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Is this the iPhone 11?! Reactions to rumors!

Is this the iPhone 11?! Reactions to rumors!

– It’s that time of the
year where all of the iphone rumors start just spilling
out all over the internet. Your subscription boxes are
filled with videos about rumors and leaks and all
of the things that could potentially be the next iPhone. As always, I am getting
pretty excited because WWDC is coming up. So who knows what they are
going to be announcing there. Like everything just sort of slowly starts coming together within
the next few months. So, a lot of stuff came
out over this weekend. This is one of the first
articles that I clicked through because obviously the headline said there was a cleaver new trick. So great job with the click bait! I clicked, I’m here, I’m baited. I need to know what the
cleaver new trick is. Do you need to know?
Because I need to know. And if you think I am over reacting sit down because there
is more of this to come. So people are reporting
that there is going to be three new iPhones. Which is not really something
that is that surprising. Because last year they
also had three new phones. Actually, they had more than three because they had the entire line of XR phones. So the most obvious thing
is they are basically just going to update all the phones
that they released last year. So this is huge. Can you
just really get in there and look at this freaking
set-up that they have. Three new cameras. I forgot to see what the cleaver new trick was. So that is kind of interesting
if you think about it. If you take a picture and
somebody is cropped out. You can basically crop
them back in because it really did take two photos. Potentially, it can take one
with the normal camera and then it also took one with
the wide-angle camera as well. I am really hoping that
they do put an ultra wide angle camera on the iPhone
because it is one of my favorite features in the Samsung S10 plus, is that ultra wide angle camera. It’s so good. I am also hoping that if they do do that that they put image stabilization in it when you are recording
for video because that is the small downfall in the
Samsung, is you can tell that the footage is a
little bit shaky compared to the other footage when
you shoot with a normal lens. So fingers crossed that they
do put an ultra wide-angle lens with stabilization. And have I mentioned how
much I want USB-C to be in the next iPhone. Is that something that we can do? Maybe they will put USB-C
in the iPhone 11 phones and maybe the 10R-2 phones
will have just the regular lightening cable. But if I think they are going to do it, you might as well just do it. You might as well just
rip the band-aid off like you have done in the past. When you took away our SD
card reader and you took away our floppy drives and the CD drives. At this point, we are ready for it. Previously, I wasn’t ready
for my SD card reader; I’m still actually do
miss the SD card reader, Like I’m still actually over that. And some people aren’t
even over the fact that there is no headphone jack. You need to get over it. That’s gone and if you don’t like it, it’s too freaking bad. (sigh) where was I. So it says, all three iPhone
models released this year will be equipped with an
A13 chip with faster speeds, better at battery life. So that is pretty common. Faster phone, better battery,
that’s like not even a rumor. That is just something
that should be standard. Yeah, it’s a new phone,
it should be faster and have better battery life. Shocking! Third camera on the XS
and XS Max will have an ultra wide-angle lens for
larger and more detailed photos. I am also wondering if
there going to make the telephoto lens have a
little bit more of a zoom. So instead of the 2x,
it will maybe go to 3x. I don’t know. I think that’s something that
is probably pretty realistic. This is something that is pretty cool. So, it is saying here that
it looks like the next phone will have reverse wireless charging. So, much like the S10 Plus
where you are able to charge another phone or the wireless galaxy buds all on your phone. You can even charge another
iPhone or the new AirPods. So anything that is Qi
wireless compatible, you can charge it on the S10. I can’t say that I have
really used it that much, but the fact that it’s
there is pretty cool. And it looks like Apple may
also be following that trend. I guess, since there is no
hope of ever having AirPower. There is also a report
that the iPhone will be a half a millimeter thicker. Wooohh I don’t think this is going to
happen to be honest with you. The iPhone 11 could get an
in-screen fingerprint scanner that covers the whole Oh the whole screen. Ooohh, ooohh. So that means you can put your
finger anywhere on the screen and it would unlock. I don’t think that’s going
to happen in the next one. If that does, I will eat my words. I will print them out on edible paper and I will eat them because
I do not think that the iPhone 11 will have an
entire screen dedicated to unlocking with your fingerprint. That would increase the cost
of the phone significantly and Apple already gets crap
for having their phones be so expensive. All of those other flagship
phones are about the same price. That’s the T. The iPhone XR could also
get a camera upgrade, with the latest rumor
suggesting it’ll boast a dual rear camera set up. Okay, let’s go back to Mac
Rumors because they are always my trusted source. So there is another little
three camera set up. I want to see what the
iPhone XR will look like. Ooooh, here it is. This is a potential XR
with a dual camera set-up. I don’t think that’s
