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Je maltraite l’iPhone 11 Pro (et j’en offre un!)

Je maltraite l’iPhone 11 Pro (et j’en offre un!)

Hi it’s Pog, today I’m going to test the iPhone 11 Pro. It p*sses me off! Here they are I bought four, all the available colors. I’ll compare them to my beloved Samsung S10, we’ll see if I’m convinced, maybe I’ll switch. What interests me is to make YouTube videos and Instagram. That’s good because Apple wants to sell the iPhone 11 Pro, claiming it’s the best smartphone for this. Why 4 iPhones? You might ask. Simply because the first is for my friend Jonas. Thanks The second is for my friend Ju who is currently filming this. The third is for me. So, why am I giving away all these iPhones? Because they deserve it. (Jonas is my translator and Ju is my video editor) They allow me to make great videos, like this one. Thanks to them, thanks for their efforts. And then the last iPhone, for who is it? You too deserve it, so this one is for you. Why do you deserve it? Because the videos I love to make, would not make sense to make, without you as viewer. So it’s an iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB, or if you want the Max, or a Samsung S10, because I will compare it to my beloved Samsung S10. At the end of the video, you’ll know which one is the best. If you want to participate, you have to be a subscriber, it’s to reward your loyalty to my YouTube channel. Then: like the video. And leave a comment In the comment, indicate what phone you want.
(The information is in the description below) Also indicate how I can contact you: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
(The information is in the description below) I will use this information only to write to the winner.
(The information is in the description below) I film with the iPhone 11 Pro I also put on a case from Rhinoshield, normally it’s super shock resistant. It’s even waterproof, supposedly. We’ll find out right away, we’ll start with that. Oh Damn! The lighting isn’t great here, not ideal. It stopped filming, but it looks like everything is working fine for now. It stopped filming because the water hit the screen. It’s still filming. So… Let’s check out Instagram. No internet connection. So… Something to check, but in any case,
(No sim card=No internet) it looks like it’s working well. However, we did not really test the impact resistance yet. OK. It still works. The different zoom modes. It’s new on the iPhone. All good. Yes, still works. Hey guys, it works! Catch the iPhone? Got it? Ah, f*ck! It’s all good, no problem. Still works, perfect. Did we damage something? No. Can we still go on Instagram? Touchscreen works fine, even though it’s wet. I think it’s really strong. Frankly I find it super resistant and I say … So the screen? The screen is still not cracked. It still works. Frankly, I can only … And the backside? It’s okay. Let’s check the cameras again Camera 1, 2, 3. Super. We can really say that it’s solid and that it works under water. First tests are conclusive, I think. This is my phone, you remember, right? Oh, right. (I’m testing the phone I gave him) Come. Perfect. We can stay right here all day, no? In fact, don’t worry about dropping your iPhone in your bath… Where is it? In search of the iPhone. You got it? You want to do what? Skip it on the water? Do it. Yeah! Good! It’s amazing, how resistant it is. The other thing that’s good on the iPhone is, in selfie-mode it has a wider angle. Pretty great. One hour before
The first thing I really like is that it’s much wider compared to the previous iPhone. It’s really better because when I take a selfie I want to be on screen, but also what I film and watch at the same time. So we have the champ and the challenger at the same time. The angle is even wider than the S10. I look younger on the Samsung than on the iPhone, I look 45 on the iPhone. We see a big difference on the ceiling. It’s crazy Beauty filter. Yes, it’s a beauty filter. After all, it depends on what you want. I like the realistic registration of the iPhone. It’s good because both on the front and back wide angle camera we can see more. It’s a big step-up compared to the previous one. Cool, still filming. Next time you go to the pool, take your iPhone because it’s cool. Yes, a lot of fun. We are at the pool and these are the rules: No running. No climbing on fences. No cameras. No cell phones. No pushing. And no food. The only thing we did not do, is eat yet. So we should definitely get something to eat. Lille is waking up and I’m first in line. I came with my friend Jonas. Hello! What is your favorite smartphone brand? Apple. Apple, mine is Samsung. We will see at the end of the video if we changed our minds, if I’m ready to switch to Apple and Jonas to Samsung. How are you? This is great. It wasn’t at 10 am? I was supposed to come at 10 am. But when I saw you’d be here at 8, I decided to come at 7. It’s terrible, but you’ll have to wait in line Jojol. You’ll have to go down there, all the way at the back. But I have my appointment at 8 am and yours is at 10 am, no? Yes, but I arranged it. I bought two more iPhones at 8 am and can pick’em up together. Okay, no biggie. Who has the biggest? That’s not funny. No, I mean, he said: « I bought two more » I was expecting a comeback from you… Just wait and see how many I bought.
