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Is Your Phone Ready for Virtual Reality?

Is Your Phone Ready for Virtual Reality?

Hey guys this is Austin. Virtual reality headsets
like Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus are promising big things but what can you do with just your
phone? To find out I gathered three of the best mobile VR headsets, Google Cardboard,
Zeiss VR ONE and Samsung Gear VR. Unlike a traditional virtual reality setup that requires
a computer these are fully standalone as they’re powered by a smartphone. Take a look at Google
Cardboard and you’ll see just how simple one of these headsets can be, you put it together
like origami and it’s essentially just cardboard, a couple lenses and a magnet to work as a
button. It supports most Android phones and with version two it also works with larger
phones along with the iPhone. Since I’ve had a lot of experience with VR headsets I
wanted to see what a couple friends who had never tried VR thought. So this is Google
Cardboard, give it a try. And don’t drop the phone. Okay. So just look in it? It’s
like I’m looking in a movie theater right now, like I’m sitting in a movie theater
and I’m actually seeing what I would usually see. Oh there’s a mouse! It almost feels like I could just reach up
and grab it, like it’s that close to me it’s like a 3D movie. I don’t know any
other way to put it it’s like I’m actually here watching it, like in the screen. I’m
dizzy right now of how like insanely detailed that was. I almost fell over just looking
at it, so that might be a safety hazard. Considering just how simple Cardboard is it’s pretty
incredible what you can get out of it. A big part of these headsets are the phone you’re
using, AMOLED screens like in the Galaxy S6 edge we used here tend to give the best results
and high resolution screens make a big difference to the clarity. Next we’ve got Zeiss VR
ONE. This is a more finished product with an actual headstrap and considering we’re
talking about Zeiss, some top notch optics. Unlike Cardboard there are actual trays to
mount your phone which for the moment only supports the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 but they’ve
also released the specs if you feel like 3D printing your own tray. So go ahead and put
the headset on. Oh wow, okay. We’re going down the roller
coaster! Ooh this is cool, we’re going through like
a little old ruined city. So what are you doing right now? I’m wiping the sweat off
my face cause it’s really hot. I think if they had more insulation in here and you don’t
feel as hot the entire time I feel like it’d be more fun cause this is completely sealed
all the way through here so. I think the screen was a little better too especially the quality,
the quality of the screen was a lot better than this one, this is kind of like, kind
of like playing PlayStation 3 versus PlayStation 1. While having apps available on both iOS
and Android is a big plus the iPhone 6 really isn’t a great match for virtual reality.
The screen just isn’t high resolution enough and the lack of any control other than looking
around is a bit of a letdown. Next we have the most well polished headset here, the Samsung
Gear VR for Galaxy S6. This is by the guys over at Oculus and it shows, not only is there
a dedicated touchpad for control but this actually connects to the S6 with a MicroUSB
port and features a silent fan to keep things cool while playing. Oh this is insane. Ooh! Oh wow, okay. This
is like a lot clearer. It’s like I’m a robot this is insane, oh my gosh! Oh it’s
a shark, oh gosh, okay. That’s, that’s, that’s very realistic! I don’t know I
feel like if you’re really creative you can make that cardboard one just as good as
the Samsung, I mean just glue some padding on there and put a strap on it I feel like
it would be just as great. But I mean it’s the best one I’ve seen, out of the three
at least because it’s the clearest. At $200 the Gear VR is not only the best headset here
but it rivals things like Oculus and Morpheus in my opinion. There’s not an enormous library
of content yet but even things like watching video is incredible, the screen is just detailed
enough to be able to enjoy a movie in your own private theater and if you pick up a controller
you can play some decent games on it as well. The absolute best virtual reality experience
will be on headsets powered by PCs for a while but there’s something to be said about having
a headset that’s powered by your phone that’s not only cheaper but totally untethered. Cardboard
is a great way to give mobile VR a try but if you have a Galaxy S6 or S6 edge the Gear
VR is seriously impressive.

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  1. I got a Itech VR device off amazon (£20) and it works surprisingly well with the iPhone 4S. Obviously it's not the best quality but it is pretty good.

  2. Your video title does not make sense. The video says nothing about if your phone is VR ready. The video is simply a review of vr viewers. No help to me.

