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Is Your Memory Correct? | Find The Mandela Effects

Is Your Memory Correct? | Find The Mandela Effects

– That quote has been wrong
my entire life? – No, you edited it!
You edited it, no way! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Brandon.
– Yes. – (FBE) Do you know what
a Mandela Effect is? – Yeah, it’s like, it’s a thing
that you think is true, but isn’t, but other people remember it the same. – (FBE) So before we
jump into our game, let me explain this.
– Okay. – (FBE) A Madela Effect is when people
start to remember an aspect of culture differently than the way
that it actually occurred. So common examples of this,
Star Wars, people think the line is “Luke, I am your father.”
– Is it not? – (FBE) It’s not.
– What? – (FBE) The line is “no, I am your father.”
‘Cause it precedes a question. Yeah, blew your mind, right?
– What? (laughs) – (FBE) One also, okay,
so we have another example too, before we even jump into the same. So Pikachu’s tail,
which of these is correct? People often get it wrong. Don’t tell me it’s
the one on the right? It’s the left, right? – (FBE) Nope, it’s the one
on the right. – [Bleep]!
(laughs) What? – (FBE) Well today we’re gonna be
testing your in general movies and TV knowledge. – Aw man, it’s gonna be trash!
(laughs) – (FBE) Well we’re gonna be seeing
if you can spot the Mandela Effect. – Okay. – (FBE) You’re a big movie
and TV guy though. – I am.
– (FBE) So you should be, yeah. – This is my world. – (FBE) We’ll play a clip,
and we’ll see if you can tell us what aspect of the clip
is perceived to be slightly different than the way that people remember it. – Okay. I’m excited to see
what we have been misinterpreting in pop culture. – (E.T.) Home.
– Ah, oh! – Don’t see anything different so far. – That’s a little creepy
now that I’m looking back at it. – (E.T.) E.T. home phone. – Whoa, what?
No way. – (E.T.) E.T. home phone. – Oh, it’s people always mix it up
saying “phone home”? – (Gertie) E.T. phone home!
– Oh my God, she’s so cute here. – (Gertie) E.T. phone home!
– She cute little self. – (Elliott) E.T. phone home! – What has Drew Barrymore
been doing lately? – (FBE) So what in that clip
could be a Mandela Effect? – We remembered it
as E.T. saying “phone home”, but E.T. said “home phone”.
(bell rings) – E.T. does not say “E.T. phone home”
he just says “E.T. home phone”. (bell rings) And then I think,
just ’cause the kids say it, and it’s catchier,
that’s what we all went with. – Well, the finger,
I don’t know! I don’t remember is being bedazzled. – E.T. says it backwards,
and so everybody always says “E.T. phone home”,
and we do the finger, but that’s not actually what he says. – Everyone thinks it’s
“E.T. phone home”, which I thought E.T. home phone,
’cause I was thinking beforehand, “E.T. phone home,”
and it’s not that at all. – (FBE) So while E.T. does say it
at other points in the film, people often miscredit this moment
as the moment in the movie as when he says the iconic line. In this classic scene,
E.T. does not say “E.T. phone home.” You are correct, he instead says…
– E.T. home phone. – (E.T.) E.T. home phone.
– Yeah. – What?
It didn’t even translate in my brain! – It’s really easy to think that
that’s what it said, ’cause the kids say it twice after,
and your brain just is gonna pick up on what’s easier.
(bell rings) – Yeah, that’s easy to get confused,
because like E.T. home phone is like alright, this is my landline.
Like what are we saying here? – (FBE) Next, we’re gonna be
looking at another movie that’s famous for
one particular quote. This is Field of Dreams.
– I never seen this. But I’m pretty sure
I know the quote. It’s just so popular,
I know what the quote’s gonna be. – (FBE) What’s the quote? – It’s like build it,
and they will come. It’s gonna be something like that.
– (FBE) Okay, let’s take a look. ♪ (ominous music) ♪ – This kinda looks like Sign.
– (FBE) You mean Signs? – Signs, is it [bleep] Signs? – Look at that beautiful agriculture. Let’s get rid of it
and make a baseball field, yeah! – Ain’t nobody trying
to walk in the corn. – (ghostly voice) If you build it,
he will come. – He will come?
There it is! – (ghostly voice) If you build it,
he will come. – That quote has been wrong
my entire life? The reason why I know that is because my dad
constantly tells me that quote. He constantly tells me,