(Jojol bought 10 iPhones) I have to go wait in line. It’s cold! What are you going to do Jonas? Well, I’m going to… Oh, a train. Train ! What do you do when you see a train? I jump! OK go, me too! Ah! My nuts. He just plunged into the pool in slow-motion. It’s a new feature, it’s a selfie in slow motion, a slofie as they call it. They will even register the name at Apple. Honestly, I love those kinds of things. Yes, okay, it’s fine. Martien? Pass. Damn it, I wanted to skip it on the water. Frisbee. Catch? Go! Martien! It’s amazing. It’s dead, we’ll hear nothing. There I just went underwater with the S10. Let’s go, S10! Do you want the S10? It’s cool, right? Yes, cool, cool, cool! New swimming pool in Kortrijk. That’s right, brand new this pool. Really nice. There is really a lot of stuff here. We should try those. Like this. You’ll never lose it. Wait, wait for me. F*ck it, it’s too cold guys, I’m not going. The water is freezing! Martien, are you a girl or what? F*ck, but it’s cold! But you’re a girl! It’s cold, do not stay here, go go! I lost an iPhone on the way. Small check, still working? Wait, it doesn’t work anymore. Yes, it does. Forever and always. We can even use the touchscreen, it’s crazy. All good? Still working, let’s go! He flew out! You okay, Jonas? Yes. Better here, than there You could’ve hit the post. We’re abusing the iPhone in the worst ways, and it’s taking it with ease. Impressive. Watch out. I will drop two iPhone 11 Pro with Rhinoshield cases. It’s pretty high, right? OK. OK… Watch out. Watch out… Oh, no, it’s high! It makes you dizzy. Well… 3, 2, 1… Go. So they fell… Yes, OK. They seem OK. Yes, good. Still filming, both of them. You saw the phones falling?
(The lifeguard) Yeah, crazy.
(The lifeguard) They’re not broken, still perfect. Incredible. Yes, absolutely Incredible. We will remove the cases and check underneath. For sale on with a 15% discount It said “crack” It’s normal. For sale on with a 15% discount Watch it We turn it around. Mint condition. Not a scratch. The lenses are the most important. And they are fine. If you threw it from 5 meters high, without a case, your phone is dead. In fact, I want to try it without a case.
(Microphone full of water, but it’ll pass) It will leave some traces, but it will be fine.
(Microphone full of water, but it’ll pass) Small traces, perhaps.
