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Is The Flip Phone Back? Check Out Motorola’s New Smart Razr | TODAY

Is The Flip Phone Back? Check Out Motorola’s New Smart Razr | TODAY

66 thoughts on “Is The Flip Phone Back? Check Out Motorola’s New Smart Razr | TODAY”

  1. Ooohs and Ahhs over a flip phone?! I'm old school and still use classic flip phones, so this is not revolutionary to me. It's hilarious how people who haven't seen them/used them act like penicillin was just discovered…Lmao! The price tag utterly ridiculous…folks the old models still work. Just get on ebay or Amazon and you'll get a bargain on a classic one.

  2. Bernie and aoc want to Bring back the phones with cords on them. Because they want people to be government-dependent slaves. Bound up and dependent.

    no. to socialist failed ideology.
    Yes to the free-market which is giving us such amazing engine newest amazing products. Thank God for the flea market thank God for opportunity thank God for a new day and thank God for a new breast thank God for a true future.jesus rocks

  3. He'll No! lol!
    Here kid, take$1,500, and drop it on the school bus.
    Stick em up!
    I have my student food card, and my old flip phone.
    Give me that phone!!!
    This is a new one!
    I didn't think you would notice. lol!

  4. Samsung just waits a phone label to release something and they imitate it lmao
    iPhone and Motorola will be always they best.

  5. I've always used a flip phone. I never had or needed a smartphone, so what would be the point, right? Wow! The flip phone is back. I'm blown away!

  6. @0:43 WHY NOW? wtf…Its called product development…$1500 I'm sure they all can afford that particular phone being all them make 6 figure salaries.

  7. My android s6 is like 6 years old. I've still got my blackberry and pantech phones from before that. I can see those flip phones shredding and causing problems after about 1 year. And what a madd house all talking over each other.

  8. It sounds fun. But I would have to wait until the prices drop. And they will. Phones, sunglasses and watches are too easily lost or broken so I won't pay top dollar. We all live and learn.

  9. This shows the deference between true reviewers & a network's review lol. Because she got paid by Motorola she has no problem claiming the camera's are great on it but reviewers that don't get paid by Motorola say the camera's are ok but not the best in the market for the price. Deceivers can't stop trying to deceive lol…

    I'm still getting one as soon as I can though lol…

  10. In 20 year people are going to be laughing at this clip, just like we laugh at Katie Couric and her "what is Internet"? question.

  11. Everybody complaining about the razr retail price but there's no body complaining about the iPhone 11 Pro Max's retail prices and people end up buying iPhone 11 pro max with higher storage capacity's anyway and not complaining about it 🙄 I know the Razr has poor specs and all 🙄 but please 😒.

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