build it and they will come. (bell rings) – (FBE) Chelsea, I hate
to break this to you, your father is a liar. – (laughs) I’ve been lied to
my entire life! – Yeah, I don’t think
I’ve ever even seen this movie. (buzzer rings) – I felt like it said
“if you MILF,” (laughs) it will come.
(buzzer rings) (whispers) That’s terrible!
– (FBE) No. This iconic baseball movie
does not contain the phrase MILF. Uh… – (laughs) Are you sure
that’s not what I heard? – (FBE) So similarly,
just a word off in this clip, so most people think
that iconic line from this movie is if you build it,
they will come. – Okay. – (FBE) Not what he says though. – (ghostly voice) If you build it,
he will come. – Oh [bleep]!
Oh wow, that’s pretty cool. (bell rings)
– That’s like some ASMR [bleep]. (explosions echo) Back when Star Wars was good. – Is this Empire or Jedi?
– (FBE) Neither, it’s A New Hope. – Oh, it’s Hope?
Oh, okay. – Okay, I love the aesthetics
in the ships. (R2-D2 beeps) – (C-3PO) They shut down
the main reactor we’ll be destroyed for sure!
This is madness. – Alright well, the one that’s
bothering me is, I do not remember the other CP unit
that was walking with them? (buzzer rings) ‘Cause I saw that, and I was like
wait, where did he come from? – There were two C-3PO units,
or two protocol droids? – Is it the fact that there’s
two C-3POs? (buzzer rings) Because I’m very confused,
I don’t remember the other C-3PO, it’s been a while
since I’ve seen the first one. – We’re doomed, they’re doomed.
We’re doomed! (buzzer rings)
I don’t know what he said. – I can’t, no, huh. I didn’t know there was
another Mandela Effect for this. – (FBE) Let me ask you this,
what color is C-3PO? – Gold.
– (FBE) Gold? – Yeah?
– (FBE) Gold? – Don’t tell me he’s silver
or something. – (FBE) Well he’s not all gold.
– Whoa. – (FBE) He does in fact have
a silver leg. – That’s weird. Why has no one ever talked
about this? – Why does 3PO have a silver leg? – Oh my gosh.
Well color me impressed. (rimshot echoes)
(canned audience laughs) – To be honest, like,
I was so focused on just like the character,
I did not even look at his legs. I look up at the eyes, man.
Always. (laughs) I’m respectful. – It’s kinda like in the new one
where he just had a red arm, and then no one ever explained it. – (FBE) Next, let’s take a look
at Jaws. – (gasps) Ooh! Okay, Jaws is actually
one of my favorite movies, so I’m excited to see this. – (FBE) Ooh, what is the major moment
in Jaws that you can think of? – It’s the line
“we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” or “we need a bigger boat.” And I know it’s not said
how we think it’s said. – (man) You heard ’em, slow ahead! – What, is there like no sharks?
(laughs) – They just, looks like a bad idea,
just chucking out [bleep] meat. – Uh, dude?
♪ (tense music) ♪ – Ugh, so good, the music,
everything about this movie. – (man) You’re gonna need
a bigger boat. – I remember him saying
“we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” (buzzer rings) – That was an iconic line.
“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” (buzzer rings) – Oh, we say “we’re gonna need
a bigger boat,” but he says
“we need another boat”? (buzzer rings) – Yeah, it’s “you’re gonna
need a bigger boat,” not “we’re gonna need,”
he’s like this ain’t my problem, this is your problem buddy,
you’re gonna need a bigger boat. (laughs) – He said “you’re gonna need
a bigger boat.” I’ve always heard the phrase as
“we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – (FBE) That is exactly correct.
Let’s take another listen! – (man) You’re gonna need
a bigger boat. – Yo. – You’re gonna need a bigger boat! – That’s crazy, I knew it was gonna, I knew it was something
about the line. – One of the most famous movies
in the entire world, we’re all misquoting.
I’ve done it before. We all misquote this. – I feel like a lot of these
come down to like poor enunciation, poor audio
of these films, you know? We hear it as one thing,
and the parts that we don’t hear, we fill in ourselves. (Izzy gasps) – I love him. – ♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪
♪ In this neighborhood ♪ – My mom made me watch it
as a kid. – ♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪
♪ In this neighborhood ♪ – Like, I’ll be your neighbor. – ♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪
♪ In this neighborhood ♪ ♪ A beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ – Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor. No, no. He’s supposed to say
wonderful in there. I remember as a kid,
him saying it’s a beautiful day
in this neighborhood, a wonderful day
in this neighborhood. Where is it, you edited this.
(buzzer rings) – Uh, no clue. (laughs)
What? – The last time I remember
seeing Mr. Rogers was so long ago. And when I was watching it,
I don’t even know if I fully registered the theme song.
(buzzer rings) – Is it this neighborhood,
versus the neighborhood? – (FBE) That is correct.
– Yep, nailed it. – (FBE) Not only do most people
get one particular word of his song wrong, the movie
based on his life did as well. – (gasps) No way! – (FBE) So, it’s not
a beautiful day in the neighborhood, it’s…
– ♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪ ♪ In this neighborhood ♪
– Oh wow. – Yeah, to me, it’s always been
♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪ ♪ In this neighborhood ♪
♪ A wonderful ♪ Damn, I have a completely
different Mandela! Whoa! The way I heard this
as a kid was way different than here. To me, it’s been, as a kid,
I remember him saying “a wonderful day.” – I wonder how many people
were actually mad about that. It’s like the movie is good,
the title was wrong! – (FBE) Next up, we’re gonna be
looking at another TV icon. – Okay.
– (FBE) Judge Judy. – Oh, Judge Judy?
Queen. – (FBE) Yeah? – I used to watch her every day
when I used to skip school as a kid, when I pretended to be sick. – (FBE) Ooh, well then, we might
blow your mind on something here. Let’s take a look. – (Judy) You made one payment
of $100, and you sold the horse to her… – I like, her gown is cute,
and has the little like flower color. – (Judy) Which means
she owes you $1400. – (Summer) Yes.
– (Judy) Right? – (Summer) Yes.
– (Judy) Good. Judgement on the counter claim
for $1400, we’re done, thank you. ♪ (tense music) ♪ – (Bailiff) Parties are excused,
you may step out. (Ethan laughs) – (announcer) Judge Judy continues
in a moment. – No, where?
No, this feels wrong. This feels wrong! Where is the gavel coming down
and saying? Where is the gavel?
– (FBE) It’s not there. – No, you edited it!
You edited it! No way! (laughs) – (FBE) Judge Judy has never,
in her career, used a gavel. – You’re, no, you’re joking. – Is it that she,
like we thought she banged a gavel? But she does not bang a gavel? – (FBE) That is correct! (bell rings)
– Hey! – There’s like one step
that’s missing, right? She hits the little,
bang bang? (bell rings) – I didn’t focus on Judge Judy
long enough to notice anything off. (buzzer rings) – Uh, ooh, uh,
I don’t know. I waiting for her to say
like a catch phrase, like you just got Judged. (buzzer rings)
(both laugh) – (FBE) The one thing
people always misremember about Judge Judy’s show is
she never actually uses a gavel. – She doesn’t. – (FBE) Let’s play the clip
one more time. – Oh wow, okay. – (FBE) See if you can tell me
if you can hear it? – (Judge) We’re done, thank you.
♪ (tense music) ♪ – (Bailiff) Parties are excused,
you may step out. – Ooh, it’s just the music.
Duh, duh, duh, duh! That’s it, that’s my gavel,
the music is my gavel. (laughs) Look at her,
she’s a bad bitch! – Maybe they thought
the dun-nuh-nuh-duh was like so dramatic,
they didn’t need a gavel, they didn’t have it in the budget. – I feel like I’ve seen GIFs
of her using a gavel, but you know.
– (FBE) No you haven’t. – I guess I have not. – (whispers) No.
No, that’s wrong. – (FBE) You wanna hear it again? – (whispers) No, it’s wrong. – I’m more fascinated by
the, how we change these one words that change
the meaning of things. I appreciate writers so much more
at this moment. – They lied, they lied so much. – (FBE) Yeah, why do you think
we do this? – I don’t know. (laughs) It’s a beautiful day
in the neighborhood. – (FBE) No it’s not!
– [Bleep]! I give up, bye. (laughs) – Thanks for watching us
Find the Mandela Effects on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe and hit the bell
for more shows like this. – Bye guys!
Or dare I say bye girls. – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. If you liked this episode,
and want to talk more about all of these Mandela Effects, then be sure
to follow us on Twitter @FBE. Come join the conversation,
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Mandela Effects that you know of. Bye guys!