(Microphone full of water, but it’ll pass) No, I … No Jonas, does your iPhone still work? Your brand new iPhone. Yes. Yes? Oops Without a case? Without a case. No. No, is it okay? It’s fine. Ah yes, a scratch, here. A lot? No. Just a little bit. Here they are, all the colors of the iPhone 11 Pro. Gray, white, gold, we already know these colors. The new color is military green, which is not bad at all. The finish is matte I have already used it well and there are no fingerprints. It’s awful these three eyes, this cooking plate, it looks like eyes from a spider. This is the previous iPhone which is the same size. This is the Max, as you can see, slightly bigger. The S10 is inserted between the standard 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max in terms of size. But this is not necessarily in favor of the S10, on the contrary, I tend to prefer small phones. Easier to handle. To be fair it’s clear that the iPhone design didn’t really change the last 3 generations. with a huge notch, which is very small on the S10. Also there is still a black edge all around, while the S10 is truly border-less. As for the battery, there is progress, it is noticeable, 4h more compared to the previous generation for the 11 Pro normal. For the 11 Pro Max, 5 hours more autonomy with intensive use. Here’s your coffee Pog, watch out it’s hot! Yes, thanks. Sorry. He was pranked, we will make a meme. Don’t do that next to… Although normally it’s water resistant… F*ck ! Oh f*ck. Still good? Yes. OK… Perfect. Jonas, there’s a train! Train! Choo Choo Mothaf*cker There is one thing that is very important: the price, the Samsung S10 is € 870. The iPhone 11 Pro is € 1550 and that’s not even the Max which is even more expensive, both are 512 GB. It’s not even with Apple Care which costs another € 200. The difference is simply huge, there is 700 euros between these two devices. It p*sses me off! Especially because on paper, the Samsung S10 is better. It’s only on paper, but frankly, it p*sses me off. Still working. OK. And the other one? The case is slightly scratched. But otherwise, fine. Perfect. The case is damaged. The case took the brunt of it? Yeah, look at it, here. As long as it’s the case, it doesn’t matter. It’s been a week that I’ve been testing the iPhone 11 Pro so I can tell you from experience. The battery is very good, autonomy has noticeably increased. I don’t make it through a full day, unlike what Apple promised. But if I charge it for a half hour during the afternoon, I make it through a full day, which is really good for me because I use it intensively. About the fast charger, there is one that comes in the box. This is a first for Apple. And in thirty minutes, it charges 50% of the phone. It’s great! The screen, which I am currently watching, is a beautiful OLED screen. It has a slightly lower resolution than the S10, but it’s hardly noticeable, it is easily forgotten. The funny thing is that the screen is made by Samsung and that it’s even better than in the Samsung phone. That’s what’s special because the HDR is really good. You have plenty of details in the dark. It’s pretty amazing. To watch a movie and listen to music, we don’t talk about the speakers much, while they are really good. It even has Dolby Atmos, which is a bit ridiculous for a phone, but in any case it sounds great. You can see me go, it’s quite dark, very difficult lighting. Yet it works well. I’m going to film a lot with this iPhone, from now on. YouTube, Instagram, stories and all that. I feel that it’s going to be my favorite tool, because it’s in my pocket, always ready, there are better cameras of course with big lenses but nothing is more convenient than a phone in your pocket. This is Pog live from a palace in Paris, in a bathrobe, to test the iPhone 11 Pro for you. So, the final conclusion in the Jacuzzi. If you are a millionaire like me, do not hesitate to buy an iPhone 11 Pro. It is slightly better than the Samsung S10. Apple is right this is the best smartphone for photo and video. You can certainly see it in these circumstances, the dynamic range is much better, we are illuminated here, we see detail at the back in the sky, it’s really good. They finally have wide angle, took a while, but now that it’s here, it’s a bit better than the S10, a little wider so more information. I personally like it a lot. Are we going to McDo? Go. It’s that way. You took a shortcut?? No, not allowed. Roadworks up there. Victory for Samsung! So the best smartphone at this moment: clearly the iPhone 11 Pro. Congratulations to Apple! And in six months the Samsung S11 arrives and that’ll beat everything. So, they are kicking me out of the Apple Store, it is forbidden to film. Do not film inside! They’ve suffered so much, what a beating this iPhone took. It’s incredibly tough. It’s certainly thanks to the iPhone, but also and especially to the Rhinoshield case, I knew them by reputation. I think it has never been tested so extreme. By the way, the cases… Can you… we will film there. What is he doing to us? Jonas, are you staying with iPhone? Yes, I think the iPhone is the better phone but it’s a lot more expensive, if you have the money it’s the right choice. Especially if you use the camera a lot, if you are not interested in the camera, you can just as easy take the Samsung. I like the Apple operating system, the phone. I use the camera a lot, so I’m staying with Apple. We have to consider that it is 700 € more expensive than the S10 for the 512 GB version. So well, yeah … Fine, I switch! So these are the cases on sale in my shop at there’s another one, a case with the Pog-mobiles. Jonas? Yeah? I’m above you. What? Look up …

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    Je participe pour l’IPhone 11
    Pour le contacter Instagram: julien.dbc
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    Pour le contacter Instagram: julien.dbc
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