100 thoughts on “Is The LG V30 The Most Advanced Smart Phone Yet?”

  1. happy to see lg keeping the "essential" on a smartphone
    add to this , i don't really like the curved screen like samsung did .

  2. Seems to be a very good phone. It's nice to have higher screen to body ratio definitely, though would mind retaining 16:9 standard.

  3. disappointed he didnt say exactly when nda is ending, specifically . If nda stays for a long time, s8+ is $674 unlocked phone only, no contract on amazon compared to TMobile"s still $800 sept 1, 2017

  4. I Know you have had health problems but you cant be so hard up for cash that you compromise the integrity of your channel with scripted adds instead of honest reviews, this is the second video lately that has seemed this way, what happened man?

  5. How do you go from "it can go under 1.5 meters of water, for about 30 minutes" to lets put it in the washing machine? The logical thing would be to go to the pool and try it while swimming.

  6. LOL my old 1440p LG G3 with Quad core 2.5ghz still keeps up with new phones while only 300 euros new in 2014.. yeah audio is garbage which made no sense

  7. This video sounds like you just reading their marketing wank. Talk about the specs, talk about the benchmarks then just sum up what it's like to use.

  8. Greetings from Korea, Many Koreans have been disappointed at their products so far and mocking HellG. I hope this time please beat Samsung!!

  9. NOPE.. No 2nd screen… it's just like G6 with steroid V series should stay unique.. as V20 user.. im kinda disappointed.. they always ruin a good phone since G2

  10. Can you let us know a bout the speaker on the LGV30 .No YouTube video has this they all go on about the headphone sound? What about when you're watching videos without? Please

  11. I don't want to be rude, but this phone is shit, good that you take the money for promoting the phone, but all the phones looks the same, all glass, no removable baterry, but I will buy this phone just because the camera, note 8 or other samsung models fucked up, I had and still have note4 the last greatest phone ever(I'm a power user and the phone shows some signs of death but I think is because of samsung trying to make users to buy the new phones!) but I will take the lg this time 🖒

  12. The LG V 30 lost my sale when the battery was not user removable. They should kept that body style for the G Series. I'm sticking with my LG V 20!

  13. It's unfortunate, I got the BEAST Note 8, but LG is 2 late on this one. I had the g2, g3… But they fell flat from there, now they r playing catch up, and even though they got the dac sound, and the improved camera. 2 late… No1 will buy this phone. Samsung and Apple still will prevail. LG and HTC are still the flagship only the losers r gonna buy who can't afford the BEAST or the Revolutionary iPhone (Lmao had to add that one)…

  14. I've seen a lot of reviews but nobody ever talks about the BATTERY – Does the phone last 6-10 hours with heavy use? 3 hours with heavy use? Can't really use all those features with only 2 hours before it dies. If someone has seen another review please let me know :/ I've been stuck with a phone that doesn't even last a whole day for 6 months.

  15. 4 or 5 wifi bands all. around the frame?!
    Then where are the radio bands!?!!
    Upper of the a phone usually are radio antenna, bottom. for wifi Antenna.

  16. The 2:1 aspect ratio is horrible. At 1:03 in your video, you're watching movie trailers, and there are black bars "surrounding" the entire video !!! How is this at all a good thing ? What a waste of screen real estate ! What good is an awesome screen if a good portion of it is taken up with BLACK BARS ? In effect, every video you ever watch is smaller than it would be – if you had a phone with the normal 16:9 aspect ratio.

  17. Can not wait to get it can u show us regular folks how to use the camera and video. Like when to use what features and when basically what the camera and video features mean the info comes up on the screen what should I use or set my camera and or video at setting to use??? Um how and when to do what. I have lg g6 had g5 and g4 loved em

  18. I stopped watching pc and benchmarking videos and therefore stopped watching most of your videos, never knew you did phone videos as well, very cool, keep it up!!!!

  19. I swore after dealing with the bootloop on my V10 that I would never get another LG phone. Watching this video makes things difficult…

  20. Either this is sponsored or you are reading a script from LGs advertising team. Not sure but as much as I like the phone I'm not sure your review is unbiased.

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