  3. Ist have one problem. ist have purchased a xiaomi mi VR play ans with my redmi Note 2 ist ist completly blurry. with my iPhone 6 plus ist works perfectly but why it is not working with the redmi note 2?

  4. Hi, I have a Blu One Life X2. It has a gyroscope and the videos work well. Nevertheless, the size of the two squares is way to small compared to the size of the whole phone screen. Any idea how to solve the problem?

  5. How to get the gear vr for free
    Step number 1. Buy the samsung s7 edge
    Step 2. They will give you the gear
    Step 3. Enjoy….

  6. You KINDA are not saying what your video description is. YOUR description says "Is your phone ready for Virtual Reality' BUT you SHOW people comparing different headsets. So you don't say ANYTHING about how to tell if you phone IS ready or show HOW you can tell if it is ready so, thanks for wasting time here

  7. I want to eventually get a Oculus rift, a Samsung gear Vr with a galaxy 8 or something, and even try some others like HTC Vive. but for now I play some stuff with my Samsung galaxy S4 with a CAR Box 2 (plastic based cardboard). the thing is I want to get Gear VR now so when I get a better Samsung phone I can take advantage of it, but on the internet everyone is also bitchy about how Galaxy S4 doesn't work for Gear VR, even if who is asking just wants it as a fancy cardboard, the people answering always recommend other plastic based cardboards, but they wont, ever, get to the quality of the gear VR: lenses, comfortability, weight & durability, you know, REAL QUALITY, cause every plastic cheap cardboard hurts nose, doesn't matter which one, every of the but Gear VR or Oculus rift obviously… so… tell me the truth, can I stuck my S4 (galaxy, not note) I'm a gear VR and does it fit or you can I could make it fit while I get a new phone? or it really is just like NOT GOING to fit in &/or would be jumping around inside or will it collide with the internal structure of the Gear or something? please do not tell me that it won't be worth the buying, cus it will, eventually, I do not want a "plastic quality cheap cardboard" because I think I already have one of the best cheap ones. thank u and great video!

  8. I am also a tech enthusiast who love to look at tech related stuff.. I love Austin's videos.
    they are less imformative, but they have neccesary things we wanted to hear, Also they are short..really time saving for busy people!
    Keep up!

  9. i have never ever tried vr and im so hyped to try it and i just got a s7 edge so…. i know what im getting now

  10. "i feel that if it had more insulation in hear and you don't feel as hot the entire time" do you mean less insulation xD

  11. I got a brand spanking new Samsung Gear VR from Oculus with a little controller for free by ordering a Samsung s8, and it is awesome

  12. my brother have VR for phone and is not like a VR of playstation 4 or oculus rift the VR phone is like a watching movie if you want original VR buy oculus or VR ps4 is a difrent level from VR of your phone but with VR of your phone you can stay in the bed and watch movie

  13. I remember the first time I tried Gear VR, I was going 'woah! Woah!' to fool my parents. My dad said 'What are you doing?'

    "Trying to log into Netflix."


  15. My moto g5 is compatible, it's 441ppi I've heard this is low meaning I will see dots in vr, can someone tell me if 441ppi is good enough or not, cheers 🙂

  16. So much fake bullshit. No one mentions the blurriness, the pixilation, and the fact gear VR is intolerable for over 5 minutes, even with a Samsung S8. Samsung won't even allow you to return gear VR if you have simply broken the box's seal, even if you haven’t unpacked any of the bits and pieces. Gear VR is a pile of rubbish and Samsung are scum. Your VR will almost certainly end up on a shelve and collecting dust.

  17. I've this is now oculus so scary the 13 years old play but no children because that very scary I'm (Oh my God!!!!)😖😖😖😖😖 please don't take the children please that scary

  18. Who else is watching in 4K without any buffering. Hmmm. only me, I think I blew up the world with the power of my GTX Titan X 🙂

  19. A phone that having amoled display is only better for VR headset and that is Samsung S7 edge,S8 and S9 only, end.😈

  20. A phone that having amoled display is only better for VR headset and that is Samsung S7 edge,S8 and S9 only, end.😈

  21. Ok me trying to build my own headset with cardboard would involve the f word at least 8,003 times because I'd be lost. So if you wanna build me a headset, that'd be cool 😊🤣

  22. how bad would vr be if you where using an iphone 6? short answer is horrible. low resolution, non amoled, the 2 thngs that give you a great vr experience

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