100 thoughts on “Is Your Memory Correct? | Find The Mandela Effects”

  1. I have actually never seen ET or Field of Dreams. The only reason I know of those is from parodies. I dont think it counts as Mandela Effect if you can trace the cause, right?

  2. My favourite is a star trek line " beam us up scotty".

    He never says it, he says variations, like scotty, beam us up, or beam us up mr scott, even the newer films don't say it. Yet its one of the most quoted star trek lines

  3. 5:23 Ted: "Back when Star Wars was good."
    Me: "Thank you! Star Wars is NOT what is used to be, and if anyone thinks it's still good JUST because it's Star Wars… think again, the actors aren't even the same, actors are a BIG part of a good movie

  4. I'm fairly certain there was a commercial that took the line from Field of Dreams and turned it into "if you build it, they will come", and thats why everyone remembers it that way, even people who didn't see the movie. I wish I could remember what the commercial was.

  5. The better one for star wars would have been the I am your father part. Many people think he says "luke, I am your father" but in reality he says "no, I am your father"

  6. Brandon is literately my favourite person in these videos. He makes them so good. I love his personality man, he’s so joyful😂

  7. I’m at the same level of Brandon’s life crisis when they played the Judge Judy bit. I remember her ALWAYS hitting a gavel at the end of every episode. I don’t understand anything anymore. 😶

  8. I think people say "If you build it, they will come" from Wayne's World. Jim morrison says if you build it, they will come.

  9. I don’t think she banged gavel at the end of cases, y’all just confusing her with the Amanda Shows parody.

    Case dismissed, bring in the dancing lobsters. gavel pound

  10. Chealsea kept saying " we misheard it and its always been like that."………………………………………BOI!

  11. Check out Brian Staveley, Brian Staveley 3, Moneybags73, NeedInput, Truthseeker69, SteveJMO, or Scarabperformance if you really want to know what the Madela Effect is. This channel is barely dipping its toes into the effect. You really have to search for the real truth about the Mandela Effect..Good luck, and do not fear.

  12. I don’t really get the C3-PO leg. To me that just seemed more of something people just didn’t notice as apposed to a wide misremembrance.

  13. in the jaws mandela effect, if you close your eye's and listen for "we're" it sounds like "we're", and the same goes for "you're". he is saying it in a way, so that is sounds like the word you're listening for.

  14. Were in the LAST HOURS NOW…most of you do not realize this because you do not know the prophesized Biblical scriptures. If you knew the scriptures you would know there is little time left to repent of your sins and get right with God and Jesus. HURRY because your decision is ETERNAL…We are in this stage of the scriptures written below;

    CERN=Mandela Effect=

    Revelation 20:1

    Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit and a heavy chain in his hand

    Daniel 7:25

    'He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.

  15. The reason for this is because people remember the parodies more than the originals. I've never seen any of those movies, but I have seen Tommy Boy (Luke, I am your father), The Simpsons (Mr. Burns as E.T.) and the Amanda Show (Judge Trudy), which is where these false memories come from.

  16. I knew she didn’t use a gavel at the END, but they make it sound like she never used it for ANYTHING. Sometimes I hear a gavel used on Judge Judy when people are talking over her, makes me wonder if it’s a sound effect they use while the she isn’t being shown, or if I really remembered that wrong too.

  17. I was like I didn't know that there was a Mandela effect in Hope. I'm curious. But then it was just C-3PO's leg. I thought everyone knew that xD

  18. My favourite misquote though is Gandalf's famous "run you fools". Took me five years to realize it was actually "fly you fools" and now definitely cannot hear it as "run" anymore.

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