  24. Haha idk why the word crib started to sound really strange to me. Like woah, is that how it sounds to someone who doesn't speak English? CRIB CRIB CRIB

  25. Maybe no one is marketing cribs online in your area or you're simply not matching the advertisers desired profile (revenue, parental status, zip code, education, etc.)

  26. OMG I meantioned a YouTube channel in a conversation over the phone. 3 days later, that channel popped up on my YouTube homepage. And I have not watched that channel this year (2018). And it pops up today…

  27. I think it is listening to phone conversations. I can prove it on a number of occasions I have had things pop up in Google feed that was talked about..

  28. There's a software in the phones listening. I don't do Facebook & have my Google controls off. One day I was listening to a new song I liked on my car radio, changed the station and it was there, changed again and it was there. Then my phone popped up in Google: "If you like this song (the one I heard), then you like…). Another day I made a random stop at an office supply store. No searching beforehand about chairs and desks, no talking out loud…when I got home I pulled up my non-Gmail email & in the ads were the chairs I was shopping for. Remember, my stuff is turned off. Lately my phone has been "listening" and the Google microphone is popping up. Yeah, they're out there listening.

  29. The law of percentages conform that whether he says it 1 time or a million times he will eventually get an add about cribs or baby related.

    There needed to be a more specific parameters around the experiment. .

    Good effort though.

  30. This happens to me on the regular. I was talking to someone in welding class today literally today. We talked about neapolitan pizza for 5 minutes and google just recommended me a new place near where i work through google maps. Its happen to me as well while talking about specific items while on the phone. I talked about refrigerators with my mom and a day later google sent me directions to a store to buy one. It may have something to do with having the "OK GOOGLE" feature turned on but who knows. I've just excepted the fact that my phone is listening to me and talk while its not around if it is something truly important.

  31. I was talking to friends about gaming chairs today, and havent even typed it into my phone or any of my computers (couldnt care less about them). And suddenly I have ads all over the place for them. Disturbing.

  32. they do listen to us! I didn’t even have my phone near me it was on counter and I was talking to my mom about Gordon Ramsey and then my phone had Gordon Ramsey recommendation on my search and Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Vegas ad!

  33. This is BS. I told someone a story about trapping a skunk in an animal trap. The next day that exact kind of trap was advertised on my FB. Tons of people confirm this happens to them all the time. Why wouldn't Google or FB pay this guy a grand to make a fake video?

  34. I honestly kinda believe it because randomly me and my dad were talking about underwear hotels and I went to google and I wanted to see a picture of one and I typed a U and the first thing that came up was underwater hotel

  35. Well two days ago. I was playing videos in YouTube. My wife told me to eat Subway. Suddenly Subway ads popped out. We just did the same experiment by saying McDonald's for a while and suddenly McDonalds advs appeared.
    Call me crazy

  36. Try talking to Apple or the FCC or FTC or even the FBI about this. They don't care at all. It's one big handshake by big tech and gov. to listen to the population. I heard a conversation between a man and woman at the instagram log in screen and none of the people I listed earlier cared about it. What a great way to know what your population is thinking behind closed doors….. it's also a great way to steal intellectual property with nobody knowing how they did it. I believe this will break as big news in the near future.

  37. Yes your phone does listen to you, if you listen very carefully you can hear the mic come on when you play something on your phone. Videos play mic comes on. You talk , mic comes on ..

  38. Was this just a video to cover up that our phones are listening to use by BuzzFeed making fun on this topic?

  39. what a waste of time. do this: download or preferably take couple pictures of whatever you want to test. you'll see quick ads of that specific thing in your social media. (artificial intelligence + machine learning + recognition software + access to your camera roll) you're welcome.

  40. If Buzzfeed says so, it means it's false ie. Instagram does listen to your mic and that's why we've all has ads that were exactly what were previously talking of discussing about without any typed interaction with it. That's how you should read anything Buzzfeed related.

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