going to look like that. They will probably just do this. They will probably just
take what they put on the XS and XS Max and put it on the XR. This looks weird. I don’t like that. Here’s the possible
names, this is incredible. Where’s the iPhone 9? It doesn’t matter, not
there, we skipped it. iPhone XT? Like the tea? What does that even mean? I actually don’t even remember what the XR was supposed to mean. Does anybody else remember? If you do, leave me a comment below. These renders are all looking pretty good. I mean, I feel like if
they are going to do it, I kind of really like this look. Just put all three, just like that. Because this looks a little chunky. It looks a little thicccc, as they say. But I think that means
it’s good though right? Or its like…uhmmm. Apple Pencil Support,
I would be in to that. I feel like that’s pretty realistic, especially since they did
just put Apple Pencil Support on the new iPad’s that they just released. So now that would make it
that there entire line up of everything would have
Apple Pencil Support. I like that, I like this idea, but I don’t think that we
are going to get an entire in screen fingerprint reader,
plus Apple Pencil Support. If we do I will add that
to the list of things that I have to eat. 2020 iPhones, we have heard
several rumors about features that come to iPhone. Oh my God, beyond 2019. Could we just focus on
this year? I am not ready. Geeze, really jumping the gun. Foldable displays don’t even get me started. Do you want, maybe I should,
maybe I should get started, because people love video’s
where people complain and bash things. A lot of you guys always
say that I never really say anything negative about stuff because I tend to make videos
about things that I like. So that is why I try to
be positive and excited. Sometimes I might be a
little bit too excited. But I can’t help it. Honestly, this is me. I am an
actual genuine excited person. So if you ever met me
in person, like this, this is not an act. This is, this is me. If you are like, Justine,
I don’t think that I could put up with you
because you are extremely over excited. I can be calm. I also can be normal. But this is it, I get super hyped. Especially when I am drinking coffee. Launch date if Apple
sticks with its standard yearly iPhone upgrade cycle, you will see the new
2019 phones in September. Oh man I can’t wait. I am so excited. September is going to
be a really crazy month and I cannot wait to tell
you guys about some other really fun things that I am working on. Like it’s gonna be super super cool. It might be one of the coolest things. Actually, there’s a few
cool things happening. Stay tuned as it is something
that some of you guys may also be able to get involved in. I look forward to telling you more. I think that’s all. I just really wanted to
make a quick little video talking about some of the iPhone 11 stuff. I really do think that
this is the setup that they’re going to do
because those have been most of the leaks that we’ve
seen from case designs. But they could also be
just leaking those things purposely so that’s what
we think it’s going to be and then give us a whole new surprise. It’s like surprise, that’s not it. Which is very interesting
because it’s really crazy how these things could
just be falsely leaked, like on purpose. Look at this thing that just
so happened to be put out into the universe. One of the things that
I thought was hilarious. I got a tweet from someone. It’s crazy how these people
can get access to this unreleased technology, but
then they can’t get access to a high quality enough
camera to take a picture of said thing. Cause all of the leaks that
you see, they are usually like these terrible grainy photos. Its like what did you
take that with a potato? That is one of my favorite insults. I guess I am not very aggressive if that’s my favorite insult. So September 10th could
potentially be the launch date. Pre-orders happen on the
13th and the release date would be the 20th. So holy moly. September is going to be exciting. Let me know in the comments
below what you are most looking forward to. What is something that is
missing from the iPhone that you wished that it had and don’t say the headphone
jack because I was gonna say that I was gonna block you, but like I wouldn’t actually block you. Maybe I will just respond
back and say blocked. But I won’t do that to you, I promise. Ahhhh, my Apple watch is charging. Oh my goodness, it’s not even on my wrist. Did I even make any sense in this video? I don’t think so. I was supposed to be at my
sister’s house an hour ago. Did I even say bye? I don’t think I did. Maybe I drank too much coffee. [Upbeat Music]

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  3. I never think they are the real phones. Apple wouldn't and have never leaked their products. It's the same phone people thought would be the X, XS or XR. Just rumours.

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  8. News flash Justine! Apple doesn't care about your suggestions and even our suggestions! They just don't give a s***.

  9. it doesn't have to be full screen Finger Scanner. Only the lower bottom finger scammer would work , I won't be going around reaching top part of my phone screen just to unlock it

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  12. Heard it costs $300 to $450 to make one iPhone XS but they sell them for $1000 because apparently they don’t have enough money…

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  16. Guys if your thinking of buying this phone it may come out in September 10 just a rumor but don’t lose this comment if I guessed it right😉.

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